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  1. Pedilego

    75337 FULL RC AT-TE™ Walking

    This is awesome; my kids want to upgrade ours. Are instructions available for this? (And perhaps a parts list for the upgrade from 75337?)
  2. While I think this might be the funniest option, the one that comes to mind for me is this exchange: "Who are you?" "Someone who loves you." "Leia!" Of course that'd be an odd inclusion if there's no carbonite piece/Han Solo or at least a wall with a carbonite sticker.
  3. To have 2-3 diorama sets from ROTJ suggests to me that TLG hears that fans want anniversaries celebrated a bit more. AOTC passed without much fanfare but if these dioramas and the Clone helmets sell well, I'd think we should see something for ROTS in '25 (e.g. diorama, playscale Gunship).
  4. Pedilego

    Disney Properties 2022 - Rumors & Discussion

    That's true. They've basically already made him in CMF Series 7 via Jungle Boy. A similar minifigure could be pieced together using already-available skin-tone parts - which can't be said for lots of other Disney characters.
  5. Pedilego

    Disney Properties 2022 - Rumors & Discussion

    Everything Mandoknight has said is consistent with what I’ve read & heard.
  6. So that's 3 Disney+ sets, 3 Clone sets, 4 OT sets (assuming the 3rd helmet is ROTJ). 50% are 18+ sets and 3-of-the-5 that aren't 18+ are D+. The BP and 2 Mando sets are the 'only' ones likely to have new characters/trooper variants.
  7. No thanks. It shouldn’t have to be one or the other when it comes to detail/accuracy + minifigure scale.
  8. Pedilego

    Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    You can obtain Free Shipping on the “Unpopular” items by spending $14+. It doesn’t seem like there is a threshold for you to “outspend” the $3.50 fee for the “Popular” items. That’s what I’ve been able to tell, anyways.
  9. Promobricks theorized that the $529.99 set could be the Geonosian Arena if Lego keeps to this new 'no exclusive figures in large sets' policy (where's that cheap Snowtrooper Commander?). At the very least, we know TLG reduced costs on the Daily Bugle via releasing many of its minifigures in smaller sets. SO let's take a look at the rumored wave and speculate on which figures could overlap: Set MBS Count MBS Minifigure(s) Jedi Starfighter 1 Kenobi (Kaminoan omitted; unlikely for an arena) Jango's Starship (?) 2 Jango, Boba UCS Gunship 1 Windu (both sets would be expensive but this still makes it 'non-exclusive') AT-TE 5 Geonosian, Droid, SBD, Anakin, Padme Jan. 2023 Duel Set (?) 2 Yoda vs. Dooku (speculative future set for the theory) Arena 11+3=14 2nd BD, 2nd SBD, 2nd Geonosian That's 14 figures. Add-in 2x brick-built Droideka = 16. That could be easily increased by more Separatist goons, Clones (which I omitted), and/or TLG could beef up the appearance of their character lineup on the top of the box by including the creatures. That's without characters from other mystery future sets, too, such as the speculated on Gunship. Poggle, Gunray, and more Jedi would be welcome additions... I'm not saying this 'proves' anything - Of course, Hoth could be viable based on this method. A Death Star lineup could be assembled at almost any time, any year (outside of Tarkin). Endor could still happen, too, if there's a wave of sets next year (which happens to be the anniversary). I'm just saying that the wave does, indeed, appear to open up a small window of possibility for a MBS Arena without exclusive minifigures.
  10. It doesn't appear in the Clone Wars. Haven't seen TBOB Ep. 7 yet but, even then, I'd think it's Bad Batch. Presumably has Cad Bane, Omega, Hunter and from there some interesting possibilities (more of the team? Rex? Kaminoan? Fennic?). Stone Wars says that the 69.99 EUR set is Book of Boba and most likely a ship, therefore they're thinking it's the N1 and a sidebuild of the hangar. Edit: The Justifier, the largest ship he's used - and the one most likely able to justify a 159.99 price point, doesn't appear in Clone Wars.
  11. Han has that scene taking to Lando in front of the Falcon in ROTJ. Add in Chewy for good measure & it could be like the UCS where it has two crews. Maybe something like this: Lando, Nien, the ROTJ gunner they haven’t already made, Ackbar, Han, Chewy.
  12. It hadn't been a thing before, but definitively: TLG celebrated the 20th Anniversary of Lego Star Wars (which, naturally, overshadowed TPM) + the 40th for ESB. We know they were commemorating the dates due to the plaques (e.g. 75258, 75294). Technically, TPM wasn't celebrated and the ESB sets were supposed to be exclusives; those are important callouts. But it stands that, lately, we've seen TLG doing it (which, BTW, means we've had the opportunity to vote with our wallets) and IF we see something(s) for AotC this year (the measure isn't necessarily more sets than usual), that's 3 times in 4 years (and '21 was the natural gap in the schedule). That'd be a trend. On the other hand, TLG might've looked at the calendar before doing AotC and said it'd be oversaturation to keep commemorating all these dates. It's something I've thought about before, and it's partly why I created the list.
  13. Given all of the anniversaries lately, I was curious if we'd be expecting commemorative sets for one occasion or another every year. Here's the anniversary schedule for the next decade: '22 20th AotC (+45th ANH) '23 40th RotJ (+15th CW) '24 10th Rebels '25 20th RotS (+45th ESB) (+10th TFA) '26 '27 50th ANH (+25th AotC) (+10th TLJ) '28 20th CW '29 30th TLG SW (+30th TPM) (+10th TROS) (+10th D+ Mando) '30 50th ESB (+25th RotS) (+15th TFA) '31 Even if you only use decade-based (e.g. 10, 20, 30) milestones, it's still a packed schedule.
  14. We only have numbers, pieces, and prices for the summer sets. No names/descriptions yet. But people are hoping for AotC set(s) due to the 20th Anniversary. Kenobi's Starfighter would be a candidate for one of the $30 spots , but I think most people would be disappointed since we received one 5-years ago unless it was a "versus set" of Obi-Wan vs. a downsized Jango's Slave I. Not a bad concept for one of those $90-100 spots. Either way, if there are commemorative AotC sets, that paves the way for Endor stuff in 2023 for the 40th Anniversary of RotJ. Seems unlikely this year, though.
  15. Yeah, that's fair. I spent a lot of time on Wookiepedia alone and just on that website there's a lot of conflicting information - especially when you're toggled onto the Legends tabs - so I definitely understand what you're saying. Even the cannon side is confusing as, to your example, sometimes a group of troops is counted by the number of standard infantry without including the supplemental leaders. So what I've found to be the most likely number isn't a consensus matter-of-fact.