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    Lego's (obviously) Computer/games, paintball even Nerf is fun. hanging out with buddy's, and that is about it.

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  1. I like the world of tanks theme for the video. And the individual wheel shocks are a first. Overall 10/10
  2. Wow! Very cool. It looks like it would hold together well, however rolling? Might need some help.
  3. Their is a reason your books are being pirated. I wish I could give you some hints but I (obviously) have no experience on the matter. Perhaps you could talk to the LEGO group, they might can help, and maybe it could even be taken to court. Good luck and keep us updated! Cheers!
  4. The pictures are great and the bike is unique.
  5. I think e-mailing it is the best way to take care of the question. Don't forget to tell us what TLG's say in return!
  6. plew2000

    Custom Rohan Soldier Decals

    These look very nice. Since I have never printed out body prints for my minifigures I have one question, how do I print them the right size? Once again thanks for these!
  7. plew2000

    [MOC] Jungle Adventure

    Hmmm, the stream looks great. However the build should be on a 72 by 72 plate, not 48 by 48. With the extra space you could add more trees and functions
  8. plew2000

    Brickflick LEGO Music Video

    Great job. What software do you use.
  9. plew2000

    Hello My Name Refanm

    Hello refanm! Welcome to eurobricks.
  10. plew2000

    Help with profile pic

    Glad to see it worked.
  11. Post somthing on my profile feed.

  12. plew2000

    Help with profile pic

    Click on profile, on top right hand side of screen. Then click on you current profile picture. Now you should see something that asks if you want to change your profile. Click remove profile And that works for me. Cheers.
  13. plew2000

    Lego Exo Suit Hangar Bay Diorama MOC

    Sweet build, this is front page worthy! This size is perfect and I see how you used some ideas form pacific rim. Congrats!
  14. plew2000

    MOC: sliMENACE

    Yet another jaw dropping ship. Keep them coming!
  15. plew2000

    MOC: Infearno's Fency Ride

    Epic! I love the arrow dynamic shape.