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Found 23 results

  1. This is a continuation of this project, which seemed to be quite thoroughly shelved, but recently got some new traction. Well, it's been a while... Since then I've changed few jobs, moved to another country and managed to bring the whole thing with me not losing any significant bits, except, maybe, LiPo charger. A lot of information is given in original post, but the short recap - this is an attempt to make a flying machine with 99% LEGO airframe. The powertrain and control system are, of course, totally non-LEGO, but, you know, the goal justifies the means... Though actual flying is not very likely, I did everything in my power to make it as close to the real flying thing as possible. At least, it should spectacularly burst into bricks :) Anyway, people call me crazy for this, but I don't mind. Let's have fun together :) Ah, yes, in order to keep the bricks together, almost everything is glued, except various fairings, access hatches and so on. Wing, tail fin, nose are also detachable. Since the restart, I reworked the flaps and literally a week ago I've found those Lego-compatible servo motors (like those used in this nice walking robot) Before that I planned to use micro motors with separate potentiometer, standard servo controller and H-bridge for higher Lego motor voltage. This even worked, but the torque of the micro motor is really tiny (about 1.5 N*cm) and that bothered me. New servos are sporting more comfortable 5 N*cm and also making the whole contraption a little simpler, also allowing for bigger ailerons. Anyway, the flaps are still operated by pair of micro motors with the same setup - potentiometer, servo controller, H-bridge. They drive the linear actuator via simple reduction gear and flap position should be read directly from the flap. Also, the Lego-compatible servo comes with the short axle and doesn't really fit. Would be much better if they make a axle hole instead... Next thing that got love and attention was the pneumatic system for the landing gear. While it is not complete, the pipes were installed and valves tested. Later it should be controlled by Arduino with few pressure sensors and more H-bridges, just because of complexity and small space available. Thing that I personally like and proud of is that all the machinery is hidden under the floor :) Few more shots of the wings - Next big thing will be finalizing the motor/propeller combo. I've made a thrust measuring rig fir this :) To actually start selecting the motors and propellers I need the battery charger instead of the one that was lost, so, now I'm waiting for it to arrive as well as for some electronic components for Arduino and another Lego-compatible servo, this time with 20 N*cm torque which will control the elevator. Having such big servo also allows making a bigger elevator which seems rather important. I've made a great progress during the Christmas holidays, I had a two week vacation and with the city in the lockdown it was really enjoyable way to spend the time. Now the holidays are over and despite the missing pieces, parts and components are about to arrive, I expect the building pace to slow down. Expect few videos of working components. Thanks for your attention and keep calling me crazy :)
  2. The Apollo 11 Saturn V rocket by LEGO Ideas users saabfan and whatsuptoday been confirmed, and is being released as 21309 NASA Apollo Saturn V! Full details in this Ideas blog post. 1 meter tall (over 39 inches) (!!!) 1969 pieces (we see what you did there, LEGO! ) USD 119.99 / EURO 119.99 / GPB 109.99 (wow, amazingly inexpensive, all things considered) Available June 1st, 2017 Original Ideas submission image: Announcement video:
  3. Hello Everybody My Name is Dani, im a 36 years old LEGO fanatic from Zürich Switzerland and im a brandnew eurobricks member. ;-) Im proud to introduce you my Liebherr R 9150 excavator in the scale 1:13. Yeah i know, the mining machines from Liebherr are white in real, but i like the yellow Liebherr color design much more. It is „only“ a scale model and has no functions, motors etc, cause the construction is just too heavy. I dont know the wheight exactly, but i think its about 40 pounds, this thing is HUGE. As you can see, i used alot parts, only for the black track-chains about 1200 pieces. I worked on this Monster since 3 years, of course with a lot breaks between. Effort in hours: i guess about 300. Please let me know what you think. If you have any questions, just ask. ;-)
  4. Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, BEHOLD: The Mighty MAZ 7310 Uragan Cargo Truck, in LEGO! This massive set, which I have designed over the course of two years, stands almost ten inches tall, two feet long, and is comprised of almost 7,000 pieces. I sat at my computer for hours a day, sometimes, surfing the web, looking at blueprints, building, deleting, building some more, etc. And now, finally, I can reveal my masterpiece to the world! Bwa-ha-ha! Okay, anyway, I have designed my set for maximum playability, stuffing it full of all sorts of awesome goodies, like opening hood, doors, tailgate, and utility boxes. A removable roof, folding rear seats, free-spinning wheels (including the steering wheel), two Diesel engine options, a generator, compressor, radiator, Master Mechanic's Toolkit, fuel and water drums, 12v batteries, large cargo container, winch, wide-load flags, roof racks, warning beacon, fog lights, two sets of mirrors, lightbars, and more! (Whew! I'm out of breath!) Now, for the real machine: The MAZ 7310 (Minsk Automobile Plant, in Russian), was a large 8-wheeled Missile Transport truck built in the 1950s and 60s. Soon after, people started using them as cargo trucks, tankers, tow trucks, and airport fire trucks. Alright, that's it! Thank you all for looking at my LEGO creation! If you have any questions, comment, I'll do my best to respond ASAP. Happy building and have a great day! Update: Also, some of you may have noticed that the cab of the real vehicle is slightly longer. This is true, I had to shorten the LEGO version out of necessity, as the extra length could’ve affected my MOC’s stability and structural integrity. I suppose I could probably figure it out eventually, but I like it how it is. Thanks for understanding!
  5. Theramore Castle by Mark E., on Flickr Long time absent from Eurobricks! Thankfully I have some new stuff to share with you guys! Built in just over six months and using more than 55,600 pieces, Theramore Castle is my largest creation so far in my LEGO building experience. It's definitely not my landscape-focused norm, but it was a fantastic and difficult challenge to complete it. This model is built as closely as possible to the actual Theramore Castle in the World of Warcraft Video Game. Sorry the pictures aren't the highest quality. This MOC was so large that it was very hard to photograph! Thanks for viewing and have a great day! Theramore Castle by Mark E., on Flickr Theramore Castle by Mark E., on Flickr Theramore Castle by Mark E., on Flickr Theramore Castle by Mark E., on Flickr
  6. TheGeneralMoe

