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Hello again!

Much time since I revisit here.

Without more bone I present to you "The Storm" a seventeenth century brig commanded by Barbarossa by the Caribbean Seas, destroying merchants ships, frigates, warships and sometimes some caribbean fortress...

When dumped it belonged to the Spanish Armada and was well known as "San Bartolome" but few years ago, was captured by the fearsome pirate Barbarossa in retaliation against his stay in the Gobernador's dungeons years ago ...


It has 10 cannons by hand. I don't know exactly how much number of parts it has, but I think that is aproximately between 4000 - 5000.

On the bow I can see a couple of bombards:


In part to be covered you can observe the entry stays in the lower floors, boxes with different ammunition for the cannons and barrels with extra pistols and blades and a small auxiliary boat:


In the second mast there is a platform for the watch:


The Captain's stateroom entrance and the stairs in the area of ​​office:


Detail of the cannons:


Sailors from the other boats has fear to see the mask, which represents the death, hence its name to:


Castle's stateroom aft with the Captain:



Vision Side :


I hope you that enjoy it! Thank you for comments.

Best regards!

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Thank you for all comments!

Next days I will publish new photos about this ship involved in battle againt Santa Catalina fortres in a very large diorama shown at HispaLUG Expo 2015 in Zaragoza, Spain.

She's a good looking ship. What is the interior like?

Dr. Spock, interior is not functional, but it has possibility to do it. I was racing against time to have it for the Expo and I could not to do interiors.

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very awesome ship. thumbup.gif Love all the small details and that you builded the hull. default_satisfied.gif

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This is a very good vessel and the custom hull is impressive. The armament looks fierce but I'm counting more than 10 cannons - unless you were referring to the broadside. I think a flush aftcastle would generally look better but even so, this cabin design is very good and it would fit right in with the official sets. Good work and a fine addition to the pirate fleet.

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I don't know how I missed this one when you first posted it. It's very well done, indeed! I particularly like the mortars on the bows, and the passageway to belowdecks.

What are the part numbers for the figurehead's hood, and the scythe? I've never seen those before, and they look sweet!

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Nice ship. I like the big number of pretty details. I see also very similar things with "Jackdaw" from AC: Black flag (those red flags, bombards...). I have point or its only coincidence?

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