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  1. If he's already gotten through all of the leaks, it stands to reason that the next best set to review is a rumored set. This one's a non-story. (That's coming from somebody who did think the pattern meant something before.) Doesn't mean the Tank won't happen; just that this doesn't tell us anything.
  2. Pedilego

    Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    The exception to that is spending $35+ in just B&P. On the time or so I've found myself in that situation, I was able to add "Pick a Brick" piece(s) to trigger the Free Shipping.
  3. First: Thank you for the more detailed explanation. Second: Hot Toys doesn't operate the same way: Third (and this didn't even cross my mind until your post): Do they have to be, though? I'm sincerely asking; hear me out: TLG could recycle "the same product (digital sculpts, molds, tooling, etc.) over + over w/ minor upgrades to paint deco, packaging, pack-ins, etc." This could be done via minifigure packs of various 'lesser legions' (saving popular ones 501st, 212th, and [apparently] Kashyyk for sets). Build could be the same across releases - just an AT-RT color-coded to the legion. As a result, they're keeping costs low, effectively just re-packaging the same Clone molds + builds. TLG isn't above sets w/ short shelf-lives e.g. seasonal sets, promos. Specifically, minifigure pack 40454 'Spider-Man Versus Venom and Iron Venom" had a shelf life of only a few months. As a result, TLG risk is low because production lasts no longer than demand does. Also note, TLG appears to be nimble, creating additional waves of limited products (e.g. promos) to meet demand - unlike Hasbro. This wouldn't be like a CMF, where TLG would rather insert those minifigures in sets to drive sales. There aren't enough PT set slots for all of the different clone legions. Additional product meets additional demand.
  4. As you mentioned, not every set needs to be OOS throughout it's life cycle to be considered a success. Maybe I'm giving too much credit, but I think most people saying that (not all of us are) are being hyperbolic to emphasize the sets would successful. I also don't think people forgot TLG's primary audience is kids - since it "has been stated and restated a million times before". I only point ^these things out to say if something is as obvious as you think, you may not actually be addressing the point. Of course there are differences, and it's good to point them out to keep the conversation nuanced - but differences don't simply negate them like a Mirror Force. Yes, Hot Toys targets adults. (Affluent ones that spend money on collectibles, as you mention...) However, the Clone market tends to be younger adults e.g. ones with kids. It's my children that brought upon my own Star Wars renaissance. Yes, that's true, however, I think we need to put "second place" into perspective: Lego is the largest toy company in the world @ $7.21B/year: Per Lego, "20% of our sales now are going to adults who buy for themselves." 20% of $7B is $1.4B - good for 5th largest toy company in the world.
  5. The comp I'm keeping an eye on is sixth-scale figures: tl;dr They're risk adverse when it comes to Star Wars - just like TLG. Secondary market prices for old Sideshow Clones are absurd. Theoretically, just like TLG, there are signs that a market exists. Question is: Do Clone sales (combined with market signs) justify Hot Toys to go 'backwards' to do more Clones? If yes, I'll personally be more confident that TLG is letting fear drive their decision-making a bit too much.
  6. Haha touché, I knew it was intended to be the 41st, but I never noticed they had any coloration. Strike my first point about that scene out, then, and chalk up it up as another way Shinies could be used as a generic stand-in, I guess. (Gray is a surprisingly common color for Clones [41st, Wolfpack, Kamino Security, Sergeant Hound]). I'd think most people wanting Shinies would want the others, too, with a bit of added motivation to 'speak it into existence' for that group specifically due to the Bad Batch hype. But yeah, all fair points on your part. Thanks for teaching me something about RotS.
  7. They’re in the Gunship with Yoda, Obi, & Mace on Coruscant, and are there with Tarful when it lands. Not prominent but more than a blurry image. Off the top, yep, Fives conspiracy, the final episode of the droid arc, the S7 SOM arch (behind Jesse during the accusation & half of the burial helmets are plain P2s), and more. It’s also a matter of them being compatible with any other army/general that arguably makes them the best Clone, despite screen time, for play purposes.
  8. TLG should bring back alternate builds for "Battle Packs". For example, this set could have a primary build of the hallway, but there'd be alternate instructions for the "space bridge", storage room, and elevator so if you bought multiples you could assemble them together (e.g. the 3-in-1 Creator Castle).
  9. The oldest images of a Phase 2 Gunner I’ve seen are also from action figures & they included that in the last Republic Fighter Tank. Also, a Lego Star Wars Visual Dictionary-type book appropriately had that tank as a Legends set. Perhaps this is TLG’s ‘vehicle’ for including non-cannon stuff. I’m hoping its the 187th as it’s way less likely to happen if it’s not now—since I’d eventually like to see both variants of Windu’s troopers. Sounds like a buy, either way… if it’s real.
  10. If I’m following correctly, the tank fills one of the final two mystery slots—priced at $30 USD and Unknown. It’s conceivable this takes that $30 slot, though, I could see them upsizing it & charing as much as double that: - The previous tank was $25 for 305 pieces and 2 figures (including a special headpiece) + 2 droids. - The 501st “battle pack” was $30 for 285 pieces and 4 figures + 2 droids. Either way, I’m interested to eventually see this + the rest of the non-helmet/microfighter sets.
  11. just2good released a colab video a few hours ago & mandr says that he’d cover leaks but he regrets being the source of the leaks. IIRC RepublicStuds has hinted that he already knows of at least 3 more sets—including a $100 set. I think it does stand to reason that the information is out there & mandr is dropping related videos that’ll benefit from when the sets are revealed. Not gospel by any means, just looking at the possibilities.
  12. I mean, the minifigure selection was a contentious topic before the reveal & before the initial Commander/Pilot comment controversy. TLG including it in their official designer video signals they’re a taaad bit tone deaf and/or not ‘getting it’ in regards to fan frustration. I feel like a lot of the stir is simply a response to that—the community’s way of saying it even louder this time so maybe TLG takes the hint.
  13. Pedilego

    Updating Your Minifigs

    That Overwatch cape looks fantastic on Greef—I didn’t even know it existed. My only recommendation is Bellatrix’s arms from the Harry Potter CMF for Ventress.
  14. Let’s all remember that these things aren’t mutually exclusive: It can be true that the timing is right for a Hoth Battle Pack while also being true there should be more Clones, Mandos, and/or Imperial Remnant availability. I think people understand that. IMO we should stop being so sensitive and responsive to the vocal minorities—particularly the ones that /aren’t/ on here. Not everything needs to be divisive.
  15. Yeah, of course—no problem.