    MOC: UCS Imperial Star Destroyer

    It has arrived: My UCS Moc of the Devastator. This is my largest and most accurate model to date, started off as a rebuild of my older model which was disproportional and poorly built in some places. The Model confines al the main features including a battery of 8 turbo lasers, 2 hangers with docking arms, underside tractor beam and swappable tractor beam targeting arrays that can change the ship between a Imperial I class destroyer to a Imperial II class destroyer. The model comes on a removable start and has no interior features, apart from storage for extra parts such as plugs to fill in the stand gaps in the hanger and the secondary Tractor beam array. The bridge and superstructure come in 2 removable parts to ease the weight of his heavy model. The two destroyer variants: Glory to the Empire! This is the topic for the build process, to see how it was done: Full album with additional photos here:
  7. Well, i was proud of it at the time, but i feel now that my ISD isn't sufficient enough. Numerous add ons and additions have made the model a bit unstable and the inaccuracies need to be addressed. The main issue however is the disproportional build! The bridge is too large and wide compared to the rest of the body, and it lacks the correct amount of hangers and indents in the panels. This is all a result of me following along the structure of set 6211, which focused on an interior, messing up the proportions. I talk about it in the original post: Now however i start from scratch, and you guys get to follow on and give out suggestions! It starts now with the gathering of extra parts and deconstructing the original destroyer. The plan is to make it bigger, more sturdy and more accurate. Got to gather up all available reference material for this beast... Last photo of it intact. Major sections now removed. I plan to keep the bridge the same, perhaps with some slight corrections. However the rest needs to be broken up and sorted... Now people can see the frame of the build, and the messy interior...
  8. Marts25

