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Found 415 results

  1. mediumsnowman

    [O - H03] There's Oil in These Hills!

    Location: H03 - Kaalin Tags: Piracy Log of Jebediah O'Reilly, Entry 23 Oktobrinali 3816: I've been dispatched to Kaalin to investigate rumors of MANTIS activities in Octan-controlled oil fields. It appear these rumors are true... I've just spotted a probe. Appears to be scanning the ground for possible deposits. Faster than you can say "MANTIS sucks," I'll have these reprogrammed... transmit false data back to their HQ. Leaving the precious resources to be mined at will by the glorious Octan Corporation, without competition from MANTIS. We reign again. End Log. C&C welcome.
  2. Big Sal

    [M - G02] Fugitives Pt 1

    Location: G02 Freegate Tags: Land vehicle, spying Note to judges: The spaceship is from a previous build and shouldn't be judged Previously... Somewhere in M.A.N.T.I.S. deep space: ... a bounty on the both of them. 20 credits alive and 50 credits dead. The spy will insist that he is the real Big Sal. Don't believe him no matter how convincing he is. Remember shoot first and don't ask questions! Goodnight..... Only 50 credits?! That's just insulting. Nevertheless, we can't stay in M.A.N.T.I.S. space. Someone will catch us eventually. Yeah... I have some... contacts... in Octan. Maybe we should hide out in their territory until we figure something out. Ok, but I need to be able to contact my people in M.A.N.T.I.S., assuming they're still loyal. I know of a remote Octan radar station on Freegate. If we can hack it, we should be able to bounce our comms through it and stay in contact with MANTIS space wherever we are in Octan space. That would be a good idea... if the M.A.N.T.I.S. fleet weren't currently in orbit around Freegate. Relax Long! I told you, this ship is theoretically completely undetectable! We'll fly right past them! I can't believe that worked. I told you! Completely undetectable! If that's true, why didn't we land next to the radar instead of at the bottom of the mountain? Err... never hurts to be careful... So you decided it was safer for us to freeze to death riding the world's slowest lift to the top instead? Much safer! There's far less chance of anyone detecting us this way. I mean, it's not as if this dumb robot is going to tell anyone about us, right? ... ... ... I feel like that was unnecessary... Finally! That took forever. It's getting dark already. Well, how was I supposed to know it had legs?! I thought it would just be at the top of the lift! There, I've attached our comms device and hacked it into their systems. At last. I hope you know how to make the lift work without that robot... Thanks for reading! C&C welcome! More pics in the spoiler.
  3. LucByard

    [M - E01] The Engineer

    Location: E01 - Donwarr. Tags: Military, Building, Spaceship. Previous chapters can be read on my website here. Chapter 12: The Engineer. First engineer Elliana Seyka had a buzz about her this morning. She was generally regarded as being spritely but this morning she was particularly excited. While Darksight was undergoing repairs, an opportunity had arisen. The game was afoot and whatever move they were making needed a Quadstar… An Octan Quadstar and by virtue of the unexpected outcome of Yseult's mission in Darksight, they had one. What they didn't have was a means of getting it where it needed to be. The Quadstar was a short-range superiority starfighter; very fast, very maneuverable but at a cost. The fuel tanks were small and they had no GATE drive so they relied on a carrier for trans-anomaly deployment, and an Octan carrier… Well, they're harder to come by. That's where Ellie came in. She had a reputation for her design and engineering skills; Big Sal had identified her potential early on and brought her into MANTIS. She shared his enthusiasm for science, if not quite his approach to it but from the very beginning, she felt that he understood her, her dreams, her ideas, her passion; and she hadn't regretted accepting his invitation. She had risen through MANTIS quickly and now commanded a substantial engineering research and development effort, of which Darksight had been the latest product. What they needed now was different, and she didn't have long to come up with a solution. In the end, she had decided that delivery by carrier was impossible, carriers were as incognito as a slap in the face, no, something else was required… And she had delivered. There was risk involved though. This is MANTIS… She thought to herself as she entered the engineering bay… We eat 'risk' for breakfast! To keep operation details on a need to know basis. Ellie’s brief was very specific and almost impossible… She liked ‘almost impossible’. There was no way to fit a GATE drive and the extra fuel capacity needed into the tight design of a Quadstar, not without modifying it beyond recognition and that wouldn’t do; it had to look legitimate or the plan wouldn’t work. Instead, she put them outside the Quastar in a bolt-on booster… A Jump drive. The unit contained all of the components needed for trans-anomaly flight; simulations had suggested that the Quadstar’s compact design would be very sensitive to the gravitational turbulence that caused so many pre-G.A.T.E. explorers to get lost. To combat this, the drive needed large gravitational stabilisers; they were a little cumbersome and prevented the Quadstar from landing with the drive attached but they did look awesome, she thought. Riddaeon was stood waiting for her, admiring her work while he did. The unit rested on its back, the four protruding stabilisers acting like legs. “I assume the fighter attaches up there.” He stated upon hearing Ellie approach, gesturing upwards. “That will make it a little awkward for the pilot won’t it?” he asked, turning his gaze to Ellie. There goes my carefully planned introduction. She thought. “The unit remains in orbit. The fighter attaches for trans-anomaly and detaches at the other side”. Riddaeon stepped back, taking in a wider view of the jump drive. “What if it’s captured?” He asked. “That’s the risk.” Ellie responded, a hint of stern-ness in her tone. She wasn’t about to let this… administrator tell her she should have done a better job in the ridiculously short time she had to conceive, design and build this thing. “If you want a unit that’s more compact, more secure… Fine, give me six months. If you want a unit now… This is what you get”. Riddaeon thought for a moment. “Any restricted tech?” He asked calmly. “No.” Ellie replied, a flash of confidence in her voice. He’s conceded the point. She realised. Now he’s just making sure he’s I’ve covered the bases. “Fine...” Riddaeon finally said, turning to her. “Walk me through it.” They walked over to the engineering console and Ellie tapped the controls to bring up the file she'd originally prepared for what was left of her introduction. "Quadstar fighters..." She began. "... Are heavily modified versions of an old Space Utility Vessel from the pre-G.A.T.E. era. Basically a multi purpose tug and docking unit, They'd fly out to unmanned cargo carriers, dock with them and take control to pilot them in. That connectivity is still there in every Quadstar so I designed a unit the fighter can dock with." The display showed a simulation of the Octan vessel with the jump drive attached. "What if someone finds it?" Riddaeon asked. "The on-board flight system will try to keep out of sight and avoid proximity to other craft..." Ellie answered. "... But in the event that a vessel other than this Quadstar gets too close, it automatically self-destructs." There was a moment of silence. The reason for this measure was obvious but so were the consequences. "And the pilot?" He finally asked. Ellie knew the answer would be harsh but it had to be said. "They'd be stranded... They'd need to ditch the ship and find another way back". Riddaeon stared at the screen; he knew which pilot he was about to put at risk., and that he'd have to be the one to tell her. "Alright..." He said. "...Test-flight it and let me know when it's ready to deploy." Ellie nodded and Riddaeon proceeded to the exit. "Erm..." Ellie tried to say something but didn't quite know how to start it. Riddaeon stopped and gave her a moment to decide. He soon realised what she wanted to ask. "I saw the transmission too..." He said. His tone had softened, they had both been close to BigSal. "He was a friend. We must remember that... But he is also an enemy of the corporation now... We must remember that too." Thank you for reading. All comments and feedback welcome.
  4. Kodan Black

