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Found 9 results

  1. I was wanting to buy a prop Assault Rifle from Halo to run around with, and then thought I could just build one out of Lego. What I ended up with is something that's a bit too heavy / fragile to run around with, but it does look pretty cool. LEGO MA40 Assault Rifle (Halo Infinite) by Marcus H, on Flickr The build is inspired by Nick Brick's MA37 build, which I used as a guide to get the proportions and sizing right. Mine isn't as complex as his, but I'm not nearly as good a builder as him. LEGO MA40 Assault Rifle (Halo Infinite) by Marcus H, on Flickr The ammo counter is Nick Brick's design, it's pretty faithful to the games. LEGO MA40 Assault Rifle (Halo Infinite) by Marcus H, on Flickr The mag is a lot smaller than it should be, but when I was building the gun I didn't have the foresight to make a hollow space to allow a larger mag. LEGO MA40 Assault Rifle (Halo Infinite) by Marcus H, on Flickr I also made a video that shows off the features and has some dramatic recreations of the 1st person view of the games. This was super satisfying to make and I definitely want to make more Halo guns, once I can find the space (and money) for them. Top of my list would be the Sniper Rifle, Commando, Sidekick and Battle Rifle.
  2. Hello, I just wanted to share my custom Emile-A239 Minifigure with you guys, as he is one of my first customs. I wanted to use existing LEGO prints and pieces, with the exception of the helmet and accessories. I guess you could call it a semi-purist figure. Speaking of the helmet, I took the basic space visor from a City set, sanded off the golden coating, used a pencil and sketched on the details of Emile's skull, colored them in with a golden Sharpie marker, and placed it onto a basic silver racing helmet from another City set. I chose to use the Mega Construx Halo Heroes series 8 Emile weapons for my Minifigure. Underneath the helmet, I used the Iron-Man 3 War machine/Iron-Patriot head for Emile's face. The head choice is roughly based on the Bungie concept art of Emile's face from Halo: Reach, as we never officially saw his face in-game. P.S. The image quality/lighting isn't the best, as I took it with my phone. I hope to improve the quality in the near future, and tips on that would be nice too .
  3. Detroitika

    [MOCs] Halo Creations

    I'm new to the Eurobricks forums, but not at all new to the Lego sci-fi community. I'd like to share a couple of my best Halo creations from the past 5 years on Flickr! (Don't worry, NO megabloks!) Above is my new Elite Zealot. The Energy Sword is not edited - it's a customized glow-in-the-dark Brickarms plasma blade, and the photo was a long exposure to pick up the rest of the scene and not just the light given off by the sword! Other than that, there are no custom parts in the figure except for some cut flex tube Below is my Grunt design - I won't take up space in this post with these photos, since I know these forums are sometimes less friendly to custom work, but three of my other very best Halo creations are a very old Spartan armor set with a Halo 4 railgun (link:, my minifig-scale paint/mod job of the Halo: Reach Sniper Rifle (link:, and the Halo 3 Spartan Laser (link: If you've any interest in Halo or items of higher detail than what Lego gives us, I'd love it if you'd check them out. Whether you're a Halo fan or not, I hope you enjoy this post!
  4. MassEditor

    Covenant AAA

    Initial hope was to recreate one of the big Covenant AA guns from Halo 3 but I quickly realized I didn't have enough dark purple to pull it off. So here's a fictional version which perhaps fills a gap in the Covenant AA system between its light and heavy cannons. I don't suppose the missiles really belong here but I thought they rounded out the weaponry well enough. Besides, the Covenant are allowed to steal human tech if they want, and missiles are awesome, so why not steal 'em and use 'em? Skulls added for scale and overall coolness. Thanks for looking!
  5. A brick-built scene of one of the most dramatic episodes of the 'Psycho Dad' series on YouTube, hosted by Jesse Ridgeway (aka McJuggerNuggets). Here's the real video:
  6. monkeyjay2003

    HALO MOC index

    Topic is as follows: No profanity Must post image Must not use dropbox, brickshelf and bricksafe work No copying others work If you wish to continue the build, ask user first. Do not be afraid to ask questions. Any type of insult ill have you banned by moderator. Post lxf or xml if digital Use proper links. Have fun, Comrades! Note: I will close or moderator will close if a duplicate topic. No replies after closing. I also can only read PMs in Russian. спасибо!
  7. Flash

    Forward Unto Dawn

    Since I love Halo, and I love Lego, I thought it was time to try something bold. As we all know, a competitor of Lego has the rights to the Halo theme. They recently released the PDF for their flagship, the Forward Unto Dawn (97117) I thought to my self, why not see if I can use that to create it in Lego? Things are going well so far... VS the PDF: Obviously, not everything converts, but most does. Once i get it all in LDD, then I'll look at the parts list and see about affordable replacements (make sure there are no rare elements and whatnot) Might have to give this a go :)
  8. Nealybealy

    [MOC] Promethean Officer

    I was originally working towards building the Didact, but I thought a standard Promethean would be just fine. A high ranking one, though. :P I first built it, then spent 2~ hours painting it. To view the full gallery, click on the pic! Feedback is appreciated! :D
  9. Masked Builder

    [MOC] Halo 4 1:1 Scale Magnum

    I considered for quite a few days whether I really wanted to step into Nick's area of expertise. Then I decided I'd go for it. Four days later this is the result. I'm quite happy with it. And while a functioning one would be sweet, I'd have to start from scratch to even try to do that. 8.5 Inches long. 19. An elegant moc for a more civilized age. Replicate any science-fiction object or device from a favorite movie, video game, or other media in life-size scale. Attention to detail matters here! Click here for reload and melee/strength test video. Flickr Set Facebook