    MOC: The Wild Horse

    Hi everybody, I present you the Wild Horse, a very huge creation of myself that many people would like to assemble, 1100 bricks and 75 cm long... Beside the Death Star, it's so... I don't know? WILD!
  9. With the recent release of The Force Awakens, the seventh installment to the Star Wars Franchise (If you haven't heard of TFA, I wouldn't be surprised, almost no advertising and no merchandise was made for the movie), fans have been in love with the newest droid, BB-8. The new look to the droid caused many Lego builders to desire their own, and HenrikLego did just that. Totaling at nearly 11K pieces, Henrik built an enormous droid for a local theater of his, and even included the local community of AFOLs with an LDD file for it. His original topic for this MOC is here: After seeing it, I immediately wanted one of my own. After an incredibly long and difficult debate with my wallet, I decided to pursue my own BB-8. Using the LDD File, I generated a parts list for bricklink totaling 10,909 pieces. I looked over the parts needed for this and took note of some of the nuisances. White Brick 2 x 4 (1184 needed) - The part itself is not all that rare, but getting it in new condition (Getting White Bricks in used condition is a nightmare) in that quantity was a challenge. It ultimately ended up costing me 25 cents per brick. White Plate 1 x 2 (1385 needed) - Also very difficult to get in large quantities, but I managed to find it for about 10 cents per piece. White Plate 1 x 3 (527 needed) - It always seems like 1 x 3 plates are a pain to obtain, this was the case here. About 15 cents per piece. Orange Plate 1 x 8 (25 needed) - I did not imagine this piece being very rare, but I ended up placing about 5 orders for it, despite it being cheap. About 10 cents per piece. White Plate 4 x 10 (24 needed) - The large quantity drove the price way up. 48 cents per piece. White Plate 2 x 2 Corner (374 needed) - Once again a hard to find piece that I never would picture as rare. About 12.5 cents per piece. That rounds out the worst bricks and pieces for me, the rest are not very difficult to find, but prepare yourself for about 11 cents per piece, I optimized smaller amount of orders over saving a few cents per piece because shipping charges really drive up the final price. To date I am glad to say that I have ordered all 10,909 pieces, just waiting for them to arrive. However, I have not started designing a desert base for BB-8, I need to work on this ASAP. Once the pieces come in, I of course will have to count them (I am not looking forward to this at all, but more and more it seems that bricklink sellers don't have the ability to count) and check off that everything is in my possession, including parts for a base. I hope to keep you guys updated as much as possible throughout this process, but for now I need to explain to my wallet why an enormous chunk was taken out of it.
  10. Dear all, For the pneumatic contest, I've built a huge robot called ''Nemesis''(from the ancient greek goddess) and I would like to share it with you. Nemesis has 22 pneumatic functions operated by a double compressor. All pneumatic valves are operated only manually according to the competition. Has a weight of 8kg and consists of 8000 lego technic bricks. Total air cylinders : 26 large 11 mini The compressor uses 2 large pneumatic pumps operated by a PF XL motor. The maximum pressure that can be reached by this pneumatic system is 28 psi with fresh batteries. Due to more than 30 pneumatic ''T-air pieces''pressure cannot reach a higher level because there is a huge drag and the XL motor has no power to rotate more. The length of pneumatic tubes are between 0.5 and 1.5 meters long. Due to the large hoses, large air storage is needed because there is a lot of air loss in the system. The air of the whole system is stored inside 2 lego air tanks (although the system needed far more) : The compressor has an auto-pneumatic switch using a large cylinder, which turns the air engine off when the pressure reaches 24 psi. A manometer is used for showing the air pressure at any time. Functions : Nemesis has 2 arms. The bigger front arm has 15 pneumatic functions and the small back arm has 5 pneumatic functions. The small back arm has the following movements : a) small gripper b) elbow1 c) elbow2 d) shoulder e) shoulder rotation The huge front arm has the following movements : a) large gripper, operating 10 fingers independently having 2 mini cylinders each b) wrist, operating 2 functions (up-down and turning) c) elbow d) shoulder e) shoulder turning Besides, the robot has 2 more pneumatic functions : 1) Face movement 2) A third gripper which is mostly for fun (e.g. for scaring house cats) Here is the video of the project : Thanks for watching Good luck to everyone!
  11. Hi everyone! Today i finally introducing to you my greatest at my poing of a view MOC: Lego Technic Euro Tractor Truck Please, enjoy the video! Dimensions: Width - 31 studs (without mirrors) (24 cm) High - 43 studs (without antenns) (34 cm) Lengh - 70 studs (54 cm) Weight - 4.725 Kg Build with thousands of 100% original Lego parts. ~1/10 Scale Power functions used: - 4 XL motors for driving - 1 Servo motor for steering - 1 M motor for gears shifting - 1 m motor for the fake engine and the pump - 5 LED for the lights - 2 Polarity Switches - 3 9V Remote Control Units - 3 Receiver Unit V2 -2 AA Battery boxes -1 AAA Battery box -2 Extension Wire (length 20cm) Functionality: - Driving and steering - 4 speed Sariel's gearbox (RC) - Front independant suspencion - Rear suspencion Cab: - Cab tilting - Doors opening - Working fifth wheel - Detalized cabin (devices, pedals, heater, mirrors) - Suspended seets - Adjustable and working steering wheel - Working V8 fake engine (connected to the pumpl All pics are clickable! Thanks for your attention!
  12. legolifty

