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    Malto Peace Talks begin

    (@Mesabi Please make sure you read this) A Guard runs into the Queens meeting gallery and quickly bows and slightly out of breath "Your majesty, .... It's amazing!", said the guard. "What, you have news?", Asked Queen Annetta. "He's alive!", Said the guard. "Who's alive?", Asked Queen Annetta. Before the guard could speak a figure enters the Meeting Gallery "I am ever at your service your Majesty", Chauncy Pennington said with a bow. "We all thought you dead!", Queen Annetta said tears rolling down her cheeks. "Do no cry my queen, I needed to go to the colonies personally to attend to some matters and find out why they are in such disarray. The turmoil of the colonies reflects badly on our nation and I will not have anyone think you are weak my queen.", Ranted Pennington. "You could have told me, why would you just run off and what turmoil, I thought Woodbrose and Montoya were handling the colonies?!?", The queen questioned. "I fear they are not up for the job my Queen, but fear not I have learned of a man who may be the solution to the current problem with the former Ilse de Medio. He's a bit gruff and I myself can't believe it has come to this, promoting common rabble as our hope for a solution, but...", Pennington paused, "Who, What situation in the Colonies have I not been adequately updated on?", the Queen asked starting to get angry. "The Isle de Medio is close to forfeiture to the Eslandolians, we need decisive action and there is a man currently doing just that on the isle. I think he would be of great help to the empire even if he is a bit...crude." Said Pennington. "Who is this man? What do you purpose I do, your father never lead my family astray and i pray your advice will not either.", The queen retorted. "The man is interested in a saboteur that blew up some buildings on the isle, I personally could care less we can rebuild, but his persistence is admirable he has not given up where others have laid down like dogs, and he is on the island. I speak of a man known as Captain Mesabi.", Pennington said with a pause. "I purpose he be given the rank of Count under the condition he stay paying his taxes. The County of Debonshire in the south has no real value but he may be able to turn it around, and his persistence may prove useful in the Noble Parliament as it hasn't moved any legislation in months. I also suggest granting him a regiment of the Queens Guard, I believe this will legitimize claims as well as show that he has your full support and is to be considered a primary actor on the diplomatic stage.", Said Pennington with a slight smirk. The Queen looked at Pennington quizzically, "I like the idea of Putting him in the Noble Parliament, He's a forward thinker and I should hope he will continue, but I do not think I want to send my own soldiers to the colonies, especially under a new untested noble. I shall grant him the County of Debonshire if he agrees to pay taxes.", the Queen said looking at Pennington. "I'm sure he will your Majesty", Pennington replied. "Then send him thim messege immediately, That I Queen Annetta of Corrington name Captain Mesabi Count of Debonshire, and raise him up to the ranks of Noble Parliament. Upon his death his land and title shall be passed to a blood Heir of his choosing as long as his family remains loyal to the Crown of Corrington and abides all Laws therein.", The Queen said. "I will send him the news Post haste, but what of the soldiers?, Queried Pennington. "I will think on it, for now his title should grant him leverage in any negotiations enough to slow them down while I see how this plays out, I am my fathers daughter after all." The Queen Snidely remark punctuating her thought with a laugh.
  2. The Kraken is a known Phenomena now, and after reading many in the court shooting the idea down saying it had no merit, it seems many of the players would disagree. I put that hint deliberately to show that the idea that was so throughly beat down did indeed have merit, as it seems common for certain members to say they speak for there faction's interests when there is now evidence contrary. So I will resume this back in the court and I would like Garm's idea to be reopened.
  3. I certainly hope so, I've been pushing ska for more Pirate friendly activities and bonus's. I can tell you right now I plan on adding some bonus's for pirates. It's been a long time coming and pirates have been vastly underwhelming in their perks and abilities, this needs to change. And In the MRCA2 I plan on having several special things for pirates that may even the field and in crease interest in flying the skull and bones. Yeah It's always fun writing something Interesting instead of "Sprung a leak had to return to port", Hence why one of the oleanders got some special text for it's kraken attack. I loved the Kraken, and I loved Garms idea for a challenge reward involving it that seems to have been quashed, maybe mentioning it here may show some of the less enthused leadership members that the players enjoy the Kraken and maybe would like to be a bit more involved in it's where-abouts (HINT HINT). It seems they didn't think people liked NPC antagonists, If you are into give a shout out, the game is meant to be fun and if you like it I think it can happen.
