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  1. Shrinked Black Seas Barracuda

    This wins.
  2. Dwarves' Airship

    I like the use of the large doors as rudders. One of the things that got me involved in Legos again several years ago was seeing a few builds people had made that used parts I recognized in clever ways like that. Well done, sir!
  3. Brig "Aurora"

    I wanted closeups of the prow because I wanted to see what you used to make it. From a distance, it looked really good, and it looks good up close. Using those arches is a clever idea, most of the times that I've built ships, I've used angled bricks and tried to blend the prow into the hull itself because I was never happy with how it looked otherwise. You've managed to make it look pretty darn good. The use of flags for the upper hull is pretty clever as well. It allows you to give a smooth appearance to the ship's lines. For the side windows, you don't need another 1x4 window, you could probably get by with a 1x2 arched window and lattice insert. The big thing is just that that part of the ship seems a little empty, and adding a window is one way to spruce it up a bit. How many center hull sections are there in this? My only other critique based off of what I can see here is that you might want to try a brick built anchor. I like the modifications you made to that one, but there are some pretty good looking designs on this site if you want to make something better. I use this design for all of my ships. (Edit: For some reason, imgur isn't letting me deeplink. Sorry!) I can't remember who designed it, but it wasn't me. Full credit goes to whoever did. Oh, and maybe put some guns behind those ports. Given the size of this ship, you probably wouldn't want to go with the standard Lego cannons, I think a smaller brick built design would be more appropriate. I'm surprised Kurigan hasn't weighed in on this yet, but he's very good with those, and could probably make a few good suggestions.
  4. Brig "Aurora"

    Easily the best accidental build I've ever seen! The pictures are a little far out to offer critiques, if we could get some closer in, we could offer advice, but from a distance, it looks terrific! The only thing I can offer right now is that you might want to add some side windows to the captain's cabin. If I might, could I request some close ups of the prow?
  5. A simple matter of math

    Sebeus, have you ever made an MOC that was not legitimately awesome?
  6. [MOC] Mutiny of the Map

    I like it! You did a great job on the jungle branches, and on the waves, which are extremely difficult to do well in Lego- I can count on one hand how many times I've seen it done in a way that didn't look weird (and none of those attempts were by me). The stream from the jungle is a nice touch, and the rocks under the jungle also look terrific. The vines on the large tree are a very good detail as well. The two different sand colors to mark dry and wet is cool, and I assume the holes are incorrect digging spots? That, or these pirates are tide pooling :-D
  7. Google image search Dutch Navy headquarters 1700s...

    Excellent! Thank you both.
  8. ...and get a picture of HMS Hood. No, seriously. That was the second result. So apparently I really suck at this Google thing. I'm exploring redoing the state house in my uber project that the church I posted a few months ago is a part of. This building is across the street from that church, incidentally. I'm trying to find examples of buildings that were used as naval headquarters and/or office buildings during this time period, but I'm having a hard time. I've found the Scheepvaartmuseum, but as far as I can tell, that was more of a warehouse than a headquarters. I'm wanting to continue a lowlands type building style, but can go Scandinavian if necessary. Can anybody refer me to a building or buildings that were used for this purpose during the 1600-1800 period?
  9. Flying Dutchman WIP

    On the one hand, I'd be pissed if somebody claimed credit for my work. On the other hand, though, I'd be kind of flattered. I guess the better route would've been for that person to do the legal thing, and purchase my plans or the model itself.
  10. Lady McZep

    That's part of why I haven't gotten involved, either. In addition, I have a few ships that would probably be good to start out with, but I don't have the money right now to make the leap from them to my larger ships.
  11. Lady McZep

    You'll probably get flak for this not being strictly pirates, but before that happens, I want to echo everybody else and say that this is brilliant! Naturally, the gondola has the biggest draw, and it looks terrific in the pictures. Any chance we could get some better close-ups of it, and maybe an explanation of your technique for getting that beautiful curve in it? Also, if BotBS is still a thing, you should think about joining with this! You would DOMINATE :-D
  12. Unnoticable ship interiors needed

    I don't have this set, but if you post a few pictures of the area, or make an approximation of it in LDD and post it here, I might be able to come up with some stuff for you.
  13. Custom Black Pearl

    Check out the rest of the site, Mjazzw7. There are tutorials galore on how to make everything from the hulls to the rigging.
  14. Silent Mary Interior

    Which set are you talking about? In my own designs, all of which have accessible captain's cabins, I put two layers of plates together for the upper deck/roof, making the two layers perpendicular so as to add strength, and then tiled the walls supporting the deck except for four studs, which hold the deck in place, but also allow for easy removal. Like so: The tan parts are the plates that make the deck. I'll make them all the same color, I just used two colors here to demonstrate the different directions they face, which hold the whole thing together. The black parts are the supporting walls. Presumably yours will be taller than this, but this is one of the better ways to build a ship with a removable deck that also holds the deck in place (for the most part). I'll sometimes have the lower plate level be one stud smaller in each direction so that it fits inside of the walls, which can help when reinstalling the deck, but what's shown here should be sufficient. Sorry, I noticed the ship name is in the topic title. I have no experience with that set, I won't be able to help you. If you ever make your own ship, though, keep what I put above in mind :-)