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  1. I love reading through the scum/dead boards, and particularly love seeing the last remaining scum throw out a few thoughts for posterity. I enjoyed the scum WIFOM of should we kill X or will they be protected. Always a tricky call as scum. It's really amazing how much easier it is for scum to think a townie looks townie or a scum look scummy while the town doesn't pick up on things. It's a bit similar when you're dead... it reads much easier when the big concern of being right/wrong about things and then having to convince a bunch of other people to see it your way without looking scummy. One thing I read in there was that Tariq tried to jailkeep me on the night he was killed. I've seen hosts play those types of things both ways, sometimes sticking to a strict action order and sometimes looking for actions affected by other actions to determine order. It looks like you chose the latter, which I think is a perfectly reasonable choice. Also... I love me a jailkeeper. Such a fun role. Here are a few thoughts I sent to Kintober in PM when submitting my night kills: Night 3: Night 4: Night 5: Played perfectly.
  2. You should have suspected me! Just remember, no matter how scummy I look, I'm not scum. The real scum are over there... ;) You were told to me as a blocker, so it never dawned on my you might have jailed me. I was thinking the night kill didn't happen because of a protection. If Lady K had claimed protector and said that she protected some random townie on Night 2 as well as night 5, I would likely have believed it. Miller is there to sow confusion for the cop. Unlike Godfather who works in the opposite way, miller can be claimed publicly and can pretty safely assume the role of townie until no other pressing candidate shows up. I'm with jluck in that I don't ever recall seeing a false miller claim. I'm going to have to do that next time I'm scum just to throw things off a bit. You did a great job. I often think the best townie PR's look a bit scummy so as to avoid getting night killed by the scum team. That you had Forresto out Mostlytechnic was the right move. I know I was thinking, and the scum clearly did, too, that Forresto was the cop. When you came to me and told me I was cleared, but everyone else you had cleared was dead, including Tariq, I was quite skeptical. It wasn't till halfway through the last day that I fully believed you. The reason I ultimately did believe you was because you were the only one who knew I was planning to kill Khscarymovie4 and there was just one night kill. Scum would've killed someone else, but I figured Lady K had also targeted him. I was somewhat saddened to learn that both of our pirates were town. I was secretly hoping that Bob was playing pirate superman because you guys had discussed it on the scum board and thought it was funny and who would ever believe you'd be so brazen as to carry it out publicly. That would've been fun. Props to StickFig, who I think played a VERY townie game and was instrumental to helping us think through some of the late day lynches properly. I was vig for the second game in a row, which is stressful. I think vig is the hardest town PR because you hold so much power, and almost always get things wrong. I was pretty decent at my daytime accusations, but my night time choices were terrible. I think making me 2-shot instead of unlimited was more helpful to town than to scum. I didn't bother targeting anyone the first 3 nights. The first night was an automatic pass, the second I didn't have a good feel for anyone, the third I would've targeted Rider Raider but decided to give him another day - largely because I didn't think I was likely to be scum killed. That said, had I been forced to claim publicly, the 2-shot limitation was a bit of a hindrance. It's not common and can look questionable on claiming. Some host feedback for Kintober: GREAT job on the characters and storytelling GREAT job on keeping things running smoothly and on time. I liked the 48 hour night action deadline (often it's just 24 hours) with the day thread going up basically as soon after those 48 hours as possible. 14 players is awkward for figuring out a good scum team size. 4 would've given the scum team a much better shot at winning, but could also have resulted in a short game. I liked the fact that the game had very few PR's. There was a lot of need to look at behavior and that's both fun and difficult. Always ask for night actions at the end of the day, even if the game is over. It gives the living more suspense on if they did the right thing.
  3. Fun game, Kintober! I have plenty of thoughts on the game, so I'll write them up in the near future. For now, I'll just say that I think the scum team did a fine job of keeping us guessing.