    [O - H04] - Collaborative Efforts

    Location: H04 Crofter's Ridge Tags: Land Vehicle, Spaceship Previously... // PERSONAL DIARY // It was a very nice afternoon when I was informed that the Turing was on final approach to the landing pad. I have to admit to having been distracted though for a while, I knew it was this afternoon that it was scheduled to arrive and this was something that had required a fair amount of work. Despite my senior role within the company, knowingly inviting a Mantis science vessel onto a planet that Octan laid claim to wasn't treated lightly. Dr. Tyler Hawkins was a young Mantis scientist who had been become quite prominent lately. His work on merging robotic AI with xenobiology was at the forefront of the field. I'd been reading and re-reading all of his published papers trying to see what would be applicable to our own work at Octan. It had taken considerable effort to convince him to come spend some time at our facilities and bring his science vessel to another corporation's turf. Luckily as men of science we both saw the value in such collaborative efforts. The Turing is a wonderful ship and massive. It easily dwarfed the high speed rail and the spaceport buildings, though admittedly this is the Crofter's Ridge spaceport and not the massive complex on Farmolis. I didn't dare ask to board yet as we were still in the early stages of getting to know and trust each other, but I really hope in the future to be able to see the entire capabilities of such an advanced craft. Watching such an enormous vessel hang in the air ponderously as it settled to the pad, even as a scientist, was truly awe inspiring. As Dr. Hawkins left the ship and we stood in the massive shadow, we were like tiny insects next to one of the ship's landing feet. Dr. Hawkins was every bit the pleasant fellow he comes across in his weekly show "A Better Tomorrow". He was very jovial and not stiff or formal as some academics can be. We greeted each other warmly and I introduced him to ED-208 (whom I had specifically forbid to bring weaponry so as not to intimidate our honored guest). And I also showed him Gidget who he recognized the model and said "Oh you reprogrammed one of those spy dogs as a pet, cool!" Which, I guess implied that you could equip this model of robot dog with additional gear to enable it to be used in the field, but my dog is strictly a companion. ED-208 then said he needed to "take this thing for a walk", which is odd as being non-biological it didn't need to relieve itself. Normally I would have inquired further but I was far too excited to take Dr. Hawkins on a tour. I don't know if Dr. Long will be available to meet him or not, but I really hope so. To bring 2 such incredible minds together would be very special! Extra Pics:
  5. pombe

    [O - H04] Nevermind

    Location: H04 - Crofter's Ridge Tags: Land Vehicle Dramatis Personae: Previously: Currently, on Crofter's Ridge... Hombre, nevermind. They've finally found him. Yeah, just return home. Comments and criticisms are all welcome!
  6. Boxerlego

