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  1. Ah yes... I was thinking Watcher... where they'd watch AB and learn that I targeted him.
  2. Thanks, Bob, for providing feedback on all of us. I know it takes a bit of extra work but it really helps us all get a sense of where we can improve. I'm not sure if I would've killed AB or not had the lynch been nullified. Most likely I would have, and I wouldn't have expected a scum tracker. That likely would've gotten me killed Night 3.
  3. Well, as I guess you can imagine... I had fun this game. :) I know in a previous game hosted by Bob, I was a vig and nearly single handedly won the game for the scum team, so it was quite fun to have things go in the opposite direction this time. Here are some of my thoughts: The vig claim by AB seemed like a pretty daring attempt. Town almost always has a vig. The kill every other night thing struck me as an odd way to phrase it. I don't think that's common. Anyway, I knew AB was either scum or an SK, so I went about trying to figure out who to take out based on him lying. I settled on either Sandy or Lady K. Initially I thought they might both be scum, but then reading in more detail that was clear that was unlikely. In the end, it was about 60/40 or 70/30 in favor of killing Lady K. It made sense in the AB is scum scenario. Losing 2 scum in one day/night is REALLY tough for the scum team. Particularly when they were key players in the voting. There was just so much material with which to hang people. More importantly, it was really easy to identify a few folks who were clearly townie. Yeah, you have the likelihood that you're going to lynch a townie (LMF), but it really narrows the field. After feeling Sandy out a bit on Day 3, I claimed to him, and he and I had a pretty good thing going at that point. I had town reads on most of the AB bandwagon. There's almost always a scum on the bandwagons, and I narrowed it down to a couple of folks. This is what got jluck the night 3 target. It was between him and mediumsnowman. I went with jluck primarily because of the voting pattern, the fact that I felt like we could probably lynch snowman, and that he was going to be the block target for the night. I didn't have time to get my night action in before the conclusion, but I would've gone ahead with killing khscarymovie4. I really wanted to kill LegoRacer1. I was pretty convinced that if the game went on, he was the last scum due to the way he handled the investigations. Particularly not trying to find a way to defend LMF day 3. The most important thing a town PR can do is connect with other PR's, so remember to town hunt as much as you scum hunt and then try to connect with someone. Sandy had a bunch of PR's claim to him so he was coordinating things... very effectively, too. I really appreciated having him and Peanuts to bounce thoughts off of later in the game. As for ending the day 2 thread at 72 hours and forcing the lynch through on AB... I absolutely agree the game would've played out differently had that not happened. I realize I'm not unbiased on this, but going strictly by the rules, the day lasts 72 hours. I know that life gets in the way of things... I'm a bit like jluck in that weekends are usually hard for me to comment much, so a host may not always be able to close the thread right on the deadline and I don't think it's unreasonable for a host to stick to that timeline. I also think folks who don't see the thread closed can expect that continued commenting is ok. Personally, I'd rather the threads be cut off at 72 hours (or whatever the time limit is) regardless of whether or not the host can be there. In the end, I think the scum played pretty well all things considered. Tracking me night 1 wasn't a bad idea, I just stayed home as the vig. I got a bit lucky that my reads were on the money this time around.
  4. All of what you've said is reasonable. I'll say this, though... Dellus' approach to his role hasn't given me a lot of confidence in him. The fact is, he withheld information on a known townie Day 3, but hasn't withheld it Day 4. Heck... he even VOTED for Tarkin and tried to convince us Tarkin was tricking us. What's different between Tarkin and Thrawn? He also investigated a neutral and failed to share that info with the rest of us. Tarkin didn't even seem to know he'd been investigated as town. His claim that he didn't share about Tarkin because no one trusted him doesn't hold an ounce of water. His claim came only after Piett said that he wasn't aware of a cop claim. This is from the guy that investigated Tarkin as Town: And then in response to Motti about Tarkin: That's not a cop with a town result...
  5. We do care. That's why everyone is suggesting we also have the vig kill Needa. I think the lack of a scum kill on an night you were blocked is a reasonable basis. I think your efforts to keep Jellico and Ozzel from getting lynched on Day 2 are also reasonable basis. I think the amount of desperation you're displaying is also reasonable basis. The fact is, you're coming across as though your back is against the wall, not as someone who's approaching this from a position of strength. With the casualties so far, I think we have some leeway to make a mistake here. Your argument about showing up as scum if you were killing while the Godfather is mooted by the fact that you were blocked. Even if the Godfather loses the passive ability when killing, you weren't killing. I'm sorry if that's what you were supposed to be doing...
  6. The lack of scum kills is what's bothering me, too. I'm sure there's a logical explanation for it. I think we've had confirmation of the blocks on both nights, and they don't really line up. Night 2: Piett blocked by Needa, Motti blocked by Thrawn Night 3: Thrawn blocked by Needa, Thrawn's block failed If you assume that Thrawn is scum due to the night 3 block, and that is the reason there was no scum kill last night, then that suggests that Piett is town. Piett has been going after Thrawn all day. That leaves open the question of what happened night 2. Protection, I guess. If you assume that Needa is scum, then Motti could have been prevented from killing on night 2. That leaves open the question of what happened last night. Protection, I guess. Given the counterclaims, the block last night, and the voting record, I lean towards Thrawn being scum. Vote: Grand Admiral Thrawn (mediumsnowman)
  7. I don't understand how Thrawn went from blocking you to thinking you were the most trustworthy person in the room to claim to. As for Needa trying to vote for Jellico... as you say, that's pretty much what Komec did with Ozzel and we know where his loyalties lay. You can make a similar argument against Thrawn. He avoided both Jellico and Ozzel to vote for Piett with the tallies in a similar state. Needa's vote for Jellico was the 5th vote at the time. Needa also started the voting against Daala before Ozzel and Jellico joined in. I think it would be a bit odd if it was not news to you. Daala's loyalty is not certain, but I also read Daala as town because both Ozzel and Jellico made an attempt to steer the vote toward him on Day 2. It's now apparent that there was a third scum on that bandwagon. Either Needa with the 1st vote or Thrawn with the 4th.
