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  1. I still play this game from time to time. Sid Meier has made some truly classic games in his day. Seeing this all with Lego is just a chef's kiss :-) Very very well done, sir.
  2. Cousarmy0001

    [LEGO IDEAS] The Voyage of the Jerle Shannara

    Were I an author I would be extremely flattered to learn someone liked my work this much.
  3. Cousarmy0001

    [MOC] Cutting It Close

    I love the waves that you've made there. I've never seen them look so good before.
  4. Cousarmy0001

    [LEGO IDEAS] The Voyage of the Jerle Shannara

    That is a really unique design! I love it!
  5. Cousarmy0001

    [MOC] 6277 Merchant cutter reimagined

    This may be the best adaptation of this ship that I've seen yet. Very good! May I ask what pieces form the hull? Specifically, the front part?
  6. Cousarmy0001


    Thanks for the info. It doesn't look like they fit with existing muskets :-( Why, thank you, kind sir! I hope things are well with you, I've been too busy to watch the forums lately.
  7. Cousarmy0001


    I apologize if this breaks protocols for the site, if it does, I would ask the mods to keep it here until I've had a chance to view the answer before deleting it. I've seen quite a few people over the years posting minifigs with bayonets on their muskets. I'd always thought one could order just the bayonet, but as I'm looking for them, I'm only seeing them available in one place (the Plastic Brick), and it's with a whole rifle. Does anybody know of another place which carries these?
  8. Cousarmy0001

    Ahoy Mateys! (New User Here)

    All sets that I had back in the day as well! Welcome aboard, sir, and well done! You're off to a great start! I especially like the water and the raised bases that you've made. The boat with your Saber Island reminds me of when I used to pair my Harbor Sentry with the island. I didn't get a large non-pirate set until the redcoat trading post came out.
  9. Cousarmy0001

    [MOC] Dinner at Governor's

    Yeah, seriously, how did you do that portrait?
  10. So long as you do it er-lie in the morning.
  11. Cousarmy0001

    [MOC] Land ho!

    I, for one, would be stoked if you did! This is really great. What is the part number for the curved pipe looking pieces at the top of the tapers?
  12. Cousarmy0001

    [MOC] Land ho!

    This is a great design! I don't suppose we could get an digital file for it? I'd love to get a better look at the technique you used. Are the fore and aft tapers done with hinges?
  13. Cousarmy0001

    [MOC] Venture into the Interior, North America 1700s

    This is really REALLY great. Tons of detail, the colors look great, the roiled water looks cool. All around great. Where did you get those rifles?
  14. Cousarmy0001

    [MOC ] Pirates strictly come dancing ... (Let's dance)

    What can I say, except, you're welcome!
  15. Cousarmy0001

    [MOC ] Pirates strictly come dancing ... (Let's dance)

    It looks like she had the time of her life, and she owes it all to him.