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  1. Out of curiosity, who ended up with the mysterious counter strike gloves?
  2. Awesome game Sandy! I had fun!
  3. Ein attacks Weyrdág for now and did not do anything after.
  4. Old dog's trick doesn't work twice

  5. Ein Surefoot heals Luridan Voros and attacks Cromeo Nightingale
  6. Temple of Ennoc by Fianat Etheric Windmill, Xu Peninsular by Cara
  7. Ein Surefoot attacks Fernandu Elysiam "I will withdraw my attack if Fernandu can explain the reasons behind his night attacks."
  8. Ein Surefoot heals Emmanuelle Janus
  9. Ein Surefoot buys a Tonic from Sham Poo
  10. Ein Surefoot heals Calico Meatpie.
  11. I believe we would need to purchase a Telescope worth 40 gold to watch the guy with the magnifying glass.
  12. Elin Surefoot wobbles around, trying to find an empty seat in this overcrowded Hall "Being cooped up in here sure reminds me of the yester years in my underground village, spending my time drinking rum and mining." Elin Surefoot found an empty seat and sat down, heaving a sigh of relief "Phew, age is definitely catching up on me, thanks to whoever that gave this seat up for me! My legs definitely need a much needed rest."
  13. I am interested! Count me in!
  14. Esurient

    MOC: Soup Kitchen/Flop House

    Nice looking modular build! You did really well on the details inside the house! The graffiti design is looking good too!