    [O-F04] Soldiers of Domination

    Planet: F04 Tags: Military, Civil, Building, Vehicle, Land Vehicle, Spaceship (The Briefing Room before departure of Freegate) Week65_001 by boxerlego, on Flickr Captain Logan: This is your briefing session for your next Mission. You are Now Top Engineer for Operation T. As Top Engineer it is your objective to Ultimately Capture and Locate a M.A.N.T.I.S. Missile Control SAM Base along with all the Hidden Underground Missile Launch Facilities. We have a Location On Planet Illustria for you to check out if and see if you spot anything out of the ordinary. Our Experts don't know exactly where this Missile Control SAM Base is along with the Underground Missile Launch Facility. The Experts have Picked a point to enter the planet from to keep a safe distance and once your in the planets atmosphere we advise you to drop and Fly Low to the ground and use the mountainous terrain to your advantage from being locked on by the Missiles and picked up by the Radar. Boxerlego: Interesting, But isn't that a bit to much to ask for from One Engineer Wouldn't you say? So your just sending One Engineer and expect to take over this Hidden Missile Base. Captain Logan: No, We are sending Our Top Engineer to take over the Missile Control SAM Base from there you will be able to gather and know all the exact coordinates of the Hidden Underground Missile Launch sites. This Job is perfect for you after all you an expert at this Boxerlego and besides the Higher ups wouldn't have selected you if they didn't think you have what it takes to do this after all you will also have Ronin the Kawashita Ninja Robot and The Top Secret Black project itself the Spaceship so you certainly have the tools to do what it takes that is expected from you. Boxerlego: What makes this base vernalable to capture just by one Engineer? Captain Logan: Glad you ask and the Simple Answer is Robots. See most this base relies upon the function on robots from the use of several kinds of turrets and to the Vehicles that accompanied it all Controlled by a Central Control unit at the Sam Base. If the Spaceship is able to control the Central Control the Spaceship will be able to gain Control over the Facility. I know it sounds simple in explanation but when it comes to the Engineering that is your part to figure out. Now that has been said I will be giving you a few items that will help you in your endeavors, You should know what the items are and that basically concludes this Briefing. Good Luck. (Fast Forward to the Present) Week65_002 by boxerlego, on Flickr Boxerlego: This is Boxerlego here I have laid Eyes on the target base and Wow it looks heavily defended. Is that a Cannon? Week65_003 by boxerlego, on Flickr Boxerlego: I Might as well search around the area and see if I can find anything of interest here. (Around Half hour of searching Boxerlego Found an Antenna and manage to connect the spaceship to the antenna) Week65_004 by boxerlego, on Flickr Boxerlego: Wow, This is amazing Spaceship so you can take Control over the base from this point here. Spaceship: Not Exactly. I can only gain control over certain systems such as the Gate and a Buggy. But I still don't have access to the main Missiles system so allocation of all the missiles will still need to be completed. That can only be done If I get access from the Main Controls in the Base. I will make a CD key. When this is put in the computer in the control room it will give me more access to the bases Controls. Boxerlego: Spaceship, I want you to drive this buggy over here and drive it back to the base and make sure to open the gate for me. Spaceship: Well there is one problem with your plan. You are a human and that base has orders to kill all humans right now and the only way to change that is to send Ronin in with the CD Key and put it in. Ronin is more capable of getting past the Base sensitive defenses systems It will be like he was never there. Boxerlego: Ok, then send this buggy over here and I will unload Ronin out Spaceship: Buggy is on the way and the CD Key is Finished. Week65_005 by boxerlego, on Flickr Boxerlego: Ronin its your objective to put this CD in the Bases Computer. Also Where did you get the hat it looks good. Ronin: (In Silent Mode Ronin receives the CD from Boxerlego and gets on the buggy and then heads toward the SAM Missile Control Base to complete the objective) Week65_006 by boxerlego, on Flickr Week65_007 by boxerlego, on Flickr Boxerlego: Boxerlego Sending message back to Command. I have gained complete Control over M.A.N.T.I.S. Missile Control SAM Base along with all the Hidden Underground Missile Launch Facilities has been Completed and the Coordinates of all the Hidden Missiles Launch Facility Sites are now known, waiting for further orders. End ------------------------------------------------------------------------
  7. Andromedas Gates

    [Challenge 5][Cat D] More Clerical Errors

    The organisers of the Games invited the native races of Andromeda to participate in the events. A number of alien races accepted and sent competitors. Unfortunately, there were some errors in the rules that were sent to them. For the Land Race event, there were, uh, some typos that meant the Aliens are somehow riding bikes, I guess? Alien entry 1: Alien Entry 2: Alien Entry 3:
  8. rodiziorobs

    [Challenge 5][Cat D] Pago Pago

    Reverse trike, with tilt function. IRL, a rider would lean into the turns and the wheels would tilt like on a motorcycle to give better maneuverability and control. Will add story later. AG Cat D by rodiziorobs, on Flickr **************** Edit: AG Cat D by rodiziorobs, on Flickr AG Cat D by rodiziorobs, on Flickr Because the minifig cannot actually lean (like most Lego models, it relies on hand-of-god steering), I put a lever in behind the right wheel to activate the tilt function. AG Cat D by rodiziorobs, on Flickr AG Cat D by rodiziorobs, on Flickr I had wanted to go all-in with independent suspension and steering, as well, but the size constraint made it impossible. Some undercarriage shots follow, along with the required size proof: AG Cat D by rodiziorobs, on Flickr AG Cat D by rodiziorobs, on Flickr AG Cat D by rodiziorobs, on Flickr
  9. Originally designed for assault and infantry support, the M2-A Quarab is a maglev powered 2-wheel-drive cycle with optional weapon and supply mounts. Already built for a high power-to-weight ratio when unloaded, it was an obvious choice for conversion to a racing machine. Oh, the poster.... Couldn't resist, though it would have been better if I'd bothered to check the real one first. A Quarab is a breed of horse that is a cross breed of certain other types. With strong influences from Tron and Akira, this design is also a cross-breed of design ideas with my own personal touches mixed in. Handlebars and foot pedals. The front forks turn on an axle connected to the handlebars. Compliance photo: Thanks for looking. C&C welcome.
  10. Dramatis Personae: Do I even want to know what you guys are working on? Hi, Honey! I'm not your honey. You two can get a room later. Beautiful Man and I are busy working on our entry for the Space Olympic land race. Let me guess: you guys are working on a "spaceship" that is really some sort of land vehicle or vice versa. never seem to get with the program, Eshey. Anyways, the boss and I are building a soapbox car for the race. Here, let me get in. How do I look, Honey? I'm not sure which I should be more shocked by; the fact that this is an actual land vehicle or the fact that you plan on racing a car with no means of propulsion in the Space Olympics. What do you mean no propulsion? A soapbox car is powered by the most powerful force in the universe: gravity. What? Can you honestly tell me that there is a more powerful force in the universe than gravity? Well, there is one thing, sir: love. Hmm...that's true. Love is a more powerful force than gravity. See? That's why you're my favorite employee, Beautiful Man. Comments and criticisms are all welcome!
  11. Big Sal

    [Challenge 5][Cat D] The Snail

    Austina Anteca thought of herself as a pretty funny person. The life of the party, in her mind. So when it was time to name her vehicle for the race, she decided to name it after a famously slow creature from Earth. She thought that was hilarious. Thanks for reading! C&C welcome! Turns out that what looks like a clip at the front of the spiders holding the entire thing together is not actually a clip, so this has a nasty habit of randomly springing apart. That's why I got sick of fiddling with it and posted early
  12. pombe