  4. Scarst

    MARDIER COLONY La Isla de Medio

    Squatter colonies the Rules Established and last edited purely in November the 5th of 2015: "Owning land outside your faction: Owning land in another faction can be risky; the government can seize your property at any time, as you are not a standing member in society. This may take months in their court system (and perhaps a hefty sum of gold) to retrieve your property. Be careful when establishing property outside of your own faction. The exception to this rule are forts. A nation that allows a foreign fort to be built on their territory will have to take it through force using the small engagement rules. " It is under Owning land as an individual, I realize that perhaps like in the past another member of leadership may have edited your version to suit their needs but in the official locked version of the rule, Which is why we have the Leadership threads, it is clearly stated. That right there is directly copied and pasted. As for disappearing, He has not disappeared, he's writing the newest MRCA rules for the benefit of everyone and as such it has taken time from building, He responds to messages sent to him and checks the boards at least three times a week as well as his worldly obligations, I say this as his brother who your accusation probably would be more merited towards. This game has always been about story, just like Historica, you must realize that the challenge builds are literally graded on Story, Build, and presentation equally, no one has won a challenge without at least a half decent story. Saying BoBS isn't about story is probably the most misinformed thing I've read, the appeal of BoBS is the story creation and doing so in the setting as it fits together and by trying to force a story in a way that undermines a planned challenge meant for the enjoyment of the whole community this action has the potential to ruin fun for others. As for being told these things by your leaders? YES! They should be telling you this instead of leading the charge to destroy the next challenge. You claim Ska vanished but he's not the one guiding a faction into a situation that directly breaks the rules. It's kind of hypocritical don't you think to say he doesn't communicate when obviously your own leaders are not telling you information that would have stopped this. The truth in this matter is Eslandolia broke a rule and being rewarded for rule breaking will not happen, it's not fair to the other three factions who have followed them. Ska has given Eslandolia an in game way out as well as offering to let you just restate the location of the builds, which is extremely generous. I will say this, this is literally the third time something that Eslandolia has blown up a board and creative solutions have been made to accommodate, I don't believe a fourth is going to happen.
  5. The thing about adjusting trade values before hand is it detracts from trying to accurately re-balance in the new set up. I understand the frustration as this was meant to be fixed more near august. The new MRCA system will work on the premise of certain trade routes being safe and guarded. This means that convoys wont need as heavy escorts as in the past, while this is the case it also means they will be less profitable than the "Unsafe" routes that risk takers will be using. Safe routes however may become subject of plot making them a bit interesting and fluctuating. I'm not sure if you've already heard this or not but I feel I can say that much in good faith that you understand why the current MRCA isn't evolving, the system will be streamlined to allow other leadership to hopefully run parts of the MRCA and make results quicker for those involved. As i said I hope this at least quells a bit of curiosity as it's hard to say more until everything is solid, finished products are easier to pitch than a half finished concept.
  6. Could you give us a reason why before you hang up the bricks? We've been busy trying to fix the EGS to make it simplier along with new aspects of building after the new MRCA comes out. Sorry it's taking so long we have been busy with real life so the development has been slowed.
  7. Heh, I remember the rolling and the pirates that didn't get wiped out from the patrolled zones, some of them in particular were very strong and anyone caught was in for a major fight and some escorts really weren't up for the challenge.
  8. Thanks Kwatchi, both ska and I have been busy and neither of us able to really write anything for the MRCA, the treasure rolls were in limbo for about a week it was upsetting.
