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  1. fhomess

    MAfia - Sign Ups

    Bumpity bump
  2. Sign up, people! KotZ wants to stab you with a knitting needle!
  3. fhomess

    MAfia - Sign Ups

    1) Have you ever played Mafia before, and what's your experience? If not, have you read some of the games we've had on here? Yes, but I've never knitted anything. 2) Can you commit to the game timewise? I may have a gap of a day or two here and there, but this is a good time for me. 3) What do you prefer to read? I can't read
  4. I heard from Bob that he won't be able to host Star Trek 2 anytime soon. At the moment, there aren't any games in the queue, so if you have interest in hosting, please contact Draggy, Hinck, and/or myself.
  5. fhomess

    Imperial Sentinel Class Shuttle MOC

    This is the wiener dog of the Imperial fleet!
  6. Name: Star Trek Mafia Host: Bob Dates: July 2019 Survivors: Hinckley, CMP, Khscarymovie4 Game Information: Locked in battle with a Romulan warship, the USS Enterprise is infiltrated by Romulan look-alikes during the confusion of a torpedo strike. In this game, you'll have to use the power of your vote to win. It's an exercise to see who is the most silver-tongued on Eurobricks. There are no night actions and as a result, there will barely be a night phase. Characters and Players (9): Commander Spock, played by Trekkie99 Lieutenant Commander McCoy, played by Umbra-Mantis Lieutenant Commander Scott, played by Hinckley Lieutenant Sulu, played by Tariq j Lieutenant Uhura, played by Chromeknight Lieutenant Kyle, played by KotZ Ensign Chekov, played by jimmynick Ensign Mallory, played by CMP Nurse Chapel, played by Khscarymovie4 Game Threads: Day One Day Two Day Three Day Four Day Five Day Six Conclusion Other Threads: Sign-Ups Confirmation
  7. Name: Karie's Cosplay Mafia: The House Pary Host: Kintober Dates: May 2019 - July 2019 Survivors: Bob, Sandy, Sir Stig, Tariq j, Trekkie99 Game Information: Kintober's away and Karie's going to host a house party! If you don't know who Karie is, don't worry. All you need to know is she's bored, and has free reign of a house for an undetermined amount of time. Characters and Players (10): Black Canary, played byjimmynick Daphne Blake, played by Chromeknight Egon Spengler, played by Bob Korra, played by Khscarymovie4 Kylo Ren, played by Sandy Raphael, played by Sir Stig Tyrion Lannister, played by Trekkie99 Tauriel, played by Hinckley Newt Scamander, played by KotZ Tracer, played by Tariq j Game Threads: Day One Day Two Day Three Day Four Conclusion Other Threads: Sign-Ups Confirmation & Discussion
  8. I'd love to join but I really can't commit to posting daily for the next month due to plans I have. The rest of you need to sign up!
  9. There's no one lined up at the moment, so feel free to jump in and let Draggy know your plans. While I like the anonymous games, I'm not particularly partial to one or the other.
  10. Name: The Forest 3 Host: Hinckley Dates: April 2019 - May 2019 Survivors: Whitby Walrus Game Information: The Ancient Ones have come, and even among the good citizens of Autumn Falls there is evil. An anonymous game Characters and Players (15): Bennett Bulldog, played by "" Braxton Bear, played by " Brewer Bunny, played by " Caldwell Crocodile, played by " Cleo Cow, played by " Ember Elephant, played by " Gracie Goat, played by " Haydn Hippo, played by " Leevi Lion, played by " Myrtle Monkey, played by " Pascha Poodle, played by " Pierot Parrot, played by " Ronan Rabbit, played by " Whitby Walrus, played by " Game Threads: Day One: Hellions and Monsters Day Two: Evidence of So-Called Evil Day Three: Up in the Air Day Four: Enough Already Day Five: Particularly Wary Day Six: In The Endgame Conclusion: You Played Your Cards Well Other Threads: Sign-Ups Confirmation & Discussion
  11. You really did play well until the final day when you couldn't see through to the twists that Hinck added. Like Bob, I wasn't surprised you made the choices you did. You were the only player who I was pretty sure was town, hence why I tried to give you an invention twice. Getting out of your lynch was pretty epic. Very nicely done. Also very nicely done on getting into bio-eng/pre-med. That's going to be tough, but I'm sure you'll be fine! Tariq... how did you live so long without posting in your normal account! Astounding!
  12. Fun game. I like the fact that Hinck challenged some of our assumptions, including not being allowed to PM. Fun fact, I'm also the S'mores Fairy in my home in real life... sorry I didn't give you one, Haydn.
  13. Wow... I'm quite flattered by that. Unfortunately, I don't believe I'll have the time to commit to this and properly represent the site. I would add @Lady K to the list of folks who would be excellent.
  14. I don't mind unbalanced games if they're interesting. I think this game was interesting. I try really hard to win, but after the fact, I don't really care much about the win if I still had fun. The winning isn't what makes it fun for me.
  15. I don't read Mafia Monthly so I never seem to miss it. I am very new to mafia games hosted by Hinck with Forest in their name. No one told me I'd have to wear a cup for this game...