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  1. pretoriano

    Santa Catalina's Fortress

    Hello everyone again! I'm happy to show the final diorama. Finally the final measures have been 10 bases long by 5 meters wide, a total of 50 bases! The latest additions to the diorama has been a central square in the city, a cathedral, the end of the sugar cane plantation i a huge pirate ship entering the bay. Some of you you asked if there would be a good fight against the stronghold, and in fact, my idea was to end that battle, but I was not able to do it well until I had finished all the diorama. This diorama was presented in public last weekend 7th and 8th November in the national exhibition HispaLUG held in Zaragoza, Spain. The large number of people surprised us all because the organizers were not prepared for an onslaught of people like that, but in general, the event was a resounding success. Proof of this can see in the pictures, I had no quiet time to take pictures of the diorama without public around. I apologize for that. Here are a few pictures, to see them all please visit the link to flickr. Later I have to be mounted in the garage diorama and take good photographs of him to present it as it deserves. Thank you all for comment and, please, enjoy it! [MegaMOC] Fortaleza de Santa Catalina Complete diorama [MegaMOC] Fortaleza de Santa Catalina Explosion in the tower [MegaMOC] Fortaleza de Santa Catalina Action cannons [MegaMOC] Fortaleza de Santa Catalina Pirate's landing [MegaMOC] Fortaleza de Santa Catalina Imperail soldier's barricade [MegaMOC] Fortaleza de Santa Catalina Central plaza with gallows Seaport docks Cathedral Greetings to all !
  2. pretoriano

    [MOC] The Storm

    Thank you for all comments! Next days I will publish new photos about this ship involved in battle againt Santa Catalina fortres in a very large diorama shown at HispaLUG Expo 2015 in Zaragoza, Spain. Dr. Spock, interior is not functional, but it has possibility to do it. I was racing against time to have it for the Expo and I could not to do interiors.
  3. pretoriano

    [MOC] The Storm

    Hello again! Much time since I revisit here. Without more bone I present to you "The Storm" a seventeenth century brig commanded by Barbarossa by the Caribbean Seas, destroying merchants ships, frigates, warships and sometimes some caribbean fortress... When dumped it belonged to the Spanish Armada and was well known as "San Bartolome" but few years ago, was captured by the fearsome pirate Barbarossa in retaliation against his stay in the Gobernador's dungeons years ago ... It has 10 cannons by hand. I don't know exactly how much number of parts it has, but I think that is aproximately between 4000 - 5000. On the bow I can see a couple of bombards: In part to be covered you can observe the entry stays in the lower floors, boxes with different ammunition for the cannons and barrels with extra pistols and blades and a small auxiliary boat: In the second mast there is a platform for the watch: The Captain's stateroom entrance and the stairs in the area of ​​office: Detail of the cannons: Sailors from the other boats has fear to see the mask, which represents the death, hence its name to: Castle's stateroom aft with the Captain: Vision Side : I hope you that enjoy it! Thank you for comments. Best regards!
  4. pretoriano

    Santa Catalina's Fortress

    Thank you so much everybody! I'm so happy to read all your comments. Thanks for the comment so intense Captain Dee. In fact, I have devised the missing part of the diorama and I think it will balance quite well the part of the fortress. - Captain! The air smells of smoke and gunpowder... I edited a little video about this diorama, so you can view full details and stop it when you want. I hope that like you!
  5. pretoriano

    Santa Catalina's Fortress

    Hello again guys! I return with some news of Santa Catalina fortress! As he said, this was a diorama WIP, so this year I've been working on it and here's recently updated diorama. I plan to continue adding some surprises in the colonial city and other "stuff" in the maritime area ... This addition is a colonial town with a harbor area, a small market and a plantation of sugar cane. I hope you like it as much this expansion. Measuring 8 x 4 base plates and I invested 60,000 bricks. Royal Island by Marc Gelabertó, en Flickr Santa Catalina fortress continues... by Marc Gelabertó, en Flickr Santa Catalina fortress continues... by Marc Gelabertó, en Flickr Sin título by Marc Gelabertó, en Flickr Santa Catalina fortress continues... by Marc Gelabertó, en Flickr
  6. pretoriano

    Post your Pirate Crew: Pirate Figbarfs

    WoW! I like it so much! These minifigures are amazing, it evoques colonial epoque. Congrats to make this classic/pirates minifigs army.
  7. pretoriano

    [MOC] Modernized Sabre Island

    I like it very much. It seems that Sabre Island has modernized. Well done, the inclusion of the boat is a plus that make it more "set".
  8. pretoriano

    Santa Catalina's Fortress

    Hello again! My friend and LUG colleague Celesmen has published this video about my creation. I share it with you. I hope you enjoy it and don't forget to turn up the volume! Postscript: The Wallie you see in the jungle is a competition event.
  9. pretoriano

    Santa Catalina's Fortress

    I'm very glad to see general moc comments. Thank you guys! Hi Chofus! There are 21 revolutionary soldiers, all of them customed with bags, hats, epaulettes and diferent minifigs heads. In fact, there isn't soldier with same face! On the courtyard you will see the Governor exiting from barraks and the Almirant ordering to a soldier that opens the main door because an exploration troop is fortress.
  10. pretoriano

    Santa Catalina's Fortress

    I'm so sorry about it! I thinked that I putted it witk flickr link. Here you have the full galery -> Anyway I will edit first post to put more photos. Thank you for all comments. I'm very happy to read them and they encourage me to continuate the diorama!
  11. pretoriano

    Santa Catalina's Fortress

    Thank you guys for comments! Well, it's a little bit complicated. It divides into 3 parts. Two of them with 4 x 2 baseplates sections and other one in 2 x 2 baseplates section and the others with individual baseplates. Then to move it is needed a van ( so it's impossible to put into a car ) and I have three wooden planks to put the sections above. Regards!
  12. pretoriano

    Santa Catalina's Fortress

    [pid][/pid] 251B Hello again ! I had not wrote a new thread here since months ... The blame for this has been what I brought in hand from about makes about 6 - 8 months... I present to you this diorama seen at LEGO Catbrick Event in Barcelona. The Fortress of Santa Catalina, located in Puerto Rico, in the heart of the Caribbean. Erected in the sixteenth century, was the first fortification built to defend the city of San Juan and the first in a series of military forts. Construction was authorized by King Carlos I of Spain as a protection against the attacks of indians, corsairs and pirates. Eastern tower section. Jungle and river. Pirate prisioner on courtyard. For its construction I used about 35,000 pieces. In theory it is not right either a MOC, I should label it as a WIP, because the original project is a quarter of a much larger diorama than this. This portion, is 6 x 4 baseplates and the final project will occupy 12 x 8 baseplates. Gradually I will try to finish it. I 'm uploading to flickr the rest of the gallery, so I recommend that you see there the rest of photos and see the details. (If you click on image you will be redirected to flickr) I wish you enjoy it! A greeting! EDIT: I add more photos!
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  15. pretoriano

    MOC - Motor Team

    Thank for comments guys! Steebles, the transition to red is because if you follow the sponsor's link, you will see a huge letter in red colour that describes the MOC. Best regards!