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  1. hadidi1999

    Lego Monkie Kid Mecha Gundam style

    beautiful rework. As much as I loved the original, I love this one more! 10/10 How much did you have to bricklink?
  2. hadidi1999

    Solid Gold C3PO question

    There is absolutely no way anyone with a sane mind will buy that for anything over 70K. Either those last couple of bids are completely artificial inflation or "prank" fake bids. Either way, the posters' bid threshold hasn't been reached yet (check the automatic bids), so this item won't be sold until someone bid high enough to pass that set threshold. Also the top bidder hasn't bid on anything else in the last month... totally not suspicious. With 24 hours left... lets see how this goes.
  3. hadidi1999

    Updating Your Minifigs

    Wow, Glad I could be of help. Funny story is I've never even used these... I just know they exist and happily shared my knowledge. I've personally never "customed" a minifig, I was just browsing.
  4. hadidi1999

    Updating Your Minifigs

    There are some precision eraser and motorized erasers made exactly for tiny precise erasing. Example of precision eraser on Amazon and this electric eraser demo on Youtube you can also just search electric eraser on Amazon... Depends how invested you are into custom minifigs these can come in handy. :) Edit: of course your erasing can only be as precise as your hand is stable! Edit 2: also masking with painters tape can help too! (just test it somewhere first to make sure it's not strong enough to peel the paint.)
  5. hadidi1999

    Updating Your Minifigs

    To be fair, the most consistent Gold color that Lego ever did, was with solid Gold! Solid Gold C-3PO anyone? There is one on bid on ebay right now. Too bad it's out of my budget.
  6. I don't know if this has been said before, but I personally think with that with the decreasing number of B-models a lot of newer Technic builders aren't being "exposed" to the creativity and excitement that comes with building a MOC. They get a new set and build it, but without a B-model to get the creativity and imagination going I think a lot of people will just stop there. B-models always manage to get the more creative thoughts flowing.
  7. hadidi1999

    [MOC/DIY] 14 Dots bracelet designs!

    Amazing, I love it, Is it possible to wear to bracelets side by side and connect them as one bigger bracelet? Or have a chain connecting them or connecting them some other way?
  8. This is outstandingly beautiful, I just can't believe there are that many shades of red! Amazing piece of art.
  9. hadidi1999

    Creator Expert 10252 Volkswagen Beetle

    So, would a technic figure fit nicely inside? it looks about right. ... Of course a Technic figure Would defeat the whole purpose... but still.
  10. ..... So, For Those two... or just one... who got to enter the code... What did it Unlock?!?!?!
  11. hadidi1999

    Procrastination Thread

    Hm, seems to me, BrickJagger is well... Confused.
  12. hadidi1999

    Procrastination Thread

    Well then, we could always have a "tag coming soon" tag. I am sure there is such a thing. And if not, then I will make one, Tomorrow.
  13. hadidi1999

    Disney Collectible Minifigures Series 1 Discussion

    ... well doesn't swapfig have the Lego Disney CMFs up yet?
  14. hadidi1999

    Procrastination Thread

    Well, Since the end of School is nearing, Might as well Give a note to your instructors about how great full you are for their help, and how much you appreciate having them... because when it is all over they will really miss you... (It's teacher day, you probably checked out google's homepage, or not if you are a loyal Bing user {like me} )
  15. hadidi1999

    Procrastination Thread

    Well except if the coordinates are mixed up, or something is wrong with my search. It seems that the coordinates lead to the middle of the Red Sea. Which I kind of doubt. .... So I switched the coordinates and it leads to south of Italy in the Mediterranean sea. Hm.