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  1. Hive

    The Fortress of Portasol

    Delightful build. Makes me really miss the good old days when LEGO actually gave us Castle themes every now and then...
  2. Hive

    [MOC] Theo's Trabuchet fishing hut

    This is one of the best MOCs I've seen in a long time - so cute, so cozy, so atmospheric!
  3. Is that the Captain Carter hair you managed to snatch?
  4. Hive

    LEGO The Office (IDEAS) 2022

    Because LEGO Ideas isn't always about great builds. Sometimes, like obviously in this case, it's about hitting an IP that will sell.
  5. I finally managed to get a couple of sheep (yes, only two - I'm modest) yesterday, along with some new parts (mostly from the Stuntz line, which I'm not going to buy any sets from).
  6. Hive

    [REVIEW] 10293 - Santa's Visit

    Nice review, thanks. I'll be getting this one for sure, after having skipped the most recent Winter Village releases on account of them being too "fantasy" with elfs and gingerbread houses. I'm very pleased to see LEGO return to more "real" settings this time around. And the colours are great, love the blue. While not quite as good as the Winter Village Cottage, which I still hope they'll re-release some day, it looks to be a fine set.
  7. Here in Denmark, Bricks & Pieces are sent by regular snail mail... and it always takes a couple of weeks from the moment it's shipped to it actually arrives. And that's in Denmark, home of the brick, origin of the shipments. *shrugs*
  8. Yeah huge delays right now.
  9. Great news! Here's hoping 6357254 will still be available next time I have enough for a full order.
  10. Yeah I noticed - but as I had just placed an order for the torsos and everything else I needed, I couldn't be bothered placing another order just for the legs... and they're gone again now...
  11. Black Falcon torsos are back, I just ordered. Finally. Now I'll start the hunt for the legs...
  12. You're trying hard to make parts fit - but if you think about it, none of them really scream "you must have me for your city!" like so many parts from these series usually do. Except for, again, the excellent cheese. I will have to get me some of those.
  13. Thanks for another great CMF review, WhiteFang. Stellar as always. For me personally, this series is the absolute worst they have done so far. Except for the great cheese slopes actually printed as cheese, this series has zero figures or parts of usage to me.
  14. Still nothing for us Europeans...