    Working Elevator

    Hi all, Its not exactly a city but its a building you put into a city.. I've been working on it for a fair while now, mostly its just the elevator shaft with some of the buildings first floor complete, I hope to get this around 10 stories tall fully furnished with offices and conference rooms etc. It works really well the doors are electric and are a copy of how a real elevator works.. as close as i could get it anyway. Its roped like a real elevator and has a counterweight (which still needs more weight in it, I am waiting on 5 more boat weights to even it out). I'm planning on putting a mindstorm colour sensor into the elevator to get it to stop at the right spot at every level.. I've never used the mindstorm gear so I'd love to know if anyone has any ideas on this and I'm also trying to work out a way to incorporate call buttons without putting a push sensor at every level.. Ideas would be appreciated! I dont want to go out and buy an entire mindstorm set unless I know its going to help.. Anyway thats my "city" lol, thanks for your time:) Here's a vid of the elevator being built, enjoy! Trav.
  13. This is a MOC I have made based off of the steiger line of tractors. I have decided to put this project on Lego Ideas, and was hoping many you could support it. I am striving for this to become a Lego set. I do understand that there is less of a chance for this to become a Lego set because it is Technic. I would appreciate no negative comments about this Technic creation being on Lego ideas. Only constructive criticism please. If you could share this around, or just support it. Every supporter counts! Here are a few pictures of the model: Link: This MOC functions include: Lights All wheel drive Articulated steering Working steering wheel Openable hood to reveal a in-line 6 engine Working PTO A VIdeo of the Tractor: Thanks for the comments and support!
  14. A work in progress version of a 400 ton ETF truck. More info soon. Edit: some quick stats: 28 wheels, 14 L motors, 14 turntables, and 2438 parts as of right now. So, yes, it's really big. When I started this project, it was smaller, scaled down to the only type of wheels I had the right quantity of. Much to my dismay, they were far too wide for scale. I tried literally every other tire in my collection, and got the same result, except for these tires. Even so, building the axles was a pain, I'll tell you why tomorrow. Update: The axles were a major pain in the butt to build because of the fact that I had to include a differential in a module only 5 studs wide. However, this first iteration (shown above) was not strong enough, or geared down enough. So, I modified it, keeping the same torque tube design , but with the c bracket turned on it's side in order to accomodate portal axles. I also moved the motor from on the axle to a spot within the chassis. My model is currently roughly the same size as the one efferman is making, but since I have more motors (14 versus 10) and hopefully less weight overall, mine will be far more powerful. It also helps that these motorcycle tires are very, very grippy. The chassis was also updated, with the frame rails now being 5 studs apart, providing room for the steering servo motor, and steering reduction gearboxes. Also shown in this picture is the power module, with 6 receivers. 4 of the six will be slaved together, and provide power to the L motors. the remaining 2 will control the rotation of the bed, the tilt of the bed, and trafficators. Yes, it's going to have turn signals, and likely flashing warning lights. And, thanks to the fact that this model has a lot of internal room, I can include several engines, likely two supercharged v8s The red beams on the chassis merely mark the outlines of the cab and dump bed, and will disappear by the time this is finished. The bed is currently in the prototype stage, as I am still working on the bed lift, and how the whole shebang is going to connect to the chassis. March Update: This project is moving forward, albleit slowly. The mechanism for the turn signals is complete, but I have no photos. I'm actually building the truck as 3 sub models (the front, the rear, and the dump bed), due to the fact that the computer can't really process LDD models above 2500-600 parts. The engines have been incased, and will be lit from below. P.S. Does anybody know if you can slave an M motor to the same channel as the servo motor, and have the M motor continoulsy rotate even if the servo stops? And, it's update time. I've started on the cab, which will have seats, and house the trafficators. No, the yellow and black colors aren't a mistake. Those will be the final production colors. Rear view: this view shows the trafficators. The bottom motor is slaved to the steering channel. (I hope that it is possible to do that with an M and servo motor.), and the top motor is slaved to the drive mechanism, giving the model flashing warning lights. If you all are wondering what happened to the rest of the truck, I had to divide up the model so that the computer would stop freezing. The dump bed has also been rearranged, and has the linear actuators, but not their drive motors or shafts. Still to do: Finalize dump bed frame. Finalize turntable connection, and add motor. Add motors to control bed lift. Add bed front and back walls, and dump gate. Finish cab. Mount Trafficators Finish bulking up frame. Colorize. Real life testing. Make instructions. So yeah, lots to do, since this is a school project, I can afford to work on this a lot. Should hopefully be done by late April/ early May.
