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Trouble in the Streets of Gotham: Day 2

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Dark Night, Dark City

Well, I know I certainly had an interesting night, how about you? Don't answer that, some of you are dead, 10 to be precise. Let's see what happened, based on eyewitness reports and total fiction. :grin:

Walking down the street, Fernando Garcia, "Apocatequil", actually felt pretty good. Sure, he was shooting electricity from every appendage and aging ridiculously fast, but he felt good for once. Unfortunately, feeling good meant he was producing even more electricity than usual, shorting out a nearby clock tower and causing it's loosened face to land on his head. He always knew time would kill him, but he never saw this coming, nor the one who set it up. His time was up. Or down, depending on how you look at it.

Across town, Mysterious Mismatched Man was looking to save the world from blandness, dishing out his own version of colourful justice. Hearing a cry for help, he ran into a nearby burning building to save a lady in distress and hopefully find true love. It was a trick devised by someone who could no longer stand his colourful persona or tacky clothing. A quick whack on the head and a lot of smoke and fire finally restored balance to his appearance, now a solid shade of charcoal grey.

No one knew much about The Scoundrel. Oh sure, the name seemed to tell it all, but inside he was actually a big marshmallow of gooey love and sweetness. Well, one person knew, which is why they quietly snuck up behind him and impaled him on a spear, then roasted him over a fire, creating that perfect blend of blackened outside and delicious melty inside that is the true measure of good marshmallow roasting. Scientists are still unsure how he ended up with the equivalent of Peepz for guts, but no one can deny how tasty he was.

The Colored Commander had always been a pretty quite superhero, going about his business, which nobody really knew, and doing whatever it was he did. He was really boring, to be honest. So boring, that he wasn't even targeted for death, he was killed as a result of a spiked drink and a bit of random bad luck. No one even bothered to figure out how he was killed, but it was probably something really boring.

Monk Pretzel was old and carried a lot of money with him, always looking to convert sinners and take naps. From what we can tell, he collected a rather large donation from a wealthy patron, then fell asleep on the bus ride home. As the bus hit a large bump created by one of his enemies, his giant cross fell on his head, finally letting him cash out of this world and go on to the next. Services will be held in Las Vegas, friday night at 8, 9 and a special show at 10 with full cash bar. Please be sure to tip your waitresses.

Random Kitten, aka The Pussy, was generally loved by all. Well, maybe not all, since three of you decided to kill him. No one will ever be sure if it was the bomb, the gunshot or the poisoned catnip that finally did the trick. He will be stuffed and placed in his favourite tree so he can continue to aid superheroes the world over by letting them save him again and again until his battered corpse falls apart and is carried off by birds.

Admiral Bob never saw the cheese wheel coming. Enough said.

FabuGirl was found dead at her makeup table. Initially, investigators thougth she had simply suffocated under so much makeup, but later noticed that her head had been cut off and reattached with nail polish and lip balm. And a bit of tape. And some string. And glue. Honestly, who could tell under all of that makeup, I've seen clowns who were more subtle.

Coming from a string of parties, Dashingly Handsome Man was feeling pretty good. Incredibly good, in fact. He was so dashing, and handsome, and all man. Man oh man was he manly. It was probably not the most pleasant death, having that giant carrot rupture his rectum, but hey, it left his face unmarked, so he looked just as dashingly handsome as ever in his coffin. Aside from that leakage. I really thought they would have corked that. Who would do such a thing, we Mustafa them before they strike again!

Richard was the heroiest of heroes, what a guy. He was such a hero that he couldn't bear to harm anyone and decided to spike his own drink. It was an interesting idea, one he thought about as he walked down by the river and out onto the old Tick-Tock-Dock where he met a physician by the name of Ralph. Still pondering his situation, trying to figure out how he could spike his own drink and yet have the spiking force him to redirect his own action, an action he'd already done, he failed to notice that Ralph had rigged an anvil over the path. He did notice when it hit him, crushing him against the structure below. The headlines read "Dick killed by a Pair of Doc(k)s." Get it? You don't, do you? Sigh.

SO! If you're among the dead, do stop posting and most of all, don't send me any more messages, your game is over. Please collect your lovely parting gifts as you leave. Note: There are no lovely parting gifts, just leave, you're dead and smelling up the place. :tongue:

For the rest of you... Nice work, heroes, that was an amazing showing. For the other team! That's right, every last victim was a superhero. Let's try this again. Take 20 hours to talk, send in your actions, and meet me here tomorrow. Morons. :laugh:

Oh, and in a funny coincidence, all of you who chose to investigate people, they died. So here are your results: DEAD.

