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  1. I built a house that's being rebuilt, if that makes sense. Built it exterior a while back, just been struggling with the roof a lot but I'm sure I'll be able to come up with something soon Oh but first I'll have reintroduce myself here :D
  2. Puvel

    Avalonian Windmill

    Lovely scene you built there! Giving the buildings different roof colours is a good idea, the landscape slopes nicely and adding the little garden livens up the scene. Love the water basin for the sheep! (and the sheep look great themselves too)
  3. Puvel

    Into the unknown

    Lovely looking landscape! Great colour scheme in there, and the placement is well thought out
  4. Thanks Kai! Thanks Titus! Did my best to make some nice minifigs, spend ages looking for trousers matching the outfits and you can't even see those in the end :D Thanks SK! I'll build a gatehouse at some point, just have fit it on one baseplate and it can slide right in then. Making the terrain in front of it is an excellent idea, I'll try to remember that Thanks HQ! You have some fair points. The lower trunk of the tree is a bit too wide on the right , should have put the foliage more in the middle. And they're undercover skunks living the dream of being a badger! Another possibility is that I totally forgot the existence of skunks but remembered about badgers. But let's go with me being creative like Grover said :P Thanks Grover! Well-maintained fortress walls are a rare occurrence it seems, but they do a better job at defending! Thanks de Gothia! Thanks Kevin! Made this with 2x2 corner tiles and those are not available in dbg yet so had to go with a nice clean wall
  5. Puvel

    Age of Mitgardia (free-build-challenge)

    Here's my wall phase 3: I double checked and made sure phases 1 and 2 were registered before posting a phase 3
  6. Thanks! Think it's about 300 of the tiles per wall section? Ordered loads of them via lugbulk last year and still have a big bag left Thanks! I added the tree and the hunt to make it a bit livelier but there's still a lot of grey indeed. The plan was/is to make a gatehouse in the middle at some point, I built this back in January so figured I procrastinated enough and it was time to take some pics already
  7. Thanks for the summary SK! Hadn't seen loads of those. Back in December I mentioned I was working on an AoM build, finished it ages ago but finally got round to taking pics of my wall
  8. Every year the people gathered around to enjoy the badger hunt. Dogs were set loose to chase them, it was up to the locals to show off their lassoing skills. This way the fur remained in excellent condition. The wall technique is by Simon NH
  9. Puvel

    GoH Book III

    Will make an updated intro pic at some point but I can say Puvel stays loyal to Mitgardia.
  10. Puvel

    Morweens Guild Halls

    Another lovely building! The detailing on the stond part looks great. Looking forward's to seeing them all combined.
  11. Puvel

    Market Day in Sionnach

    Excellent scene, very lively and good poses. Some great colour combinations as well, the grey and orangy building has some very nice details
  12. Very clever! I've been thinking about making a phase one mill for over a year without coming up with a slightly original idea.. and you found one, well done! Lovely little build again, love how the flowers are spread over the rocks
  13. Epic stuff! Love the detailed columns, the ceilings and the variety in the trophies. Well done on recreating the grandness
  14. Puvel

    Olivia’s Get-Away

    That's a lovely little house! Great combination of colours in the landscape and flowers. Don't think I've seen an olive house before but it fits perfectly in the setting here
  15. Puvel

    AoM House Phase 2: The Long Way Home

    Nice little house you made there, the landscaping looks good as well. My favourite part is the wrapped sword on Reifnirs back, looks excellent!