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  1. Scorpiox

    Heroica RPG General Discussion

    You saw nothing, I am a ghost...
  2. Scorpiox

    Heroica RPG General Discussion

    I'd be down for that if anyone had a quest running through Baltarok, although I'd be just as happy for people to use and write for Haldor themselves if he were relevant. What I like most about this game is the communal structure of things and I'd have no qualms with people using my character if they wanted too - whether I'm involved or not.
  3. Scorpiox

    Heroica RPG General Discussion

    If I get the time in the future I definitely will because this is a seriously impressive game with a great community which I miss being part of - time is still the problem though and something I don't have enough of to properly play this game. :( If I did come back, I'm not really sure if I would revive Haldor or just start with a fresh character because for me it kinda feels like his story has been told and closed. I'm really happy with how he was left and I don't know if I would want to tamper with that by taking him out of Baltarok.
  4. Scorpiox

    Heroica RPG General Discussion

    Haha I didn't think I'd been spotted. I like to check back here every once in a while to see how things have changed.
  5. Scorpiox

    Heroica RPG General Discussion

    That's a real shame that you've had to leave - Sylph was a great character and truly consistent in how he was played.
  6. Scorpiox

    Atomic Lemons (a rock band)

    Not bad, not bad at all. Your songs in English remind me somewhat of late Status Quo - and that's in a very good way. You are clearly talented musicians.
  7. Scorpiox

    Heroica RPG General Discussion

    If the respective QMs can help me out on this one, that would be great.
  8. Scorpiox

    Heroica RPG General Discussion

    It started out pretty soon after I joined and before I knew what I was doing - and unfortunately it seemed to cling on and survive whenever the other player posted more than once in six months. It's certainly an aspect of my character's character that those I've quested with in the past (Quest #19 mainly, sorry folks!) got tired of rather quickly.
  9. Scorpiox

    Heroica RPG General Discussion

    Haldor's poorly-written and irritating relationship fell apart because Sisco stopped posting, but I think we're all glad of that fact.
  10. Scorpiox

    Heroica RPG General Discussion

    We get the odd Haldor lookalike now and again, perhaps his father was a bit of a goer back in the day.
  11. Scorpiox

    Which set should I buy?

    76004: Spider-Man Spider-Cycle Chase 76015: Doc Ock Truck Heist 76006: Iron Man Extremis Sea Port Battle All three are available for the same price, but which one would you folks recommend?
  12. Scorpiox

    Marvel Cinematic Universe

    I think it's easier and makes more sense if one just considers everything from First Class onwards to be a reboot, albeit with mostly the same class. Last Stand seems to have been such an embarrassment that Fox are trying to do everything they can to repair the damage - even if that unfortunately means that the first two films become non-canon. So, I'd say that you're probably right and one just has to enjoy the films individually for their own merit and not try too much to make them make sense together. And I would also agree with your last statement. The future Batman/Superman movie screams to me of DC trying to copy Marvel's success and stick a universe together before we've even had a real glimpse of Affleck's Batman.
  13. Scorpiox

    Heroica RPG General Discussion

    I doubt anyone would mind if someone were to resuscitate that thread.
  14. Scorpiox

    Heroica RPG General Discussion

    Is anyone actually still active in that quest?