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Found 309 results

  1. Hey! I'm Agustí, you might just know me from Lego Ideas!, and I've just created a wild west modular! 'THE GOLDEN HAT STORE' MODULAR Hello LEGO fans! 'The Golden Hat Store' is my first modular, and it's a shop that sells any type of hat you may want; from hats for cowboys to exclusive and really expensive ones. ·1223 bricks ·27.84 cm (11'') tall The Second Floor: The minifigures that come together with the set are these ones: This project wouldn't have been possible with the help and collaboration of Pau Padrós for his ideas, design tips, renderings and character designs. So, if you like my first modular, please support it on LEGO IDEAS, as it takes no time at all and really makes the author really happy. Thank you so much!
  2. Dakar A

    [MOC] Purple Pharmacist

    Purple Pharmacist by Duncan Adkins, on Flickr What makes something a 'dark ages'? Is it just any time you take away from the hobby, or is it something that's up to the interpretation of the MOCer? Regardless, it seems like it's one of those things where you know it when you see it. And with that overwrought musing over, I'd like to jump back into this great old hobby headfirst with this MOC here, the Purple Pharmacist! Purple Pharmacist Sketch by Duncan Adkins, on Flickr Designed in the vein of the official modular buildings, and with a careful adherence to not go crazy with the unlimited pieces and unlimited space offered by LDD, this is a 2553 piece homage to the official sets. My process for designing started with a nascent idea that I wanted to try out some of the new purple pieces in the Friends sets- particularly Lavender. However, I found out that it is very limited in the number of pieces it comes in when those pieces are to be applied to a modular, and I thought that Medium Lilac meshed much better with the nougat of the brick bricks that I ended up wanting to use. Plus there are 1x2x3 windows in medium lilac/purple! With the simple idea that I wanted to use purple in mind, I delved into books, sketch paper, and Google image searches in order to put together a mood board of what types of architecture I'd like to pull from, as well as what colors I'd want to use. Then I came upon this: This italianate building in Cincinnati, Ohio's Over-the-Rhine district was almost exactly what I was imagining I wanted my building to look like. With all that in mind and planning finished, I built! Some of the trends from the modular buildings I took into account with my build were liberal use of striping, a primarily grey first floor facade, unique but meaningful color blocking, and a façade that is intricate in design, but not 'busy'. The ivy on the front was one big part of the 'intricate but not busy' paradigm- it added a lot of interest to the front and differentiated the top and middle floors, while not looking out of place and not clashing with the rest of the build. Purple Pharmacist by Duncan Adkins, on Flickr Outside of the façade I took some liberties though! I wanted to include a pergola in a build ever since seeing woooootles' Wasabi District Avenue Residences, so I did! Outside of that, the rear was mostly bland, as there will likely be little attention paid to it if this ever gets built. ;P Purple Pharmacist Rear by Duncan Adkins, on Flickr Purple Pharmacist roof by Duncan Adkins, on Flickr The way I designed the building posed a problem though- since I designed the façade before building out the rest of the building, all the way to the top, I had a design that I liked a lot, but it severely limited my options when adding the breakapart functionality of a classic modular building. It wasn't too bad between the ground floor and middle floor, or middle floor and top floor, but the relatively complicated and fragile structure of the cornice would have prevented adding in another plate layer. So I had to get creative- instead of popping off, the roof slides out! The rear wall and two outcroppings with tiles at the front hold the roof plates up, while the chimney actually serves as a 'clip' to hold the entire superstructure on! It works out perfectly, since the roof can be built entirely out of 4x10 dark grey plates. Purple Pharmacist Interior by Duncan Adkins, on Flickr Since I was trying to stay true to a limited part count for this one, only the first floor has a completed interior- but it's a fully stocked pharmacy with multiple shelves, a scale, a fancy curved desk for the pharmacist, and newspaper rack to sell people on while they wait for their prescription! On the residential side of the stairs, there is a bike rack and a hat rack, as well as the door out to the back patio. Unfortunately, it will be some time before this MOC has a chance of seeing the light of day. The 1x4/2x4 medium lilac slopes that are integral to the gable do not exist in any usable variety, and so construction is going to be held off until that piece...exists. Which is why I posted it here as only renders and screenshots instead of glorious full color photographs. In the mean time, you can look forward to my Police Headquarters MOC, which will be posted and explained in detail as soon as it's built! Constructive criticism welcome; it's good to be back!
  3. wooootles

