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  1. lorax

    [MOC] Heartlake High Street

    Big Sal, that row of houses is beautiful. Such a lovely looking build.
  2. I made a Lego Valentine Stop Motion card for my husband. It is a much more rudimentary film compared to Alexsplanet's brick film (which is a great brick film). Happy Valentine's Day
  3. That is really sweet, I really love your animation style.
  4. I found the mailbox ones in newsagents, and the bakery at stores like woolworths, target etc. (not sure if that is the same everywhere).
  5. Just as an update, here was the final product that was displayed. Was well received by visitors, but I think it either needs movement or keep it home to be played with. Friends city by tikitikitembo, on Flickr
  6. Thanks for the kind words everyone. I agree, the vet is my favourite. The modulars are not open backed, they have the lift off floors (and only some bits are furnished). My daughter (5) has enjoyed playing with these, but she tends to play with one at a time. She is looking forward to after the display so she can play with them again.
  7. It is at strathpine. On the long weekend in June (around the 7th I think). A version of this will also be on display at the Gold Coast around September (the 20th and 21st).
  8. Thanks :) And the bus was largely stolen from another bus (not sure which set). Just played with the colours mostly (and a little bit of a rebuild).
  9. For a display my husband are participating in shortly (strathpine, Queensland, Australia), I decided to build a Friends street. Lego Friends street by tikitikitembo, on Flickr It started with me building a modular style building based on the Lego movie ice-cream truck. Lego modular ice-cream shop by tikitikitembo, on Flickr And it grew from there. The friends cafe: Friends cafe modular - first floor by tikitikitembo, on Flickr The friends school: Modular Friends school by tikitikitembo, on Flickr The friends vet: Lego Friends modular vet by tikitikitembo, on Flickr Add the modified juice shop, beach house, modified bus, brick built road, a bit of a garden and it is done. Lego Friends street by tikitikitembo, on Flickr Thanks for looking :)
  10. lorax

    MOC: Old village from Maramures (Romania)

    Wow, this looks amazing. The buildings fit into the landscaping so perfectly, and the church has been done beautifully.
  11. lorax

    Favorite childhood theme?

    Forestmen Growing up I didn't get many sets, I relied on my older brothers lego. But I got one Forestmen set and it was such a great memory.
  12. lorax

    Boxes - do you keep them?

    I don't keep boxes. I can't imagine a time when I will sell the sets, (especially the idea that I have to find each piece for that set to sell it). I do feel a little guilty when I get a set from ebay, I can tell that the owner carefully stored the box and instructions and it arrives at my house only to be in the recycling 10 minutes later.
  13. lorax

    Storage and Sorting LEGO

    In Australia you can buy them at Masters. I bought clear ones the other day ($22). I am using them to store minifigures (they fit about 25 figures in each box). I need quite a few more still though. We also use the back tray it comes with for sorting Lego. I like the quality of them, and I hope they will be useful when we do displays and need certain types of minifigures (minimises how much we have to take).
  14. Thanks, I need some more princess/lego movie stuff. I will look at our Myer.
  15. Has the myer BOGO been confirmed (I can't see reference to it).