    [O - H04] Porta Potty

    Location: H04 - Crofter's Ridge Tags: Land Vehicle Dramatis Personae: Previously: Currently, on Crofter's Ridge... Hee hee! Thanks, Tracy, for coming along with me while I survey Crofter's Ridge. Hee hee hee hee! Hyer hyer hyer. Hyer. Hyer hyer hyer hyer hyer hyer. Hyer. Hyer hyer. Hyer hyer hyer hyer hyer. Hee hee! I agree! This walker with toilet setup is super convenient! I can do the survey without bathroom breaks and you can eat at the same time! Hee hee hee! Hyer hyer hyer. Hyer hyer hyer hyer hyer hyer hyer. Hyer. Hyer hyer hyer. Hyer hyer hyer hyer hyer hyer. Hyer hyer hyer hyer hyer hyer hyer. Hyer. Hyer hyer hyer. You're hoping for something spicy? Hee hee hee hee! Good thing I had Szechuan Chinese buffet for lunch! Bombs away! Hee hee hee hee hee hee hee! <fart> <sploosh> <fart> <sploosh> <sploosh> Comments and criticisms are all welcome!
  13. mediumsnowman

    [O - H06] Shadows Passing in the Night

    Tags: Spying, Civil In the security center of the OCS Axle, in orbit over Farmolis... Computer: Mr. O'Reilly, the system is detecting an anomaly in the Restricted Section of the Archive Room. Kindly check it out. MANTIS activity is suspected. Jeb: I'll get right on it. In the Archive Room, minutes later. Jeb: Who's there...? Dark Figure: Ahh! Don't shoot! It's just me! The lights flipped on, and the figure turned, to reveal none other than... Dr. Long! Jeb: What are you doing down here? You know this area is restricted, even for you. Dr. Long: I... uh... was... just... checking up on my... experiments. Jeb: In the archives, well after hours? Dr. Long: Uhh... yes. Jeb: I know full well when someone is lying. I've been in the business far too long. Are you having trouble sleeping? Dr. Long: How did you know that...? Jeb: You and Odus are far too loud. These vents really carry. Dr. Long: Oh. Jebediah: Is this about the Oni-Ren...? Dr. Long: Yes. I mean no. Not at all. What are you talking about? Jebediah: Okay then... please return to your quarters. I'm going to have to make a log of this incident in the main system. But it just might slip my mind. Really... it's not your fault. You did what you had to. Dr. Long: I am not aware as to what you are referring to. Goodnight Jeb. Jeb: Women are crazy. There's a reason I never married. I was really hoping it was just going to be a MANTIS spy... If you have no idea what's going on, please do yourself the favor of reading through Dannylonglegs most recent builds. They're very good. I would link them... but it's late and I'm lazy. Maybe later. C&C welcome.
  14. LucByard

    [M - E01] Charter Flight

    Location: E01 - Donwarr. Tags: Civil, Spaceship. Previous chapters can be read on my website here. Chapter 11: Charter Flight. The M.P.T. Vigo is a Linopeia class passenger transport… it is slow, sluggish and ugly. Yseult thought as she skimmed the specs. She was nearly offended when, following her first mission in which she crash-landed one of the most advanced espionage prototypes MANTIS had, they asked her to run a passenger flight from Freegate in a ferry for her second. In truth though, she was a civilian pilot, used to civilian flying and while the ship was cow, everything else was her domain… And they needed someone at short notice. The Vigo normally ran passenger services between Torresta and Jurin II, a routine short-haul service but Octancorp had recently taken control of Freegate and MANTIS had decided to withdraw a number of civilian personnel from operations that it was deemed were too sensitive to try and continue under the encroaching gaze of its rival. While Octan had taken control, this ‘fact’ was apparently just derived from some economic algorithm that measured corporate activity. Riddaeon had explained it to her in more detail one day while she was recovering but she lost interest incredibly quickly. In reality, Freegate was still a border territory and was still within the operational arm of both Corporations but MANTIS was going to have to decide whether to invest heavily in Freegate and take it back or hope that Octan didn’t use it to move on Lesser Drigo and try to cut MANTIS off from the precious mythril. Either way, it wouldn’t want valuable personnel hanging around on Freegate and someone, somewhere had decided to extract them. It should be a simple run. It had better be. She thought. With the MANTIS fleet there. The fleet had moved to Freegate as a reaction to the political shift; it all but guaranteed a boring trip. Maybe boring will be good. She pondered after considering her last mission. She shifted in the pilot’s chair and it gave out a disapproving creak. It was uncomfortable but more like her old chair than she’d sat in for a long time. The thought took her back to her ship, the tanned hide couchette that was her seat had moulded and settled itself sweetly against her form after thousands of hours of flying. Every control, every dial, every readout… she could see them in her head, the throttle quadrant on her right; her hand would glance over it to check the lever positions without her even needing to look. For all the bad memories, she could never forsake her girl. Where are you now? She wondered. It hurt to think she was out there, someone else in the pilot seat. It hurt even more at the though of who it might be. You don’t deserve her… After what you did to me… “Vigo, this is Ground team”. A voice crackling over the A-Com brought her back. “Loading is complete, we’re ready to disconnect”. The voice continued. Yseult sat up and began the pre-start sequence, taking that bit longer to find each switch and button. “Ground team, this is Vigo…” She replied. “We have internal power and fuel reading. You are clear for disconnect”. “Copy that Vigo”. The voice replied. A few minutes later, the fuel and power lines that kept the unsightly transport alive on the apron were clear and the ground crew had evacuated the immediate area. Yseult looked over the engine start checklist and got to work. When she was ready, she contacted the control tower and requested clearance for lift-off. Once granted, she notified the crew and gently eased the power forwards on the control for the antimatter lift engines. The ship began to rise. It would be a slow and dull ascent in an uncomfortable seat. I’ll find you. She promised herself… Somehow… I’ll find you.
  15. Kodan Black

