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  1. Puvel

    GoH Challenge 11 Voting Topic

    Captain Flint - 1 point Gideon - 1 point TalusMoonbreaker - 1 point
  2. Puvel

    GoH 11: Elven Trading Post

    Tiny elves! With party for windows! Very cute, excellent roof shape as well
  3. Puvel

    GoH 11: Blueberry Liquor

    The shape of the roof is very cute! The colour scheme is very interesting, it very much feel like a 'enter at your own risk' kinda place. And I bet it would be worth it
  4. Puvel

    GoH 11: Batuhan Trading Post

    Gorgeous build! Lots of animals and I can feel the people shouting, feels like a market for sure
  5. Puvel

    GoH 11: Mitgardian ales

    Thanks! Originally the 'house' is just the storage place, a house would need a chimney in Mitgardia for sure! On the left there should be rock work and instead of the barrel storage there was supposed to be a proper house, next to that a little harbour But you know, deadlines, starting too late and all that... I'll finish the original plan in a month or 2 or 3 or 4 or something :D
  6. Puvel

    GoH 11 - The trading post near Owhur

    Lovely build! The outside feels like it's a very lively and bustling place. I have to admit I'd rather be inside, it looks cosy yet full of interesting things
  7. Puvel

    GoH 11: Foenwor Mine

    Love it, that arch is just beautiful! Adding all the different heights is this just superb
  8. Puvel

    GoH 11: Surprise at the Cattle Market

    Goat is only 2 letters away from gold, you've got that right! Profitable hunt for sure
  9. Gorgeous little shop with excellent wares, definitely above my price range!
  10. Puvel

    GoH 11: Trade in PrenmĂ´r

    Hehe, excellent story :D I'm happy I clicked on the hidden contents, that sheep skin is brilliant!
  11. Puvel

    GoH 11: The herbalist’s cart

    Nice little build! Showing both the 'selling' and the 'travelling' phase is an excellent idea. Hope the old man bought nice some herbs :D
  12. Puvel

    GoH 11: Katoren Trading Post

    Lovely little build! Great colour scheme overall, lovely paths but the multitudes of colour in the wares makes this top notch
  13. Puvel

    GoH 11: Nordheim Lumberyard

    Quintessential Mitgarida build for sure! this looks like timeless picture! It could have been build years ago yet still feels new and refreshing. Adding the little poof mud makes this one feel alive
  14. Puvel

    GoH 11: Toll House in Barqa

    Brilliant build, another insta classic for Kaliphin! The colour scheme feel very typical and the splashes of colour definitely show to vibrant atmosphere of the city of Bakra. It's probably the only place in the world where people are eager to queue to pay tolls :D
  15. Puvel

    GOH 11: Il Porto Nascosto

    Definitely feeling the Varlyrio vibes in the builds! Great use of colours for the different little buildings