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    LEGO Annual Zoo set

    Imagine the ideal zoo/wildlife "flagship" set... describe it. I don't understand why Lego hasn't done it, either, but a successful Ideas project could change things. I want to talk about it and make it happen because it needs to be made. I've already spent months trying to come up with a successful project. I have one on Ideas that I'm not posting because I'm not looking for votes; I want to know what you all would want so that I can try to make the ideal "flagship set". What would it look like? What's included? Be as descriptive and detailed as possible. I'll read every word of every response. Note: No new molds in Ideas projects BUT, if successful, Lego would surely make some.
  2. Pedilego

    [MOC] Modular ZOO

    Took this to a Lego convention this past weekend... kids loved the animals/exhibits and parents' eyes lit up when I showed them how it could be tidily stacked/cleaned up. Appreciate it! Constructive criticism really can go a long way if presented fairly and taken with an open mind. Hope others notice it as a positive example. Thanks again! Thank you! Hopefully it also inspires you... never too late! ; ) Thanks; nice recommendations! And hahah that's my normal work look... she had to play make-believe a bit.
  3. Pedilego

    [MOC] Modular ZOO

    Hi all, First, thank you all very much for the feedback. I used it and went back to get some more pictures (see OP), showing how expansive the layout can become & that this is a Zoo #1 and a modular #2. I also added some closer-up pictures of the exhibits. Thoughts?
  4. Pedilego

    [MOC] Modular ZOO

    I'm interested in having a friendly discussion and/or hearing recommendations with/from anybody interested because, to be honest, I really am surprised by the split reception. Lots of people to be taken back by what I thought was an imaginative solution to the space problem because it's not an entirely realistic presentation of Lego. Appreciate it. Spot on: rearrange-able (kids and adults alike love Zoo Tycoon for that exact reason) and customizable (Lego!). Hahah what can I say? The polar bear stays well fed with fish. Thanks. I'd be interested in hearing why if you don't mind. Thanks for your feedback and honesty. I really do appreciate it, and I don't necessarily disagree with points you're making. That said, I do have some counter-points: I think I presented my idea incorrectly by stating 1. modular 2. zoo whereas it should be thought of as 1. zoo 2. modular. Really, it's a zoo with modular exhibits that are placed together horizontally in a variety of configurations spanning up to up to 50" wide... which happens to have the ability to be neatly stored on a 10"x10" baseplate behind a striking facade as a modular building. Space in a children's room or an AFOL's city is at a premium, and something designed to be laid out purely as a traditional zoo would take up far too much space. More open-air exhibits would be nice but I was effectively required to take the glass exhibit approach on most of them based on ^factors mentioned above. I did try to capture the "open feel" in the way the facade was designed with open walkways, plants and vines growing all around, and the open air roof. The Palace Cinema "theater screen" is the size of a big screen tv. Scale is never perfect in Lego because, again, space. Even applies to minifigure living space.
  5. Pedilego

    [MOC] Modular ZOO

    Very kind, thanks! : )
  6. Pedilego

    [MOC] Modular ZOO

    Thank you for your support!! To be fair, scale is never quite right in Lego (ex: the one Palace Cinema screen alone should be 12x bigger) because of space and piece considerations (applies to minifigure housing, too). Being Lego, folks can always enlarge the exhibits. But fair concern. In any case, perhaps this reaching their doorstep would at least show Lego there's a demand for some kind of animal-centered sets. Thanks RailCo! Gotta love the possibilities of Lego. : ) Thanks!
  7. Pedilego

    [MOC] Modular ZOO

    Thanks! The elephant was in the build all along, but one of the last things I did was give it a "face lift" hahah Glad I did. : )
  8. Pedilego

    [MOC] Modular ZOO

    Yep! That's the concept. They're "housed" behind the facade/entrance in 2-columns, each 4-exhibits high. But you could stack them into a single "Animal-vengers Tower" hahah or spread them out to be more like a traditional zoo in whichever order or arrangement you want. Here are a couple more images from the Ideas page: ​​​​​​​ Thanks a lot! The water spouting from his trunk was my wife's idea.
  9. Pedilego

    [MOC] Modular ZOO

    Hi everybody, A few months ago my wife mused that our city needed a zoo and thus, my first end-to-end, all the bells and whistles effort at trying to make something special begun. It's a zoo with modular exhibits. Depending on how you configure them, the play area can become up to 50" wide. Better yet, you can place all 8 modules onto a single baseplate behind a striking facade, which turns it into a modular building. 90-second video I recommend watching the 90-second teaser, but pictures are below if you'd prefer: "Ways to play" Here are just a few examples of all the layout possibilities: Exhibit Close-ups There are 7 exhibits and 1 food stand & lab. Here's a look at some: Facade & Modular Great for tidy storage and Lego city landscapes! Ideas & Flickr Links Lots more pictures here (no pressure to vote, of course.... not that I'll stop you lol): Thanks for looking! Thoughts?
  10. All of this is awesome but I think my favorite part might just be how the white bricks make it look as though their is a fierce, windy snowstorm occurring (albeit, it isn't reflected anywhere else, and is actually clouds lol) that the griffin must fly against.
  11. Pedilego

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I'd seen it said that the new baby mold means the next one might be a hospital, but I didn't think about those, too. Hmmmmm...
  12. If my wife can keep one then I'd go 10221 Imperial Shuttle, but if it's just one between the both of us then it'd be the Parisian Restaurant. I have a MOC in the works that may change that answer soon though.
  13. It could be used for underwater landscaping...
  14. Pedilego

    [MOC] Millenium Falcon Falcon

    This must've been pretty challenging to execute on. Well done!
  15. Pedilego

    [MOC] Modular inner corner park

    Neat idea for corner real estate.