    [O - H04] - Sadly Useless

    Location: H04 Crofter's Ridge Tags: Land Vehicle, Science Previously... // PERSONAL DIARY // Dr. Allison had made great progress on the analysis of the mineral deposits. I was excited at the prospects when I arrived at the lab. Dr. Allison and another scientist were still doing work and they seemed like they were wrapping things up so I was expecting her report of all the great applications for this substance. As it turns out though, my expectations were too high. Dr. Allison informed me that this substance was worthless. I asked if there was some way we could use it, perhaps it had properties we could use when mixed with other substances; but alas she said it was totally pointless. She said it didn't work well with any other known substance and essentially just took up space. At best she said it could be used as fill. I was saddened and the other scientist with her confirmed that they had checked with many other scientists who had reached the same conclusion. Apparently no one could find a use for this substance other than as simple fill. What a let down. The ground cart:
  16. Location: F04 Tags: Civil Building, Vehicle, Land Vehicle, Spaceship Week 64 (Sometime during 11 Oktobrinali 3816 on Freegate) Incoming message from Captain Logan: Boxerlego please report to the hanger facility room, on the double. Boxerlego: Oh great, I wonder what this is about. I hope It not my turn to clean up the facility room. I better get up there fast. Week64_001 by boxerlego, on Flickr (5 minutes later boxerlego storms into the hanger facility room) Boxerlego: Boxerlego Reporting for duty. Captain Logan: Excellent that didn't take long. Now that your here help yourself to a drink I have orders to inform you on you next mission. Boxerlego: My next Mission? Captain Logan: Yes your next Mission. It appears that the higher ups at Octan are making you Top Engineer for a secret black project. How do you feel about that? Boxerlego: It feels great that I get to be Top Engineer but the secret black project stuff just isn't my cup of tea Captain. What is this next mission about. Week64_002 by boxerlego, on Flickr Captain Logan: Well I have no idea about the entirety of your mission other then to inform to you that you have one and you will be bringing Ronin along with you but I will say that I've been order to get the spaceship and load up some supplies and equip the dual particle beam cannons. You will get them online and functional. Then tomorrow at dawn you will depart Freegate on the spaceship with Ronin out on you next mission. So you better get your gear ready. Boxerlego: Wow, so the spaceship is getting dual particle beam cannons added to it and I'm going to get them functional. Then tomorrow I will be leaving at dawn departing Freegate on the spaceship and Ronin is coming along for the ride and this is all for my next engineer assignment. Captain Logan: Pretty much, And during your departure more information about your next assignment will be released to you. Boxerlego: And I was starting to like Freegate too. Captain Logan: Well, now that is over with, come with me and lets see how this Sapceship is coming along. Week64_003 by boxerlego, on Flickr Boxerlego: Whoa, Looks like we came just in time. There about to lower it. Captain Logan: This is Great. Chief Technician Ed: Captain Logan, Its great to see you here, were almost finished. Technician on the plane: Stop Right there Ed and start lowering it slowly. Week64_004 by boxerlego, on Flickr Chief Technician Ed: Roger, Lowering it slowly. Week64_005 by boxerlego, on Flickr Technician on the plane: Easy Easy, Your now in Ed. Week64_006 by boxerlego, on Flickr Technician on the plane: Now Lower this hoist so we can knock out these chains and lock this turret down. Week64_007 by boxerlego, on Flickr Chief Technician Ed: Roger, Lowering. Week64_008 by boxerlego, on Flickr (Technicians working around the Spaceship) Week64_009 by boxerlego, on Flickr Captain Logan: Excellent work, Now that the turret is lock down, now its the Engineer job to bring it online and functional. Technicians your Jobs are now done go have a break. Technicians as a group: Yes Captain! Captain Logan: What are you waiting for boxerlego, get this turret online and functional. (With no response Boxerlego immediately get inside the spaceship and starts working away getting this Turret setup with controls.) Week64_010 by boxerlego, on Flickr Boxerlego: Connecting this turret up should be no problem. All I got to do is Create this button here on the controls and register the Turret to the button and I'm Finished now I should be able to Rotate the Turret like so. Week64_011 by boxerlego, on Flickr Boxerlego: Excellent the Turret is able to rotate forward now let move it to my right. Week64_012 by boxerlego, on Flickr Captain Logan: Perfect, Looks like it works just as good as on the tanks. Now don't forget your departing at dawn. I will take care of loading up your supplies and Ronin as well. Boxerlego: Great, I will get on packing my stuff. (Dawn 12 Oktobrinali 3816 on Freegate Boxerlego embarks on his Next Mission heading towards his next destination) Week64_013 by boxerlego, on Flickr Boxerlego: Spaceship set a path toward Illustria. Spaceship: Path is set. Approximate arrival on Illustria 15 of Oktobrinali 3816. Boxerlego: Ok that is three days away. That gives me some time to prepare for the next mission. Week64_014 by boxerlego, on Flickr (While Flying through Space An Alien Scout takes notice of Boxerlego heading towards his next destination.) Week64_015 by boxerlego, on Flickr Boxerlego: Finally we made it after breaking through the atmosphere were finally here. Look at this view. Mountains ranges as far as the eye can see. Spaceship: I see the ground perfectly. Boxerlego: Great. Now that were are here spaceship we need to be on the look out for our Destination Target Area. Seems like were not far from it judging by these coordinates on the maps. Spaceship: Understood. Week64_016 by boxerlego, on Flickr
  17. Big Sal

