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  1. PlayerfromTaiwan

    Wildlife Encounters

    Living in Phoenix now make me miss grass and breeze very much. Thus, I built these animals to accompany me, to free me from the freaking hot weather. I also put this creation on the LEGO IDEAS If you like these cute animals, please give me some support!!! ======================================================================
  2. PlayerfromTaiwan


    Hippo and Croc happens to be good friends but falls out finally. The last picture indicates hippo's inside out!
  3. PlayerfromTaiwan


    This is TRANSFORMER GRIMLOCK G1 version however, it cannot transform into robot form. Still, hope you guys like this dinobot!
  4. PlayerfromTaiwan

    Conventional Fire Station and Ladder Truck

    I think my work is a little smaller than usual minifigure scale, but minifigure fits in perfectly fine!
  5. PlayerfromTaiwan

    Conventional Fire Station and Ladder Truck

    There're some more pics of my creations at MOCpages, please check them out!
  6. PlayerfromTaiwan

    Conventional Fire Station and Ladder Truck

    This is my MOC of a conventional fire station in Taiwan and the ladder truck. Hope you guys will like it!
  7. PlayerfromTaiwan

    Tiny Fire Engine

    I think it is a pump to suck water from fire hydrant.
  8. PlayerfromTaiwan

    Tiny Fire Engine

    It is because this is actually a truck in Asia~
  9. PlayerfromTaiwan

    Tiny Fire Engine

    Just a tiny fire engine, share with you guys! Hope you like it!
  10. PlayerfromTaiwan

    MOC Garbage Truck

    Hello, I want to share my latest MOC with you guys. My creation is the common garbage truck in Taiwan street! Thanks for watching!!!
  11. PlayerfromTaiwan

    Tiny Tiny R7-A7

    R7-A7 is the droid of Asoka's in Clone Wars. Not so well known as R2-D2,but it still has remarkable match colors which can be easy recognized as a member in Star Wars. And this tiny tiny R7-A7 is adorable to put on desk or put in collections. This small version of R7-A7 consists of around 400 pieces and is 9cm tall. The head can turn 360 degrees around and the third leg in the middle is able to stretch by the control at the back. the control is at the notch By the way, here's my page in CUUSOO, support me and make these all happen if you want a small R7-A7 in hands!!!
  12. PlayerfromTaiwan

    MOC: Republic Rescuing Gunship

    That's because I do not want it to be too big so that I can have place for it in my closet. And I think it's cuter~ However, thank you for your reply~
  13. PlayerfromTaiwan

    MOC: Republic Rescuing Gunship

    Missed the chance to get the last two Republic Gunship, I decided to make my own one!!! And I have also made some different functions in my own Gunship. Thank you for watching my creation~
  14. PlayerfromTaiwan

    STAR WARS MOC: Snowspeeder

    I always think that the official SnowSpeeder set is too small and undetailed for the LEGO pilot and the exclusive one too big and too expensive. Thus, I made a medium size SnowSpeeder with a base, Bigger and more elabroate. Hope you like it!! [url=][/url [url=][/url [url=][/url [url=][/url [url=][/url [url=][/url [url=][/url [url=][/url And I also attended a project in the LEGO CUUSOO, you can give me support to let me know you like this new made Snowspeeder. Thank you very much!!!
  15. PlayerfromTaiwan

    The Leaf

    Thanks a lot!! I did think for a while about the color design, and you are very sensitive to figure it out~