The Rules (These will never change, so read them once and understand them)

  1. You have each been sent a role PM outlining the things you can do at night. You must reply to that PM once per day/night cycle and make your selection. No other communication will be allowed.
  2. Your role PM details how you win. You may not quote your role PM in any form, but you are free to communicate in public or private with whoever you wish at any time, including after death.
  3. The only restriction to the open communication rule is that if you are a villain, you may not give away the identities of your teammates at any time, dead or alive (why would you want to anyway?).
  4. There will be no clues in the pictures. Either of them.
  5. You have 20 hours from the start of the day to reply to your role PM with the appropriate information. Failure to do so may be unpleasant (for you).
  6. Only players may post in this topic. Spectators may comment in the discussion topic.

The Players (in order of signup)

Jackattack7 - Rogue Hunter

Rumble Strike - Liberty

Cecilie - Ceshiirie

Scubacarrot - The Human Scot

zakura- Mr. Sunshine

Tamamono - Fernando Garcia, "Apocatequil"

Darkdragon - Darkpyro

Dannylonglegs - The Bombastic Bright-Blue Bombardier

Fugazi - Mysterious Mismatched Man

Esurient - Esur, The Ghost Hunter

badboytje88 - Earbuds

Peppermint_M - The Green Fairy

def - The Scoundrel

Oky - Green Ranger

Clone gunner comander jedi - Hedge Guy

VolcanicPanik - Simeon Belmondo

Scorpiox - Fishface

Palathadric - Monk Pretzel

InsaneJames - The Colored Commander

JackJonespaw - The Fairy

Im a brickmaster - Spirit Walker

Aokpies - Money Master

JimButcher - Random Kitten aka The Pussy

Bob - Admiral Bob

Professor Flitwick - The Invisible Cock-Blocker

Flare - Super Guy

Zepher - Richard

sparta342 - The Dynamic Eagle!

TrumpetKing67 - FabuGirl

DarthPotato - Super T-Rex

Etzel - Captain Colourless

Quarryman - The Hungry Bunny

CallMePie - Julius N. Fiddlevilter

TheBoyWonder - FangSmasher

Dragonator - Dashingly Handsome Man

fhomess - Cerebrus

Do you have what it takes to be a hero?

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Cripes, so many dead heroes and no dead villains, this is no good... We must do better than this!

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Que? Superheroes have been murdered? In gotham? Quickly, to the Batcave! Vamanos!

Ye must mean the Scotcave, don't ya?!

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Ye must mean the Scotcave, don't ya?!

Que? Senor, with all due respect, my stomache, she does not agree with Haggis.

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So many dead! I can hardly believe it, and none of them were villains! We've got to work together and root out the villains!

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"Its surprising to me that so many people died. I never knew that so many heroes could die just in one night. Terrible! And most upsetting that all of them were heroes and no villains."

"Anyone know how many villains there are? It would be most helpful for us to figure out what chances we have of winning or not."


"Fine. I'll go back to my magazine..."

*realizes that fishface ate the magazine*

*thinks: "Sushi...."*

Edited by Flare

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Caw,caw, ...... A moment of silence for the deceased. ...... Seriously heroes, we can do better than this. Caw, caw!

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By Beethoven's boiling buried blood! I believe bodily-harm befell bunches of benevolent blokes! But I, the Bombastic Bright-Blue Bombardier barely bypassed being bungled or blown-up! Brilliant!

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Well what a shocking turn of events! You people aren't trying hard enough to

stop these villains! :hmpf_bad: Time to load my guns. :devil:

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What a massacre, is all I can say. So many good people, all dying in one day... Oh, who am I kidding? I hated them all, especially that Apokequatotwit guy, he was a jerk and a half.

So, what's for breakfast?

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Oh my.... we lost 10 of our own...

I do happen to think it is funny that 3 people targeted the cute kitten. Apparently sometimes cute really is cute.

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Why doth our bedeviled blue blooded bloke

Believe he evaded death to himself,

When death rained down on the rich and the broke?

Perhaps he thinks he's some righteous old elf.

Death by a carrot seems an odd way to go

So I'd like to hear more from our friend the bunny.

I must question if he's really a true hero

Some well may laugh, but I don't think it's funny.

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