    [M - C04] The Awakening

    Location: C04 Aeristus Tags: Civil building, spaceship Urgh… wha…? Sal? You’re awake? Wha…? Long? Where… what…? What happened? You caught Marphacian Swamp Fever and nearly died. We’re in a Kawashita hospital on Aeristus – they were the only ones with the expertise to save you. Ugh… I feel terrible. Last thing I remember was taking my experimental GATE-cloak ship for a test flight. Yes, you passed out during the flight. We tried to treat you, but the fever was too advanced. You’ve racked up a considerable medical bill over the time you’ve been here. How long has it been? A week or so? Almost exactly four months. WHAT?! Your executive health insurance covers you for the first three days, of course, but… FOUR MONTHS?! That’s not possible! Wait… I’ve been here for four months? And I’ve been here the whole time? I haven’t been seen anywhere else? What? Of course not, how could you- Four months would make it Oktobrinali… they must have already started… but if I haven’t been seen, then… they must have found him… but then… Long, quickly, who knows I’m here? What are you talking about? WHO KNOWS I’M HERE??? Just me and the Council. Maxximus believed it would be embarrassing if it became known that we had to rely on Kawashita to save you. Well, that’s something. I suppose if they knew where I was I’d already be dead. If who knew? …SPIDER? Ye-, I mean… who? Damn it Sal, don’t play dumb with me. I know you know about SPIDER. Tell me what it is. What do you know? Nothing. All I can come across is cryptic references to webs all over the place. Ever since SpacerSteve and Hawk went missing, the Council doesn’t trust anyone – they won’t tell me anything. If they’re missing then they’ve put the plans into motion… and if they found him then they have everything they need… Long, you’re sure I haven’t been seen anywhere since I fell ill? No. How could you possibly... wait... You can’t have… it's impossible, not to mention completely unethical... but it would explain the doubled productivity… What? Sal… did you… did you clone yourself?? What?! How did you know that?! Of course! Ever since your productivity suddenly doubled I’ve been wondering how you did it. It all makes sense now. But… how? And why? Project Lambda. The employee weaponisation project? No, that was just the part of it the Council knew about. The real aim of Project Lambda was to create an army of enhanced, obedient clones for SPIDER. What?! That’s what all my research has really been about. Awesomnium extract for growth acceleration, the persuadomatic for brainwashing, the employee weaponisation, the advanced weaponry. But when I finally almost perfected the process and created the first clone, I realised that I’d become expendable. After all, if SPIDER had an almost perfect and completely obedient clone of me, why would they need actual me? So I kept my success secret from them, and have been stalling them ever since. But when I got ill, my clone should have covered for me. If he didn’t, it means SPIDER must have found him. And if they found him, they’re finally ready. This is insane… we need to tell SpacerSteve about this when he gets here. WHAT?! I thought you said he was missing?! No, he reappeared a while back. I sent him a message as soon as you woke up and- We need to leave. Now! What? Come on! Do you have a ship here? No, but your stealth ship was brought here with you. But Sal- Even better! Let's go! Sal- Come on, there’s no time! Sal- What?! Maybe you should put some clothes on first. ---- Later: This ship is hideous. Hey, I never got to finish it! And it may not be much to look at, but with the GATE-cloak it's completely undetectable... in theory... Sal... What did you mean when you said your clone is almost perfect? Ah, yeah. The awesomnium serum worked perfectly for temporary growth acceleration, except for the hair. For some reason, his hair growth seems to be permanently accelerated... Damn it. ---- Thanks for reading! C&C welcome! Finally, all is revealed! As you may be able to tell, I've been working on this story for a loooong time (although SPIDER was not my idea, and was worked into it later). A pic of the whole build and the ship in the spoiler.
  18. Location: C03 Torresta Tags: Chief Accountant Long! We weren't expecting you! Sorry about the annual finance report - we're almost- I'm not here about that. I'm here for the prisoner. What's the situation? Uh... well she works as a mechanic here at the station. We caught her hacking into the police database early yesterday morning. There's no way she should have had the access codes that she did, it's impossible. Since we arrested her, whenever anyone tries to talk to her she just says something about cobwebs then asks for Big Sal. That's why we requested he come here... Sal is... indisposed currently. I've come instead. Take me to see the prisoner. Uh, yes ma'am! Here she is. Thank you captain. Leave us. Um... OK... Do you know who I am? Did the Council ever find all the cobwebs? What? Then like I told the rest of these idiots, I'll only talk to Big Sal. Sal is on the verge of death with Marphacian Swamp Fever. He can't talk to anyone, let alone you. So tell me how you got those access codes. Hahaha, it doesn't matter! Sal doesn't matter! The webs are everywhere! You'll see soon enough! What? I suggest you tell me what you know voluntarily. The other options will be... unpleasant for you. Hahaha, I'll be dead soon anyway. They can get to me in here or wherever you take me. We are everywhere! Who? Who is everywhere? Hahahaha! This is a waste of time. Did she say anything? Nothing that made any sense. I need to talk to Sal. I thought you said- Get that finance report to me by the morning. Thanks for reading! This is a remake of my favourite childhood town set, 6398 Central Precinct HQ. Sorry about the slightly crappy photos - I didn't really have time for this! More in the spoiler.
  19. Location: G02 - Freegate Tags: Building, Civil, Military, Vehicle, Land Vehicle, Spaceship Week 63 Inside the Research Laboratory Boxerlego Is making Laser research happen 63_001 by boxerlego, on Flickr Boxerlego: Awesomnium Alloy Test #115, Activating Laser. 63_002 by boxerlego, on Flickr (Laser sounds) 63_003 by boxerlego, on Flickr Boxerlego: End of Awesomnium Alloy Test #115, Deactivating Laser. 63_004 by boxerlego, on Flickr Boxerlego: Looks like this batch of Awesomnium Alloy handle the Laser pretty well that it absorb the energy with 90% efficiency. 63_005 by boxerlego, on Flickr Boxerlego: Now with that this wraps up this current batch of Awesomnium Alloy test. I better start shutting everything down and prepare for all the Awesomnium Alloy test for the Scientist. 63_006 by boxerlego, on Flickr Incoming Message: Boxerlego you better get up to the number 5 Bay area your robot has stop working. Over. 63_007 by boxerlego, on Flickr Glad you got up here its been 25 minutes and Your Robot hasn't moved an inch and it some how produced a sword out of no where, I thought it was just broken. 63_008 by boxerlego, on Flickr Just look at the Robot, it has done nothing but just stand there with a Trash Can lid on its head and some how produces a sword out of no where. I don't want any where near that Robot. 63_009 by boxerlego, on Flickr So you better take care of this before the robot starts swing that sword around and damages the Captains tank. Oh and speaking about the Captain, its been said hes been occupied with the latest Project and you know how the Captain gets when he is sidetracked. 63_010 by boxerlego, on Flickr Boxerlego: Robot turn around and state your function and objective. Robot: I'm a Ninja Robot, My objective is to follow Boxerlego orders. Boxerlego: So your one of those Ninja Robots and you respond to my voice commands, Now this is interesting. So next question What Is your name and who were you develop by. Robot: My name is Ronin, I was developed by Kawashita. Boxerlego: Ok Ronin, Put away the sword put the trash can lid back on the trash bucket and get back to sweeping up the bay area and wait for my next command. 63_011 by boxerlego, on Flickr Incoming message from Captain Logan: Boxerlego get up to the Hanger. Boxerlego: I wonder what this is about. I better get up there fast. 63_012 by boxerlego, on Flickr Captain Logan: Excellent now that your here I want to show to you your newest project. Boxerlego: My newest project looks great But I'm just an Engineer. What business do I have with a spaceship. Captain Logan: Well I cant explain everything to you right now but you have big Engineering business that deals with this spaceship. For the time being just get in and get the feel of flying this Spaceship. Don't worry the Spaceship is capable of flying itself by the flip of a switch after all who else is going to fly when your asleep. For now just think about the Spaceship and what you want to achieve with it. I'll just leave it at that for now so not another word and get in already. 63_013 by boxerlego, on Flickr 63_014 by boxerlego, on Flickr Boxerlego talking to self: Ok, Now that I'm in here, how do I start this up and launch this ship. Oh look here are the keys already in the controls and here is that switch the Captain is talking about. Ship begins to respond and answers my questions. In order to start and launch spaceship, press the green button next to the keys this starts the engines and then you engage the Selector on the right in the D position to control the Launch of the spaceship yourself but for Spaceship control put the Selector in the C position and then the switch next to the throttle then look at the controls to see if the Spaceship is clear for take off and once cleared for take off just engage the Throttle and the spaceship will begin to take off. Boxerlego: Oh this is great the space ship talks and all I got to do is just press this green button here and flip this switch and then I bring this here in the C position and when the ship is ready for take off I just engage in the throttle. Ship: That is correct. Boxerlego: Well, here we go. 63_015 by boxerlego, on Flickr (while flying around the spaceship reveals why boxer is the one flying the spaceship) Boxerlego: Wow, that is amazing to know so you chose me to fly this spaceship. Spaceship: This is correct. I told the captain that I have chosen you to be pilot of me and not only Pilot but Engineer as well. Boxerlego: That is very moving stuff spaceship I just got one question Why Me? Spaceship: I've selected you not because you were the best pilot. I'm the best Pilot, but I selected you because you put the Ninja Robot named Ronin back together and is now under your command. This is one of the reasons why I have chosen you. Boxerlego: So how do you know about Ronin? Spaceship: It was my objective to capture Ronin, I'm the vehicle that brought Ronin over to Octan, In fact I was able to deconstruct Ronin's core memory so the Octan scientist could safely examine the robot but there was a Problem even though we did all this for the safety of the Octan scientist Ronin was able to reconstruct its core Memory and regain control after one scientist deemed it safe to put Ronin back to gather again and 14 of the best and brightest Octan robotics scientist lost there lives in that facility including my Engineer and Project Developer. The only scientist who survived that was strongly against it in the end was only able to save himself. And after recapturing Ronin for a second time I deconstructed Ronin's core memory so the last remaining Octan scientist could safely dissemble the Ninja Robot once again. The last remaining Octan Scientist said that he told them not to put this Ninja Robot back to gather and they didn't listen to him. This Scientist is Captain Logan. Captian Logan knows all about Ronin technically and has in fact has completely reconstructed Ronin entirely but he couldn't complete the ninja robot after what happen and has allowed Ronin to sit on a shelf in a safe many years uncompleted. Boxerlego: Incredible, I dont know what to say, I'm speechless, But I will say this, Thanks for accepting me to be your Engineer. I will do my best.
  20. LucByard