  4. Sorry if it was unclear. That was in reference to Superman.
  5. Let's assume you're town. I haven't seen any disagreement from anyone that two scum voting in the first three on Ellie yesterday makes much sense for a scum team. So we're all on the same page that only one of Hera, myself, and the Joker are scum. So if you're town, then one of us is scum with Superman or we only have one scum remaining. If the Joker and Superman are both scum, then what you state above is false and invalidates the notion that the Joker can be declared scum by virtue of knowing that Superman is town. This is still a plausible combination, with the understanding that the Joker is trying to clear Superman in our minds. If we want to consider this then we have to deal with the vote that Superman has cast against the Joker today. Also, the fact that the Joker voted for scum every day except Day 4, when he voted for Oroku. Actually, that seems kind of brilliant... If only the Joker is scum, I'm not sure what he gains by claiming that yesterday's voting clears Superman (which I continue to agree with you is suspect reasoning). I would think he'd prefer to cast shade on as many of us as possible. I think the conversation is plenty active, you just don't like that it's mostly focused on you. I think you have decent points against the Joker and I will be happy to review them in more detail. Your earlier comments today suggested you find him quite suspicious, but that seems to have evaporated. You have also spoken repeatedly about being more than willing to jump on the Ellie bandwagon to lynch scum since that's what the town decided... as if you're not a part of the town. Lol... I don't know if it's a revenge vote so much as a vote to try to pick whoever else has the most votes and avoid getting lynched. It's a save me vote. Or maybe the Doctor and Superman are the remaining scum and desperately hoping one of us will join them.
  6. I acknowledged that there could be a scum on the 3 votes for Ellie. That's Hera, myself, and the Joker. I'm confident it isn't two of us. Of the four folks remaining besides myself, I find the pair of you and Superman to be more scummy than the pair of Hera and the Joker. There are reasons for that based on accusations towards scum and non aggression towards uncleared townies earlier in these proceedings. Hence I want to focus my attention on you and Superman today. No one is totally cleared in my mind, including the Joker. From my perspective, I need a clear case against Superman and/or a clear explanation of why you aren't the scummier of the two of you. What I've seen today from you is someone who's desperate not to get lynched but who's also been unwilling or unable to put together a proper case against someone else. I feel like you're asking "what about Superman", "what about the Joker", but looking for us to present the cases against them. You've had plenty of time to accuse, and you're again waiting for the rest of us to focus on one of them so you can jump on the wagon. I'm willing to change my mind, but for now: Vote: Eleventh Doctor (Lady K)
  7. I tend to believe that the Doctor really was busy time traveling a lot over these last several days, so I don't put too much stock in the timing of most of her votes early on. Day 1 she voted for Moody, but if you look back at it, there wasn't much behind that vote. Could easily be a scum throwing a meaningless day 1 vote at a teammate. Could just as easily be a townie throwing a dart and hitting something. Her Day 2 and 3 votes were very late, bandwagon votes on claimed or investigated scum results. Nothing much there, and those were days where she was mostly absent. She didn't contribute during the earlier Day 2 push against Wonder Woman at all. Day 4 is really the first time that she made a key vote at a key time. Oroku's lynch was basically crawling and she pushed the lynch to within one vote of conviction. Something you hammered, by the way. Yesterday's 5th vote on Ellie has been discussed plenty. I don't have anything more to say about that hasn't been said by others. Overall, the Doctor coasted through the early days on anonymity and absence. I happen to agree with Superman that Barbossa was an odd choice of scum kill unless they knew something about him. However, being "the only one left" is a bit of an odd observation. The only other person to vote for Superman yesterday was Ellie, who we know was scum. We now know scum split their votes yesterday. We had this: It seems absurd to think that there would have been 2 scum on the Ellie bandwagon at that point since only 4 votes were needed to lynch. In the 3 scum case (yesterday's tally), then one of Superman or the Doctor are scum. In the 2 scum case, it could be anyone really, and we're back to reading behaviors or praying that there is still a town PR out there who can guide us. Today we're down to 2 scum or a 1 scum remainder. Any more and we'd be done by now. Due to what I've just said, I will likely cast my vote with Superman or the Doctor today.
  8. I'm NOT DEAD, people! On the other hand, this type of thing does lead credence to the miller claim being true. I don't think Superman's behavior, and particularly his vote for Ellie yesterday, have anything in them to suggest that he should now be cleared as town. The vote was hedged and he really was more into lynching Barbossa. The fact that he cast the hammer vote on Ellie should be held to some extent in his favor. You merely secured it should someone drop off. The "Damned if you do, damned if you don't" line was something Superman said just the other day. You talk a lot about your lack of experience, but I'm not so sure we should believe that you are a simpleton.
  9. I wouldn't say you went after Sattler hard. You went after Sattler in such a way that if she was voted out, you could jump on the bandwagon and look townie in the process. Barbossa was the one you went after hard. I'll be curious what the Joker has to say for himself as the third vote on Sattler. That's not a bad spot for scum to have been. The lynch still could've gone either way. Also of note... the Doctor was right about the scum splitting their vote. Perhaps he was annoyed because he knew it was true. /goes over and sits on a pizza box /looks at others staring at her What? They were getting cold!
