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  1. Homemade Road Plates

    they look great. although if you don't use the official lego road plates i would maybe go all custom and not make them look the same as the lego plates
  2. [MOC] Central Station

    I don't understand people selling MOC instructions. Or maybe i don't understand people buying them. Try to build your own.
  3. to get the 60-year set i bought the special haul truck, and Garmadon, Garmadon, Garmadon! that shark is awesome. and i could just be a cool submarine without the feet. i don't have an underwater layout so i made a trailer so that the special transport truck could transport it if you wish to keep the feet, they can be transported perfectly on the trailer for helicopter.
  4. [PRESS RELEASE] 10260 - Downtown Diner

    that thing looks awesome!
  5. 1960's ish Lotus F1 car

    wow. awesome! i love the use of binoculairs!
  6. 1980's ish Renault F1 car

    cool car! i like it. it could just compete with my f1 cars
  7. Lotus 78 Ford historic f1

    Thanks Have you seen my topic about that one?
  8. Lotus 78 Ford historic f1

    i would like to show you my new historic f1 car. not as great as my other two i think but i let you be the judge it is the John player special lotus 78 Ford black and gold
  9. I think it does too, but maybe as a corner building it can be great.
  10. [PRESS RELEASE] 10260 - Downtown Diner

    I was waiting for someone (you) to built a xl version. It looks great.
  11. A couple of days ago i saw a instagram post of jangbricks of a wall he made for his minecraft layout made out of classic 2x4 bricks I was inspired by it to build something like that. after some building i decided to make the lego logo that way. here is my creation: i think it is a great use for all the old classic bricks i have.
  12. Doh!... because pizza is made of dough. Lol
  13. Lego 60th Anniversary sets 2018

    Hey i got something positive to say about this! I need to get this one. I love how lego made these iconic sets into these micro builds.
  14. Fairground Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    they could make a piece that fits between the two pieces.
  15. [MOC] 90's style crane

    I want to show you my latest creation. to bad i dont have any cable long enough the pictures speek for them selves. please leve any comment r