  15. Hello everyone. This is my first post and this is a projekt I've been working a lot on the paste yea or so. I have only posted on the danish lug, and I wanted to show the building progress to every other AFOL around the world instead of just danish members of Byggepladen. All of these next posts are copied directly into google translate so bear with me if there are some mistakes some places. I don't have the energy to translate walls of text just for this purpose. You can find my image gallery here You can find my youtube account with my airplane process - I plan on adding another video very soon, the plane is nearly done :DSo here goes.... (I realised just now that I cannot create a reply to my self but only edit. Be patient please. There are lots of stuff to come.) (My englih skills are also awesome if I have to say so my self, bear in mind that I'm still using google translate and fixing the most inconsistent words for better understanding)
  16. Hi. I've been working on it for a year or bit more. I think I'm on the finish line now as most problems I could think of are more or less solved. It started in that way - one of a rainy weekend we played with my son with some Lego and it turned to be a half-done airplane of mixed color. A few days after my son came up with 'Dad, will it fly?'. I answered "No, of course. It's too heavy and too weak for flying", but this idea literally stuck in my mind so I started to think about it from time to time. I started to evaluate things from different points of view. It was obvious that I should give up using Lego powertrain, there were no match for 0.8 - 1.2 KW required power. Other two main problems were weight and strength. Problem of weight could be moved away with enough power and enough speed. To cope with strength issue I decided to move on with glue. There was also no chance of controlling such a thing with IR stuff, so controls also should be implemented using standard RC 2.4 GHz equipment. This left me with only the airframe made of Lego, but nevertheless I'm pretty happy with it (Purists may stop reading here :))). However, the model could stand on a shelf (and this shelf have to be rather big :) without any glue, operate landing gear and may be even control surfaces using only Lego parts. This means there are no cheats like 'just glue this piece to that'. All connections are at first usual Lego connections, glue just added for stiffness. But to flying. First, I had to implement airfoil using Lego pieces. I did not choose Carsten Swendsen's way of making only wireframe with Technic axles and using some kind of monokote to cover it and instead decided to use System parts to make the wings and fuse. I managed to implement Kline-Fogelman airfoil using 93606 and some plates with stud inversion. May be this is not the best airfoil, but I think it weighs less than, for instance, flat bottom airfoil with some curved slopes on the trailing edge. Wings implemented that way have many space inside and could accomodate LiPos and motor controller. My first version of wing have following layout: Speed controller on the root part of wing, then nacelle with landing gear, doors and retraction mechanism, then batteries in configuration of 2 cells one above another and one another cell next to them. My chosen configuration was 2700 KV 590W motor and 3x2200 mAh batteries in each wing. (With covering removed) (Speed controller inside wing root) Landing gear was implemented using single 9.5L shock absorber with double springs and spacer made from modified 4624 wheel hub. Single 9.5L shock with extra hard spring compresses fully at 1.2kg and I had no chances making the plane lighter then 4 - 4.5 kg and any design with some kind of levers would weigh more and take more space. (And a bit boring video:) My evaluations showed that take-off speed with flaps deployed will be about 40 kph, so landing gear must be able to sustain this speed for at least 30 seconds. There were some doubts how much load could be handled by Technic axle rotating in shock socket at speed of 7000 RPM. I did some experiments with it. Now I know that axle will be damaged if used without grease handling load of 1 kg at ~ 5000 RPM, but could live with this load for 30-35 seconds if greased. This made me move away from that simple landing gear design, it was also rather weak and any non-ideal (or may be even ideal?) landing could break the strut or move it away from extended position - the locking was not good. (I'll post pictures of damaged axle and video of experiment a bit later) At the same time I was thinking of other ways to reduce weight and came up with idea to reduce weight by cutting flight time. I was targeting for 10 minutes before, but now I think that even 3-4 minutes will be enough to prove the idea of flying Lego airframe :) I found another motor/prop/battery configuration and combined it with new landing gear with 4 wheels per strut and more reliable locking. New layout is using 4x950 mAh batteries, 1200 KV 530 W motor and smaller speed controller and potentially could fit in root part of the wing at whole. However, root part have to be lengthened. This is going to enlarge wing area (which is good) but also probably will load root spars more (which is not so good). On the other hand, heavy batteries are moved from outer wing