  9. It had been a long couple of months but finally the Ship Sebastion Cliffton had commissioned was built, The Half Moon, A large trading vessel complete with living quarters and a Captain's bunk. As he inspected the ship he though about how he'd gotten here. One little secret lead to him becoming one of the more successful traders in the New World, discounting the last month when he turned back from the pirate ridden seas. He'd gotten the Fulbright from Lord Pennington to keep quiet and never speak his darkest secret to anyone. Sebastion agreed but quickly renamed the Fulbright to Saucy Jack in honor of the secret, nobody would be able to figure it out but he thought it was funny. Since then the name seemed to catch on others using the name Saucy in weird ways that probably didn't mean anything. It irked him but he couldn't force anyone to not name their ship after his, besides it probably made Pennington more mad, though part of the deal was Pennington couldn't come after him there was nothing about anyone else. As he continued making his rounds before setting sail he remembered he had to assign a man to captain the Saucy Jack, he picked Randall Kelsworth, a man he'd met as a beggar on the street on Port Raleigh. Randall was pan handling when Sebastion gave him the offer to join his crew, he quickly proved invaluable his knowledge of the streets almost ensured the best deals since he'd know what was in short supply at the port before any haggling was done. Sebastion owed a lot of his success to this man, and he made sure to show his appreciation. The time had come to move to a new ship, and Kelsworth had been with the crew since near the beginning it seemed only right that he be put in charge of the secondary ship. cropped by Paul Vogel, on Flickr The Half Moon was only the beginning Sebastion had plans to expand his holdings, Maybe buy a tavern in Port Raleigh which had become his base of operations, The town had been growing but the newer settlements farther East would require him to leave for extended periods, He'd need his own protection as the pirate menace got more severe and the Crown sponsored patrols spread thin. While he supported hunting down the pirates he felt his country gained the least from it, Their convoys were always the best protected and usually even captured more ships than they lost, If the crown felt inclined why not give traders that lost their vessel one of the captured ones to try to get if back instead of performing actions that help our enemies more than us. It was all very political and he didn't really care as long as his men were paid, and he could eat. DSC_2993 by Paul Vogel, on Flickr DSC_2988 by Paul Vogel, on Flickr The Cabin
  10. I wouldn't say that Like Ska said Corringtons heavy Escorts helped it, over the last three MRCA's The Saucy jack has Literally been in something like 5 engagements and each time it's escort captures the ship, I've come to think of it as pirate bait. We were actually rooting for you this time maxim cause you've had such bad luck the last two times. I mean when the Purple rain succeeds Corrington gets profit =P. I wouldn't call them mediocre for a 2F 131DB is really good we're just used to seeing that golden voyage bonus money. Had Olean decided not to sail face first into all the hurricane zones we'd have been absolutely trounced in DB gain, almost everyone of Olean's ships had a golden voyage at one point but lost it in a hurricane it was ridiculous.
  11. Use what ever you like. Also the story continuation was kind of a thought on how to build a story around a fort that was interesting and it helped tie builds together, we had the idea of K.G. for a bit you can plan on see a lot more of him. Sully Tanner though is Ska's non governmental Sig Fig. I'd planned on making a build for the second part of the challenge but I've been stupidly busy I didn't even get a building or ship license done this month or the response to the MRCA. I had three really fun ideas that I still want to be make but need time.
  12. Part One Part Two Part Three It was a getting to the hottest part of the day, past noon but still ways until the sun set and offered relief to weary men. LT. Sully Tanner had made great time to the far off fort by following the Native woman and her escort and cutting through paths he hadn't even known existed. Eventually the Native woman lead him to a point in the path where he knew to be near Prospectors Bluff. LT. Tanner quickly Took over and decided to pull double time to get to the fort dreading what he was going to meet. prosbluff by Paul Vogel, on Flickr Meanwhile at the fort the 27th had affectionately named "Fort Nichols" K.G. was clearing brush from the ever growing vegetation that seemed to never stop growing on what he called "This gods forsaken island", K.G. rarely called anything by a proper name most of his men followed his orders only when there were "Cleanies" as they called the more respectable troops of Corrington, and even then after they were alone they would relentlessly mock him if he abused the power. Overall K.G. couldn't complain he'd served nine of the ten required years in the Penal Regiment, The 27th known as the "Rough Necks" for their crude manner their constant state of uniform undress and lack of respect for superiors to the point of insubordination, They were hated by the whole army and the nobles back home that committed them to this fate in the Juniper Wars. As he Cleared more brush due to losing a bet the night before his mind