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  1. crayonboi

    Winter Village: Fire Station

    Thanks all..! Yes.. my kids do also like the cat rescue part a lot and they are playing with it everyday :)
  2. crayonboi

    Winter Village: Fire Station

    Winter Village First Station Prepare to save the day at the Winter Village Fire station! Winter Village Fire Station by crayonbricks, on Flickr Winter Village Fire station Includes 6 minifigures: 4 male firefighters, a female cat owner, and little boy, plus a cat. Includes 2 vehicles: fire truck Snowmobile, fire scooter. Door can be swing open to allowed the fire truck Snowmobile and fire scooter to dash out! Interior view of the fire station A Dustbin have caught fire and the Firefight with his fire scooter is out to put out the fire A cat is stuck on the tree! The fire truck Snowmobile and the fire fighter is out to save it.
  3. crayonboi

    Crayon's Winter Village Expansion

    The 6th scene of my Winter Village Expansion, Winter Village Cottage, but more of like Ghostbuster Winter Village Cottage.
  4. crayonboi

    Crayon's Winter Village Expansion

    Another Scene for my Winter Village, Winter Toy shop expansion :)
  5. crayonboi

    Crayon's Winter Village Expansion

    Its been some time since i have continue with my Winter Village expansion. Thus i will like to one of the latest expansion for the Winter village Santa Workshop diorama. I have make this Diorama for our local Christmas Brick Show held last weekend, total there are 6 diorama including the 3 diorama which i have done previously. The remaining 2 diorama i will finish up the photo shoot soon and share it. :)
  6. Updated with the remaining minifigs general from the Wu and Wei, i will like to present the whole collection of the Romance of the Three Kingdoms custom minifigs series. A total of 16 custom minifigs The famous Generals from 蜀國 From Left to Right; Huang Zhong, Ma Chao, Guan Yu, Kong Ming, Liu Bei, Zhang fei, Zhao Yun, Pang Tong The famous Generals from 魏國 From Left to Right; Xu Huang, Xiahou Dun, Cao Cao, Sima Yi, Zhang He The famous Generals from 吴國 From Left to Right; Taishi Ci, Sun Ce, Sun Quan, Zhou Yu
  7. Romance of the Three Kingdoms, one of the most beloved works of literature and arguably the most widely read historical novel n East Asia. Crayonbricks is proud to unveil the first series of the Romance of the Three Kingdoms minifigures. All minifigures head, Torso, legs are custom printed by MinifigLabs The famous Generals from 蜀國 (Shu) Oath of the Peach Garden 桃園三結義 Liu Bei 劉備 Guan Yu 關羽 Zhang Fei 張飛 Zhou Yun 趙雲 Kong ming 孔明 / 諸葛亮 Ma Chao 馬超 ] Huang Zhong 黃忠
  8. crayonboi

    [Moc] Serpent Slayer - Viking longship

    Thanks for the comments. I have a few more pics of the Serpent Slayer Viking longship for your viewing pleasure. For the Shields, it is done via waterslide decals While i was designing the Logo of my Serpent Slayer Viking longship on the Sail, i have also insert a secret initial in the Logo. Do make a guess what is the secret initial. Thanks again. Cheers!
  9. The Serpent Slayer - One of the most fearsome Longship in history, with an impenetrable dragon armour bestow by the ancient dragon God, it goes around the Seven seas and slaying all the sea serpents, making the Seas safer for the other vikings to trade, commerce, exploration, and even warfare. This Vikings Longship MOC is bulid in conjunction with History Channel Viking Season 3, MOC contest, held at the Vikings Village from 26th February to 1st March at Marina Square, SIngapore.
  10. Ding!!! "Achievement unlocked" Spotted this picture today! Sheng Yuan has 'steal/copy' 6 of our Custom Iron man designs and bootlegged it. Mark 41 Bones Mark 25 Striker Mark 36 Peacemaker Mark 20 Python Mark 22 Hot Rod Iron man X Green Lantern So if someone try to sell you the above mention designs and claim that it is the original version done by us, please do take note ya.. And in the meanwhile, lets see how many more design are they going to 'steal/copy' from us again..
  11. Hi All! This is a simple MOC build for the Mid autumn festival. And for this MOC, we have work with Minifiglab to get some of the Mooncake printed. Enjoy! :) Mid autumn festival MOC "Mooncakes mooncakes mooncakes!" Mmmmmmm.... mooncake! ''The Lantern is our master'' Hahaha! Happy Queuing! Mooncake anyone?
  12. crayonboi

    Contest Turtle Contest - Entry Thread

    Black Assault turtle Equip with loads of weapons on it back, the Black Assault turtle provide fire support to the Exo suits.
  13. crayonboi

    Contest Turtle Contest - Entry Thread

    Black Mech Turtle This turtle is built by using parts only available from the 30167 and 30162 polybag
  14. crayonboi

    MOC Pop Up Singapore

    Thanks! Looks like the Changi Airport is a hot favorite
  15. crayonboi

    MOC Pop Up Singapore

    Pop Up Singapore! This MOC is a micro build of some of the famous buildings/landmarks/Attractions in Singapore. Everything is build on a Book and the Micro build are place on top on it to show it 'popping' out from the book (Like those pop out card/book) Building up the 'Book' base Landscape layout is up The Final layout Clockwise from Bottom left: Gardens by the Bay Sir stamford raffles statue Marina Bay Sands Merlion Singapore Flyer Changi Airport Esplanade Individual shots of some of the build. Singapore Flyer Changi Airport Gardens by the bay Merlion Esplanade