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Found 11 results

  1. LEGO did a great job in re-releasing R2-D2 as 75308, but there are still some parts not the same as the real one. So I've made the followings: - changed the outlook of the leg's fuel cells - flushed the third leg outlet panels (front and rear) by 1 plate - completed third leg outlet panels by adding the left and right sides - switched the position of the buttons and pillars of the legs (same as the 2012 version) - changed the outlook of the middle exhaust vents - moved the tools compartments further outward and made it taller - filled the gap between the head and the body - more SNOT outlook - push-to-open the lightsaber cover 195 extra pieces are required. Spare parts are also needed, about 80 original pieces will be left. Instruction available at Happy building. Have fun and enjoy!
  2. Inthert

    T-70 X-wing [MOC]

    Although this has been up on Flickr for a good while now, I thought I might as well share it here too :) This is my version of Poe's T-70 from The Force Awakens (but of course you already knew that :P) The model features the all important S-foils, opening cockpit, functional landing gear and a working droid lift for BB-8 Poe’s T-70 X wing (1) by Inthert, on Flickr Poe’s T-70 X wing (8) by Inthert, on Flickr Poe’s T-70 X wing (9) by Inthert, on Flickr Instructions, more information and pictures are available on my Flickr page and even more pictures are now up on Brickshelf. Following a conversation on Flickr, I now appreciate that the forward fuselage isn't quite right for a T-70, this is something I'm planning on modifying when I get the time. Any other suggestions or comments are very welcome!
  3. The mid size series would not be complete without BB8 BB8 by Daniel Stoeffler, onFlickr First day, the newbie BB8+Wall-e_Eve by Daniel Stoeffler, on Flickr R2-D2 shows him the right direction BB8+R2-D2 by Daniel Stoeffler, on Flickr The 3 droids stars of SW7 BB8+R2-D2_C-3PO by Daniel Stoeffler, on Flickr They are on Ideas ( ) and are waiting for your support. The complete mid-size series five_droids by Daniel Stoeffler, on Flickr Enjoy
  4. Note: this is a copy of a thread in the Technic section - it was originally started there, but it was suggested to me that folks at SW section might be interested as well. The original thread is here: So, I want to share with you complete and free instructions for modding the UCS BB-8 set to be fully RC. And by fully RC I mean: it can drive, steer, it has rotating side panels (so it appears to be rolling when viewed from side) and retains the wobbly head. Ths instructions are available at and while they're completely free, you may want to consider a small donation if you feel it is earned at Here's the video followed by a link to photos and description: More:
  5. I'm not 100% sure if this belongs here, seeing as it's a Technic mod of a Star Wars set, but let the moderators decide. So, I want to share with you complete and free instructions for modding the UCS BB-8 set to be fully RC. And by fully RC I mean: it can drive, steer, it has rotating side panels (so it appears to be rolling when viewed from side) and retains the wobbly head. Ths instructions are available at and while they're completely free, you may want to consider a small donation if you feel it is earned at Here's the video followed by a link to photos and description: More:
  6. R5-N2

