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Found 6 results

  1. Hello, I have been working for awhile on my latest MOC, it's different from my usual MOCs and I am happy to present it to everyone here. [MOC] Lego Insects: A Ladybug, Butterfly, & Dragonfly by Rail Co, on Flickr The Butterfly: The butterfly was one of the most challenging but interesting builds to design. The key factors that make this model special is the ability to move and alter the wings however one pleases. The wings are built using mainly standard bricks and plates, bringing back a simple and nostalgic building experience from the childhood of many. However, there are a few SNOT building techniques. The bottom of the wings use the "headlight" bricks to invert the orientation of the studs allowing me to add the ability to have the bottom curve of the butterfly's wings. There are also studs on the side construction to achieve the curved sides of the wings as well. [MOC] Lego Insects: A Ladybug, Butterfly, & Dragonfly by Rail Co, on Flickr The Ladybug: The Ladybug is what inspired this whole project. The ladybug is small but has a lot of interesting and fun building techniques to get the shape of the ladybug just perfect. Using studs on the side construction as well as the "bracket" pieces make the ladybug slightly more round giving it a more realistic design than other techniques that were tried. The bottom is smoothed out using a mix of headlight bricks, plates, and even 1x1 round plates with a hole in the center! These actually connect to the center tube of the 1x2 brick giving another connection point to make the model more sturdy and makes building the model more engaging, as well as giving others building ideas for their own models. [MOC] Lego Insects: A Ladybug, Butterfly, & Dragonfly by Rail Co, on Flickr The Dragonfly: The dragonfly is the most simple model of the three, however, it still has some tricks up its sleeve. Dragonflies are a very thin and light. The model accurately represents a Dragonfly. The main interesting aspects of the model is the simpleness. After building the first 2 complex insects with small pieces and quirky techniques. This model gives the builder some room to breathe and is composed of simple construction. The most interesting part of the dragonfly for me personally is how I was able to us black minifigure hair to be the eyes of dragonfly. I tried many pieces but nothing ever looked right until I stumbled upon the minifigure hair. This is what makes the dragonfly stand out and still engages the builder with every building step. [MOC] Lego Insects: A Ladybug, Butterfly, & Dragonfly by Rail Co, on Flickr As of now my model is only digital but I hope to start accumulating the parts to build it sometimes within this year. I hope you enjoyed looking at my creation, if you feel so inclined I would love for your support on LEGO Ideas here: Thank you all for looking! -RailCo
  2. Forging Alliances (Challenge IV Prelude, Chapter 6) Previous Prelude chapters: Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Forging Alliances fortifying by skaforhire, on Flickr It was a long night at the Crown Inn for Lady Phlici Maderni of Sand’s End. Smaley had not caught the would-be assassin, and the town was on high alert. So it was even more disheartening when she awoke near dawn to the shouts of the guards, and the ringing of the warning bells. Three Bells, army spotted. She grabbed her dress from the previous day and hurriedly put it on. She was met in the common room of the inn by Ronalo Suarn, the mayor, he was frantic. “A man in blue marches in front of a host of green soldiers. The identifying marks are foreign to me, my lady!” He belted out. This was disturbing, Ronalo was one of the smartest men she knew, he also knew every major sigil in Historica. She prepared for the worst…. =+=+=+=+=+= Three hours later Phlici was standing in front of her inn with General Latrix Veringetrix, but he had told her his ”high sands name” was Lat’ve. He was a good looking man, in his 40s, strong, confident, and somewhat attractive. It was not his looks that got him through the gates of Sand’s End though. Phlici had been hailed by this foreign army when they approached the city. They flew a flag of truce and she was accompanied by Smaley to the parle. Before she left she made sure that every troop she had was on the front wall – she had to look like she had many banner men. She met the leader, dressed in Green. He said his name was Castrix, and he demanded she open her gates to his army, the Salamanders of Ulandia – the sunken city? She asked herself. He looked to have about fifty men at his command… but 20 of these were no man at all… they were insectoid creatures, stuff she only heard rumored from the Rakath mountains. As she was lost in thought, Castrix snapped again “We demand water and shelter, and that your gates are open to us.” She was about to call the whole parle off, when a man in a similar uniform, but blue walked up behind Castrix. “Captain Castrix, there is no need for this, I am sure Lady Maderni will be happy to have a few extra Kaliphlin soldiers held up in her town.” He introduced himself as Latrix, and then. She had 28 men, most of them fat and old, she had no choice. She could not afford a siege right now. So now, just a few hours later she was playing host to a military spectacle. The Salamanders, actually, only one twentieth of the whole legion, as Lat’ve was quick to point out, stood in her market displaying their arms. DSC_3863 by skaforhire, on Flickr “The bug things seem to have no order to them” she said to her guest. “They do what their masters bid in combat, and nothing more, my lady.” Lat’ve said. “ It would be waste of effort to have them line up in squares like the human troops.” He had explained earlier that these were a bug people from Ulandus, and that they were sworn into the Second Legion as harsh melee fighters. He also explained that most enemies surrendered before the “Kalcheta,” swarmers in the modern tongue, before they had to face them. He concluded with a line about the swarmers eating their enemies in the middle of battle. This sounded to her like the fierce battle gnomes of the Witherwoods. She took a quick inventory of the 1st company of the Second Legion. 