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  1. SollX

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    this btw... about people wanting a postoffice..... a what?? (i know what it is, but.. still...)
  2. SollX

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    "Most of us" do you want to say that more than half of the modular buyers already have a police station? I don't think so. i think a really small amount of buyers already have one. and if so... is it a moc that all of them are pleased with enough not to want the lego version? I think a police station will be very popular. If it is a good one (except for the few who say they already have one)
  3. SollX

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    you guys wanted a museum.... so here it is! :P probably some paintings and statues. and a small italian restaurant
  4. SollX

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    It will never be a modular. TLG could get a lot of inspiration out of it. but they will release one modular a year, and it will be one they design themselves. from all the modulars ever designed by a fan. only market street made it. probably because there was no real plan for the modulars
  5. SollX

    2020 Caribean Clipper

    Not sure if i can post this here. because i build a new version of the Caribean Clipper as it would be used now. it is restored by captain orange beard, who uses it for day trips with tourists nothing historical correct on this one.
  6. SollX

    Black Seas Barracuda find

    the rest of the lego i have to return :P (it is mostly castle, and that is not my thing. but i will check if there are any wanted sets in there)
  7. SollX

    Black Seas Barracuda find

    i got to buy the ships from my brother in law for a (really) low price. so now they are mine :D looks good next to the POBB.
  8. no vacation for youtubers! i need my dosis of "hello youtube" glad that he is just taking some time off
  9. SollX

    Black Seas Barracuda find

    Thanks for the tips. i will try them. lets see what i can salvage :P
  10. SollX

    Black Seas Barracuda find

    yeah i know, i'm not sure if i will try to clean up the sails or do't use them at all. i am going to display it next to the one from pirates of barracuda bay in y harbor. so the sails wo'n be up anyways
  11. SollX

    Black Seas Barracuda find

    Hi all I got to take a look at my brother in law's old lego, which collecting dust somewhere in the corner of a room. and i noticed some red and white cloth and boot hull pieces. that was "some old pirateschip" so i ask him if i could look take a good look and find out if it was complete. I took it home with me and what i found was the BSB and a Caribean Clipper in the wrong colors to bad the sails are crumbled ruffled and dirty (holes are ok though)
  12. SollX

    Storage and Sorting LEGO

    i just finished the renovation of my attic. including my own building corner. before i just had some bricks sorted like wheels en small stuf. the rest i had in big trays. now i sorted it out a lot more. by part. not by colour.
  13. SollX

    LEGO City 2020 - Rumors, Speculation, and Discussion

    this town plan is not my cup of tea. al tough that train cowl works good for this tram i stil really don't like the placement for the lights. the podium and burgershop are nice, the limo maybe but there is not much more to it. and there is no way that is a real monorail track.
  14. SollX

    [MOC] Smuggler's Ship

    i like de sliding cargobay hatch.
  15. SollX

    6192 Official thumbnail mistake

    why is everybody so negative here? :P it is fun that he found that small mistake. and no it doesn't matter, but it is there the D model comment was funny. cheer up guys. you've bee inside too long :P