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  1. The university of Lotii Studies, a large educational property
  2. The university of Lotii Studies was established in Port Raleigh to further the Lotii-Corrignton relations. A large educational property awarded in BoEO
  3. Puvel

    [COR-FB] Mysterious Bones

    Excellent idea! There are so many stories we could find using digs on all of the islands! The build itself is quite nice, there are a lot of nice colour combinations. I realise your brick collections might be not super extensive, but you use the ones you have in a good way! That being said, if you could have a bigger mix of plates and tiles, the floor would look nicer. Baseplate wise, if you'd place the little tan slope that's way up on the left side make the slopey bit between the tan and dark tan 1x2 brick that'd look a lot nicer ( if that makes sense)
  4. Puvel

    [WIP] Watermill, OtoƱo

    Changing olive green to dark red is definitely a win! The 1x1 round tiles look a bit too organised though, you could keep some but replace the majority with scattered 2x2 rounds /1x1 squares in a dark tan, mdf floorpan. Th tree does look a bit square, but that might be resolved once you add the leaves. Personally trees, roof angles and taking pics are the things that make me go RRRRGGGGHHHHHH! You seem to have roofs and pics perfected so if your trees aren't prefect, we'll thank you for being a mortal after all :D
  5. Puvel

    Fort in Punto Sur

    Lovely build, great selection of heads/helmets as usual and the colours really pop!
  6. Puvel

    [MOC] Dwarven Barber Shop

    Excellent build! Landscape wise and building wise you fund the correct amount of colour combinations. It looks lovely!
  7. Puvel

    Pondering misfortunes...

    The patterns are obviously lovely but he variety in tables looks very nice as well! I can imagine there was a little bit of cursing while building/ taking pics! (Or am I the only one that dies that?)
  8. Puvel

    [Freebuild] Out Through the Market

    Lovely build, excellent statue! Apart from that, the build has great colours. I like the relaxed, autumn vibe about it
  9. Puvel

    [SR - FB] Hotel in Tortuga

    Brilliant! Read it once but then read it again with the song playing in the back and enjoyed it even more
  10. Looks like a proper rugged coast line, I can almost feel how windy it is up there :D Excellent idea to place a semaphore in this location!
  11. Thanks for all the kinds words! @Ayrlego You're right about the tree. It's a combination of techniques I've seen. I used a long flex tube as the main trunk and attached the branches and leaves with some extra foliage. You can change the angles of the branches and leaves to give the tree a fuller look. But the trunk looks a bit thin then so I placed the tube in a barrel and added some bars to fill it up the barrel. I've seen people adding guns, paddles, and other things to give there trunk a more rugged look. Anyway, here's pic from the back:
  12. Task 4: Purser's network 2: Customs Office in Port Woodhouse
  13. In a busy naval base as Port Woodhouse, there's always vessels coming and going. To keep track of all everything runners are send between the docks and the customs house. Nobody likes it, but it has to be done to keep the empire running. This is obviously inspired by Ayrlego. Had fun building in this style, hope I gave it enough of a personal twist.
  14. Puvel

    [COR FB] Moon Tower, Myzectlan

    It would have been a nice build without the little touches of colour, but damn! They sure make this stand out. The broken floor works fine here as well, a clean one might have made this a bit boring. (And please make a photo editing tutorial at some point, your backgrounds are always incredibly clean)
  15. Ooh, that's a lot of boats! I'm not really a ship builder but the Asian one looks best to me. The rigging on the first one looks very impressive though, can imagine that involved some cursing