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  1. monkeyjay2003

    Custom LDD bricks and fixes

    Which ones, specifically? Pressing V for collisions works, it's just that many of the pieces don't have collisions.
  2. monkeyjay2003

    Custom LDD bricks and fixes

    While I'm working on my part, would anyone mind fixing the capes so they can attach with longer hair and won't leave that unsightly gap? I'd do it myself, but I'm afraid CAD isn't my strong suit. Also, if anyone would like Decals designed, I've been doing them for a couple of years now. The resolution won't be as sharp, though, as I do mine to mimic the ones currently in LDD(128 x 128px), not the sharper ones by LDraw(256 x 256px) or Mecabricks(256 x 256px). I'll only work by request, as I have other things to do much like the rest of you. Please PM me a link to a reasonably sized picture of the part, and I'll get to work on it. The decoration will be stored on my Brickshelf, accessible by the link I'll post.
  3. monkeyjay2003

    Custom LDD bricks and fixes

    To make everyone's lives a little easier, I'm forming a spreadsheet of every brick in LDD and determining if it needs UV Mapping(Decorations, areas that should be multi-colored), better or erased collision mapping(E.G capes), is missing connections(Some technic bricks and every tile in existence) or all three. I'll post my findings sometime before the end of the week, separated into each brick category and update requirement. Connections will be tested in real bricks to determine if they are legal or not.
  4. monkeyjay2003

    Custom LDD bricks and fixes

    It has been almost a year since the last update. Hopefully we'll get another, and if we do, there will be broken bricks. I think your work might still be useful.
  5. monkeyjay2003

    LDD 4.3.11 Update Discussion

    Well, it's been four months. Let's hope this is a true resurrection and that we get the full update in two months. I think we will, considering they're teasing us with new parts, and it would be a tad bit cruel to have unfinished parts. The doubt I have is the lack of a true gallery, and that the new LEGO Life app is only available on mobile.
  6. monkeyjay2003

    LDD 4.3.11 Update Discussion

    I'm not sure the old bugs thread is active, might have to contact Calabar or another moderator.
  7. monkeyjay2003

    LDD 4.3.11 Update Discussion

    Holy cow... I guess that proposal was worth it.
  8. I can think of this as something user-friendly like Sketchup compared to BRL-CAD. One is limited, but user-friendly, and the other is used by the U.S Army Research Laboratories, and therefore extremely complicated. It has trade-offs. I for one am not too organized, so I can put up without groupings just fine. Plus, the graphics are better as compared to LDraw before it got the shading update a few months ago.
  9. A worry on open-sourcing the program would be something along the lines of people creating "bricks" that in reality are just custom pieces, creating in a sense a regular CAD program. This would be a problem because it really wouldn't be "LDD" anymore.
  10. Once again, there are some bricks in here which aren't in ldraw. I think it's partly ldraw and a few indigenous bricks.
  11. Nice, I see a few bricks not in LDraw, I think they're doing some indigenous coding. The conical astromech head in LDraw doesn't have decorations, but the brick design is similar. They probably started from LDraw.
  12. Is this a glitch? My LDD is still updating, it parses little bits at a time, at about 30 mb each. I do not modify or run anything extra, I just opened it and it updates again. Is anyone else having this issue? Is it a micro-update? EDIT: It just stopped, opening to see what happened. Re-downloaded, everything OK.
  13. Hah! I knew it would come early October! Oh, yes. I like the new website design. It's more modern.
  14. monkeyjay2003

    LDD 4.3.9 Update Released

    Oh, don't be so negative! I'm thinking this October, at the earliest. I am, however, hypothesizing that TLG will use the software for LEGO Batman, The Movie.