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  1. Puvel

    Age of Mitgardia (free-build-challenge)

    Here's my wall phase 3: I double checked and made sure phases 1 and 2 were registered before posting a phase 3
  2. Thanks! Think it's about 300 of the tiles per wall section? Ordered loads of them via lugbulk last year and still have a big bag left Thanks! I added the tree and the hunt to make it a bit livelier but there's still a lot of grey indeed. The plan was/is to make a gatehouse in the middle at some point, I built this back in January so figured I procrastinated enough and it was time to take some pics already
  3. Thanks for the summary SK! Hadn't seen loads of those. Back in December I mentioned I was working on an AoM build, finished it ages ago but finally got round to taking pics of my wall
  4. Every year the people gathered around to enjoy the badger hunt. Dogs were set loose to chase them, it was up to the locals to show off their lassoing skills. This way the fur remained in excellent condition. The wall technique is by Simon NH
  5. Puvel

    GoH Book III

    Will make an updated intro pic at some point but I can say Puvel stays loyal to Mitgardia.
  6. Puvel

    Morweens Guild Halls

    Another lovely building! The detailing on the stond part looks great. Looking forward's to seeing them all combined.
  7. Puvel

    Market Day in Sionnach

    Excellent scene, very lively and good poses. Some great colour combinations as well, the grey and orangy building has some very nice details
  8. Very clever! I've been thinking about making a phase one mill for over a year without coming up with a slightly original idea.. and you found one, well done! Lovely little build again, love how the flowers are spread over the rocks
  9. Epic stuff! Love the detailed columns, the ceilings and the variety in the trophies. Well done on recreating the grandness
  10. Puvel

    Olivia’s Get-Away

    That's a lovely little house! Great combination of colours in the landscape and flowers. Don't think I've seen an olive house before but it fits perfectly in the setting here
  11. Puvel

    AoM House Phase 2: The Long Way Home

    Nice little house you made there, the landscaping looks good as well. My favourite part is the wrapped sword on Reifnirs back, looks excellent!
  12. Lovely shape for the palisade, simple but very clever! Looking forward to seeing the combination at some point
  13. Puvel

    Earthquake in Cologne

    Duuuuuude.... So your first moc blows away castle builders and now you show the city people what's possible :D The buildings look amazing, lots of great variety in styles and colours there! SO many great details, this is an absolute beauty!
  14. Looks like I didn't take myself clear, here's the simplified version: This is a hobby. That means you enjoy building and will do so whether you post your builds or not. If you only build to make money in the EGS, it's a job. This is of course my arrogant way of thinking, my apologies to all professional builders
  15. You can still build more and only post your 3 best builds. I haven't posted anything in months, that doesn't mean I haven't been building. That means I didn't think the builds were good enough to take pics of. Also, you can still post everything you build, just not license them, so you can still practise building as much as you want. If you only build to make money in the EGS you're doing it wrong.