section into root section (and their weight is reduced; with lighter ESC saving is 90 g per wing) First version of wing also featured front spar for almost all wing length. In second version I decided to end front spar soon after engine nacelle. After gluing wing v1 it was obvious, that front spar of that length is not needed - wing is rigid enough. Also, when making wing v1 I had some mess with covering root section - it was 10st length and there is no 10x8 tile to cover it. Wing v2 have root part of 18st and could be covered easier. (Unfinished nacelle v2) To make control surfaces I used micro-motor directly connected to axle, holding the surface (except of flaps - flaps are connected by worm gear. On ailerons other side of surface is attached to potentiometer, connected to PCB of standard RC servo. Micro-motor is connected to PCB via H-bridge. RC servo operates at 5 V and this is very low voltage for Lego motor. With help of H-bridge, micro-motor is being fed by full battery voltage (11.1V or 14.4V) and moves with reasonable speed. For rudder, elevator and flaps I will have to add some gears to connect potentiometer. I hope the play in gears could be compared to play in servo-to-surface linkage of traditional RC setup. I started some mock-ups of fuselage about the same time as wing v1. Seems like I can fit all the required equipment (air compressor, front landing gear, flap mechanism, pneumo-switches) under the floor (slightly raised in nose section) and some other things (RC receiver, air tank) in aft section. This makes realistic look for cabin, it can be fitted with seats, crew and passengers :) Fuselage, however, is a quite ugly being made from System pieces. With one wing attached: Some amusing details :) Now I'm waiting for new powertrain and some missing pieces for nacelles. After that, if this layout proves doable and reasonable, I'm going to glue both wings, finish fuselage and rear control surfaces and attach wings so CG is in the right place. I think I'll be almost done at that point. However, there are some minor unsolved problems. Design of front landing gear and bay doors make it impossible to close doors when landing gear is down like in main struts. On the other hand, doors must open before extending gear and close after. And there is no place for third pneumo-switch. My idea is to make some kind of throttle to create delay in pneumo-cylinder operation. Also, there is no place for mechanical sequencer, so I'm going to make some simple microcontroller stuff for sequencing door-gear operations. I don't see anything hard here. And yes, there is still a bigger problem - will the whole thing work as expected? :) Well, at least it will be fun to watch how it crash. Sure I should have started with some simpler design - no retractable landing gears, some simple fuselage, something like WWI era airplanes, but my current design is so much fun to build, so I probably revert to simpler construction only after I done with current one. Hope you enjoyed this crazy thing.
  17. A long, long time ago, back when the [MINI] Technic contest was being run, I decided to build an entry, which would have been a replica of the Lampson International LTL-2600 crane, which was, for a time, the largest mobile crane in the world. My model was actually more inspired by it, and is not a straightforward replica. The primary reason why I did not enter this was due to the fact that, at least according to LDD, I had 230 pieces in it, even though I myself counted only 200. This model also had some major construction flaws, which will be detailed later. This thing's been sitting around forever, and I just want to post it so that I can take it apart. So, without further ado, here it is. Lego Lampson LTL-2600 by Saberwing007, on Flickr Eagle eyed viewers may note that it is not blue, but red. Well, the truss pieces are only available in black, gray, and red, and I only had them in red, so that dictated the color scheme. I guess that would make it more like a Manitowoc crane, but I digress. The crane features, like the real thing, luffing of the main boom, hoist, 2 independent crawler units, 3 cabs, and a large counter weight. My model also has a feature that I don't think the real crane has, but many similar ones do, and that is adjustable radius, which will be shown below. Front Cabs by Saberwing007, on Flickr Rear Cabs by Saberwing007, on Flickr My model, as mentioned above, has 3 cabs, 2 for driving, and one for the crane operations. Even though this thing would be very slow, maybe topping out at 2 miles per hour, having two people driving could be an absolute nightmare. There's probably a good reason for this configuration, but I cannot think of it. The pictures show how the radius can be adjusted, although the real crane can not do this. Minimum Radius by Saberwing007, on Flickr Maximum Radius by Saberwing007, on Flickr The last two pictures show how the winces are configured, and how far down the crane can luff. Winches by Saberwing007, on Flickr Maximum Reach by Saberwing007, on Flickr Finally, the major structural flaw I alluded to earlier: Some connection in the turntables is not that sturdy, so the crane lists pathetically to one side or the other. Leaning by Saberwing007, on Flickr As a last thing, here is an LDD render of what this machine would look like in blue, if the parts existed. Ltl2600blue by Saberwing007, on Flickr And finally, the LXF file: Link
  18. Louie le Brickvalier

