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  1. Puvel

    [Custom CMF] Heroes of Mitgardia

    Great collection! Excellent colour combinations and a lovely variety of creatures
  2. Puvel

    Rice as Usual

    Lovely pics! The ricefields and walls are beautiful, adding the mountains and clouds really makes this excellent
  3. Puvel

    [Moc] Dunguaire Castle

    That looks great! The scenery and the castle go really well together
  4. Puvel

    [AoM House Phase 2] Homecoming

    Updated the landscape with more tiles, cheese slopes, colourful flowers and an extra tree. It looks a lot livelier now so thanks for all the tips!
  5. Hehe, just remembered earlier today I still haven't introduced my character or updated that WIP I posted months ago... Time flies! Titles and profession: Farmer - Protector Short Bio: Snorri Puvelson, son of Puvel the Hurn, is a veteran of the Alguswars. After receiving training from his father, Snorri joined the fight in the cold mountains. Even though he’s a battle hardened veteran at his young age, his aim is to lead a peaceful life and make his hometown prosperous again. Hometown: Kyllingfelt Parts: Hair, Head, Torso, Legs?
  6. Puvel

    Smugglers path

    The trees are great and the landscaping is lovely! Nice variety in colours and I love the tiny mushrooms
  7. *Your entry has earned 10XP* Home, the place where you feel most comfortable. Umzaar Lulmo would have never guessed he’d feel at ease here. He had made quite a name for himself helping out bounty hunters and smugglers in the previous decades. He proved to be very resourceful when it came to scouting areas and discovering local secrets. Some years ago he found himself working on Felucia and discovered a love for the local flora. It wasn’t just about the hallucinogenic properties that many of the plants had, although that sure spiked his interest at first. The wide variety of plants each had their own story and would tell a lot about the environment, which was very helpful when trying to locate hide-outs of certain people. Apart from that, many of them had healing qualities and would greatly benefit a large variety of people and other life forms. So he ended up getting more interested in the scientific discoveries he made than in taking risks while hanging out with dubious characters. One day his contact told him about a ship called the Avarice. It was a huge vessel that was a home to all kinds of species, surely they must have research department he could visit. So when the Avarice visited Felucia, he called in enough favours in order to visit the ship. And what a visit it was! After talking to the people on the ship, he took his chances and offered his skills to the crew. And now here he is, surrounded by books, his beloved plants and interesting characters from all over the universe. Life is good.
  8. Puvel

    Factions - Introduction, Discussion, and Core Rules

    Umzaar Lulmo is an explorer of the Confederacy of Free Systems
  9. Puvel

    [AoM House Phase 2] Homecoming

    Thanks! Don't really have light flesh tiles, but I'm sure I have some tiles and wedges in green so I'll look into updating the landscape a bit. Thanks! Good point about all the green, added the white flowers to counter balance that. A little more colours will be added! Thanks! I'll take more picture once I updated the build Thanks! Good point about the three leaf plants, never though of that! I'll see what I can do about replacing those with grass stems, flowers and so on. Anyway, you have to hard on yourself sometimes in order to improve :D Whenever I posted a build I was happy with before, there were always people suggesting little things that would have made the builds better. So I figured I'll ask for tips since I'm not completely happy with this one. Have to agree, the house was fun to build (not including the roof), always wanted to do something in that style and I'm happy with those walls. Guess I sounded more grumpy than intended in the description The house was more or less finished a couple of months ago. When I took it from the building table to take photos, I dropped the freaking thing... guess that's when I started getting a bit frustrated with it. Have some fresh ideas now so thanks for again for the tips!
  10. I've been working on this house for way too long now. Had lots of issues with the roof, the front of the house used to be more tilted forward but I changed that and I'm happy enough with it now. The scenery around the house is the problem now. Tried some different things and I like the current colour combination but overall I think it doesn't look lively enough. There's probably a lot of things I can do about it but just haven't thought of yet. Already missed Challenge I because of this so figured I'd ask for advice here so I can start on something for Challenge II instead of looking at this one in frustration for another couple of weeks :D The idea is that my character comes home after the wars and his family is happy to see him so they run to him, in case you were wondering why the minifigs are placed like that. This can be changed as well of course. So feel free to give some ideas/comments, I know there's a lot of room for improvement. UPDATED PICS:
  11. Puvel

    Calbridge Castle

    Excellent little castle! Love the different styles for the roofs and tower bases. The colour combination is great too, very coherent yet enough differences between the different parts of the build
  12. Puvel

    De Fiori Forge

    Like others have said, this is a great build! The atmosphere is lovely, the bellows and the forge look great. The hanging chains are a great touch, makes it feel very lively