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  1. MOC: Le Fleuron, 1729 third rate French ship of the line.

    So I was looking over the pictures again, and my eyes caught on the ladders between the upper gun deck and the spar deck. What did you use for the top rung?
  2. Broadside's Brig MOC

    LOVE IT! This is one set that I always wanted as a kid, then finally bought as an adult. And then my ex-wife smashed it and several other sets to pieces during an argument. I still haven't been able to get everything back together, and possibly never will.
  3. HMS Endeavour/Dauntless WIP

    Put them on imgur or flickr, and link the BBCode from each image in your message. At least, I think it's the BBCode. It's been a bit since I last posted a picture, and I can never remember which.
  4. [MOC] Taking Back the Marianne (Microships!)

    Could you? Along that line of questioning, is it possible to tilt the bottle and still have it sit correctly in the stand, or would the stand need to be modified in some way? Also, when you say "making the bottle bigger", do you mean that it needs to be longer in order to accommodate one of the larger ships? What I'm forming in my head is borrowing ideas from one of your larger ships (kind of an ironic statement), but chopping a gun deck so it's more of a frigate than a ship of the line. I suppose I should just buy the set and then figure things out for myself, huh?
  5. [MOC] Taking Back the Marianne (Microships!)

    So I've been thinking about buying the ship in a bottle set, but I have to say I'm not all that impressed by the ship itself. Would you happen to know if any of these ships would also fit into the bottle from that set?
  6. MOC: Le Fleuron, 1729 third rate French ship of the line.

    I've been wondering if we were ever going to hear from the great CGH again! As usual, an excellent job, sir!
  7. Ship "Admiral's Eagle"

    As if there haven't been enough messages on this thread about thread bumping already....
  8. [MOC] a fort.

    Terrific job! Perhaps the best fort I've seen on here- primarily for its relatively compact size! I also really like the sideways bricks giving texture to the exterior walls. Very well done, sir!
  9. [MOC] La Couronne (1636)

    I agree with the others, an excellent first go around. A few questions/suggestions, though some would require quite extensive work to pretty much everything that isn't the bow or stern. Is there tumblehome? I can't quite tell from the views. There are a number of techniques on this site that can create the effect, and not all of them are incredibly complex and difficult. I don't know the name for it, but ships of that era had a teardrop shape that ran the entire length of the hull, rather than straight lines like you appear to have here, or exist on pretty much every official Lego set, and all but one of my MOCs. I'd recommend looking into some of those techniques as well. Lastly, you might want to pick a different method of making the spars for your rigging. I used the same design you're using, as it was the only one I knew of when I first started making MOCs, but there are a whole bunch of other ways that look WAY better. Aside from that, though, the ship looks great! I love your color choices, and the detail level is very good. Even as is, I'd like to see this ship take form. Given what you'd done here, I'd love to see what you could do with an interior on this ship- though that would probably be really difficult to implement on this design.
  10. Silent Mary MOC

    At the risk of channeling Kurigan, have you looked into a brick built hull?
  11. Whaling Xebec

    It would seem I have been looking in the wrong place indeed :-) I am quite impressed by Oscuridad, by the way. Very well done, sir!
  12. Cannon Foundry

    I would suggest that this build should have its own thread.
  13. [MOC] Coastal defense battery

    Oh, it was moved! I was sitting here like, "How the hell did I miss this? I check this forum at least once a day!"
  14. [MOC] Charting a Desert Island

    I challenge you to brick build a British flag in this scale
  15. [MOC] Charting a Desert Island

    I love these mini sets! Very well done, sir!