    MOC: Azure One Hotel & Suites

    Here's my latest creation, something I've always wanted to do since I was... 8 years old? I'm getting it ready right for Brickworld 2016. With 18 stories, measuring over 6 feet tall and more than 9,000 bricks, this is by far my largest creation. Since it's an absolute hassle to move around, the interior shots will come in later (though you might have seen a few already in my WIP thread). But for now, enjoy the exterior shots. Stay tuned for the interior shots! And this won't be the last skyscraper in the Wasabi District; I'm already planning a second tower adjacent to the One Azure!
  4. Here's my phase 3 storehouse for Age of Mitgardia. I used the vast majority of our dark brown collection in this build, and really like how it looks with the reddish brown walls. The storehouse features a full interior with plenty of supplies stored for the winter. And the doors work. Just outside one of Daydelon's large storehouses, Smolja the dwarven blacksmith is greeted by Flotnar. "Good day, Smolja! I hope your work hasn't been keeping you too busy of late," said the cheerful sailor. "Good day to you my friend, and while I never have lack of work, there hasn't been as many pressing tasks of late. Your dogs look to be in fine shape, how do they enjoy life aboard your ship?" queried Smolja. "They enjoy it well enough, though they're happy to gain a romp on land when possible. In fact, they're the reason I've been meaning to talk with you. You see, I'd like to have some light chain collars made, with the dogs names engraved on small placards. Rjoor and Rif are their names." Flotnar stated. "I can do that easily enough," replied Smolja, "bring them round to my smithy tomorrow, and I'll make sure the collars fit properly." "Thank you, Smolja, I shall drop by tomorrow morning." More pictures can be found on my website. C&C welcome
  5. Here is my Barracks Phase 3 build for Age of Mitgardia. It was actually made in 2015, but it took me forever to get around to making the other barracks phases. I used SNOT 1x2 tiles for the stone walls, and quite like the stone block texture it gives. Daydelon barracks is a prominent barracks in Mitgardia, and houses from all over the guild send their sons there to be trained as warriors. In fact, it's not overly unusual for citizens of another guild to train for a time in Daydelon. Thanks for looking, your comments are always welcome
  6. Commander Beltar

