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  1. In character, Out of character. Simples, no?
  2. Excellent builds and writing! Looking forward to read how this develops
  3. [COR - FB] On Lacryma

    Wonderful forest! Makes me want to go for a walk there Love the variety of the trees and the nicely built deer
  4. Lovely rock work indeed, the variety in shapes (the corner with all the cheese slopes is my favourite) and colours is nicely done
  5. End of the White Doubloon

    Great builds! The telescope view with the microships looks amazing, not only the ships but the sea is very nicely built in there! The picture of the raft looks great as well, you were very lucky with the weather, very appropriate
  6. Great action shot, you really captured the barrel dropping there!
  7. Working on some AoM builds. Started on some Safe Haven build but it started looking too much like Kaliphin so like Alfadas I'm waiting for more inspiration :D
  8. A Risky Endeavor

    Another excellent build! Great idea and well executed! That rock work looks amazing, some crazy angles in there. Your colour combination works extremely well. Nicely built dark green parts with a little bit of olive and then that tan in the middle to focus on, awesome stuff!
  9. [MOC] A Short Rest...

    Awesome! That is one of the coolest floors I've ever seen! The stone work coming out of the rocks looks great as well and Gandalfs chair looks super comfy
  10. The story is still excellent! Didn't remember all of the builds but they're well worth seeing again, great stuff!
  11. [Ep. XVII][Rebels][Week 2] In Plain Sight

    Nice little build! I always like variety in the colours but think changing the reddish brown to tan might have worked better looking at the screenshot from the movie. But then it might have been too much of a desert look of course. Adding the little river makes it a lot livelier so well done on that!
  12. [BH - Rodian] Death of a Traitor

    Your bounty hunter is basically a second character in the universe, whether you're a rebel or an imperial. As far as I remember you need a 'main' character since you won't get enough XP to reach all the caps when only building BH missions. Good start anyway! Build has a genuine Tatooine vibe. Nice work on the AC unit and yay for the little frog by the water
  13. [Ep. XVII][Rebels][Week 1] Plan B

    Purple really works on the U-wing! Looks great. The first pic is excellent as well, nice focus in there
  14. Thanks Tariq! The sides were inspired by the 501st builds soon flickr, they have loads of awesome little scenes Thanks Josh! Thanks Cody! I'm sure we'll reach the generator before we'll see any rebels close by Thanks for the points! We'll use them wisely
  15. Yup, check the PM. We have until Sunday to choose a direction so no need to rush :)