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Found 7 results

  1. BrickChampsCOM

    [MOC] Brick built animals

    Here are some pics of my brick built animals. Perhaps some day I will finish my custom Zoo to cage them. [MOC] Giraffe This is a remake of my old giraffe. This time I tried to give the giraffe a spot pattern. Head, legs and tail are posable. [MOC] Lion I created this one in 2015. It uses a tan colored 1x2 plate with clip(s) for jaw which was not available yet at that time. Now it is thanks to BrickHeadz. Jaw, legs and tail are posable. [MOC] Stork I created this one for the Polybag Competition at Place it on the roof of a LEGO house. [MOC] Baby elephant This one was also created for the Polybag Competition at It looks very cute next to a modded 10257 elephant or the 'rebuild the world' elephant.
  2. One of the female raptors laid eggs,and the first young offspring already hatched.Of course the hatchling needs to be examined and checked if it´s healthy,but try to distract a prehistoric caring mother from her baby. Luckily she enjoys prezels as a treat,and so the dino keepers put some tranquilizers in the prezel to calm her down. Let´s hope this works.... IMG_20180512_145534 IMG_20180512_145558 IMG_20180512_145608 IMG_20180512_145618 IMG_20180512_145628 IMG_20180512_145653 IMG_20180512_145708 IMG_20180512_145724 IMG_20180512_145736 I got the newest Lego Jurassic Park magazine which included a polyback with a new baby raptor and a nest with eggs. I wanted to add a bit more to it and so i build a small part of a raptor enclosure with a bit of fencing and some jungle. Now i finally have a place where i can put the two Lego Dimensions JP minifigs and my single Lego raptor. Hope you guys like this small MOC.
  3. Pedilego

    [MOC] Modular ZOO

    Hi everybody, A few months ago my wife mused that our city needed a zoo and thus, my first end-to-end, all the bells and whistles effort at trying to make something special begun. It's a zoo with modular exhibits. Depending on how you configure them, the play area can become up to 50" wide. Better yet, you can place all 8 modules onto a single baseplate behind a striking facade, which turns it into a modular building. 90-second video I recommend watching the 90-second teaser, but pictures are below if you'd prefer: "Ways to play" Here are just a few examples of all the layout possibilities: Exhibit Close-ups There are 7 exhibits and 1 food stand & lab. Here's a look at some: Facade & Modular Great for tidy storage and Lego city landscapes! Ideas & Flickr Links Lots more pictures here (no pressure to vote, of course.... not that I'll stop you lol): Thanks for looking! Thoughts?
  4. Roebuck

    LEGO Annual Zoo set

    Since 2007 we have had an annual set in the extremely popular modular buildings series, since 2009 an annual winter village set and last year we probably saw the start of an annual fair set! Is it not about time that we saw the start of an annual zoo set aimed at older kids and adults I think a series like that would have a huge potential. Each set could contain one or two animal enclosures with a landscape similar to where the animals live in the wild, in addition to visitors, pathways and related stuff outside the enclosures. Sure Lego would have to make one or two new animal moulds for each set, but most of them they will probably be able to use in other themes sooner or later Just to be clear about one thing, Duplo-, friends- or brick built animals is not part of this dream theme Do you think it is a good idea and would you buy it if Lego released it?
  5. Anne Mette

    MOC: Friends Animal Park

    Since there are so many animals in LEGO Friends, it seems obvious to build a Friends zoo. I got the idea at LEGO Fan Weekend in Skærbæk in Denmark last year where my first Friends MOC “Rainbow Holiday Center” was located next to another Friends MOC, which was a zoo, but just built in a different way than I would do it. Together with my 19-year-old son Lasse I started building the layout between Christmas and New Year. The layout was completed and exhibited for the first time at a Danish LEGO exhibition in the beginning of May. We also expect that it will be exhibited at LEGO Friends days in LEGOLAND Billund 6-7 June. More photos: Video:
  6. lorax

    Lego friends zoo - MOC

    I just wanted to share a MOC we have been working on for an upcoming public display. In addition to our fairytale display: We decided to start building a Lego zoo. As well as showing some of the many animals available in Lego, we wanted to show the amazing colours and also have the ability for it to grow for future displays (either with myself of some of my LUGer friends. Here is the first version of our zoo: The ability for it to be modular was really important for us; for ease of transporting, for growth and to allow for easy variations. We tried to use the entry/platform and path as the consistent thread to tie the MOC together: We then built some animal displays which are all 16x16 (or multiples thereof) Two eating areas: And a train: Hopefully the kids like it and if they do, I hope it continues to grow as a bigger LUG project. Thanks for taking the time to look, and all feedback is appreciated. Cheers Tiki
  7. majorna

    "Friendly" animals from Duplo

    My daughter is planning to make a zoo with her Friends animal polybag sets, and was thinking about what other, larger animals belonged in the zoo. She thought about brick-building animals, as in her set 4637. Digging in her toybox, however, she found her old Duplo animals from 4962, I think you'll agree that the scale, sculpting and printing of these animals is very "Friend"-ly. Something others may find useful.