    [MOC] Star(wars)'s kids

    Don't forget the love glove and don't drink too much!
  7. With the recent release of The Force Awakens, the seventh installment to the Star Wars Franchise (If you haven't heard of TFA, I wouldn't be surprised, almost no advertising and no merchandise was made for the movie), fans have been in love with the newest droid, BB-8. The new look to the droid caused many Lego builders to desire their own, and HenrikLego did just that. Totaling at nearly 11K pieces, Henrik built an enormous droid for a local theater of his, and even included the local community of AFOLs with an LDD file for it. His original topic for this MOC is here: After seeing it, I immediately wanted one of my own. After an incredibly long and difficult debate with my wallet, I decided to pursue my own BB-8. Using the LDD File, I generated a parts list for bricklink totaling 10,909 pieces. I looked over the parts needed for this and took note of some of the nuisances. White Brick 2 x 4 (1184 needed) - The part itself is not all that rare, but getting it in new condition (Getting White Bricks in used condition is a nightmare) in that quantity was a challenge. It ultimately ended up costing me 25 cents per brick. White Plate 1 x 2 (1385 needed) - Also very difficult to get in large quantities, but I managed to find it for about 10 cents per piece. White Plate 1 x 3 (527 needed) - It always seems like 1 x 3 plates are a pain to obtain, this was the case here. About 15 cents per piece. Orange Plate 1 x 8 (25 needed) - I did not imagine this piece being very rare, but I ended up placing about 5 orders for it, despite it being cheap. About 10 cents per piece. White Plate 4 x 10 (24 needed) - The large quantity drove the price way up. 48 cents per piece. White Plate 2 x 2 Corner (374 needed) - Once again a hard to find piece that I never would picture as rare. About 12.5 cents per piece. That rounds out the worst bricks and pieces for me, the rest are not very difficult to find, but prepare yourself for about 11 cents per piece, I optimized smaller amount of orders over saving a few cents per piece because shipping charges really drive up the final price. To date I am glad to say that I have ordered all 10,909 pieces, just waiting for them to arrive. However, I have not started designing a desert base for BB-8, I need to work on this ASAP. Once the pieces come in, I of course will have to count them (I am not looking forward to this at all, but more and more it seems that bricklink sellers don't have the ability to count) and check off that everything is in my possession, including parts for a base. I hope to keep you guys updated as much as possible throughout this process, but for now I need to explain to my wallet why an enormous chunk was taken out of it.
  8. I am not the first to have built BB-8 out of Lego or at a UCS scale, but I couldn't resist building my own version after having a surplus of white plates left over from my other project. Hope you like BB-8 joining the droid family. The Red astromech droid is R5-D4 from ANH. Awesome Foursome by Miro Dudas, on Flickr cheers Miro
  9. On seeing that there was no working LEGO BB-8 Droid on the shelves at Christmas 2015, and only ready-made products from other companies that would not hold my interest, I decided to do what I could to redress the balance. Here is my project to create a moving Technic BB-8 droid with Power Functions. The aim of the project is to make a driveable BB-8 droid with Power Functions that the user would build from instructions like a normal Technic kit. I will leave programmability as an option for EV3 experts to do in another project. SInce one of the criteria for viability as a LEGO set is the price point, I am aiming for £100, similar to the Cargo Plane 42025. Even with the motors I hope it will end up no more expensive than the Crawler 4x4. The Sphero product is £130 so my project needs to demonstrate equal value to the user for that sort of price. So far I have a Technic sphere with an internal mechanism to roll it, though I am making improvements before making a video. I started with a tiny head for the first prototype, then a rather squashed head for the second one. Now, with the first update to the project I have a much better head shape. The head also has a self-levelling mechanism. The sphere, made with Technic axle joints and panel pieces, is a bit uneven, so I have improved that too. The updated head is designed to cope with some unevenness. I hope to get it to roll reliably soon, so that I can post a video for a further update. There will be more updates throughout the year as I make improvements. Please would you take a look and support the project. Remember that you will be supporting the idea of a driveable LEGO Technic BB-8 droid that the user can build themselves; I will get as far as I can this year, or in any time extension that is granted following your support. Many thanks! Please spread the word and share with your friends. It will take a lot of support for us to let the LEGO company know we want them to produce a moving BB-8 droid in a set! Mark
  10. Feshbismcup

    Rolling Lego BB-8

    Basically it is a BB-8 model that uses the large spheres that came with the Planet Series for its body. Inside you'll find magnets from M-Tron sets and weights from the solid hull boat sets from the days of old. With all those parts, when the body rolls, the head will stay up on top. Here is a little video of it in action. And this photo depicts the internal components.
  11. kresty

    Full Size BB-8

    Our Lego BB-8 - full size, still a work in progress... My Lego BB-8 mostly complete! Here he is talking: (yea, I know it's the old voice, this was right after the movie was released, his voice is better now) BB-8 has his own blog at and facebook page and twitter Lego Mouse and BB-8 Dressed for Holidays (Hmm, the "Edit" button is dangerously close to the "Report" button!)