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  1. Cousarmy0001

    What's your Favourite of my BSB Recolours?

    As I recall, the clipper had a fair amount of yellow on the stern. I wonder if keeping the same amount of yellow as in the standard set would work for this.
  2. Cousarmy0001

    [WIP] Building a new hull frigate

    I'm inclined to agree that at the moment the different colors of tubing seem a bit odd. But I've seen enough of your work to know that you're the Bob Ross of shipbuilders, so I'm going to sit back and watch where this takes us :-)
  3. Cousarmy0001

    The dread pirate William's revenge

    I quite like this! The color scheme looks good, and while it's not historically or practically accurate, it looks excellent in terms of playability. The swivel rifles are a cool touch, and I think one could make a pretty sweet captain's cabin in this. I don't suppose you have an LDD for it?
  4. Cousarmy0001

    What's your Favourite of my BSB Recolours?

    The Clipper is good- better than a lot of the ones I've seen online where they just change the flags and sails, at least. Best bluecoat version of the ship to date. It's only #3 for me, though. I'm still torn between the Imperial and the Nelsonian schemes. I think what I like best about the Imperial scheme is that it really accentuates the tumblehome, which is probably the coolest thing about this set for me. But the black and yellow of the Nelson scheme is just so perfectly balanced...
  5. Cousarmy0001

    What's your Favourite of my BSB Recolours?

    So I was going with #2, but now I see the Nelson style, and damn...
  6. Cousarmy0001

    Feedback Requested

    I'd like to emphasize (in re-reading my initial post, I could've been a lot more clear on this), this is unfinished. There is at least another floor planned on top of this one (just in the back, not over the two parts reaching towards the street), and a roof. I wanted to get feedback before I put in that much effort because like Kurigan said, this seems a bit modern to me (roof notwithstanding). From the pictures I've been able to find, the Slott does have a flat roof, but with a ornate fence looking bit around the edges. The real thing doesn't look very mid-1800s ish, but what I've done in LDD does to me- and apparently to @kurigan as well (the "school" comment is spot on). On that note, Kurigan, thank you for the Town tip (I've only ever looked at this forum and very briefly at BoBS before feeling massively overwhelmed and retreating back here). Since I've gotten your attention with this, I did consider using grey in this build, but thought it might look too old or plain in comparison to the other buildings. An all white building seems a bit more colonial in nature to me (though I'm sure there are dozens of examples of white European buildings from this period to prove me wrong). Are you sure this would look appropriate? Incidentally, I believe the Slott has 8 panes in each window? But I went with the Tudor ones specifically because I was worried a more literal interpretation would make it look more modern while the terraced windows might make it look older. Perhaps I'll try it the other way. Given that most of the issue seems to be with the roof itself, perhaps by finishing the build it will look more appropriate. I'll keep going. Thank you all for the input (and I welcome anything anybody has to add).
  7. Cousarmy0001

    "The making of" our Spanish Imperial Galleon

    A meeting between you and CGH. Now THAT is an event I would love to attend! Unfortunately I'm in the US, and I assume this meeting is in Europe somewhere.
  8. Cousarmy0001

    Feedback Requested

    @Count Vroskri when you say "the second one", do you mean the tan one (with the wall and two clock towers) or the brown and white one (VOC hq)?
  9. Cousarmy0001

    Feedback Requested

    @Count Vroskri Thank you for the feedback. As I said in the OP, this is an incomplete design. I wanted to make sure I wasn't making something that would look out of place before I put in the time and effort to finish the thing. Here are the two designs that I have on my Flickr. The shots include the rest of the buildings in the planned scene. [
  10. Cousarmy0001

    Feedback Requested

    So I've been working on this project for some time now, and due to life circumstances, it's going to be a while before it's done, but that's just as well because I haven't really been satisfied with any of the designs I've come up with for one of the centerpieces of this. It's a wharf for the bluecoats, I've got 10 buildings designed for it at present, but nobody that I've shown it to has liked the state houses that I've designed. Thus far, I've come up with roughly four designs, two are generic state houses, one is heavily based on the VOC headquarters, and there's a shrunken version of that design that allows for more space in front of the VOC headquarters. I've gotten tepid responses from people on each of them, so I keep working on a redesign of the state building. My most recent effort models the state house after the Stockholm Slott. The time period I'm shooting for is the later 1700s, but I'm worried what I have looks more like something from the 1860s or so. I'm not done with the exterior yet, much less the interior, but I wanted to get input before I spent more time and effort on this design. Could I get the community's thoughts on this so far?
  11. Cousarmy0001

    HM Bark Endeavor

    So almost exactly four years later! I have FINALLY completed another MOC ship, and it's this one. This build was a tremendous pain in the rear. As far as playability goes, this set is about a -3/10. Pretty much everything is unstable. The masts fall over on their own (I need to put rods in them, but even then they'll be in several sections. Maybe someday I'll add some rigging to see if that stabilized it), the hull is flexible, and the decks have to either sit higher than I'd like, or the hull shape goes to crap. It's not exactly 100% complete, but the six parts I still need that I somehow mis-ordered are minor enough for me to post this. In all honesty, in person it doesn't look nearly as impressive as I'd imagined, either. It's definitely one for looking at, rather than playing with. Complaining about my own work aside, I've finally cleared away all of the loose parts that were waiting for me to get the last of the pieces, and the ship is done, adding one more to my merchant fleet. So without further ado, ladies, gentlemen, and redcoats, I give you the as of yet unnamed, HM Bark Endeavor copy!
  12. Cousarmy0001

    [MOC] Heading Upriver

    Ooooo. This looks great! I particularly like the ornate breastplates. Nicely done!
  13. Cousarmy0001

    [MOC] Classic Castaways Raft Reimagined

    This and the harbor patrol boat were the first pirate sets I ever got! Thank you for making this. It takes me back.
  14. Cousarmy0001

    Advise needed

    Which flagship are you talking about? There's the small one from the 90s, and the bigger one from around 2010. If you're wanting to design something along the lines of HMS Victory for you to build together, that will also be playable, you're going to need something fairly big, as HMS Victory is quite large. I would suggest looking at the 2010 flagship for inspiration if that's not the one you're talking about above. You can find them here: That ship had a lot of good details, but was also playable, with removable decks on two levels. If you're looking to design something that looks good and is playable, that would be a good place to start.
  15. Cousarmy0001

    Not exactly a ship, but...

    Why, thank you, kind sir!