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  1. I want to show you what i am working on: there is a hidden button to open the gates. there is also a hidden cave. (can you spot the gate button?)
  2. SollX

    Tips for MOCing a Modular?

    try to give the front facade some extra details and textures by using different colors, modified bricks and some studs on the side construction. the side and back walls don't need as much tought.
  3. SollX

    [MOC] Road Repair Truck with custom electronics

    what an awesome looking truck! you would not know there are electrics in it except for the huge blinking arrow :P
  4. hi there. I didn't have the budget and space for the big coaster, but i did buy the pirate coaster. i wanted to make it more look like a real coaster and so i modded the crap out of it. it has a working lifthill with a crank. also the tracks are a little bit flexible so i could let the fist bend decline a little bit. that difference in hight is compensated by a incline in the second bend
  5. SollX

    James Bond 2018

    modulars also have the 20 euro's difference. that said... i could buy another modular for the same money. even though i really love lego, james bond, and aston martin. i would rather buy a modular. it is impressive how they got to include the gadgets, and i would love to see the set in real life. i am just nog paying that price for it
  6. SollX

    (MOD) Pirate Coaster working lifthill

    I have a lot of lego. so i didn't have to purchase any of it. i only bricklinked 50 chain pieces for a couple of euro's But the cost to ad a chainlift wouldn't be so high if you wanted to bricklink it all i had 54, an i bought 50 extra. I have some left but i did not count them. I would say i used around 80.
  7. SollX

    Minifig-scaled remote controlled truck

    this is great! i thought the steering would be done by turning the trailer. but you made the wheels steer. that is impressive
  8. i i think the 7743 looks better and more interesting. But.... 6348 for the win!
  9. SollX

    (MOD) Pirate Coaster working lifthill

    yes they are :P
  10. SollX

    (MOD) Pirate Coaster working lifthill

    still a massive work in progress, but here are some pics
  11. SollX

    (MOD) Pirate Coaster working lifthill

    i am working on that. the coaster is back to being blue, and the train is a plane and the name of the coaster is Cloud 9. i am working on the station now, and i have to build some scenery around the boulevard i will post some pictures soon.
  12. SollX

    Rollercoaster and Theme park

    i love the roller coaster tycoon music :P
  13. SollX

    10261 LEGO Creator Expert Roller Coaster

    I have figured that out. though i only have the pirate coaster so i can not make it work. great to se someone try it out on the large coaster.
  14. SollX

    Pirates truck with track sweeper

    Your pictures dont work
  15. SollX

    10261 LEGO Creator Expert Roller Coaster

    And this set
  16. SollX

    [MOC] Modified Detective's Office

    it is awesome! especially the basement. great job. it has a great city feeling
  17. That is totaly different than the original. Nice job
  18. SollX

    10261 LEGO Creator Expert Roller Coaster

    That is a good idea. I hope that building it that way doesnt give to much friction. Loops are never circular. Because of the g-forces at the bottom. The speed it must have to make the top of a circular loop would be to much at the bottom for people to take.
  19. SollX

    10261 LEGO Creator Expert Roller Coaster

    NICE! great idea though..i think it would be more like this... quite a low intensity rating... booring :P (the 1st and 2nd drop are 1,5 m lower then they should be just to make it look better)
  20. SollX

    [MOC] VW Golf Mk1 Cabriolet

    a bit wide, but verry reconisable. cool build
  21. SollX

    Nike Jordan Air 1

    These are awesome. I've seen some of these befor somewhere own 4 pair of the real ones so i do like these
  22. SollX

    Street accessories ideas and discussion for cities.

    My girlfriend made this for the town het 4 year old son is building. It tought it was very clever so i made my own for my city:
  23. SollX

    Misprints and Other LEGO Production Oddities

    I have an ET head from the dimentions set that is missing the print on its face. Lego has send me a new one
  24. SollX

    [MOD] Heavy Cargo Transport 60183

    that helicopter is beautyfull!! great job.
  25. SollX

    Homemade Road Plates

    I think the pizza van guy just lend him the knife. thats why he is zo happy. all positive vibes :P