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  1. It's important to distinguish between calling what somebody's doing, say, silly, and actually calling them as a person silly. TNO is simply pointing out the flaws in the logic used against the TLG designers, whereas you're calling him a shill. Who's insulting who? I say that to address the 'insulting', but also call attention to the need for nuance in language and thought: Sincerely, you all arguing in favor of the Tie Bomber make valid points. However, these arguments oscillate between context and selective focus. For example, You cite examples like the ship from Galaxy's edge as being obscure. Yes, this is true. However, it ignores that it created as a co-branding effort for a brand-new ride around (a) receiving sales from Disney Theme Park fanatics and, on the other side, (b) build awareness for the ride to make it less obscure & more popular - increasing park interest. Will it work? Unsure. But the unknown presents an opportunity. (Note that you don't have to agree with the decision to see how the decision could've been reasonably justified.) Further, I underlined brand-new because timing is important for Lego sales. (IMO this is a point that can, probably did, and probably will be applied to the Fallen Order series.) Where's the timing for a Bomber? Other than the failed UCS vote, if you catch my meaning. Again, regarding context: obscurity & timing are just two of many variables that make up a very long equation in decision making in sets. You can't simply address each one in a vacuum and think you've effectively dispelled TLG's logic. On the other hand, TNO has done an excellent job providing the broader context, the sum of variables if you will, by filling in gaps between what the interviewers didn't say. After all, they can't do so themselves - it's a short-form interview, and they're limited in what they can reveal by legal and normative business reasons. It's not being a shill to provide this context. Rather, it's our responsibility to fully understand their perspectives, especially if you disagree with them. After all, you can't prove them wrong unless you've effectively dispelled their logic. Real talk, it's like when my wife tries to parse my words instead of address their collective meaning. When she does this, it's clear she's trying to win an argument rather than truly address my concerns. She may feel like she won a battle, that argument, the war of words, but because I wasn't heard, neither of us change our behavior for the better afterwards. "Seek first to understand, then to be understood". Without doing so, you'll just be talking past them the same way you may feel like they're doing to you.
  2. I did a search of existing ANH Tatooine sets that may be good to pick and in M&R's review of Kenobi's homestead, he seemed convinced the clips on the bottom were to connect to something else. Could we be looking at a clip-based modular Tatooine? Regarding minifigures, remember a Kardue'sai'Malloc´╗┐ / Devaronian´╗┐ could be used in a Mando S1E6 set. If it is more than just the cantina, the possibilities also include remakes of R2-A5 & R5-A2 (just a couple of many characters strolling around Mos Eisley), Jabba & Boba Fett (unlikely but they were in the Special Edition hangar scene), Uncle Owen & Aunt Beru, as well as the Tusken Raider/Banthan mold that's been mentioned.
  3. [Insert "Why not both?" meme here] Seriously, though, it's possible it'll include the Episode IV Imperial Landing Craft/Shuttle. That'd explain the Imperial Shuttle rumor, add play-ability, and be a ship that could be used in the suggested hangar area of the diorama - notably leaving the Falcon out, encouraging you to buy your own UCS or play-scale version. After all, if the Kenobi Hut and Land Speeder have anything to say, Lego is actually coordinating their releases and expecting/hoping you'll buy additional sets to fill out the scene/planet.
  4. You've already done the things I'd find most compelling for TLG to make, and very well at that - I come into this thread to see every post on the chance you have another awesome concept. I def appreciate the inclusion of Rook. The showrunners obviously made a point to have a lot of female Mandos on both sides & we really need them represented. Even just more generally speaking, we need more subtle variety in the costumes/minifigures & yours offer that thru her and others. Speaking of the platform battle, yours really captures the feel of the infantry battle with good minimalism / low part count, and the holo-shield that the lead commando uses is a nice touch, too, so nice I decided to steal it hahah. That said, regarding ideas, you could do a blue Y-Wing, a scaffolding take on the Tano-Maul duel, and/or a Jesse hangar confrontation. Also, personally, my favorite part of the battle might just be the intro from out of the gunships and into the skies. I can't count how many times I've watched the YouTube mashup of the start of ROTS+TSOM. Can't help but notice you haven't had Rex or Bo, either. Maul's capture, Maul's escape/hallway scene, and the crash site are memorable, too, but probably too dark. You could find a way to incorporate the 3 droids on the Venator.
  5. I can't remember the last time I bought a new Lego set. I look regularly, too. But we actually downsized my Star Wars collection (and our city) in February (sold the ones that weren't practical for play; kept the Ewok Village & Sandcrawler displays/play areas). I'm early 30s & returned from my dark ages about 5-years ago. I've recently had sort of a 2nd wind of interest because of (1) quarantine, (2) Season 7, (3) news of the UCS Gunship, (4) a young child that's reached the age where she wants to act out things with toys, and (5) a boy on the way. My dad introduced me to the OT in the 90s (RotJ is still my favorite) and I was really into the PT growing up, even if they weren't great, because of the lore. I snoozed through the Clone Wars a few years ago. Then the Siege of Mandalore happened. Tremendous; perhaps my favorite Star Wars since RotJ since it's great and enhances the PT. It's making me take a second look at everything PT related, including the rest of CW - appreciating things that I didn't even notice before. To bring it back, this Fall, I'll be buying a 501st Battle Pack, and that AAT (just for the figures). Health- and stock-related circumstances permitting, I may even take my daughter to the store morning of release. I'd really like Bo Katan, new Maul Mandos, and I now understand the Phase II Cody frustration. None of which I would've gotten before. But the big stuff I'd be interested in is still the same; I'm just a bit more motivated now: Give me a UCS Gunship. I've love to see them bring back the dropship, particularly since it features 501st blue. A turbo tank could be great, too. Geonosis Arena, done well, would be a must-have, too. If they'd done any of those (well, done well), I would've been off the sidelines sooner. Anyways, I hope, as a dad trying to be space and cost conscious, the Gunship (and rumored Lambda) combo for display and play. As somebody mentioned, a lot of the PT stuff has or could easily be done in minifigure scale. I think that's great, because then you're not increasing the price of something like the Falcon to $700 only to make it less playable than the system scale Falcons - you can stay in the same size range and drastically improve the quality and detail. The previous Gunships aregood but there's a lot that can still be done, and I'd love to see what TLG could do in more-or-less the same size with another 1,000 pieces or with new molds. Think 2010 Turbo Tank size with 2016 Turbo Tank quality, which is far more sturdy for play and looks cleaner all the way around.
  6. Pedilego