  8. Well, I guess we've at least got something to talk about! Thrawn: Fenton, Motti, Fenton Needa: Jellico, Piett (confirmed), Thrawn (confirmed) We had no scum kills on night 2 or 3. Assuming for a moment that the scum killed Isard (or else we've got no scum kills at all)... Thrawn, what was the reason that you chose to block Fenton a second time given the general consensus that Isard was a scum kill? Needa, I assume you have a good explanation for why you didn't block Piett a second consecutive night. Given that Piett isn't attacking you for it, I assume Piett is in agreement that was reasonable. Do either of you have an explanation for the lack of a scum kill the past two nights?
  9. Wow. Another great night! Too bad Tarkin was a loyalist. I think we need to be careful about getting complacent despite our early successes. I still have Thrawn at the top of my list, but I wouldn't be surprised if there was someone else who has so far eluded out focus. I'll have to see if there's anything noteworthy we can pin on Komec, but he didn't contribute a ton.
  10. Going back through today, a bit, I noticed this... Jellico didn't vote for Ozzel. Maybe you mean Kormec. Maybe me? I have no idea who you mean here. I guess I don't see a huge difference between your defense and Tarkin's. You're basically saying the same thing. You're getting the pass because Tarkin was more forceful in his defense of Ozzel and Jellico, but I think your actions yesterday in terms of the voting record are just as suspicious. Everyone seems to be lumping Shelby and Yularen together in terms of the early bandwagon votes for Ozzel, and while it's true that they voted simultaneously, it's not like they're the same person. If you look at yesterday's comments, Shelby was far more interested in making it clear that he wanted to keep his vote on Ozzel. Yularen didn't really comment that much and looks a lot more like he was just along for the ride. If there are two scum on the Ozzel bandwagon, I wouldn't be surprised that Yularen was one of them. This is a total throwaway vote. It doesn't make you look good at all, and basically is just giving up. The fact that you are including yourself in the same category as Yularen is a bit odd. Do you think that Yularen was just as interested in the Ozzel lynch as you were? This sounds like sour grapes to me. "You got my teammate but for the wrong reasons!" Probably because we've had some good times in the past, no? Personally, I hate it when days end too early... see Mafia Mafia's final day. This looks like some kind of Jedi mind trick.
  11. So I've had a chance to go through the past two days in detail and I can't find anything in there that suggests Tarkin is not scum. Some of the highlights of what I found: Day 1 - Tarkin suspects those who really want a day 1 lynch Day 1 - Tarkin said he didn't see how accusing and finger pointing would help our efforts to catch scum (vs. discussing whether or not to lynch) Day 2 - Tarkin expresses non-committal suspicions of Fenton and Piett Day 2 - Tarkin implies strongly that Piett may have been responsible for Isard's death (in context of the notion that perhaps Isard responded to Piett's question about a twist) Day 2 - Tarkin says that between Ozzel, Daala, and Jellico, he would pick Ozzel, but keeps his vote on Piett at the time. Day 2 - Tarkin says he's 99% sure that Ozzel is town That last comment is really the only one that isn't something I would expect from a scumbag. Why express such certainty if you knew you were lying? I don't feel strongly that Tarkin is town and would happily vote for him to complete the lynch. We already have enough votes, and I think we have a stronger candidate... The other person that has struck me as particularly noteworthy, and has been identified by others as well, is Grand Admiral Thrawn. Thrawn was fairly withdrawn during the first day in terms of noteworthy commentary. However, on day 2 he tries to scuttle the bandwagon on Ozzel early on, voting for Motti. He later comes back around to state that the thinks the attack on Ozzel is a coordinated scum plot. When he casts his vote for Daala, it's vote 4, that broke a 3-vote tie with Ozzel. We know that votes 2 and 3 on Daala were both scum, as it was Ozzel and Jellico. I think this was a concerted effort to get Ozzel in the clear. Later, when Thrawn switched his vote from Daala to Piett, that put Piett at 4 votes, too. At the time, Jellico was at 4 and Ozzel at 5. So this was yet another effort to bring a non scum into the voting candidate pool. Vote: Grand Admiral Thrawn (mediumsnowman)
  12. I am back from some of my extra duties and have some catching up to do in terms of what's happened today, also in light of the previous days as well. I think we do ourselves a disservice if we narrow the field too much. I will say that I agree the combined efforts of Ozzel and Jellico to lynch Daala have Daala firmly in the clear, IMO.
  13. That would be awesome, Sandy!
  14. Man, there's nothing like catching two traitors at once. Awesome night! Hopefully our blocker and/or protector have someone they trust they can start sharing some information with. Hmm... are you trying to put up a preemptive defense here?
  15. I'm not 100% sure where we are on the vote count but we absolutely need a lynch today. I find Ozzel to be pretty similar to my past experience with him, so I can't say I feel good about this. If he does turn up loyal, then I'll be looking closely at those who pushed us this way, too. Unvote: Captain Jellico (Lady K) Vote: Ozzel (Actor Builder)