    [K - D10] Days of Beltar's Past

    Location: D10 The Hamilton Belt Tags: Military, Civil Previous Build: Turmoil LOCATION: Artificial Earth: Kawashita Prison And Experimental Facility Memory: Where it all began One Year Ago Tags: Building, Civil/Military...? The moment that all some have been waiting for…for a long, long time, in a galaxy far, far away… ============================================================================================================================ *static* Begin Log, Chapter 2, Part 001, A New Day Voices… Is that…You? Voices….Oh, it’s been far, far too long my friends…. The…Trial went south…at least I’m not de-e-ad… They were…arguing over me after pleading insane… And Mantis didn’t care…but they sent assassins…They missed… Kawashita tried experimenting on me….They ah…”Fixed” me… They fixed me! ME! Like I needed fixing! They took YOU away from me! And they took my ideals away….I thought clearly for a few weeks or…months…all in a flash… But then…then…OCTAN was restless! They…sent…oh… The Sentinels! THE SENTINELS! The chip… Nu’q gave me helped…Only gave me few equipment’s… and a few corridors away from the prison area…But it helped. I thank him. I-consider him not just an al-ally. But….a – friend. And-and then that’s when they arrived! I saw her at that moment…running at me, embraced. It felt good….like – a moment out of time-happiness. She wished me…something odd…I barley remembered it. A date lost in time and space. That even I had forgot….but the happiness-was-gone… then I suddenly realized the….the… Sentinels where destroying the Facility…in the chaos…I escaped with her… It’s been….A-a year since I started back out from…the….E-vent…Horizon Incident…And after…paradise….She told me….Maian 16th…. Is-wait…--- “Lauren- Wat-wat-watch the beam! GAH!...” “Don’t worry about me! Make for the hangar! Just a few more corridors away!” She told me…It’s apparently…my birthday. It’s…convoluted….Released on Maian 16th A year ago from paradise…..Born on Maian 16th Many…many…years ago...I break out on Maian 16th….This day…or week…or millennium can’t get much-much worse… Voices…We gotta make those few more corridors to get off this…this….forsaken asteroid facility…I see the skies if space though…Filled with enough sentinels that blot out the sun…This…secret war going on….I remember a few words of the…scientists…Event Horizon… I need to re-learn….These menaces….they remind me…Event Horizon…Sentinels…Lauren…Paradise….By Golly! I-I think I got it! Wait…Wait… Too many lasers…Too many to think straight….I can do this… I think that-that once this day is over I can remember it clearly…possibly….Wait-is that a Mantis squad ship in the middle of Kawashita territory? What did I do…I can’t remember… Am I a piece to this puzzle or not? CHAOS! CHAOS EVERYWHERE! MANTIS VS OCTAN, OCTAN VS KAWASHITA, KAWASHITA VS MANTIS! It’s all…spiraling out of control with this…this secret war…I don’t know how…But I gotta go…I think that either I’ll make it to that ship over there…or have to take another 50 of this tin cans out…Why… I gotta leave…Goodbye for now voices…. Close Log, Chapter 2, Part 001 kszzzsz ============================================================================================================================ I’m back! Surprise! Thanks for reading this new installment in Beltar’s story, bet you all barely remember the other parts of my story! Well, go catch up on this convoluted mess if you wish, and as a note, I’m back in business, but builds won’t be frequent. Basically, Beltar is still screwed right now and still a loose cannon! Hope you liked the build and story. Consider the time that I didn’t build off season, like a TV show. Also, the image I included is almost exactly like the original X-Men Days of Futures past comic (Uncanny X-men #141), that’s where the name comes from, and it will be important to his future in coming builds, back to as always, C and C welcome! Fun Fact: I’m posting this more or less around the same time, down to the minutes, as my first build on AG. I've been planning a return since last year, waiting for the proper time, and VK gave me a kick in the pants when he sent me a PM awhile ago! Ah, a year went by so fast. Hope to get back in the game again. Time to go dust off the rest of my AG figures! And although I haven’t been here for a while, I’d just like to thank all of the people who supported my builds last year, and helped create the story. All in all. Happy Birthday Andromeda’s Gate! ~Beltar
  7. Captain Green Hair

    [MOC] The Greenville brewery company, est. 1927.

    Hello folks and welcome to the Greenville brewery company! A shot of the front: On the left side is the loading area, they never bothered to renew the delivery truck: I thought that shot would also look cool in b&w: On the right side is the chimney. I wanted a nice big industrial chimney not a faggy little one (pun intended). Next to the chimney is also an ex employee: The interior isn't elaborate, I just made some kettles, a bottle machine and a cool stove: Just enough to look like a brewery through the windows, I might expand it later: Last but not least a shot of the back of the building, which basically looks the same as the front but with a little corny bush on the back of the loading shed: I always wanted to do an industrial age industrial building, so what better then a brewery? I will adjust the pavement later when I finally fit it into my layout. The architecture was inspired by the buildings of the old ''westergasfabriek'' in my beloved city of Amsterdam. I hope you enjoy my build, I look forward to reading your C&C!
  8. Location: C03, Torresta On his way to a mission on the opposite side of Andromeda, Hawk thought he would stop by his home on Torresta for a quick rest. - It was a fairly average home, but it's best feature was it's location on the shores of one of Torresta's famous Great Lava Lakes. - Only if he could find something to wear that wasn't a stealth suit. - Time to watch a Movie on the holo screen. He noticed his plant giving him an angry look. Sentient Plant creatures were popular with MANTIS employees, but he wasn't sure his liked him very much. - - Thanks for looking. C&C welcomed
  9. For those unfamiliar with the game, Age of Empires is a real-time strategy game that requires players to build up an economy, train units, and conquer other players. A few of the guys from InnovaLUG, including myself, have really enjoyed playing the game ever since Mark (Mark of Falworth) introduced the game to us when it was on sale. We play Age of Empires II HD edition on Steam. If any of you play the game, add us! Maybe we'll get a game together sometime! Anyway, enough with the background. Several members from InnovaLUG decided to do a Flash-MOC by recreating some of the buildings from the game. We hope you enjoy! Visit the article on InnovaLUG's website to see each building separately with links to the posts on Flickr.
  10. FiddyB

