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  1. SollX

    [MOC] Smuggler's Ship

    i like de sliding cargobay hatch.
  2. SollX

    6192 Official thumbnail mistake

    why is everybody so negative here? :P it is fun that he found that small mistake. and no it doesn't matter, but it is there the D model comment was funny. cheer up guys. you've bee inside too long :P
  3. Thanks, i wanted to use the big orange part and not make it look like a town jr. build the mercedes grill is from the 75877 lego speedchampions Mercedes AMG gt3 Thanks, but seriusly.. late 90's town... only because of the lack of doors?? there is nothing late 90's about it :P
  4. SollX

    Looking for a Modular-MOC designer to work with

    i think he is a Funny man...
  5. Another building session with my son. this time i made an old mercedes dumptruck and a loader to come with it. p.s. i just noticed the light on the top of the loader are folded down. they should not be :P
  6. My son has some other lego sets than me. so when building with him i can use different parts and i get different ideas. and the fact that he has fewer lego then me restricts me and that is interesting aswell this is the latest moc i build from his lego. it might be what what you would get if the designers from Citro├źn could build a lego moc :P
  7. SollX

    [MOC] IKEA Furniture Store

    it is there. or are you missing it yourself because of corona?
  8. The train would have to mutch friction i think. even in the first part after the small fitst drop. Only if you give it alot of speed with the wheels that are needed to get it through the first bend at the top like the oficial set has it might get to the 2nd drop
  9. SollX

    LEGO City 2020 - Rumors, Speculation, and Discussion

    i was wondering what that weird flap on the side of the hull was. (right in the middel.. duh..) and it is to hide te gap. i am not sure if i like that.
  10. SollX

    Homage to 6692 Tractor Trailer

    at first i was like... where is the new one :P it is a cool looking oldschool 4 wide truck. i like the trailer with the folding sides.
  11. SollX

    Creator Expert 10270 Modular

    You Monster!
  12. SollX

    Creator Expert 10270 Modular

    I agree with this. the bookshop is the main build. We all know that. But it is great they made a smaller building next. They look great together. And i bet that building the house is more fun than looking at the pictures tell you.
  13. SollX

    Creator Expert 10270 Modular

    just a clever SNOT technique perfectly legal
  14. SollX

    Lego Island and Lego City are the same place?

    It's a conspiracy theory!!! haha my nephew and i played lego island a lot together. Good times, even better memories i do not think everything is connected though
  15. i have spent hours looking at those cataloques a a kid. so yes i think i am. and i wanted to make a cool setup with those old F1 cars i build. That yellow car is one i made for this moc. I wanted to make something challenging, so i build a 4 seater. it was not to hard: p.s. i have no idea why i made it right hand drive.. i guess it is a JDM import ]