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  1. Thanks CopMike for all the throuble! I've received my gift yesterday. I loved the rooster on the box!
  2. Picked up last weekend the new cantina set.
  3. BnP is back open for orders.
  4. Ow yes, lucky me, I won on the final day! Thanks CopMike for running this again! Merry Xmas everyone!!!
  5. This is the entry of my 6-year old son and me. For him it is important to spend Christmas time with family and friends. He loves snow, so he wishes for a white Christmas and off course there had to be some presents under the tree. We wish you all a wonderful Christmas time!
  6. CopMike, you forgot to add your yearly disclaimer that as the tradition also says maybe something may go wrong. Thanks for running/hosting this raffle again!!!!
  7. Covi

    Masterclass by Captain Green Hair 23-11-2017

    Till which day is the signup available?
  8. You got a PM with the details.
  9. My BnP order arrived two weeks ago. Today I don't have to go to work, so finally had some time to do the unboxing.
  10. Covi

    [REVIEW] 75192 - Millennium Falcon

    Fantastic review and great photos! Thanks for doing this massive review!
  11. Covi

    Review: 9473 The Mines of Moria

    Idd, fantastic review! I hope to see/read more of your reviews.
  12. Covi

    The Stone Cutter - Cottage

    Fantastic build! Really nice building of the tree and the stonework of the cottage!
  13. Thanks @Itaria No Shintaku for running this game. I enjoyed the ride, and it was really fun to vote and see how it would develop. Don't listen to the people which cannot diversy a fun game on a forum from something really important. It really tells more about themself. What difference does it make which figure will win? Nothing. I have my own personal favorite figs and those weren't even from this series. Nevertheless it was really fun to participate. I thank you very much for running this and investing all your time into this.