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    VOC ship "Saerdam" - a work in progress

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  1. Hey Blackmoor, are you ever going yo finish your Fourageux? I really love it and hope you will rebuild it. It's now ages ago!

  2. Captain Blackmoor

    English warship "Revenge" from 1577 in minifigscale 1:50

    This is one of the most marvellous vessels I've seen. It looks so smooth! The curves, and especially the hull technique really stands out to me. Of course the rigging is brilliantly executed, but the hull is mind-blowing to me as I've rendered such a technique as being almost impossible. And you've did it. And you did it flawlessly. It's also really nice to include those WIP shots. Excellent work and it's good to see such dedication! Well done! And enjoy your EB frontpage post!
  3. Captain Blackmoor

    USS Constitution

    Beautiful looking ship you've got there! There are so much smart and nifty work to be seen in here. The dark green on the inside if a very nice and detailed touch! Great job on the rigging too. I have a question though, and that's about the windows on the side galleries, what kind of bricks are these?
  4. Biggest Avalonian till date finished!

  5. Biggest Avalonian till date finished!

  6. Captain Blackmoor

    Burners! - The Spanish Armada

    Those are some pretty epic small scale vessels! Lovely! Very clever idea as well, I can't recall seeing any Spanish Armada scenes around thus far!
  7. Captain Blackmoor

    Avalonia Guild: Homepage, Sign-up and Discussion

    Still working on the A.T.C. warehouse/castle. Holidays caused a bit of a delay. But I'm back now, building at full speed with some new bricks which have just arrived.
  8. Captain Blackmoor

    Ship-of-the-Line Under Construction

    The drummer is great indeed! What a smart technique. It looks like a tough crew, ready to board the ship! One suggestion for the anchors though; the anchor bar looks rather flimsy compared to the huge wooden beams above them. Perhaps you could thicken them a bit?
  9. Captain Blackmoor

    HMS Britain (mini model)

    That's a very decent looking model! Very clever! Especially the underwater part, never seen that before on a ship in this scale!
  10. Captain Blackmoor

    Lone Soldier

    Excellent MOC you've build there! There are quite some nice parts in here such as the jetty, rocks and water. I just hope they don't forget to supply this lone soldier!
  11. Captain Blackmoor

    WIP: Godwin-Austen

    Fantastic work here! The rigging is perfect! It looks sturdy too.
  12. Captain Blackmoor

    Red Coats Firing Line

    That looks good! Personally I'm more fond of white pants whilst using redcoats but that's just a detail. I'm also curious to the technique you've used! Nice work.
  13. Captain Blackmoor

    The Flying Monkey (2nd post attempt)

    That's a nice vessel, and a great looking cannon as well. But your pictures are somewhat large, and therefore they need to be resized to a maximum of 800x600 pixels. Just in order to avoid people with tablets or a slow internet connection encountering problems. Links to helpful tutorials about how-to can be found in my signature. Already thanks!
  14. Captain Blackmoor

    De Ruyter (WIP)

    That looks like a fantastic build already! Gorgeous lines and coloursheme indeed! I've got nothing to add so far as it looks splendid. It's nice to see brown headrails as well! Keep it up!
  15. Working on my largest project till date.