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  1. Saint

    Clone Turbo Tank

    Well, tell me what you need pointers on ?? Start with having a brickload of bricks helps ;)
  2. Sell it to him !! for € 10.000 ... that will shut him up !! ... or just ignore that kind of comments BTW, I checked your vid's in the past. Just loving the tanks , keep up the good work ! Grtz Saint
  3. Saint

    [MOC] McFlys' Speeder

    Great Scott !!! Sorry, that pun had to be made . Good looking model, I'm loving it !! grtz Saint
  4. Saint

    A better alternative to baseplates?

    That's why it's a great idea... for "homebuilders"... not to be negative . If I had acces to a LegoStore withing 15 km ( and not an hours drive away ) I would concider it too ! grtz Saint
  5. Saint

    A better alternative to baseplates?

    Well, I put them in the car... drive an hour to the show... very bumpy roads, spend half the day building and setting up... so I don't want to worry about too much.... building on baseplates takes that worry away.... I lay them flat in the car, or stack them without any worry. Not forgetting I build on 48x48's ... and in a few years it's grown to 18 baseplates, so IMHO, 18 things not to worry about Grtz Saint
  6. Saint

    A better alternative to baseplates?

    Besides being a great idea for "home use " , I've got a minor problem with this solution. Being an builder I need to move pieces of landscape all over the house... so while this looks great, it doesn't have the support needed to move it around safe. It's not "stackable" like I do with baseplated scenery.. thus breaking down very easy. Baseplates are expensive, I know, but sadly I need them for my diorama's .. I check local shops for cheap baseplates, rummage sales, or whatever channel I can... And like most builders... We want results, not the boring part of building from the ground up. But hey !! Like the idea, I see a lot of potential here ! Grtz Saint
  7. Saint

    Poe's X-Wing Fighter Stand

    A picture would help... From what I know about the LEGO Display's , they're glued solid and screwed on a stand... Not realy an option for us in general. What you could do is 3 things : 1 Build a stand with trans clear bricks or transclear Technic beams 2 Go to your local hobbyshop ( or constructionmarket ) and build one yourself 3 Search the internet for a "Stand" ... lots of stores used these to show products.. so they're out there. grtz Saint
  8. Saint

    Help with identifying parts/sets!

    I'm betting the fig is from Denmark
  9. Saint

    Way of connecting two parts

    Why not a 1x1 with a ring ( the thick kind ) that is also a very small solution, and easely hidden. grtz Saint
  10. Saint

    Clone Turbo Tank

    Uhhmm ... sadly I used some lights in it.. but that's about it. Frankly , I don't have that much experiance with moters and movement, and although it looks heavy and sturdy, it's quite fragile in some area's. It will be on display on the Brickmania show in Antwerpen again this year ;) grtz Saint
  11. Why do I get the strong urge to hum the Indiana Jones theme ?? Great MOC !!
  12. My first reaction : You're from Canada , just say " Sorry , ey " and leave it be ! Second reaction : What the freck is that guy thinking ? What kind of PTSS does this guy have ? Was he trapped in a room filled with LEGO and couldn't move without stepping on them ? ) Or Third : Did he try to eat them ?? And after seeing the video... I couldn't stop laughing !!! Fighting words indeed !! Grtz Saint
  13. Saint

    Help Needed to Identify Lego set

    Imperial Dropship, upside down. That's my idea. Grtz Saint
  14. Saint

    Is Bricklinking a set always this hard?

    I just looked it up , and can't imagine that you spend less than the amount for the cheapest one.. I think you would be better of if you bought the set. Grtz Saint