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  1. Cousarmy0001

    [MOC] "Dimension Portal Lighthouse" by Delusion Brick

    Looks about right :-)
  2. Cousarmy0001

    [MOC] "Dimension Portal Lighthouse" by Delusion Brick

    Faction from Fallout, who worship nuclear radiation. :-)
  3. Cousarmy0001

    [MOC] "Dimension Portal Lighthouse" by Delusion Brick

    This is great! I kinda expect to see a few Children of Atom running around this thing. Lots of fine details and a good color scheme. I'd certainly think twice before going there.
  4. Cousarmy0001

    [MOC] Monarch

    I quite like her as well, I'm very pleased with how she turned out. She's not quite my pride and joy, but a big part of the reason for that is that the ship that is is so much larger. I've actually got probably half a dozen ships of this size done up in LDD, but I don't anticipate building more than 1 or 2 more due to a long term project I need to get in gear on.
  5. Cousarmy0001

    [MOC] Dark-red imperial Frigatte (WIP)

    This looks extremely sharp. LOVE the color scheme. I can't wait to see the final product.
  6. Cousarmy0001

    [MOC] Navistar

    I have fabric and all to make proper sails. I'm just really lazy about it. In the past, I've done paper sails, but I really hated the end result. Maybe someday I'll get off my butt and do them.
  7. Cousarmy0001

    [MOC] Monarch

    Also one I've sat on for quite a while- this one longest of all. Not sure why I never formally put her up, instead only occasionally showing her in a couple of pictures to demonstrate a principle or two, but she's been done since sometime in 2016. Not actually named until today, may I present the armed merchantman, Monarch! After so many people started putting fake gunports on their merchantmen, the pirates stopped falling for it. Then someone made the suggestion: What if we put fake gunports on her to lure the pirates in, then blast them with actual guns on the deck (thus leaving the hold available for cargo)? The result is Monarch. Named for my 50 cal back in the army (I just realized an image of which is actually on my flickr), she sports four light cannons and a small contingent of mercenary riflemen to assist in boardings. She was heavily inspired by the topsail cutter image on the MOC Index page, which just looked really fast and cool to me to the point that I essentially built one. She has a female captain because I thought the "governor's daughter" minifig from the 2015 bluecoat fort was really cool and I really wanted to do something with it without making a really foppish male captain for the ship. This one actually has sails too! Included is a small but cozy captain's cabin, spacious crew quarters, and a galley (too small to be adequately photographed), with the idea that she can undertake longer voyages, or just plain stay out a bit longer than most ships her size, without her crew going quite so stir crazy. I hope you all like these new (to you!) additions to the Lego fleet! I just realized I didn't put [MOC] in the title of either post. If the MODs want to change that, go for it. I'd do it myself but I haven't been able to sort out how.
  8. Cousarmy0001

    [MOC] Navistar

    All right, I've sat on these for a really long time, so it's time I start posting them. In all honesty, I'm never actually going to make sails for this one, so now that I finally printed a nameplate for her, it's time to reveal her to the world. Behold! The unarmed merchantman Navistar! Let me first make the disclaimer, I am by no means a photographer. The light is bad in these, but there's not really anywhere in my house that would be better, so sorry if some of the pictures aren't that great. Anyway, she comes with a rather thin but still existent captain's cabin, a small galley for actually cooking food, and rather decent crew accommodations- except that they have to hot bunk it. Gotta save room for that precious cargo, you know? She sports a paint scheme similar to the warships that I've built, and has dummy ports painted onto her sides in an effort to dissuade pirates or redcoats from attacking her. The figurehead I think I took off of my 3-in-1 creator ship, but I don't really remember clearly. Wherever it came from, I didn't come up with it on my own. I hope you all like her! There is a mysterious passenger aboard who keeps staring into the distance ahead... "Don't go blaming this on me! I know I said we needed to set sail as soon as possible, but I didn't think it would be possible to do so without SAILS! How did we even get out here?" Clear side view showing the dummy ports and hull lines.
  9. Cousarmy0001

    [MOC] Magnetic North Frigate

    Well, you certainly made some interesting lemonade out of those lemons! I'm confused by this one. I'm pretty sure my only criticism is the lack of a tapered hull, but I can't quite tell because you've gone with such a non-traditional color scheme. A scheme which I love because it looks great and is rather unique, but I hate because it looks so different form everybody else's work that I have a hard time comparing it to them :-D Your captain's cabin is terrific. I LOVE the map rack that you made. That is absolutely brilliant. The sails look terrific as well. The figurehead is a bit more prominent than I would go with myself, but the concept is great and the execution isn't terrible. Also, I don't have any suggestions for making it better, and I prefer to only offer criticism or critiques if I can also suggest how to improve it in my estimation. I'm curious how many mid-sections there are in the hull. I think I see 7, but I'm not confident of that. Also, is the foremost gunport a dummy? Overall, I have to say "well done"! I'm looking forward to the next one.
  10. Cousarmy0001

    General MOC-Discussion, WIP-Help, and Teaser Thread

    "A nice fellow in a strange suit calling himself John Moses Browning dropped this off for us this morning. He called it a 'Ma Deuce', and he said it would solve our redcoat and pirate problems..."
  11. Cousarmy0001

    [MOC] Admiral's Outpost on Azure Coast

    Where might I purchase one (or a dozen) of these mystical objects (via DM if necessary)? Also might you share with us the part number for the piece you have placed the stickers upon?
  12. Cousarmy0001

    [MOC] Admiral's Outpost on Azure Coast

    That's easily my favorite feature of this. How might we legitimately obtain the ability to print such stickers from you?
  13. Cousarmy0001

    [MOC] HMS Midway

    When I was a kid, they were called "soldiers". (I live in the US)
  14. Cousarmy0001

    [MOC] A 'midsized' ship added to my fleet...

    She looks a wee bit crowded :-D I absolutely love when people do stuff with the small boats. I've got a ton of them, and one of these days I'm actually going to do something with them. This is great.
  15. Cousarmy0001

    [MOC] HMS Midway

    That's really nice! Nothing too complex, just a simple, elegant build. I think you made your best build for the bluecoats because deep down in your subconscious, you know they're the best faction :-)