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  1. Peace & War Square

    this looks soooooooo goood. maybe you can change the wat you made the u and the b in "pub" then it would be absolutely perfect
  2. Custom town vehicles MOCs (working photo's)

    Cool thanks If you need any help on how i made it just say so. btw.. there are no handlebars
  3. Custom LEGO City Harbor Truck

    it's a nice truck maybe you could make it so that the back can be removed like a container
  4. Custom town vehicles MOCs (working photo's)

    thanks. i didn't just widen the airport shuttle, i came across a moc of the german MAGLEV train and i took that style to build a airport version of it. Because i always wanted one as a kid. :P
  5. Cars compatible with Modular Buildings?

    looking at the parking spots you can only built cars 5 studs wide and 8 studs long. with those dimensions only the old style lego system cars are compatible. not bigger than this (8x4) Next to modular buildings this would look stupid and so you might consider making the parking spots larger.
  6. [MOC |] Octan F1 Car Speed Champions Size

    cool usage of official lego logo's
  7. Custom town vehicles MOCs (working photo's)

    yes i noticed that so i removed all my photo's from there. i was using it for more than 9 years but the photo's are now working yeey (hopefully)
  8. I would like to show you my custom vehicles that i build for my town. Some you might have already seen buy the rest is all new. 1. TV crew van (6661-remodeld) 2. Quad 3. Minifig scale Ecto 1 4. Tuner 5. VW bus 6. Hotrod Towtruck 7. Beach Bandit (6536 - remodeld) 8. Bobcat 9. Fire brigade scooter 10. Airport shuttle (6399 - remodeld)
  9. MOC: Vintage Town Vehicles

    milk float is neat!
  10. [MOC] 1989 Batwing

    Awesome Job! these where THE batwing and batmobile when i where a kid, an therefor they are the best. seeing your builds really takes me back. they are spot on!
  11. Custom Floor Tiles

    it is cool that now everybody can make there own. and your's are well thaught through. But i am a purist too so only 100% lego for mee
  12. Shell filling station, carwash and garage

    yeh, i am nod that good in creating a good looking roof. i'll revisit that part of the building some time
  13. I would like to show you my latest creation: What are Wildstyles and Gandalf doing on the roof??? They must save the mad professor who build the dimensions protal in is own lab.
  14. [MOC] Certissa town-Beach on 4x3 32 ;) 2 page

    I see you have the machine that says "ping" haha
  15. [MOC] Speed Champions 75877 alternate models

    Verry creative and well done! The formula car is the best! That last car is also great.