  10. Shoot, I totally forgot to sit on it after Day 2.
  11. Sweet... Ellie was indeed scum as predicted. And despite Hera's efforts to convince us all otherwise, I'm still not dead. That's nice, too. Surprised the scum went after Barbossa. He was looking pretty scummy to me.
  12. You're right about all of this. Yet you don't really address the case against Ellie. Anyway, let me walk through the notion that scum are likely to be splitting their votes. Assume for a moment that there are 3 scum remaining (I don't care too much about the neutral... that's just speculation), then it's LYLO. We lynch a scum or we lose. If a townie is lynched, we enter the night with 3 scum and 3 non-scum. If there's a neutral, the scum have won as they outnumber us. If not, then all they need to do is have their night kill be successful and/or survive the night. If we lynch no one, then the scum simply have to be successful at night and survive to win. That's why I think Barbossa's shock at the extra night kill is of particular interest. Assuming there are 2 scum remaining, then it's entirely possible they have split their votes, but at this point, the scummiest folks are all on Barbossa and Superman. Sure, the miller may be the issue, I'm willing to deal with that later. However, if there are only 2 scum remaining, then I think we can afford a mislynch in order to address the 3 scum remaining scenario.
  13. You say you have a good town read on Barbossa and had a fairly high scum read on Oroku. This is an argument in favor of your scum read on Superman? I don't understand that. Superman struck me as more townie earlier in these proceedings but I agree that his comment yesterday to attack Barbossa if Oroku was town was a nice setup for his actions today. The vig request is interesting in light of how early it came in voting. That said, Barbossa's reaction to the night kills suggests he knew scum targeted Batgirl. It's entirely possible that Doc Brown was the scum kill and Batgirl was a vig or SK kill. Barbossa doesn't consider this at all. You are confident enough in your vote for Superman and your read of Dr. Who OVER Ellie that you do not wish to vote for Ellie. Noted. You're calling out Superman for note switching to Ellie, but you're doing the same thing, essentially. At this point, we've got Superman and the Doctor voting for Barbossa, and Ellie and Barbossa voting for Superman. I would expect that there's 2 scum on one of those and 1 scum on the other... I just happen to think there's 3 remaining, but would love to find out it's just 2. It obviously can't be 4. Both groups are refusing to vote for Ellie. Therefore, Ellie is scum and in cahoots with one or both of the others. I would not at all be surprised if the fourth of those folks is a neutral. I'm not entirely sold that Superman and Barbossa aren't both scum, but I'm willing to accept that for now.
  14. No, but we have some time still to decide. Do you have reasons you do not want to vote for Sattler over Barbossa? Barbossa, what do you think of Ellie's case?
  15. Hey! You're just defending Barbossa here! That said, you continue to be very reluctant to say how you feel about anybody. You continue to push on people without making any statements of your own. The pushing is fine... it's actually welcome, but you have to also share your own thoughts. First, I didn't like the fact that you left Doc Brown's vote off of your Oroku bandwagon listing. Maybe that was laziness, but the visual cue of having another townie in the last couple of votes would have been useful. Here's what it SHOULD look like: That took me all of 30 seconds to do. The nice thing about doing that is that you can now see that 2 of the last 4 voters were town quite easily. If you're town as you will undoubtedly claim, then 3 of the last 4. That lynch wagon probably doesn't get going unless the scum kick it. The Oroku bandwagon was based on relatively weak scum tells and the notion that Moody called Oroku out as a blocking target. Now that we know he's town, you can assume that was a scum ploy to get Oroku lynched. So you have to also then assume that some scum effort went into making sure that lynch got off the ground. You and the Joker are both potentials in terms of sealing the deal, but I'd bet there's two between the first three voters (assuming 3 scum, as Barbossa enjoys telling us his team size). As for those of us not on the bandwagon, you've got me and the Miller claim. It's unlikely we're both scum, so which of us is it? This is making me VERY nervous! What do you know about my life that I don't? Oroku did the same thing yesterday with Barbossa and was town... Now... for her general unwillingness to commit her own opinions to the public domain, for pushing the Oroku lynch into bandwagon territory, and for killing me before I'm dead... Vote: Ellie Sattler (LegoMonorailFan)