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  1. Redbeard and Polly adrift

    Just looking at this makes me start sweating
  2. Whaling Xebec

    An interesting build! We don't get very many xebecs here, I can only think of one or two others the whole time I've been active on this forum. The entire set is pretty simple, and has good playability. For a constructive criticism, I would suggest trying to make the curves in the hull a little less abrupt, and maybe try to make it so that you don't have the center portion be so straight. Basically, try to taper the lines a little more so the overall shape of the hull is smother. Alternately, add in some color to the hull to try and break up the straight lines a little. Maybe build a few ladders into the hull, and add a couple of scuppers to each side to further break things up.
  3. legoland battle sized ships

    I wish I could help you there, but I can't. There's a few people that have posted some quite large ships of war on this page, though. Perhaps you could get one of them to share their files with you.
  4. Captain Cookie hides a treasure

  5. [LDD]Various Fake Pirate Sets

    I like that ship, Mon-o-mat. By chance could I trouble you for the LDD file (if you used LDD)?
  6. Captain Cookie hides a treasure

    A bank might be a little more secure...
  7. (MOC) Sky Captain Soto's Aeroship

    With a single crewman, I can't imagine that cannon has a very high rate of fire I love the steampunk airships that people post here. There's so much imagination involved in pretty much anything steampunk, and it makes for some very clever creations.
  8. Hermanos de Sangre WIP thread

    See? You need to go with a tan deck! Seriously, though, this ship has really become something. She looks great and is a definite improvement over the fat kid you first posted. She looks like a mean prize-fighter now. Excellent job all around. As this project starts to wind down, I'm anxious to see what you'll try next.
  9. Counting House

    Orange, thank you for the compliments :-)
  10. Ideas Tall Ship

    You have my support! As usual, you've done a tremendous job! Oddly enough, I'm more interested in seeing the white hull variant than the brown.
  11. Counting House

    At the moment, only two buildings have substructures, those being the two I've described here. I haven't ruled them out for other buildings, but that would require me to add stairways to the buildings. I'm not certain that basements were common to begin with in the Lowlands, so I'm kind of hesitant to put a whole lot of effort into making them. The only other building I've thought about putting a basement under is the church, but I'm torn between making it a catacomb or making it a Batman-style superhero hideout- if I go through the effort of making it at all.
  12. Counting House

    There is a building with two floors. The bottom is divided in two, with one half being the bar, and the other half being a print shop. The second floor is one complete unit, which is the boarding house/brothel and is accessed from the bar. The basement of this building is a big megablocks kitchen. This building butts up to the side of the counting house that has the stairs. The brewery is across the street. Downstairs from the brewery is the rathskellar. I'm considering linking the kitchen to the rathskellar with a tunnel, though, because it doesn't make a whole lot of sense for the restaurant-in-cellar to not have a kitchen
  13. Trading Ship

    I'd like to echo Faladrin with regards to the curvature, but I'm very interested in seeing where this goes!
  14. More ships for the fleet!

    They're brand new, they'd better not be!
  15. [Lay-Out - BELUG] Pirates at Brickmania Antwerp 2017

    Whose is the green ship next to the lighthouse? I'd like to get more pictures of this ship, if possible. An overall excellent display! I wish I could have seen this in person. Well done to all!