    [M - E01] Rest.

    Location: E01 - Donwarr. Tags: Civil, Building. Previous chapters can be read on my website here. Chapter 10: Rest. Sleep was unwelcome… It brought the dreams. A white space… full of nothing, except a desk… a very ordinary desk… and a man, sat in a chair behind it… Writing something on a piece of paper. That’s strange. She thought. Who uses paper anymore? The paper was covered in a thousand letters. It looked like the letter ‘Y’ over and over and over again. She notices that the man is no longer there, or the desk, or the paper. She is lying down… the air is cool. She hears a rustling sound, a pitter-patter. It’s raining. I’m getting wet. The smell of rain on stone, her breath short, she is tired. A creature kneels over her, tall, ethereal. It leans towards her. “You must find Upsilon” it whispers, its lips unmoving. “You must not lie down”. Why can I hear you. “You must find Upsilon” it repeated without using words. “You must not…” “Lie down”. The voice said as Yseult tried to sit up. She felt groggy, disoriented. It was too bright. "You need rest", the voice repeated. The ache in her arms was starting to agree. She laid back down in put a hand to her eyes to shield the light and give them time to adjust. She tried to look around, noticing the ornate black bed with clinical white sheets she was lying in. "Je suis où?" she murmured in a tired gravelly voice. She tried to look to where the other voice had come from. “You’re in a MANTIS recovery centre”. It said softly. “Do you remember us finding you?” Yseult tried to think back but slowly shook her head. Finally used to the brightness, she recognised Riddaeon sitting beside the bed. He wore a wry smile. “When you ask your suit for a morphine injection, you’re supposed to say a number… Not ‘all of it’… I’m surprised you were still conscious, let alone in the mood for an argument”. Yseult furrowed her brow; her head hurt. “Argument?” She replied. Riddaeon reclined in his seat. “You… insisted...” He answered. “... That we leave him there. And with his sword and rations too”. He let a silence hang to see if Yseult would volunteer an explanation. None came and Riddaeon’s wry smile had become frustrated frown. “You’re as stubborn as you are persuasive. I shouldn’t have sent a recovery team full of juniors to get you.” Riddaeon calmed himself. He wasn’t here to get angry with her. The mission had been a success after all. Yseult had followed her instincts rather than her orders and they had figured out how Octan was lifting the Mythril. It doesn't matter anyway; Octancorp had just taken Freegate and the larger Mythril operations will be their first target. MANTIS will sabotage the liquid Mythril labs before they leave and it will all have been for nothing… Welcome to Quarrel he thought to himself. He gestured to a cup and a small box on the bedside table. “I got you coffee”. He said. “They grow the real deal here. Not like that swamp liquor on Marphacia”. He thought back to their first meeting on the terrace in the morning mists. “And some bread and jam… They tell me you like to dip it in the coffee”. He couldn’t help making a face at the idea as he said it. Intentional or not, it conjured a small smile on Yseult’s otherwise tired face. “Merci”. She managed at just above a whisper. For the next half hour, Riddaeon talked to her about whatever he could think of; Ellie was fixing Darksight… She was glad that Yseult was okay. There was some big sports event going on… MANTIS’s strongest entry had finished last in some race and half of the corporation was crying foul and pointing fingers. Eventually, Yseult managed to raise herself up and sit cross-legged. She took the bread and coffee: it was good, not fresh but good all the same and the hot bitter drink softened the stale crust while the jam gently sweetened the coffee. It reminded her of home; Saturday mornings and finishing off the last of yesterday’s bread, topped with apricot jam. She was too young for coffee back then but her Dad would make her tea and they would sit on the terrace in the sun and he would tell her about what stunts he was going to perform in his next display and twist and flip his hands in the air as he explained it to her and she would stare, bemused at the display of skill and danger that he would describe and want, more than anything in the whole world… to become a pilot. When the visit was over, Riddaeon exited the room into an empty corridor. He activated the comm device on his temple and a fuzzy distorted holo-image emerged in front of him. It was small and difficult to discern details but the large beard and excessive hair made who it was unmistakable. “She is ready”. Riddaeon said. “Good…” The image responded. “…How did she perform?”. “Your calculations were correct...” Riddaeon replied. “…She did not perform as expected.” The hologram gave a fuzzy and heavily pixelated grin. “Good.” It said. “Shall I progress to the next phase?” Riddaeon asked. “Yes…” the reply came. “… But first, a matter has arisen. I understand you have acquired an Octancorp vessel?” “Yes…” said Riddaeon. “…A Quadstar.” The holo-image grinned a pixelated grin once more.
  21. pombe

