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    What are you listening to?

    I guess this is important to know. For me, Nirvana, placebo, punk rock, hard rock, metal rock. More precisely everything with a guitar, a bass and a drum
  2. Jipay

    Mini's Kabaya Style :-)

    If only lego can release it around europe <_<
  3. Jipay

    New sets

    A portuges article mentioned today on Lugnet that more new 2004 sets are coming. 4 more designer Hockey players minifigs (?!) 4 new technic sets New creator sets New alpha team sets etc... :D It seems like 2004 will be a good year !
  4. To stop the questions : yes I know all the flags are not represented here ! they will come, don't worry !
  5. Congratulations for a well deserved award :)
  6. 24 - 1 vote 25 - 1 vote 40 - 1 vote 57 - 1 vote 99 - 1 vote 103 - 1 vote 106 - 1 vote 127 - 1 vote 155 - 1 vote
  7. While the joke was ment for fun, we do apologize if some of you took it seriously. Defending the orginal name is a really nice way to show that you love that place (a lot !) and this is what counts to most of the staff. So if you didn't the joke, somehow the trick worked fine Thank you all for supporting us.
  8. That's really strong ! Before cliping them 37112 times you've got to build quite some MOC's !
  9. Jipay


    No, signature restrictions are universal.
  10. Facebook isn't a taboo. You can share a thread via the like buttons at the bottom of the page. This also works for the frontpage, so you can share news and discussions on facebook in order to promote them.
  11. I had a talk with Mister Phes about my new pirate avatar and he suggested I make a tutorial on how I did this. So here it is. First, what you need : - The Lego model you wish to have as an avatar : the model has to be clean. I recommend you wash it with some washing machine powder (not the one Skaforhire found in his ebay auction X-D ). - A good Digicam (I strongly recommend a Bridge or Reflex one). The quality of the camera will have a real impact on the quality of the picture. - A computer with a photo editing software (Photoshop, Paintshop Pro, Ulead Photoimpact, ...). Now on the process : First, put you Lego model or minifig on a table, then add a white or green background. I don't recommend using a blue one as Lego pieces contain a lot of blue. For my avatar, the scene looked like this : In this example, I put some of my imperial minifigs and my sigfig as the king of the army. I added french baguettes for good measure, and also two nice girls. Note the use of only 3 colors : Blue White Red. This is why the two girls have ginger hair. I'd suggest not to go for too many colors. Then, take your digicam, use the manual set up : close up, action shot, no flash. Note that having a natural ligth is really important. Take as many shots as possible so you can choose the best. You'll get something like this : Now go into your image editing software : - First, edit the colors : add luminosity if necessary, set up the contrast and saturate the colors a little bit. - Then, start to cut out the background. Two choices : use an erazer tool or the lasso. I usually use both : magnetic lasso first and then I manually eraze the remaining little scratches. You should get something like this : Then, you just have to choose a background. I created mine, but you can also find nice ones on google/images. Copy/paste your image on the background and you'll get this : Then blur the back of the image (the back of a picture would be blurred if you do this kind of close up in the real life). Use the sponge tool on the edges of your minifigs, copy the part of the image you like, create a new file and paste and here you go : Here you have a new avatar ! Comments and questions are welcome :-)
  12. Thx to dicky for the link, this is just so funny ! :lol: the LEGO manager
  13. Jipay

    What happened?

    Well said Siegfried. We had two different visions of the website. The Eurobricks spirit was basically a small community of 100 members all knowing each other, making crude jokes, and releasing leaked pictures every week. It was good at the time but didn't match a long term vision for the website.
  14. Jipay

    REVIEW: 3061 City Park Café

    Great review and great comic ! This gives a real highlight on the potential of the line.
  15. Jipay

    MOC: Temple Ruins

    The ruins are stunning ! I didn't realize they were flooded though. I guess it's due to the rendering of trans tiles via pictures. Did you think about adding more of a muddy effect with more brown or green (moss) ? Splendid job, as always !
  16. Do you live in Paris to get so un-excited reactions ? I really love the snot building here, it renders perfectly that death star feeling I had by watching ep IV as a kid. Everything is shiny
  17. I was searching for a similar topic but didn't find it, thanks for the link. Too bad they're begablocks !
  18. Just wanted to know if anyone had more informations on this ?
  19. Jipay

    French Comicon.

    I'd like to see the floating rocks in action, will you make a video of it ?
  20. If I can make it, it'll be by car ! It was so great to spend some time with you guys at that service station in Germany.
  21. Jipay

    Village Antiquities

    Reminds me of midsummer murders ! Really nice MOC, I absolutely love the roof ! Too bad your MOCS are independant pieces, it'd have been nice to see them together.
  22. I receive many ads at work that can be sorted in the "funny" bin. Do you ? Maybe it's time to share them I'll start with an ad that shows you should never take you glasses off
  23. Jipay

    Review: 2504 Spinjitzu Dojo

    I find your rating a bit harsh to the set to be honest. I think it'd deserve something along 40, as it offers much potential for MOCing, as you said yourself. Pricing seems quite ok in euro.
  24. I don't think a quantity of posts requiers such attention. Quality posts would be better, and I think there's still room for improvement ! I just hope this topic won't trigger wet dreams of 8000+ posts for some members (even if it seems that way already).