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Found 8 results

  1. Hi, sharing my latest moc - Spider-Man vignette featured Mechanic Rhino from the movie "The Amazing Spider-Man 2" in 2014. Hope you guys like it^^ Leave a comment if any^^ Standing mode END
  2. astig

    [MOC] -My Custom Big Figs

    Edit: Darkseid added :) MARVEL Thanos THANOS - Lego Big Fig MOC 1 by Ja 3ni, on Flickr Rhino Rhino by Ja 3ni, on Flickr Venom Venom Big Fig MOC by Ja 3ni, on Flickr Lizard Amazing Spider-Man's The Lizard Big Fig MOC by Ja 3ni, on Flickr Hulk Age of Ultron Hulk Big fig MOC by Ja 3ni, on Flickr DC Darkseid Darkseid Lego Big Fig MOC by Ja 3ni, on Flickr Bane BANE bigfig MOC (lego batman movie) by Ja 3ni, on Flickr Minecraft Mutant Zombie LEGO Minecraft MOC: Mutant Zombie by Ja 3ni, on Flickr Thanks for Looking! :)
  3. PlayerfromTaiwan

    Wildlife Encounters

    Living in Phoenix now make me miss grass and breeze very much. Thus, I built these animals to accompany me, to free me from the freaking hot weather. I also put this creation on the LEGO IDEAS If you like these cute animals, please give me some support!!! ======================================================================
  4. niteangel

    [ MOC ] Sinister Six's Rhino

    So I managed to complete Rhino (Aleksei Sytsevich) based on the version from the film Amazing Spider-Man 2. I am not really a mech guy, and so it is my first time doing a exo-suit. I took quite some images as references, and with them I created this model. It is supposed to be a big armor standing upright, but also leans down a little bit to resemble a rhinoceros when it is running and charging at targets. "You want me to come down so that you can kill me?" "Yeah!" "Okay Ill be right there." I insisted to make the thighs bigger than the calves, but the existing parts are not in good sizes until I discovered using them in 45 degrees. It looks much better in this way. Now it is in running mode: Probably better to run first to buy time! Rhino is heavily armed but that means he is also slow... Armed with two machine guns, the Rhino also has missile launchers on the shoulder. For left shoulder, I follow the original and put a shield-like plate there. Aleksei Sytsevich can sit inside comfortably...until Spider-Man defeats him! The head is probably an interesting use of part as I found no other piece / build that suits my intended design. The back is also a tricky part, because while it needs a lot of details, it also serves as a spine that hold the structure tight and stable. I also managed to follow the original design and put two "fins" at its "butt" location. Now, with Rhino, my Sinister Six team is complete. I also made my own Vulture and Green Goblin designs. Hope you all enjoy this and now I have to run and hide until Spider-Man defeats them all! Thanks for watching!
  5. First of all, an enormous thank you to my good friend Josh (armoredgear7) for doing a fantastic job editing the photos. This was built after seeing the Amazing Spider-man 2 movie. Since it was for Brickworld, big and complex were two adjectives that were prevalent in my mind. The creation includes all three of Spider-man's villains from the movie, Electro, Green Goblin and of course the Rhino, which I posted as a <a href="">teaser</a> earlier this year. Although certainly tough, it was a fun build, and from the compliments I got at both Brickworld and Brickfete, it was apparently a very enjoyable site. The full interview and scope of the build can by seen on my (I apologize, my ego seems to know no bounds :P). The Amazing Spider-man 2, Spider-man and all related names, images, etc. are property of Sony Pictures Entertainment and MARVEL Entertainment LLC. All rights reserved. Logo found here. Thanks for stopping by true believers, and prepare for more stuff soon! Also, thanks to my awesome friends from ToroLUG. I couldn't have done it without you. Maybe next year I'll build something more stable... Available to view on flickr. Excelsior!
  6. Jared

    "You fight me now?!"

    Hi everyone. I'm normally someone who uses flickr a lot, so if you want to check out my stuff, here's my flickr: This is the Rhino from the recent Spider-man trilogy re-boot, the amazing Spider-man 2.
  7. 1nxtmonster

    Trial Truck "Rhino"

    After my most recent toyota hilux trial buggy build, I wanted to build a simple trial truck that was very strong. My goals were: No gear "grind" in steering or drivetrain Powered by XL motor and steered by M Normal battery box (non-lipo) No special parts so that many people can build The strongest (in my opinion) suspension type is ball-joint with reinforcing link. So I used my ball joint suspension idea with internal gear reduction from last year: Total gear reduction is 3:25 on 1x PFS XL. It has very good suspension and climbing capabilities, as well as meeting all my goals of no gear grind in steering or drive. Video:
  8. Captain Nemo

    MOC: Spider-Man vs. Rhino

    Spider-Man vs. Rhino The Rhino is rampaging! Will Spider-Man be able to stop this stampeding beast and protect the innocent children?! Wait! You want me to fight this guy?! Enjoy! ~Nemo