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  1. 10: 10 20: 69: 47: 317: 218: 1 nostalgia made me vote for the first 2! those are amazing
  2. [MOC] Dark red vintage car

    adorable little car
  3. Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    haha true, i think that the firetruck was a needed addition to the building while the limo is just some extra thing that could be done whithout
  4. Volkswagen van in Minifig scale

    i guess he is. his website is all dutch too [insert dutch flag] I also like the VW bus well done
  5. Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    If it is as ugly and crappy as the "limo" in PC than i rather not have a vehicle. vehicle = extra pieces = higher price
  6. I have another great Tip! haha. The trees in the video look al lot better :P thanks for sharing
  7. At the chop shop...

    I have used some already broken pieces of baseplate for this method and had this idea. But i just cant cut Lego.
  8. just pull them straight out. it is the only way. Maybe a little twist. I used to replace minifighands all the time if i needed a minifig to have a specific colour of "gloves"
  9. The Mecha Townhouse

    haha great way to just build something different! nice
  10. Tyrrell P34 and Ferrari 312T historic F1

    I don't know what "official" NPU i used, but thanks. :D
  11. Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    A Donkey sanctuary!
  12. I finally found a way to build the one car i always wanted to make out of lego. The Tyrrell P34 6 wheeler. it is not 100% accurate because i wanted to be minifigscale and fit a minifig. So some compromises had to be made but i am very pleased with te result. Once i finished it i was inspired to also make a Ferrari 312T as this is also one of the most iconic Formula 1 cars. although these cars have never raced together (the P34 in this livery raced in 1977 and this version of the 312T raced one year earlier in 1976) i like these versions the most. btw. the 312T should be number 12 i hope you like them, and please leave any comment down here.
  13. Peace & War Square

    this looks soooooooo goood. maybe you can change the wat you made the u and the b in "pub" then it would be absolutely perfect
  14. Custom town vehicles MOCs (working photo's)

    Cool thanks If you need any help on how i made it just say so. btw.. there are no handlebars