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Found 7 results

  1. SomeAssemblyRequired


    Hi! My name's the thing on the side. I'm from Sydney, Australia and enjoy photography, comics, LEGO and other stuffs. I take photos of LEGO on flickr: No sure what else to say but... Anyways, look forward to posting here!
  2. Hi, Just looking if anyone would like to inventory an LDD MOC of mine (I mean to write out a parts list). I'd do it myself, but I just don't have the time at the moment. I'm sorry, I can't give you a reward for doing it, but if someone does it it will be much appreciated. If you would like to do it, send me a PM and I'll give you the LXF file. Thanks so much in advance!
  3. somelegothings_

    [MOC] Batman Beyond Batmobile

    Hello! I'm here with a new MOC! In LDD I created a Batmobile. But not any Batmobile... Batman Beyond's Batmobile. With this being a unique asset to Batman and it's an overlooked yet popular variant of the Batmobile. Yet we still haven't gotten one. That's where LEGO Ideas kicks in gear. Anyways you want to see the MOC now! Here is an areal view of the Batmobile. Clocking in at about 330 pieces. This is an unstoppable force of justice when fighting futuristic gangs! The picture I like showing off is this one. Just the main view of the Batmobile and it's glory! And here's the rear view! Thanks for looking at my MOC! Feedback would be great and so would a support for the project!
  4. Hello any renderers, I know I could probably do this myself but even after reading countless tutorials and trying to download the right software I just can't do it. I have an Ideas project that I'd really like rendered because the transparent pieces look awful with LDD's screenshots example: Sorry if it's any trouble but it'd really be a big help if someone could render my project. If you are interested, that's awesome and I'll send you the lxf!
  5. Techno_Knight

    Lego Shop problem

    So, this last Wednesday i ordered some stuff from Lego's website. Since i live in Greece i had to give the address of an American friend of mine. So far so good. Apart from being seriously overpriced Lego sent me a mail a little later telling me to phone them to verify some things in order for my order to procced. If i didn't call within 48 hours they would cancel the order. Since i am bellow 18 i made an account on father's name who can't understand english that good. So, i decided to let them cancel it since i found these sets much cheaper on bricklink. The problem is that: they still haven't cancelled my order. I tried to do it manually but again, my father has to call them, something quite difficult (while he spent his early years in Australia and traveled through Europe when he was younger he can't speak good english anymore). I checked my pre-paid card and the money is still there though. So, do you think they'll cancel my order this weekend? I need to order these sets ASAP since i need them for some stop motions. Any help is appreciated!
  6. Hello Eurobricks !! I'm searching for a book, not any book, but a book with the incredible crossections of Star Wars Vehickles ! To be specific , the one with the Clone Turbo Tank on front. I'm looking to buy it, but without a Credit Card , I can't get far, I only have paypall, so my options are limited . I prever a seller here in the Netherlands, ( who is willing to part with it ) for a normal rate , but any seller will do if you accept paypal. If you feel the need to help me on my way to this book, PLEASE ! help me. Also , I'm looking for others aswell, I have the one with the MF on the cover, but I want the one with the CTT on the cover most urgently. I really want this book, but sadly the release date was 2005, and living in an area that doesn't have a lot of good bookstore's ( like the American Bookstore ) it's really difficult to get hold of. So in short : Help me !! grtz Saint
  7. Hello again, I have recently downloaded LDD and started building a pendular suspension set-up. My only problem is how should I transfer power from the main chassis to the pendular axle? Should I use Zblj's idea where two double bevel gears are meshed together (shown in one of his trial truck tip videos, I think it MIGHT be number 3 or 4...) Or should I just put in a rod that goes through the pivot point. Sorry if it's hard to understand - that's the best I could explain it. :/