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Found 6 results

  1. Captain Braunsfeld

    [WZ16 - DK] I Want To Hold Your Hand

    MAGE NETWORK NEWSFLASH! Lady Phlici engaged to Desert King Ambassador! Sands End is surprised and happy about this news! Read all about it! Yesterday, an official meeting with the ambassadors of the Ulandus, High Council and the Desert King took place in Sands End - accompanied by fine musicians. Lat’ve, the Ulandus ambassador, had been in the city for a while, trying to win Lady Phlici's heart. Hinz, the unshaven, ambassador for the High Council managed to arrive just in time, his attire slightly deranged by the plight of the voyage. Apparently, Lady Phlici was shocked by his appearence. See Lady Phlici being shocked: Luckily, the Desert King's ambassador was there to save the day. It soon became clear that Lady Phlici only had eyes for the DK ambassador. No big wonder though. The elderly High Council guy, hungry from his journey, was more interested in cake anyway. And Lat've, having been unable to get closer to Lady Phlici for weeks, took a fancy to the wine that was offered on the occasion. And so Lady Phlici fell in love with the charming young man from the desert - and she happily accepted his proposal. While Hinz was working his way through the cake... ... and Lat've was drunk and fast asleep. What a happy ending for Lady Phlici and Sands End! Here you can see both 16x8 MOCs side by side: I keep wondering where I've seen the face of the DK's ambassador before... (Not much space to do huge stories on 8x16 when you have to depict four different parties...) C&C welcome.
  2. Lat've stared hard at his antagonist. He had been challenged by the mummy facing him for the hand of Lady Philici, on whom, as the city of Sands' End came in the deal, the Desert King had set his greedy eyes. His clever plans, however, were destined to be thwarted. The sword and spear clashed and the grating sound filled the air. While the mummy leapt about with the agility of a monkey, Lat've stood calmly on his guard waiting for the right moment to strike... After defeating his opponent in the duel, Lat've returned victoriously to Sand's End, where he proposed to to Lady Philici, by whom he was accepted - of course! A couple of different views: The proposal: My entry to WZ16... a bonus to anyone who knows what inspired the first build! If anyone can figure out what inspired the second though - now that would be impressive! Thanks for viewing, C&C are welcome!
  3. Warzone 16: Shot through the heart… and Desert King is to blame. Location: C7 Who Can Participate: Everyone, love knows no bounds. Terrain and history: Sands End has been through a lot during the civil war. For the history and terrain of this area, see the prelude. Mini-challenge: The Battle for the Heart. After the fall of Northwall, the Desert King set its sight on the northern jewel of the North Road, the home of the present Guardian of the North Gate, Lady Phlici, the venerable city of Sands End. The troops of the north are wary. The Desert King’s men have been on a tear, but even they are a bit winded at the moment. Ulandus is hardly holding on to the region, and the High Council was still trying to make inroads as it looks like Queenscross will fall shortly. However, Sands end can be won in a different manner. Through the love of its leader. She is currently single, and smitten with one General Lat’ve, Third Centurion of Ulandus. But these are dire times, and a noble has to make the best marriage possible. There is a chance a suitor may come that offers a more promising union that will spare Sands End any more carnage during this war. Ulandus, fend off the suitors! Show Lat’ve keeping the heart of Phlici. (Lat’ve can look like any human male – or heck, throw in a new Ulandian suitor if the centurion is not to your taste.) High Council and Desert King, seduce or woo Phlici into a union which will keep her city safely allied to your side for the rest of the war. Remember, this is a competition for Phlici’s hand, and thus may (and should) end up in some direct confrontation between the three factions. All of which, if unarmed, are allowed within the gates of Sands End. (So if you are showing violence, there should be a good reason why it can happen within the gates – an alternative to this is that duels may be fought outside the gates) This is a two part build. You can also build it in two 8x8 max MOCs or one 16x16 MOC. For the challengers, it should be clear how you got Lat’ve out of the picture, as well as how your new suitor won Phlici’s hand. For the defenders of Lat’ve’s union with Phlici, you should show Lat’ve defending his love, and at one point finally getting Phlici to affirm her love for him and accept his marriage proposal. Restrictions: 8x16 times 2 MOCs or one 16x16, with limited overhang. Due Date: May 10th
