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  1. Nealybealy

    What is Lego Worlds?

    Very nice to see this, interested in visiting the site whenever it's up.
  2. Nealybealy

    New Lego MMO-2013

    You're welcome! Totally agreed. Certainly will push me into playing the game again, as I've recently had very little time to spend on it. Hmm, maybe. You're welcome, too! It was great to have the opportunity to get answers to some of the questions I had (and of course, a few other users suggested questions to me and got them answered).
  3. Nealybealy

    New Lego MMO-2013

    Just was able to interview LMO's Lead Designer, Oscar Lopez Lacalle! Got some pretty nice info on content like Lost Creations and some word on how PvP is going to work! (Read it here) Of course, yeah, the topic's title is a little outdated.. LMO Discussion would probably be a better title.
  4. Nealybealy

    New Lego MMO-2013

    These are one-time use (unique) codes. Sharing it wouldn't do anything if the person used the code already.
  5. Nealybealy

    New Lego MMO-2013

    I've got the 12 month subscription, but can't seem to find 'em yet. Will be asking Support if there are any yet. Guessing our first early access zones will be Mythology World, whenever that's ready. EDIT: There are no extra areas yet. Asked support. No problem! It's pretty good, yeah! Been playing since last year, really enjoying it so far! The Hub is interesting, especially the old version of the minigame platform.
  6. Nealybealy

    New Lego MMO-2013

    Z to zoom into your character. Alt + Z toggles UI too, if you want a better view.
  7. Nealybealy

    New Lego MMO-2013

    Works fine for me. Not sure what the issue is, try support? Also just bought a 12 month subscription. Loving the game so far!
  8. Nealybealy

    New Lego MMO-2013

    Membership and buying diamonds is also out! Going to pick up a 12 month membership later today, $59.99. I enjoyed the game in Beta and certainly look forward to future updates! I've also been uploading some old CB stuff, take a look:
  9. Nealybealy

    New Lego MMO-2013

    Nothing major that I could share here without getting in a lot of trouble for sharing. Looks like CB won't get any "exclusives", but all LEGO Club magazine subscribers will be getting an exclusive minifigure this August/September. I can't say that here either. NDA, you know
  10. Nealybealy

    New Lego MMO-2013

    I'm hoping it's soon too. The end of CB email made it seem like it was very soon, also was nice to hear a little more about the specifics of it. Thought I'd mention this here; the CB NDA is still in effect. Went on Funcom's livechat service and asked, they told me it was still in effect. (until further notice. most likely lifted at Open Beta's start)
  11. Don't come on here much lol

  12. Nealybealy

    [MOC] - BattleMecha Risk Control "White Cloud. Remake"

    That head design is awesome! And it's a really great MOC overall, good job!
  13. Nealybealy

    Hi Lego fans

    As previously stated, welcome! :D
  14. Nealybealy

    B/A: Gallux

    I've got to agree with Zib on the first part; the natural form is really good! Definitely pulled off a nicely done creature there. Not so sure I agree on the next part; the mutated form was supposed to differ and show how things could change, and I think you did a good job showing that. I would say a little more mutation on his body would give a better overall look, though. Good job for a beginning attempt; hope to see more in the future! (Though, what do you normally build?)
  15. Not doing much, just enjoying the summer now!