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  1. Freak Graeber

    Stories from Duckburg - Scrooge McDucks Money Bin

    Thanks man!
  2. Freak Graeber

    [MOC] T-65 X-Wing 1:40 with modified Wing-Design

    Hi Fuppylodders, Thx for the nice feedback. It means much to me. But i don't seem to get which 1x3 plate you mean. Could you point me? Maybe i can fix it with another building method. Sturdy? Yeah, that's the weak point in this modell. The wings are fixed with only one hinge connection (with locking) each and must be hold with an extra rubber band. And the Rear Turbines are too easy to remove. But the body is stable enough to even lift it by the nose. Sincerly yours, Peter
  3. My Version of a 1:40 minifigure scale T-65 X-Wing. It took a while to bring all the Angles together that make the front Body looks like it should. Unfortunatly i didn't made a better picture of the slim Front Edge of the Wing made of round Slopes. I took the Standard Turbine and turned it 90°. Guess i'm gonna show some more Pictures of the Wing Design in Time...
  4. I created Scrooge McDucks Money Bin in after i tried to build it with my own bricks. I either couldn't hold me back from putting it into a scene of the Comics where the Money Bin belongs.
  5. Freak Graeber

    Customized Bionicle Onua

    @Professor Thaum Yes, the right Arm is Lego, just like the rest of it.
  6. Freak Graeber

    Customized Bionicle Onua

    Could you please tell me what Language you're talking, or rather translate it to me.
  7. Freak Graeber

    Customized Bionicle Onua

    Customized Bionicle Toa Onua with Double-Wings and Firearm. Therefor the Head can be turned around.