drifted to how he came to his current condition. He was once a successful arms smuggler, his weapons were in the hands of eight out of every ten pirates and the Juniper war just helped business, the first four and a half years were golden he made money hand over fist enough to swim in some might say. But it all went awry when one of his contacts turned on him a pirate who traded him for a pardon from the crown and a note of mark to allow him to work in service as a privateer. "The dirty bastard...", K.G. thought. He found himself in a prison owned by some wealthy noble he later learned to be Steward Pennington, cousin to the Exchequer, and all around stuff shirt. He had a stint of 30 years ahead of him in a pit of squalor. Not six months later though the last of "The Queens Own" the 27th Regiment was wiped out. They were one of the most decorated regiments in Corrington history, beloved by all, they struck fear into the hearts of their enemy. That was until they got themselves killed in a fools mission guarding one of the major ports of corrington from an O'lean invasion, sure they saved the city but they all died. "Fools", K.G. thought. That was just the beginning of the story though. That stuffed shirt Pennington back in Belson had the brilliant idea to recreate the 27th as a Penal Regiment, it past with 3/4ths consent in the house and thus the Rough Necks were born. The hatred was immediate but the need even more so with Corrington losing the war, many men even blamed the Rough Neck as their sins were "Infecting the army" that was seven years ago and this was now, K.G. was almost a free man. K.G.'s thoughts were disrupted when he heard a snap of a twig from the uncleared forest, he turned his head and there was a native and a sleeveless Cleanie approaching. As LT. Tanner approached he saw two disheveled men pull out their flintlockes and point them at him, but he was quick to draw both his in time to lock them in a stalemate. DSC_2932 by Paul Vogel, on Flickr "Looks like we've got ourselves, an ol' Eslandolian standoff here" Said the man that Sully took to be in charge. "I'm here on business from the governor, he's sent me to gather Lieutenant Nichols and the rest of his platoon.", Tanner said coursely." "Yer talkin to em' what'd ya need Cleanie.", K.G. Spat "Surely this can't be all that's left, you forts in shambles. You're all out of uniform, he doesn't even have a shirt! And worse yet where are you're colors!", Tanner rattled off. DSC_2933 by Paul Vogel, on Flickr "Don't care. Don't care. And I'm using it as a blanket.", K.G. replied equally as fast. Tanner looked on in shock at the band of disheveled criminals that called themselves the 27th. "Well the governor has a mission and you're going to help, it's his orders, we have word that O'leanders are conspiring with Ténotclaxcans in dark rituals.", Tanner said with a note of worry in his voice. "Hear that boys the Tino's er playin' with the blues. And it's the Governors 'Orders'.", K.G. yelled back to the fort and a raucous laughter erupted from all the men. DSC_2940 by Paul Vogel, on Flickr "Are you denying a direct command from the official on this island?", Tanner said pulling the only card he knew would get them to fall in line. "Alright, guess we have to if the governor is going to have a fit and load his pants over it." K.G. Mocked. And more laughter erupted from the Fort DSC_2938 by Paul Vogel, on Flickr This is a continuation of Ska's story for Challenge II, Help Me, Erie Flynn, You're My Only Hope.
  13. It had been an amazing trip for Clifton and his crew, They'd outrun pirates, helped capture a ship by being bait and come back with an amazing bounty of wealth. "I think the Men and I will celebrate after we unload the cargo and I pay the wages, they should be eager for the next trip after they see their share.", Clifton thought After docking at one of the more vacant ports Sebastion ordered his men to start hauling the goods to the warehouse manager, giving the men incentive to move quickly by declaring that the first round was on him. The men took to it and started moving faster. Sebastion Clifton was quickly becoming one of the best known captains in Arlinsport, not because he had the best hauls, in fact in the recent month he had one of the worse performances out of the main fleet, but for the way he treated his crew, they loved him. At taverns Cliftons crew could be seen carousing with their captain getting drunk and even getting into a few fights but one thing was clear to the people of Arlinsport, Clifton's was the ship to join if you wanted a captain who wasn't all pomp and circumstance. Many thought he might just be a pirate sailing the Corrington flag while the authorities turned the other way. DSC_2845 by Paul Vogel, on Flickr DSC_2844 by Paul Vogel, on Flickr DSC_2846 by Paul Vogel, on Flickr DSC_2849 by Paul Vogel, on Flickr The streets of Arlinsport had changed over the past few months with the current prosperity it seemed that Lord Pennington had taken an Interest and called for the installation of street lamps in certain parts of the city, most of them seemed to be the ones he had a hand in. This was confirmed after Amelia street got street lamps to light it's path shortly after pennington invested in the Coyl Shipping company. Most didn't think much of it, Pennington was the Exchequer for a reason after all. *This is my first attempt at a micro build, I decided to try after I couldn't figure out/find pieces I wanted to build an actual full sized dock.