  4. Warzone 6: Last Stand of the Salamanders Location: B7 Who Can Participate: Ulandus and Desert King (Unless A path is opened up by the HIGH COUNCIL before the end of the minichallenge) Terrain: After a series of pushes in the Arkbri valley, primarily from the Desert King, the Northern Ulandians find themselves in the crosshairs once again. This time, the 2nd Legion, the Salamanders (green colors) are holding the last remnants of the once vital Northern corridor. This battle takes place around the town of Northwall. sandendonmap by skaforhire, on Flickr Northwall is the last major Kaliphlin settlement going north before the Cedrican Grasslands and Avalonia. Its climate is no longer desert, but tall grasslands with the occasional trees. Northwall itself has high walls, in which the Salamanders and their allies have barricaded themselves behind. The forces of the Desert King are all over the region, including a small siege of the town. The buildings of Northwall and its surroundings are a mix between Kaliphlin and Avalonian. History: Once just a tiny town on the frontier, Northwall has now passed Sand’s End as the northern most Kaliphlin settlement. It is mostly a guard post to keep rogue raiding parties out of the region. Little trade goes through the town, as they do not have the populace to support the vast market days that Sand’s End has. For this reason, most people living in Northwall are related to the military somehow. Mini-challenge: Northwall’s defenses are quite hardy. Desert King forces should depict a clever way to get through( or over, or under) the wall. Ulandus forces should depict a MOC where the Salamanders and allies cleverly repel the oncoming invaders. Both teams need to depict the walls of Northwall in some manner. Both teams should depict Ulandus forces in some manner – they don’t have to be replicas of the forces used in the preludes, but should have green in their color scheme if possible. Secondary judging category: Best Wall. Winner of this title will become “Defensive Architect of Kaliphlin” Restrictions: 16x32 Due Date: April 12th WARMAP318 by skaforhire, on Flickr
  5. Forging Alliances (Challenge IV Prelude, Chapter 6) Previous Prelude chapters: Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Forging Alliances fortifying by skaforhire, on Flickr It was a long night at the Crown Inn for Lady Phlici Maderni of Sand’s End. Smaley had not caught the would-be assassin, and the town was on high alert. So it was even more disheartening when she awoke near dawn to the shouts of the guards, and the ringing of the warning bells. Three Bells, army spotted. She grabbed her dress from the previous day and hurriedly put it on. She was met in the common room of the inn by Ronalo Suarn, the mayor, he was frantic. “A man in blue marches in front of a host of green soldiers. The identifying marks are foreign to me, my lady!” He belted out. This was disturbing, Ronalo was one of the smartest men she knew, he also knew every major sigil in Historica. She prepared for the worst…. =+=+=+=+=+= Three hours later Phlici was standing in front of her inn with General Latrix Veringetrix, but he had told her his ”high sands name” was Lat’ve. He was a good looking man, in his 40s, strong, confident, and somewhat attractive. It was not his looks that got him through the gates of Sand’s End though. Phlici had been hailed by this foreign army when they approached the city. They flew a flag of truce and she was accompanied by Smaley to the parle. Before she left she made sure that every troop she had was on the front wall – she had to look like she had many banner men. She met the leader, dressed in Green. He said his name was Castrix, and he demanded she open her gates to his army, the Salamanders of Ulandia – the sunken city? She asked herself. He looked to have about fifty men at his command… but 20 of these were no man at all… they were insectoid creatures, stuff she only heard rumored from the Rakath mountains. As she was lost in thought, Castrix snapped again “We demand water and shelter, and that your gates are open to us.” She was about to call the whole parle off, when a man in a similar uniform, but blue walked up behind Castrix. “Captain Castrix, there is no need for this, I am sure Lady Maderni will be happy to have a few extra Kaliphlin soldiers held up in her town.” He introduced himself as Latrix, and then. She had 28 men, most of them fat and old, she had no choice. She could not afford a siege right now. So now, just a few hours later she was playing host to a military spectacle. The Salamanders, actually, only one twentieth of the whole legion, as Lat’ve was quick to point out, stood in her market displaying their arms. DSC_3863 by skaforhire, on Flickr “The bug things seem to have no order to them” she said to her guest. “They do what their masters bid in combat, and nothing more, my lady.” Lat’ve said. “ It would be waste of effort to have them line up in squares like the human troops.” He had explained earlier that these were a bug people from Ulandus, and that they were sworn into the Second Legion as harsh melee fighters. He also explained that most enemies surrendered before the “Kalcheta,” swarmers in the modern tongue, before they had to face them. He concluded with a line about the swarmers eating their enemies in the middle of battle. This sounded to her like the fierce battle gnomes of the Witherwoods. She took a quick inventory of the 1st company of the Second Legion. 