    Smyltnes Castle

  19. Reekardoo

    Double Axe

    I've shown it before but now it is a completely independent project in cuusoo please help by clicking the support button in this link - http://lego.cuusoo.c...deas/view/57992 Thanks!
  20. Legonardo

    Receiving orders

    part 5 the AAG headquarters. many have seen the building, its not hard to being so massive, but few have tried to find out what its for, and none have succeeded. the only people who ever enter the building are strange hooded folk or avalonian lords, not the sort of people you mess with... Zakon: lads, you're heading west... To be continued... part 1 part 2 part 3 part 4 ~Legonardo
  21. Hello everyone, I am proud to assist my friends Sered (http://www.eurobrick...showtopic=81940) and Marco Cancellieri in showing the big A Song of Ice and Fire (know as Game of Thrones for the HBO show) diorama that we together presented at the ItLug Latina 2013 Lugfest. Some information about this diorama: it's 288 studs large and 576 long, making it 2,30 m large and 4,60 long. Sered, as you can see on the linked topic, did an oustanding and unflagging work in building Winterfell. That's so plenty of wonderful details that though the many pictures we took, it doesn't do justice to him. Here there are just a couple of pictures, please click on the previous link to enjoy the work he did: or follow the link https://skydrive.liv...5C5BAC70CE1!124 thanking our great friend Yugo Amaryl. Marco Cancellieri AKA The Chancellor, who always likes (and succeeds) to impress, went into another big job and build none other than the WALL (and Castle Black of course) Again, here are some resized pictures, you can take advantage of Yugo Amaryl's shots again to see them in detail: https://skydrive.liv...5C5BAC70CE1!123 Me and my friend Lothard McLotti went into building the Frey's Twin Towers. Nothing like the above, but nice result though: More to this diorama is being built for the next Legofests. As I speak, people is adding wanting to build another piece of westeros... what will this become? Thank you for watching from Italy!
  22. So I was browsing Brickshelf recently, and I saw this: User Zoli made this, and here's his description: Maybe I wont build the whole truck. I only would like to test this type of chassis. I think with this idea I can build stronger and more realistic trucks. It's big, and the chassis uses some very interesting construction techniques. Also big are the Brickshelf gallery pictures, so I'm going to have to provide a link instead of posting them in this thread. http://www.brickshel...ry.cgi?f=503056 Disclaimer: I did not create this model, I am merely posting it on this forum for the viewing pleasure of some of the members. All credit goes to the original builder.
  23. MatiPasio

    Pasioland - My Lego City

    Hello! Today I want to present you my Lego City. It is called Pasioland. I wish you will like it. Check out the video. Please say what do you think!