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Found 4 results

  1. Silent Nomad

    LB3 Minikit Models

    A few days ago I got the idea to isolate the minikit achievements from the ends of LB3 level playthrough videos. I then used some of those videos to recreate the models that they build using LEGO Digital Designer. Not all of the pieces needed to make all the models exist in the right colors in real life, but it's probably just a matter of time. Here are my most successful recreations so far. I'm not sure about some of the colors on two of them, but that can be fixed later. Here's the minikit build for level 1: 1 - Croc or Gator by Silent Nomad, on Flickr Here's the minikit build for level 2: 2 - Batwing by Silent Nomad, on Flickr Here's the minikit build for level 3: 3 - Bat-Rocket by Silent Nomad, on Flickr Here's the '66 Batman level's minikit build: 1966 Batmobile by Silent Nomad, on Flickr and finally, for now, the Arrow DLC level's minikit build: Queen's Gambit by Silent Nomad, on Flickr I hope you enjoy them. I'll add more as I make them. -Nomad
  2. This will be the official topic for a long running project. Project Beyond Welcome to Phase 1 Our first crowdfunding effort to get minifigs PAD printed. We believe these will never be made by Lego oficially. Its a 2pack of villains + a super dupper secret girl minifig. It will be similar to kickstarter but privately held (you need to email to get the link to the funding page). See here how to donate and help us out. READ it a couple times before asking questions. ------------------------------------------------------- You can see what characters inspired minis we will be making in this first phase (link above). If you are a fan and want them to be made plastic, HELP US make it so. We only need 250 people to step up with less than 50 euros each. NACM will do the printing as they have done before. Parts will be original lego parts and plastic, so you know it will be top shelf product. We however are using a different way to fund our efforts, by basically having all 250 figs (each model) pre-sold before printing in order to cover the costs. You will be left with a voucher to checkout the minifig you supported at out BL seller's store (In FRANCE). More info in the link and please email us if you wish to be one of the 250, or MORE. More details will be added as we get things organized. a FAQ is on the way. Right now we need 250 people at least to say yes. YES I will help, Yes I want this to happen. We can't do it without you. Phase 2 Will include a slimy villainess and an ear shatering villain ;) ------------------------------------------------------- a sneak peak at something that we are working on NOW Lets call it a super T-shirt ---------------------------------------- Our previous product: Black spidey head PAD Print - Legomazing project http://www.eurobrick...showtopic=95120
  3. Silent Nomad

    LB3 Yellow Lantern Batman

    Has anyone else here recreated the Yellow Lantern Batman as seen in the LB3 75th Anniversary DLC pack? Here's an image of him so you don't have to google it yourself: I realized that all it takes is Sinestro's body (replace his hands with black ones) and legs, and a Batman head, second most recent cowl style, and cape, so I made him for my minifigure collection, and I think he looks really awesome. The only thing missing is his ring, but that's unavoidable. I'll post a picture here of my version of him now, but I didn't think that was needed before because it is literally exactly like the image above, except, of course, for his expression. -Nomad
  4. somelegothings_

    [MOC] Batman Beyond Batmobile

    Hello! I'm here with a new MOC! In LDD I created a Batmobile. But not any Batmobile... Batman Beyond's Batmobile. With this being a unique asset to Batman and it's an overlooked yet popular variant of the Batmobile. Yet we still haven't gotten one. That's where LEGO Ideas kicks in gear. Anyways you want to see the MOC now! Here is an areal view of the Batmobile. Clocking in at about 330 pieces. This is an unstoppable force of justice when fighting futuristic gangs! The picture I like showing off is this one. Just the main view of the Batmobile and it's glory! And here's the rear view! Thanks for looking at my MOC! Feedback would be great and so would a support for the project!