20 swarmers, ten heavy fighters, 10 pike, and 10 tritons. An interesting compliment. “Where is the rest of the Legion? How many are there?” Lat’ve was slow to answer, as if he was deciding what to divulge. “Each legion has funding for 1000 soldiers. There are twenty companies in this legion.” Twenty companies??? More than one legion??? She was amazed at the numbers – how did they get all the way up here without being noticed by the eyes and ears of the Kaliphlin intelligence agencies? He continued “The Salamanders have been tasked by First Centurion to defend Kaliphlin during the Rejoining, their companies are scattered to all ends of the Guild for this purpose.” She had been told earlier that the Rejoining was the name for the process of bringing Ulandus back into Kaliphlin, as it was 1000 years ago before its sinking. She also learned that “general” and “captain” were just ranks that they were calling themselves to not sound foreign to the Kaliphlinites. Lat’ve’s real title was Third Centurion, while Castrix was a Fourth Centurion. As far as she could figure, there were many Second, Third, Fourth, fifth, etc… centurions, but only one first centurion – the leader of Ulandus DSC_3861 by skaforhire, on Flickr She watched as Castrix took his position on her walls to deliver a speech to her town, her troops, and the Salamanders. She started to wonder if it was her town anymore. Castrix began to speak. “Legionaries, centurions, fellow Kaliphlinites, lend me your ears.” He had a booming voice. “We come today as friends, as Kaliphlinites. In time you will know us as long lost brothers. Be not afraid, for we come to help take care of your border trouble here in Sand’s End. Tomorrow we will march out and take care of the bandit problem, the problem your leaders have not had the strength to handle.” She began to speak, but Lat’ve put a hand on her arm and whispered “He is one for theatrics.” She let it go. Castrix continued, “we will put down the Avalonian Scourge on the King’s way, tame the centaur menace to the north, and we have already put the sand bandits of the south in their place – the grave. Rejoice now that your brothers have come, eat, drink, be merry, know that peace has come to Kaliphlin again, and that the Great Disturbance is over. We are the Salamanders, we are your blood, and we shall spill our blood with you in the name of Kaliphlin!” Cheers went up from his men, and to her surprise, her men. Not her town anymore… She turned to Lat’ve, “what do you want from me?” He smiled, “your introduction and backing to the council. We wish our cities to be fully represented on the high council.” She had a feeling that this was not everything, but she could come to appreciate his smile. DSC_1563 by skaforhire, on Flickr =+=+=+=+=+=+= Three days later the Salamanders made good on their promise. salamanders by skaforhire, on Flickr DSC_1577 by skaforhire, on Flickr At Wagner’s Glen in the Cedrican Plains, the Salamanders met the last of the Centaur raiding parties. In phalanx formation they slaughtered almost every rogue centaur. DSC_1583 by skaforhire, on Flickr DSC_1587 by skaforhire, on Flickr They didn’t even have to take the swarmers, and they left them in town. Phlici found this very disturbing as the they mingled with the populace. hey girl by skaforhire, on Flickr Lat’ve stayed in town too, and she learned much more about Ulandus, but by this time she was more interested in the man himself, although she could not get over his and other Ulandian’s use of Leander as slaves. DSC_1597 by skaforhire, on Flickr
  6. Traitors at Trade Day (Challenge IV Prelude, Chapter 5) Previous Prelude chapters: Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Traitors at Trade Day sandsend by skaforhire, on Flickr sandendonmap by skaforhire, on Flickr Lady Phlici Maderni of Sand's End stretched as she exited the Crown Inn. This was what was left of the Maderni fortune, her husband, killed at Queenscross during the battle against Revolword’s forces, had spent most of it trying to rebuild Sand’s End and defend its people. Now, the current drought in southern Avalonia and Northern Kaliphlin left the region a ghostly semblance of its former self. All her money was tied up in this Inn, that nobody ever visited. She was still the Lady of Sand’s End, and she still sat on the Council of Lords of Kaliphlin, although her husband had once been a High Lord. However, by the look of today’s trade day, perhaps Sand’s End would no longer qualify for even a spot on the lower council. One the first defense against northern aggression, Sand’s End had lost that importance and the council money for defense, when Northwall – a smaller, yet more fortified town to the north -- was annexed over a hundred years ago. Now the guild soldier called that town home, and kept the borders safe from bandits. Except… they weren’t. The Revolword War, the drought, the Drow, and now the Great Disturbance had taken a toll on Kaliphlin. The council sent less money and soldiers to Northwall, not at all to Sand’s End. The Lord of Northwall, Pryor Rhodes, barely sent the troops at his disposal out on patrol, and now Avalonian raiders, Centaurs from the Cedrican plains, and sand bandits cropped up all over Northern Kaliphlin. Her own men, the few she could afford, had to stay within the formable walls of Sand’s End to keep order within the town – they could not be spared to save the countryside. The Trade Day was the most recent casualty to the ongoing troubles in the region. DSC_1540 