    [K - G10] Low Tech Solution

    Location - G10 Onix Tags - Spying, Sabotage, Exploration, Building "I found another facility on Onix. That's some fancy looking communications relay, better use some precision tools to take it out" Fiddy
  11. demon14082001

    Guess M.O.C

    Lets guess what i am building Its about 80% complete (I didnt attach all of its item on itself in the picture) ZGMF-X10A by demon demon demon, trên Flickr I'll try to complete as soon as possible . Thanks for visiting !
  12. LBaixinho

    [MOC] Byblios

    Byblios (02) by Luis Baixinho, on Flickr This is Byblios, the house of knowledge in Ahrídus, Elgarvel. I made this MOC for Lusitanis, an activity of my LUG (Comunidade 0937) similar to the Guilds of Historica. Byblios (01) by Luis Baixinho, on Flickr A google translate of the portuguese description: In this building works the mythical library with the same name where scholars of all Lusitanis research on various subjects and write books. Because of its functions, Byblios has always been a haven of peace and has never raised a gun within its walls. Its origins are lost in time, but have performed some research on the appearance of this strange building .. but with little fruit. It is known that the building was built using the stones coming from strange ruins nearby; the first structure was a great tower of square base and later that other structures were added making the building a style amalgam; The choice of this location due to a small supply of water which is at the center of the tower; if it suspects that the construction of the building was already thought to his current role as the desert climate helps in conservation of books and papyri. Byblios (03) by Luis Baixinho, on Flickr Byblios (04) by Luis Baixinho, on Flickr
  13. Newoaf

    Hey, I'm Owen.

    Hi! I'm Owen. I'm a film student in my fifth semester, and I've been into Lego-collecting and building most of my life. I haven't been a part of a forum community in a bit, and I thought it would be good to have others perspective on creations and ideas I might have, as well as where to get certain components that may be difficult to find. I'm a big comic-book fan, and have currently been working on collecting a lot of the Lego Marvel stuff, and have been trying to make the figures and sets more comic-accurate using (mostly) only stock pieces, as well as creating my own stuff.
  14. Ragnos

