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  1. Old Mage's Tower

    The tower looks great, especially the Tudor bit and the roof. The landscaping is nicely done as well. Adding the mossy bits on the tree trunk is very clever, don't see that very often
  2. Unintentional Exploring

    Lovely colour combinations! At first I thought there were 2 petrified sea snakes in the first pic but different angles proved me wrong :D
  3. Neat little build! So many details were pointed out already, and I can only agree with all the praise you received. Excellent rock work, the addition of the balcony in it, lovely roofs, great minifig posing, ... If I had this in my house I'd be staring at it a lot
  4. Been wanting to make some builds for Phase 3 so here's an Inn, built last week for the Tourney Round 1. Didn't have enough cheese slopes to make the roof complete on all sides so I only took a pic of the front side.
  5. Twilight Hovel

    The colour combination is indeed as pretty as it can get! Feels like a lively little hut with just the right amount of equipment lying around, busy but not crowded
  6. Lovely castle! Great mix of masonry and clean parts for the wall, adding the foliage worked very well too
  7. 5 points well deserved! Excellent build with lovely rock work and enough variety added in colour wise
  8. In character, Out of character. Simples, no?
  9. Excellent builds and writing! Looking forward to read how this develops
  10. [COR - FB] On Lacryma

    Wonderful forest! Makes me want to go for a walk there Love the variety of the trees and the nicely built deer
  11. Lovely rock work indeed, the variety in shapes (the corner with all the cheese slopes is my favourite) and colours is nicely done
  12. End of the White Doubloon

    Great builds! The telescope view with the microships looks amazing, not only the ships but the sea is very nicely built in there! The picture of the raft looks great as well, you were very lucky with the weather, very appropriate
  13. Great action shot, you really captured the barrel dropping there!
  14. Working on some AoM builds. Started on some Safe Haven build but it started looking too much like Kaliphin so like Alfadas I'm waiting for more inspiration :D