by skaforhire, on Flickr DSC_1533 by skaforhire, on Flickr As she strode out the door she was met by her Clerk and Mayor, Ronalo Suarn, a Varlyrian immigrant. He was always asking her to tighten her wallet, or else “the city will surely fall without due frugalness.” Today was no different. “My lady,” he said without bowing, “The payment for the guards is overdue!” W “I know, you will find we have this month’s wages in the strongbox in the inn.” She walked past Stelvin Crow, the last farmer within her domain. Stelvin was still trying to sell his gigantic carrots, but everyone in Sand’s End was sick of Carrot stew. When she ignored him, he almost attacked Ronalo. “Sir! These are the best Carrots in all of Historica!” He shouted in the mayor’s face. She tuned them out and noticed a strange pale man bowing to her. She had never seen him before. She moved to talk to Olgie Artsonbrose, the local fine craftsmen and jewler. Every week he swore he was not coming back to the market day. “No customers worth a grain of salt! And I haven’t seen a ducat in weeks, so I would be happy to receive salt!” He claimed last week. She looked around the market, nobody had even rented the large wall stalls and many tables were empty of wares– this was getting bad indeed. DSC_1543 by skaforhire, on Flickr She finally noticed her one-eyed guard captain, Smaley Al’Green, behind her. He was her only bodyguard nowadays. Olgie’s wares were fine, but also the same wares she had seen last week… and the week before… and the week before that. It looked like he really hadn’t moved any merchandise these last few trade days. She turned to Smaley, “Do you know who the man with the funny hat was? Where is he selling from?” “M’ladee” he said in one drawn out word, “ I am’nt aquainted wit da place he claims to call home, Ulanta I think?” he cleared his throat, “ But there’s ‘nother merch from tha place too. He brings books.” Books? She thought, incredible! She had not had a new book in her hand since her last visit to Petraea. She next went to Nelva’s table. DSC_1545 by skaforhire, on Flickr Nelva’s pitch was new. “I’ve got what this town needs, a baby mummy! He is the son of the risen Desert King!” She exclaimed. “ Only 100 Ducats! Think of the power you will bring to this town My Lady!” IF Only Nelva knew that Phlici barely had 100 ducats left, and by the turnout today, it looks like nobody would be staying in the inn tonight, and the receipts from table and stall rentals will be almost non-existent. Instead of answering Nelva directly, she turned to Ronalo, who was still being harassed by Stelvin, and said “Check if Nelva has the proper permit to sell ‘mummies’ within Kaliphlin Borders.” Nelva breathed quickly, an audible snort and blurted “well, maybe it is not a real baby mummy.” Phlici moved on to the Avalonian selling wine and beer. She hated that the only trader making money today was from Avalonia. She knew that Kendrick had free passage from the Avalonian raiders who now controlled the Cedrica Road. The same raiders that have kept her from making the last two council meetings. She turned to Smaely and said “Make sure that we collect all the taxes from this one.” DSC_1546 by skaforhire, on Flickr She bypassed the funny man with the weird hat’s table, it was basic prettys, but nothing she desired, and moved to the book cart. DSC_1553 by skaforhire, on Flickr “Greetings M’Lady, a caped man with a hook said with a very heavy southern Kaliphlin accent. “Are you a fan of the great works? I have many indeed.” He gave her a quick smile, but she was already thumbing through the titles. Edwin Kalphrate’s Seven Great Battles of Kaliphlin --- first edition!!!! Kaliphlin Proverbs and other short stories, author unknown. 1001 Tales of Princess Ali’De Shek Curlzon’s Greater Plane of Existence Smaley interrupted her. “I don’t like his slave.” He whispered to Phlici. Smaley didn’t like slaves in general, and Phlici refused to let them be traded within the town limits as her own distaste for the institution was widely known. However, they were allowed to come into the city. She glanced over and noticed a Leander man staring down Smaley – He had many scars, and did look on edge. However, she went back to look at the titles. Finally she asked “ Where are you from?” “I am one of First Centurion’s subjects.” He replied. “Who?” “I am from Ulandus” She looked at him hard now. “The sunken city?” “Much more than a city my lady, and we were never sunk, just lost. But that has all changed.” He smiled. Well, wherever this fool came from, he had some great books – many that had dates of publication hundreds of years ago that she had not heard of! He glee was then interrupted as Smaley threw her to the ground. DSC_1555 by skaforhire, on Flickr From the copse of trees came a very quick man, Phlici could not get a good look, but she was fairly sure he was Avalonian. Smaley parried the man’s blows as the Leander Slave jumped in front of his master who hit the ground also. Before she knew it the would-be assassin was dashing away with Smaley in pursuit. DSC_1556 by skaforhire, on Flickr Ronalo grabbed her and got her back inside the inn, where they bolted the door – definitely not making any money today, she thought wryly to herself. choose by skaforhire, on Flickr