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  1. Cousarmy0001

    [MOC] Land ho!

    I, for one, would be stoked if you did! This is really great. What is the part number for the curved pipe looking pieces at the top of the tapers?
  2. Cousarmy0001

    [MOC] Land ho!

    This is a great design! I don't suppose we could get an digital file for it? I'd love to get a better look at the technique you used. Are the fore and aft tapers done with hinges?
  3. Cousarmy0001

    [MOC] Venture into the Interior, North America 1700s

    This is really REALLY great. Tons of detail, the colors look great, the roiled water looks cool. All around great. Where did you get those rifles?
  4. Cousarmy0001

    [MOC ] Pirates strictly come dancing ... (Let's dance)

    What can I say, except, you're welcome!
  5. Cousarmy0001

    [MOC ] Pirates strictly come dancing ... (Let's dance)

    It looks like she had the time of her life, and she owes it all to him.
  6. Cousarmy0001

    [MOC] Small Pirate Brigantine (small-hulled-boat)

    This is REALLY clever! I mean, it's not really anything approaching historical accuracy, but it REALLY captures the classic Lego Pirates feel, which is a terrific thing in and of itself. It's like a BSB for people that don't have the money or space for the normal set, but still want to get their kids some Legos. I almost like this more!
  7. Cousarmy0001

    [MOC] "Big Orra" by SuperSick - Ship - BSB Upgrade

    Could we get a close up of the bow, aft of the figurehead? I'm pretty sure I see how you did it, but I'd like to make sure as it looks really good in the pictures you've provided.
  8. Cousarmy0001

    [WIP] French 4th rater

    Man, talk about a blast from the past! I wasn't even on EB when this was originally posted. You've certainly advanced a lot in your technique. I'm interested to see your finished product. Hopefully it's less than 12 years away!
  9. Cousarmy0001

    [MOD] Caribbean Flagship, or maybe Imperial Clipper?

    I was going to say, it bears some striking similarities to the Caribbean Clipper
  10. Cousarmy0001

    [MOC] Imperial Armada Fortress

    I would recommend adding some vegetation. That will liven things up quite a bit. Echoing the barracks idea, furniture/furnishings on the interior would also help, as would a flag of some type, and I'd do a bit more with the battlements on the roof. Maybe add some fortification to the cannon hanging out all exposed at the end of the pier as well. (Somebody suggested a crane on the roof, one might be a good idea in place of the cannon on the pier as well). I'd do something with the space above the door as well, if I were you. If you want to go crazy with it, you could always set the building on tiles with only 3-4 studs to hold onto, and then you could make use of the underground portion of the old elevated baseplate. Make a cellar or a cell. Or both! Another idea could be to borrow a bit from the old Imperial Trading Post, and have part of the building hanging off of the baseplate, with some buttresses keeping it from falling off. If you did that, you could add a building or two. Basically, as others have said, you've got a pretty good start. You throw in a few refinements and you'll have a genuinely great set you can show off to others. EDIT (I guess?): For some reason, this never actually posted. It was still here though. Pretend I posted this back in February.
  11. Cousarmy0001

    [MOC] Lagoon Lockup Revisited (once more)

    Thank you for the close ups! Without them, I never would have noticed the curving stairs you made. A very nice touch!
  12. Cousarmy0001

    Shipwreck island revisited

    A simple remake of a simple set. I've said elsewhere, this was one of the three small sets that started me in Lego. Somebody did a complex re-do recently that I loved. This one is far more simple, and I love it too :-)
  13. Cousarmy0001

    [MOC] Off To Fight Boney

    You should have them fight an army of skeletons.
  14. Cousarmy0001

    [MOC] Lagoon Lockup Revisited (once more)

    I do see one issue with this set. The guy in the jail is the only one with an actual bed.
  15. Cousarmy0001

    [MOC] Lagoon Lockup Revisited (once more)

    This is amazing. I absolutely love this. Lagoon Lockup was one of the iconic sets of my childhood, and I have a lot of memories of it. This is terrific.