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  1. Thanks soccerkid! Happy you like it Thanks Henjin! The 4 colours wasn't really intended. Started out with using dark tan and then remembered I recently bought some sand green so wanted to use that instead, must have missed taking out one part! Didn't realize I had 6 different textures, was just using the bricks that were close at hand. Thanks for pointing that out though, will pay more attention next build! Thanks Titus! Will try to make rock work with a bit more variety next time
  2. Proudspire Manor

    Great build indeed! Especially the wooden parts are nicely done
  3. Lovely! Great looking waterfall, the rock works is amazing as well, the flowers add nice little bits of colour. Combination of the 2 greys is nicely done as well.
  4. [OL - CH5E] The Conquest of Paradise

    Wow! The catacombs are great, lovely wall texture, the rug looks great. It really ties the room together! That pyramid is epic alright! You mentioned the gold bricks, but just putting the little green flowers pieces must have been a chore as well
  5. Great writing! The waterfall looks very nice, especially like the continuation of the river in the border. The bonfire pic is class too
  6. Hehe excellent story! The evil bunny cave looks fearsome indeed
  7. [OL-CH5E] The Pyramid Tale

    Lovely builds! The colour scheme of the tavern looks great, the addition of the bits and pieces in different colours give it a lively atmosphere. The pyramid is amazing, great vegetation and its looks properly abandoned and ancient. Haven't seen those jars before but they are beautiful and the little extra colour is great addition. The fort looks like a proper one, well defended with epic walls and big cannons. Looking at all the jails and the gallows I wouldn't want to mess about in Oleon!
  8. Age of Mitgardia (free-build-challenge)

    Tower Phase 2
  9. The locals decided they needed a new watchtower to monitor the coast. An old stone tower could be used as foundation, it needed some repairs but that wasn't an issue as there was plenty of wood available close by. Once repaired, the tower had a magnificent view and could spot incoming raiders from miles away.
  10. Lovely river scene, nice variety of colors in there. Adding the skeleton is a great detail. Finding a cultural goldmine is a great idea!
  11. Some of the BoBS people will build for the rebellion or empire, do we get the same prices?
  12. Thanks people! Happy to see you like it The tentacles are the plant grass stem
  13. Cat C build for Mardier: The Mighty Kraken strikes again
  14. Captain Lalale had heard the rumours about a mighty sea creature devouring ships. Which were nonsense of course. Bloody landlubbers don't know anything about the sea. It is mighty and dangerous indeed but there is no need to make up such stories! And then the tentacles appeared...
  15. Thanks guys! I'll try to keep up the good work The warrior torso if from Dwalin.