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  1. After spending years at sea, Specialist 2nd Rank Charley Coleman was recommend a cartographer position in the newly opened office in King’s Harbour. As a major naval hub in the Corrington empire, there was never a lack of captains reporting in with new or adjusted naval maps describing the colonies and surrounding seas. Updating the official maps and making sure they were spread among the other captains was vital for the succes of the empire. It’s been ages since I last build something Corrie related. So when I saw my little box of red coats the other day I felt it was time to get back into the game. Build can be licensed by the faction as an Artisan in King’s Harbour.
  2. The wind whistled around the street corner as Susto de Fiori came down the way to the Drunken Wyvern, whistling along with it and feeling the dagger in his pocket. That was one mistake old Supano Amancio would regret making. Everybody knew that Malco Amanico was a worthless, good-for-nothing rascal, and so it came as little surprise to anybody that, instead of taking the troops that the Rego had commissioned to be sent to the continent at the Queen's request, he had instead squandered the money and provisions he had been given and left his troop to disband in disgust. But it was certainly a handy turn of circumstances for the Anti-Rego alliance, headed by the de Fiori's - especially when the Rego had now to head to the mainland himself to try to amend matters with the Queen. Such things were always handy when you had certain piratical friends upon the seas. The door swung open and Susto spotted Malco Amancio seated at a table in the middle of the room, as they had agree to meet, already drinking away. Susto rolled his eyes, wondering at the same time how Malco had managed to get that first glass - he knew that he was already quite low on coppers, which was why he had so readily agreed to meet up with a de Fiori - as long as Susto, that de Fiori, would foot the bill. Susto sat down without much ceremony, and immediately began the conversation; and Malco was all too ready to talk. "Yes, just so - heading out with the morning tide on the Golden Fortune," he was saying, after he had finished blubbering about his "worthless troops" having abandoned him and his uncle's fury for a good half hour without intermission. Susto bidded his time and waited him out, however, and as Malco got deeper into his glass the questions and interrogation began sharp and quick, and Malco as quickly gave him all he wanted; ship, time, departure dock, course, destination. To be sure, the speech got more and more slurred as he went on, guzzling the fiery liquid with the avidity of a man dying of thirst, but they were intelligible enough for all that to Susto's practiced ear. "Let me get you another glass," Susto smiled, as Malco attempted to rise to order another himself. "By all meansh do, my frsiend," replied the other, dropping back into his chair with a lazy smile. Susto went over to the counter and ordered another glass, and brought it back to the table, quickly pouring a few drops of liquid from a vial in his pocket into it as he returned. Malco grasped it eagerly, and swallowed it in a draught, and Susto rose to leave. "Wait a shecond," Malco began, suddenly curiously suspicious; "come, Shushto - sho why did you want to know all o' shat? What do you de Fiori'sh have up your shleeves?" He glanced at Susto warily. "Nothing good, I'll warrent shoo." "Never fear about that," replied Susto, as he got up. "You won't need to worry yourself about that, I reckon me." Malco attempted to rise after him as he turned to leave, but fell back into his seat before breaking out into contorsions for a moment and falling senseless upon the table. Susto came to his side and felt his pulse. There was none. "T-t-t." --- --- --- ---  The wind whistled along the way, and Susto bore down towards the dock whistling with it, but Malco Amanico still sat at his seat in the Drunken Wyvern - never to move again. "Always too easy with scoundrels," muttered Susto under his breath.
  3. Puvel

    [AoM: Gate II] Summer walk

    Thanks! It was all about the vegetation so I'm happy it looks great! Thanks! Yay for foliage :D Thanks! Flowers were a late addition, it was a bit boring without them Thanks! Had a look at some summer tundra pictures and there were plenty with loads of grass and flowers, but yeah maybe not so many leaves. Ah well, maybe it's the very south of Mitgardia or the gate to a Mitgardian trade post somewhere more lush :D No worries though, my phase 3 is a proper Mitgardian snowscape! Just have to take pictures of it at some point
  4. Puvel

    Age of Mitgardia (free-build-challenge)

    Gate Phase II: Summer walk
  5. Mitgardians obviously love snow, but they're also happy to see nature come alive again in spring. Heading out without coming home looking like a snowman is just lovely sometimes. Full build: Hadn't really build thick foliage yet so wanted to give that a go. The wall technique was stolen from bruickbuilt.org
  6. Puvel

    Fighting elephants of Mophet

    That cracked ground looks class! Those shields work really well here too
  7. Gorgeous little house, I always struggle with roofs and chimneys, but you aced those once again!
  8. Puvel

    [Custom CMF] Heroes of Mitgardia

    Great collection! Excellent colour combinations and a lovely variety of creatures
  9. Puvel

    Rice as Usual

    Lovely pics! The ricefields and walls are beautiful, adding the mountains and clouds really makes this excellent
  10. Puvel

    [Moc] Dunguaire Castle

    That looks great! The scenery and the castle go really well together