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  1. FAKE NEWS All creatures are beautiful, aka gems! This news report must have been written by uncultured swine*! *Or sourced by local drunks
  2. [OL-FB] An old two-decker

    Great looking ship! Especially like the effort you put into making the sides a bit weathered, there's too many shiny ships on the seas!
  3. Lovely build indeed! Great combination of colours here! Enjoy the rum
  4. Thanks people! Beaches and flowers are always fun to build Looks like I'll have to go find some trees now
  5. [COR - FB] The Ant

    Very clever! Looks like fun to sail with
  6. MRCA II Adventure

    Not sure if it really matters, but should we register our builds as free builds or MCRA outcome?
  7. MRCA II Adventure

    Oh I raised troops yesterday and placed them on the island I'll explore and also used them in the AMCRA form, hope I didn't mess things up. My apologies if I did!
  8. PRELUDE: Coming from a merchant family, Puvel knew investments were the key to building up resources. So he spend little over a year establishing sources of income. Saving these funds finally enabled him to pursue his goal of becoming an explorer of the newly found islands. Thanks to his connections the Crown, permission was given to start exploring the Island of Flowers, recently renamed as Fiorentia. A tradeship dropped him off, along with a platoon and some early settlers, before setting sail again to get more supplies in Arlinsport. They would have plenty of time to explore and hopefully discover some hidden treasures on this beautiful island. Before the ship departed Puvel had time to write a letter to his fiancée back in Arlinsport. My dearest Matilda, I heard stories about this island being stunning but it’s exceeding my expectations in ways you can’t even imagine! The description of the passerby ship does not do justice to the sheer beauty of this place. The beaches are white as snow, not at all like the ones back home. I am truly overwhelmed by the diversity of the flora. I have no doubt I will be able to join the Royal Society of Natural Philosophy after sending a report on the exploration of the island. Another dream come true! On the voyage here I had many great discussions with leftenant Hornblower. He is a proper educated gentleman and saw a lot of the new world already. According to preliminary maps the island has hills and a large lake, I wonder what marvels we’ll discover there. I definitely look forward to our adventure here! Yours truly, Puvel
  9. Sweet tower indeed, just had a look at the Raging Fire again and hope we get to see some more action shots of her as well. It's a beauty!
  10. Truly a royal ship, elegant and beautiful! The bow, sails, rigging and all of it is just sweet to look at If I ever win the lottery I'll send you an insane amount of bricks so you can decorate your house with a massive fleet
  11. Oh wauw, this is a massive beast! Well, both of them
  12. Great little scene The columns look very rigid and the balcony is sturdy. Proper Corrington architecture right there! And congrats to the new officers of course
  13. Lovely build! Especially like the garden bit, that fountain with the ship is very original. The statues with the flowers in them is clever as well
  14. MRCA II Adventure

    Does this mean I could just use land troops to explore an island that has been claimed by our faction and hope to find some interesting history on it? Or would they still have to sail there first from somewhere else?
  15. Sea Haven

    That rock work is excellent, lovely little islands you got there! The water around them is simple but very effective and looks great. The combination of olive and lime green looks amazing