    [O - H04] One Hump Or Two?

    Location: H04 - Crofter's Ridge Tags: Land Vehicle, Exploration Dramatis Personae: Previously: Currently, in orbit above Crofter's Ridge... Eshey, there's a situation I need you to look into on Crofter's Ridge. This build is recycled and should not be judged. Look into a ridge! Hee hee hee hee hee!!! Yes. Reports indicate that M.A.N.T.I.S. is engaging in an alien smuggling operation. Their last reported location was here on Crofter's Ridge. Hee hee hee hee hee hee!!! +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Later, on Crofter's Ridge... So, Scooter, if you hold them just so.... Sqeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! They love it! I see, sir. Hee hee? Pombie and Scooter are M.A.N.T.I.S. alien smugglers? Oh hello, Eshey! Alien smugglers? No, heaven forbid! Scooter and I are alien snugglers. We are traveling on a M.A.N.T.I.S. mission to give snuggles to all the aliens of Andromeda! Indeed. Sqeee sqeeeeeeeeee sqee sqee sqeeeeeeee sqee sqe sqeeeeeeeeeeeeee sqeeeee sqeeeeeeeeeeeeeee sqeeeeee sqeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee sqeeeeee sqeee sqeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee sqeee sqeee sqeeeeeeeeee. Hee hee, your name is Sean and you and your friend Clark were having a bad day until Pombie and Scooter showed up and gave you free snuggles? How nice! HEE HEE HEE HEE HEE HEE HEE!!! Comments and criticisms are all welcome!
  22. Kodan Black

    [O - H04] - Field Work

    Location: H04 Crofter's Ridge Tags: Land Vehicle Previously... // PERSONAL DIARY // ED-208 and I visited one of our geological study sites on Crofter's Ridge. They had been studying some weird mineral deposits and I thought it best to personally check it out. Dr. Allison was back at the lab taking a look at the samples with a team as we wanted to try and figure out if this was potentially beneficial to Octan. Luckily my robot dog that Dr. Allison had named "Gidget" joined us. ED-208 continued to insist something was odd about Gidget, but I told him it was just a robot pet and was harmless. When we arrived at the site the crew there was quite happy to show us what they had been doing and their recent discoveries. I find geology pretty boring, I mean who cares about rocks, but I certainly respect the amount of passion they have for their chosen field. Even Gidget seemed very interested in the work being done. She stayed near us the whole time, they really have these robot dogs figured out! I can't help but feel like something weird is going on here. Between the weird lab and the anomalous mineral deposits it just seems ... odd. I'm hoping that once I check in with Dr. Allison that she has made some progress to help explain some of this! Extra pics: Images are inline, thanks for the help!
  23. rodiziorobs

    [Challenge 5][Cat C][Fusion Wave]

    The Fusion Wave is part of the team representing M.A.N.T.I.S. in the GARC category of the Space Olympics. Piloted by Roskin Jargons, the Fusion Wave was a last-minute addition to the team, due to the simple matter of resolving the pilot's criminal record before he could be cleared to compete. Not that Jargons is a dangerous felon, but let's just say that he has always enjoyed fast racers...even if he didn't own them. AG GARC entry by rodiziorobs, on Flickr AG GARC entry by rodiziorobs, on Flickr AG GARC entry by rodiziorobs, on Flickr AG GARC entry by rodiziorobs, on Flickr AG GARC entry by rodiziorobs, on Flickr AG GARC entry by rodiziorobs, on Flickr AG GARC entry by rodiziorobs, on Flickr
  24. mediumsnowman

    [Challenge 5] [Cat C] The Lumberjack

    Jebediah O'Reilly prepares for the next round of the Galactic Asteroid Racing Circuit in his newly finished ship, christened The Lumberjack. C&C welcome.
  25. Dramatis Personae: Hey, guys. What are you working on? Bruce and I are working on a race car for our entry into the GARC event for the Space Olympics. Yes. I've spent months on the engine block and transmission. I really wanted to design a classic muscle car that Hombre would admire. In fact, he's test driving it right now. Uh. You know that the GARC is a spaceship race, right? There you go again with your usual nonsense, Eshey. Anyways, here comes Hombre, bringing her back around the track. It's a spaceship! The confusion is understandable, Miss Kolai. It's engine runs so hot that it's exhaust pipes shoot out blue-white flames, which you might confuse for thrusters. Comments and criticisms are all welcome!