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  1. Congratulations for a well deserved award :)
  2. 8388607 posts?!!??! Thats surprising, even if you are the creator!

    1. hadidi1999


      I know Right O.O

    2. hadidi1999


      I doesn't make sense it calculates to 2000 posts per day.

  3. 24 - 1 vote 25 - 1 vote 40 - 1 vote 57 - 1 vote 99 - 1 vote 103 - 1 vote 106 - 1 vote 127 - 1 vote 155 - 1 vote
  4. While the joke was ment for fun, we do apologize if some of you took it seriously. Defending the orginal name is a really nice way to show that you love that place (a lot !) and this is what counts to most of the staff. So if you didn't the joke, somehow the trick worked fine Thank you all for supporting us.
  5. That's really strong ! Before cliping them 37112 times you've got to build quite some MOC's !
  6. Jipay


    No, signature restrictions are universal.
  7. Facebook isn't a taboo. You can share a thread via the like buttons at the bottom of the page. This also works for the frontpage, so you can share news and discussions on facebook in order to promote them.
  8. Jipay

    What happened?

    Well said Siegfried. We had two different visions of the website. The Eurobricks spirit was basically a small community of 100 members all knowing each other, making crude jokes, and releasing leaked pictures every week. It was good at the time but didn't match a long term vision for the website.
  9. Jipay

    REVIEW: 3061 City Park Café

    Great review and great comic ! This gives a real highlight on the potential of the line.
  10. Jipay

    MOC: Temple Ruins

    The ruins are stunning ! I didn't realize they were flooded though. I guess it's due to the rendering of trans tiles via pictures. Did you think about adding more of a muddy effect with more brown or green (moss) ? Splendid job, as always !
  11. Do you live in Paris to get so un-excited reactions ? I really love the snot building here, it renders perfectly that death star feeling I had by watching ep IV as a kid. Everything is shiny
  12. I was searching for a similar topic but didn't find it, thanks for the link. Too bad they're begablocks !
  13. Just wanted to know if anyone had more informations on this ?
  14. Jipay

    French Comicon.

    I'd like to see the floating rocks in action, will you make a video of it ?
  15. A happy birthday to you Sir!