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  1. Unnoticable ship interiors needed

    I don't have this set, but if you post a few pictures of the area, or make an approximation of it in LDD and post it here, I might be able to come up with some stuff for you.
  2. Custom Black Pearl

    Check out the rest of the site, Mjazzw7. There are tutorials galore on how to make everything from the hulls to the rigging.
  3. Silent Mary Interior

    Which set are you talking about? In my own designs, all of which have accessible captain's cabins, I put two layers of plates together for the upper deck/roof, making the two layers perpendicular so as to add strength, and then tiled the walls supporting the deck except for four studs, which hold the deck in place, but also allow for easy removal. Like so: The tan parts are the plates that make the deck. I'll make them all the same color, I just used two colors here to demonstrate the different directions they face, which hold the whole thing together. The black parts are the supporting walls. Presumably yours will be taller than this, but this is one of the better ways to build a ship with a removable deck that also holds the deck in place (for the most part). I'll sometimes have the lower plate level be one stud smaller in each direction so that it fits inside of the walls, which can help when reinstalling the deck, but what's shown here should be sufficient. Sorry, I noticed the ship name is in the topic title. I have no experience with that set, I won't be able to help you. If you ever make your own ship, though, keep what I put above in mind :-)
  4. Silent Mary - MOD 1 + MOD 2

    I have to say, I prefer the Proud Mary to the Silent Mary Big wheels keep on turnin'...
  5. MOC "The Archer" - "Admiral" Movie

    On additional inspection, I really like the railings you have on the stairs as well.
  6. MOC "The Archer" - "Admiral" Movie

    I read "Archer" and thought of a very different character than de Ruyter, if I'm honest :-) I like the build! It looks very sturdy, and it appears to have good playability qualities. I'm curious as to whether there are interiors or not. There appear to be a few "seams" which suggest that the top decks can be removed. I also like how you built the stern without using a stern hull piece. I've seen several people attempt this, but not all have made it work all that well. You've done a good job with it here, though, and it's definitely something to be proud. of. I also really like the angled railing on the aft deck, and I'm curious as to how you keep it in place. Your crew seems to be interesting and unique as well! As for "constructive" criticisms, I wonder if the window on the aft section shouldn't be further back, or whether or not there should be more windows. It seems either unbalanced, or not enough- which leads me to my second point. It's a bit bereft of color, I think adding a little to the hull would really make her pop, and might make the lone window look a little more balanced. Perhaps adding some kind of figures or designs to the aft castle would look good as well. Lastly, adding a couple of carronades and/or swivel guns on the deck (two or so per side, not a whole lot) might spruce up the build a tad.
  7. Lego Ottoman Army

    This begs the question, though. If these were the opposite gender, would they be the Ottowoman Army?
  8. Caribbean Flagship, or maybe Imperial Clipper?

    It's a very nice adaptation of two classic ships! The Clipper was my first Lego ship as well, and like you it shares a special place in my heart. I always wanted the Imperial ship, but never actually got one. I only have two improvements I could suggest for this, given that you're pursuing a classic feel, is to tile everything over to give it the appearance of plank decks, but I imagine you're after total playability here, rather than appearance, so that's probably not compatible with your aims. The second suggestion is that it should be a bluecoat ship!
  9. Lego Ottoman Army

    I am very impressed by this! I have yet to see any representation of the Ottomans on this forum. Very clever, and very needed!
  10. HMS Ontario version 2

    That doesn't look like snow at all. That totally looks like a ship. (*snicker*)
  11. USS Poseidon - Minifig Scale First Rate Ship of the Line

    As big as she is, do you need the aid of the sails to move her?
  12. USS Poseidon - Minifig Scale First Rate Ship of the Line

    The real question here: Can she be moved?
  13. Not exactly a ship, but...

    The plan is that the building itself will be able to be lifted up, revealing the catacombs below. That's how I plan to do it with the rathskeller and the kitchen. At the base of each building, I place tiles so the buildings come right off, with up to four studs or so to keep the buildings from sliding around / coming off on their own. Here's the kitchen with the building above it removed, showing what I'm talking about, and it's also partially visible on the top of the walls in the church interior pictures. It's a pretty simple thing that I think is done pretty often with Lego, just probably not to this scale. As previously mentioned, the plan is for each roof to be built with this method, and each floor (all of the buildings save the foundry are two story) as well. So the buildings can basically be lifted apart to show the interiors, and then replaced just as easily. This has required move buildings to be primarily rectangular or square, without a whole lot of deviation, but I don't think that takes away from the overall appearance a great deal, as the buildings are all touching each other, and there is a one or two stud deviation between building fronts, so it doesn't look like one giant building the whole length of the table. As I said, the one that has me worried is the roof of the church. As is, it has three sections, but given the complexity in the walls introduced by the tall windows, I suspect that the roofs themselves (particularly the largest one, with the steeple included) will be somewhat flimsy and will need to be reinforced.
  14. Not exactly a ship, but...

    I'm inclined to agree about the roof on the stairs, but I'm not sure what to replace it with. I might just ditch the catacombs altogether and put some choir benches there or something. The display itself is 260 studs long by 64 studs wide, and the church in this picture is the tallest building (even without counting the steeple). I'd offer normal measurements but I can't currently reach the table for legal reasons (long story). I think the table is 8 feet by 4 feet (2.4m by 1.2m), but I could be wrong. The display is a wharf, so the width is only half of the table, the other half being taken up by water and ships. I originally posted on it several years ago, but it hasn't gotten that far in terms of actual building since then. It has the church, a state building, a tailor, rope maker, clock maker, cobbler, sail maker, wharehouse, print shop, boarding house/brothel, a tavern (boarding house/brothel upstairs from the tavern, there is also a kitchen beneath the tavern), counting house, doctor's office, Sons of Liberty hideout, brewery, rathskeller (below the brewery), and a foundry. It had two barracks buildings as well, but I got rid of them just before designing the church in favor of giving the statehouse a courtyard and protective wall. All of the original buildings, save the foundry, have been completely scrapped and redone at least once since I started. Each building has a full interior, and (assuming I've designed them correctly) the roofs and each floor is removable so that all of the interiors can be seen. I suspect that this church will take some effort to get the roof right, though, given its complex shape. At present, it has 26,344 bricks, but that will go down if I ditch the catacombs, or up if I decide to stay with them and actually finish the design. Considering it originally just had a statehouse, foundry, tavern, wharehouse, and counting house, I have to admit it's grown quite a bit.