    [O-H08] Coffee Break

    Location: H08 Tags: Civil, Building Meanwhile, on Sinden Station...... Computer, Supplement C0ff3 please. Hey Rag, Have you heard the news? I'm jealous, to be honest. What do you mean? What is going on? You've been chosen to work on the OCS Dilligence. Off this pit and into the furthest reaches of the galaxy, isn't it great. I bet my grandkids will be learning of the man who repaired the Warp Engines of the Dilligence! You being serious? Why would anyone want me on board their ship? John Ragnos O'Conner, Report to Docking Bay 76 Immediately. Your shuttle leaves in 10 minutes. If this is a joke I will have your hides! Footnote: I think I will need to update my sigfig, give him some hair and maybe render him a little bit. I decided I would string this MOC together because I haven't exactly got much time anytime soon and I want to move the story along a bit. It will be fun for the next mocs because I get to experiment with micro-builds and building spaceships which is something I've never really done much of. Although being a pilot would make more sense for the bonuses, it fits more in the story so I will stay as an engineer for now . The Whole Moc:
  15. I was inspired to create this model from the 2018 Jurassic World set 75930, Indoraptor Rampage at Lockwood Estate, with some design cues from set 10228, Haunted House, although in blue and white with trans yellow glass. The dollhouse-style model was built from the set pictures and from features from the movie itself, with the fall-apart play features removed and opening rear sections added to match the front half. The model also features a round "time window" for Benny to experiment with in his spare time. As usual, this classic space logo printed piece goes where this 4 x 2 slope is, just below the front balcony and right above the front door. The house without any figures, cars, or giant robots. The very large satellite dish on the roof is so Benny can communicate with the Classic Space fleet in any weather: rain, sunshine, snow, solar wind-storm, or nuclear fallout. Whatever the weather, Benny gets through! The rear of the mansion features a conservatory and the chimney flue, along with a back door and rear porch light. The house folds apart, with the two rear sections opening in quarters up to 90 degrees, while the conservatory opens up to 180 to allow for figure placement. (Up to five Technic pins can hold the model shut at key points for transportation with ease and handling with little fragility.) The front half on the found floor features the entry hall, TV room with couch and dining room. The second floor features the custom-printed super computer (un-printed here in LDD) and Benny's bedroom. The uppermost two floors features the science lab, with the time window and several other science experiments. Here is the huge 1970's super computer LL9000 (custom printed part) which takes up a sizable amount of space on the second level wall just above the entry hall. The right rear quarter features the conservatory and some furniture on the second and third floors, plus the dining room on the first floor. This section also has stairs from first to second floors, plus a '80's video game cabinet (Astro Nut, of course!) on the second floor. The left rear quarter features the fireplace and the stairs to the third floor, plus a miniature space monorail layout and a TV with VCR. This is Benny the 1980-something space guy's 1979 Moonraker made by Neptune Auto Group. The engine has been upgraded from a gasoline chugging-monster into a more environmentally-friendly Hydrogen-3 Fusion engine to turn it into a modern mechanical beast with a retro exterior. Benny added bigger tires to the car to get it over the craters of the small moon where Benny was stationed. The car also has a spare tire located on the opening trunk. The roof is removable, and the three seats can fit figures with air-tanks and helmets. The doors open in the front normally, but in the rear they open in a reversed pattern to create a wider opening. Real life version The building as it sits right now, before it gets torn apart to create the version seen in the first part above. Most of it's parts will be donated to create the mansion. As always, comments, questions, suggestions, and complaints are welcome!
  16. Wedge09

    [K - G10] Purple Bar

    Location: G10 - Onix Tag: Building, Civil = = = = = = = = = In between missions, Alexander Vandangant's squad always find a moment to relax in a bar, be it on planets, space stations or like this time on a ship in flight over Onix. = = = = = = = = = Quick build of a friday evening. Enjoy!
  17. Gouniaf

    [MOC] Modular Cantina

    The problem with being an Afol and living in a small flat, is I don't have enough space to display all my sets. So I decided to build a diorama made of 75052 Cantina and other bricks from my collection. Then, I added a lot of minifigures from the original Trilogy plus others like Jar-Jar and a robot from the Space theme. I was inspired by the Creator buildings int he way I wanted my cantina to be opened vertically. The fanboys will tell that the Cantina has only one floor... My crew : The "easter egg" :
  18. Hey all I have a quick question about the mindstorm sensors. I would like to incorporate the colour sensors into my elevator to use as a reference so the lift knows where to stop.. I will put one sensor in the lift and a light or colour at each floor, I would like to know if I can use the mindstorm sensors directly with the power function motors or if id have to build something separate to turn the PF motors on off etc. I would also like to use this sensor in a similar way to open the powered door operator on the lift for 10 seconds or so, Its taken me a long time to get these power function motors to fit and work properly so I dont want to swap them out for the mindstorm motors. Any advice/help would be really appreciated, I'm considering buying the ev3 set but dont want to unless im certain it can help. a video if you want know what im talking about thanks all trav
  19. legolifty