    [MOC] South Asian Vehicles

    A few years ago I picked up video games again and, while catching up, a couple of my favorites (Uncharted 2 & Far Cry 4) took place in South Asia. It inspired me to create a couple of smaller vehicles, which in turn led me to creating this entire project: Here's the full flickr gallery if you want to see more - as well as the link to the project in Ideas, if you're interested in adding your support:
  7. Pedilego

    [MOC] Dwarf Spider Droid

    This guy? Hemisphere 4 x 4&category=[Cylinder]#T=S&O={"iconly":0} Comes in LBG, too. A droid arm + one of those round plates with bar are ok to get the antenna up there but it looks funny from the sides/back.
  8. Pedilego

    [MOC] Dwarf Spider Droid

    Guess I am blind - thanks! It's not exactly what we're looking for, but in 2019 Lego released a "Brick, Round 3 x 3 x 1 1/3 Dome Top - Open Stud Item No: 49308" in Light Bluish Gray. I think with some tinkering, a similar look could be achieved. Seems like a 4x4 dome is needed for the correct proportions.
  9. Pedilego

    [MOC] Dwarf Spider Droid

    What's the piece? I tried to find it on the BrickLink Color Guide 3x but I must be blind. I came across this awesome design recently, too, and was interested in trying to build it.
  10. Pedilego

    LEGO Annual Zoo set

    Imagine the ideal zoo/wildlife "flagship" set... describe it. I don't understand why Lego hasn't done it, either, but a successful Ideas project could change things. I want to talk about it and make it happen because it needs to be made. I've already spent months trying to come up with a successful project. I have one on Ideas that I'm not posting because I'm not looking for votes; I want to know what you all would want so that I can try to make the ideal "flagship set". What would it look like? What's included? Be as descriptive and detailed as possible. I'll read every word of every response. Note: No new molds in Ideas projects BUT, if successful, Lego would surely make some.
  11. Pedilego

    [MOC] Modular ZOO

    Took this to a Lego convention this past weekend... kids loved the animals/exhibits and parents' eyes lit up when I showed them how it could be tidily stacked/cleaned up. Appreciate it! Constructive criticism really can go a long way if presented fairly and taken with an open mind. Hope others notice it as a positive example. Thanks again! Thank you! Hopefully it also inspires you... never too late! ; ) Thanks; nice recommendations! And hahah that's my normal work look... she had to play make-believe a bit.
  12. Pedilego

    [MOC] Modular ZOO

    Hi all, First, thank you all very much for the feedback. I used it and went back to get some more pictures (see OP), showing how expansive the layout can become & that this is a Zoo #1 and a modular #2. I also added some closer-up pictures of the exhibits. Thoughts?
  13. Pedilego

    [MOC] Modular ZOO

    I'm interested in having a friendly discussion and/or hearing recommendations with/from anybody interested because, to be honest, I really am surprised by the split reception. Lots of people to be taken back by what I thought was an imaginative solution to the space problem because it's not an entirely realistic presentation of Lego. Appreciate it. Spot on: rearrange-able (kids and adults alike love Zoo Tycoon for that exact reason) and customizable (Lego!). Hahah what can I say? The polar bear stays well fed with fish. Thanks. I'd be interested in hearing why if you don't mind. Thanks for your feedback and honesty. I really do appreciate it, and I don't necessarily disagree with points you're making. That said, I do have some counter-points: I think I presented my idea incorrectly by stating 1. modular 2. zoo whereas it should be thought of as 1. zoo 2. modular. Really, it's a zoo with modular exhibits that are placed together horizontally in a variety of configurations spanning up to up to 50" wide... which happens to have the ability to be neatly stored on a 10"x10" baseplate behind a striking facade as a modular building. Space in a children's room or an AFOL's city is at a premium, and something designed to be laid out purely as a traditional zoo would take up far too much space. More open-air exhibits would be nice but I was effectively required to take the glass exhibit approach on most of them based on ^factors mentioned above. I did try to capture the "open feel" in the way the facade was designed with open walkways, plants and vines growing all around, and the open air roof. The Palace Cinema "theater screen" is the size of a big screen tv. Scale is never perfect in Lego because, again, space. Even applies to minifigure living space.
  14. Pedilego

    [MOC] Modular ZOO

    Very kind, thanks! : )
  15. Pedilego

    [MOC] Modular ZOO

    Thank you for your support!! To be fair, scale is never quite right in Lego (ex: the one Palace Cinema screen alone should be 12x bigger) because of space and piece considerations (applies to minifigure housing, too). Being Lego, folks can always enlarge the exhibits. But fair concern. In any case, perhaps this reaching their doorstep would at least show Lego there's a demand for some kind of animal-centered sets. Thanks RailCo! Gotta love the possibilities of Lego. : ) Thanks!