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  1. SollX

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    i think he is really trying to answer a question that he may not answer by saying something without saying what het can not say. Its a bit awkward. at the end he wants to say: "i hope you will be excited with this years modular", but he can not say that there is one coming, and therefor quickly says: "With the existing modulars".
  2. SollX

    Town plan?

    you can use 16x16 roadplates to make a single one way road so you have more room for buildings.
  3. SollX

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I think that the designers want to do a building that stands out in the lineup of modulars that exist. ofcourse they could do another asian building but i think that they reather would do something different.
  4. SollX

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    there are 2 restaurants already not including the cafe's in AS and CC so if it could be a restaurant but i think not. even if it is a restaurant it would probably not be a Chinese as the palace cinema is already an asian themed building.
  5. SollX

    need help for car crusher

    my son has a hotwheels car cruscher that pushes the car trough a trap door so that it looks like it actually crushes the car. might be an idea
  6. SollX

    [MOC] My own recreation of 6542 harbour

    I am sorry for the late response. it is held in place by a snotted orange bracket (the one with the two blue lights on it) BTW I got a little further
  7. great alternative build! to bad lego doesn't show some at the back of the box anymore
  8. SollX

    Classic Town Shell Fuell Tanker Truck & Semitrailer

    Cool truck verry classic style i still love the shell colors on a lego truck better then Octan maybe it is nostalgia maybe it is just better.
  9. I am recreating set 6542 my own way for now i just finished my version of "Atlantic" and the Pilot boat. I would like to show what i got so far
  10. SollX

    [MOC] Gun Shop Modular

    MUR'KA! that lightsaber and batwing between it all is a funny touch
  11. SollX

    [MOC] Automated side-loading garbage truck

    I didnt just want to post pictures because it is your topic. but i am happy to share
  12. SollX

    [MOC] Automated side-loading garbage truck

    A couple of months ago i build a side loading garbage truck, but that one was not Automatic at all. (you had to click the handles in brackets and then manually raise the arm) Your solution is brilliant and i would have never come up with that! so sorry for "stealing" the idea Today i automated mine using your mechanism. i had to change it a lot to make it fit my truck but it works great.
  13. I was defenetly OK with that to i is a nice set. and although smal, it was fun to build. The truck is nice, but already in pieces and sorted out. if you only want a kayak you could also bricklink one. the're only 1 euro
  14. SollX

    Antique Shop

    Thats what i thougt. Its a great moc. I love the facade. Those alley-gates (anti fiets hekjes) are a original idea
  15. SollX

    10255 Assembly Square

    they did solve it when i got a non-printed E.T. head in the set i got for christmas.