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  1. Covi

    [Moc] Classic Forestmen

    Yeah for me this is also a splendid example how 'less' is more. It's just baffling which wonderful result you can have with almost just normal bricks, and it proves you really don't need any new special bricks to get an awesome moc with a wonderful atmosphere. Great build, and thanks for sharing this one!
  2. Covi

    [MOC] Professor Dumbledore

    Amazing build and some very clever parts usage! I really liked how you used some wings for the beard towards the ears. Thanks for sharing.
  3. Covi


  4. Had some fun the past weekend with my 5 year old and we came up with this little scenery
  5. Thanks CopMike for all the throuble! I've received my gift yesterday. I loved the rooster on the box!
  6. Picked up last weekend the new cantina set.
  7. BnP is back open for orders.
  8. Ow yes, lucky me, I won on the final day! Thanks CopMike for running this again! Merry Xmas everyone!!!
  9. This is the entry of my 6-year old son and me. For him it is important to spend Christmas time with family and friends. He loves snow, so he wishes for a white Christmas and off course there had to be some presents under the tree. We wish you all a wonderful Christmas time!
  10. CopMike, you forgot to add your yearly disclaimer that as the tradition also says maybe something may go wrong. Thanks for running/hosting this raffle again!!!!
  11. Covi

    Masterclass by Captain Green Hair 23-11-2017

    Till which day is the signup available?
  12. You got a PM with the details.
  13. My BnP order arrived two weeks ago. Today I don't have to go to work, so finally had some time to do the unboxing.