20 swarmers, ten heavy fighters, 10 pike, and 10 tritons. An interesting compliment. “Where is the rest of the Legion? How many are there?” Lat’ve was slow to answer, as if he was deciding what to divulge. “Each legion has funding for 1000 soldiers. There are twenty companies in this legion.” Twenty companies??? More than one legion??? She was amazed at the numbers – how did they get all the way up here without being noticed by the eyes and ears of the Kaliphlin intelligence agencies? He continued “The Salamanders have been tasked by First Centurion to defend Kaliphlin during the Rejoining, their companies are scattered to all ends of the Guild for this purpose.” She had been told earlier that the Rejoining was the name for the process of bringing Ulandus back into Kaliphlin, as it was 1000 years ago before its sinking. She also learned that “general” and “captain” were just ranks that they were calling themselves to not sound foreign to the Kaliphlinites. Lat’ve’s real title was Third Centurion, while Castrix was a Fourth Centurion. As far as she could figure, there were many Second, Third, Fourth, fifth, etc… centurions, but only one first centurion – the leader of Ulandus DSC_3861 by skaforhire, on Flickr She watched as Castrix took his position on her walls to deliver a speech to her town, her troops, and the Salamanders. She started to wonder if it was her town anymore. Castrix began to speak. “Legionaries, centurions, fellow Kaliphlinites, lend me your ears.” He had a booming voice. “We come today as friends, as Kaliphlinites. In time you will know us as long lost brothers. Be not afraid, for we come to help take care of your border trouble here in Sand’s End. Tomorrow we will march out and take care of the bandit problem, the problem your leaders have not had the strength to handle.” She began to speak, but Lat’ve put a hand on her arm and whispered “He is one for theatrics.” She let it go. Castrix continued, “we will put down the Avalonian Scourge on the King’s way, tame the centaur menace to the north, and we have already put the sand bandits of the south in their place – the grave. Rejoice now that your brothers have come, eat, drink, be merry, know that peace has come to Kaliphlin again, and that the Great Disturbance is over. We are the Salamanders, we are your blood, and we shall spill our blood with you in the name of Kaliphlin!” Cheers went up from his men, and to her surprise, her men. Not her town anymore… She turned to Lat’ve, “what do you want from me?” He smiled, “your introduction and backing to the council. We wish our cities to be fully represented on the high council.” She had a feeling that this was not everything, but she could come to appreciate his smile. DSC_1563 by skaforhire, on Flickr =+=+=+=+=+=+= Three days later the Salamanders made good on their promise. salamanders by skaforhire, on Flickr DSC_1577 by skaforhire, on Flickr At Wagner’s Glen in the Cedrican Plains, the Salamanders met the last of the Centaur raiding parties. In phalanx formation they slaughtered almost every rogue centaur. DSC_1583 by skaforhire, on Flickr DSC_1587 by skaforhire, on Flickr They didn’t even have to take the swarmers, and they left them in town. Phlici found this very disturbing as the they mingled with the populace. hey girl by skaforhire, on Flickr Lat’ve stayed in town too, and she learned much more about Ulandus, but by this time she was more interested in the man himself, although she could not get over his and other Ulandian’s use of Leander as slaves. DSC_1597 by skaforhire, on Flickr
  3. OK, I'm starting a new topic on bugs in LDD 4.3.8. Anything may be posted, just as long as you look back to make sure it hasn't been posted already. And as always, kid appropriate. No swearing!
  4. With a map from the library, the heroes go for their first foray around Eubric on the job for the very first time. Navigating through the winding trails of the bustling city, they watch as the sky turns from a blue to a dim gray... The pair of amatuer heroes soon see their destination in sight. Those two heroes were... Darksten (Comrade Commander) 35 year old Male Human Ranger Level 1 Power: 4 Health: 6/6 Gold: 5 Equipment: Crossbow (WP: 3) Inventory: Potion, Smoke bomb, Bedroll Hoang Anh (hoanganhbeo) 20 years old Male Human Knight Level 1 Power: 4 Defense: 2 Health: 10/10 Gold: 5 Equipment: Sword (WP: 3); Shield (SP: 2) Inventory: Potion, Bedroll The ranger and the knight, not sensing any confrontation ahead, head towards the toweing Hovels wall. From what little they know of the city, this recently-erected monument was the one thing seperating the poor from the rest of the city... A guard stands vigil in front of the wall, brandishing a spear. He looks at the motley pair, tipping his spear in their direction. "Halt. What is your business here?" How will the party respond? QM Note: Comrade Commander and Hoanganhbeo, welcome to Heroica! If you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask: I just request that each of you post in this thread within the next 24 hours.
  5. KotZ

    [LDD MOC] Bugs!

    Even though I still can't build with physical bricks for another week, I finally got a chance to build something in LDD today. I present to you, a college student with a bed bug problem!
  6. Report all 4.3.5 bugs here You're right. Workaround: Place the visor on a 3842 helmet. Rotate the visor about 7 degrees forward (flip it down). Now it will fit on the 87781. EDIT: You can report in this forum (here is the new topic for 4.3.5). I collect each and everyone and send to the LDD Team. You can also report a bug to the LEGO Customer Service help desk.