    Working Elevator

    Hi all, Its not exactly a city but its a building you put into a city.. I've been working on it for a fair while now, mostly its just the elevator shaft with some of the buildings first floor complete, I hope to get this around 10 stories tall fully furnished with offices and conference rooms etc. It works really well the doors are electric and are a copy of how a real elevator works.. as close as i could get it anyway. Its roped like a real elevator and has a counterweight (which still needs more weight in it, I am waiting on 5 more boat weights to even it out). I'm planning on putting a mindstorm colour sensor into the elevator to get it to stop at the right spot at every level.. I've never used the mindstorm gear so I'd love to know if anyone has any ideas on this and I'm also trying to work out a way to incorporate call buttons without putting a push sensor at every level.. Ideas would be appreciated! I dont want to go out and buy an entire mindstorm set unless I know its going to help.. Anyway thats my "city" lol, thanks for your time:) Here's a vid of the elevator being built, enjoy! Trav.
  20. Redhead1982

    MOC Bookends

    My latest MOC is a simple one, and I think it fits this subforum best. It's a combination of several things I wanted to try for a while, but never really got around to do it. The first thing was to build something with the palm tree leaves I got at PaB a while ago, and in combination with the trans clear blue tiles, the idea of a tropical island with lush greenery found way. My vegetation part collection increased recently, and I tried to use as much of those parts as possible. After all, the island is rather small (as seen from the top). As the idea grew, I knew what kind of message I wanted to give with this MOC. So I made a building, or more precisely just a facade, as an entrance to the fictional fantasy world. I wanted the building not to stand out compared to the island's bright colours, hence the lack of colour and pattern. With the ends done, it was time to make the books. And no, you can't open the books. To conclude, the bookends and the books together look like this.
  21. Brickenberg

    The Fortune casino

    Dear friends! Welcome to the fabulous "The Fortune" casino. This construction set includes two separate buildings: - The building of "The Fortune" casino. - A small abandoned building of the slot-machines club "777" “777” was a popular place for fans to play on the slot machines. But when “The Fortune” opened nearby, “777”club went bankrupt. “777” building is on sale now. The casino building. On the ground floor there is a small French café. There you can take a coffee and freshly baked pastries. On the ground floor of the casino there are: Table for playing Blackjack, two slot machines, cashier, security room and money vault. On the second floor of the casino there are: Office of the General Manager of the casino, tables for playing craps and roulette. In an abandoned “777” building someone attacker has dismantled part of the wall of the “777” building and is going to get into the casino’s money vault. He has all the necessary tools and equipment that he need. Part of the wall of the store is fixed with a rod. If you pull the air conditioner in the backyard, you can pull part of the wall of the vault using a winch. Then the attacker will have access to the vault. If you like this project, please support my project on lego ideas site:
  22. Location: H08 Tags: Civil, Building "Just my luck, I get sent to work in Sinden's Run. It's like he knew I had a fear of space. Why did the man I accidentally spill coffee on have to be my supervisor? I need to fix the bugs in this extractor quickly or the boss will have my hide!" "The previous engineer who worked here was terrible, look at this mess!" "Who in there right mind puts that there? Oxygen is running low, I'll call the colony and get transport." A little footnote: Hello! This is my first MOC since I left the dark age and it is probably not very good. I felt I'd post it anyway as it was fun trying to build in LDD, the controls were a bit awkward so it took quite a while ! At the time of writing this I am not in the player index so I hope I am not being an inconvenience by posting this now. Sorry for how the pictures turned out, I need to read some more documentation. Didn't want to flood the thread with pics so there are more here.
  23. Hi guys, here's my video lego starwars build : starship Quick look and time-lapse: How do you guys think? Support me, subcribe the channel if you like it :D
  24. Jody Meyer

    [O-H06] Welcome back Triple H...

    Title: Welcome back Hans Tags: Civil building,Land vehicle, Engineering Bay (for tech bonus.) Planet: H06 Farmolis JS Smith has been sent back to Farmolois before heading out for the next mission to meet the new head of his engineering bay on Farmolis.... Cheers, thanks for looking, comments are always welcome. Jody