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  1. Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors and Discussion

    Such a shame they departed from the sand green. I was looking forward to getting a set with that. And it makes it harder to incorporate the set into collections of those having the previous editions of the castle. Still, this will likely be my first real venture into the Harry Potter theme - apart from the last Hagrid's hut. Don't care for any of the figs, but great parts for Castle.
  2. Future Castle Sets?

    While I'm sure we can all agree that the American market is an important one for LEGO, I'd like to remind some people that there are other markets as well. There's no reason to somehow try to bind LEGO's entire marketing strategy on what Americans and Americans alone want.
  3. Future Castle Sets?

    This toyline seems fairly big and present in most toy stores here in Denmark: It's all about knights, castles, dragons and such. Seems to be targeted kids aged 5-8. Then there's the Schleich line, which seems fairly big as well: Again with knights, castles, trolls and all that great fantasy stuff. From ages 3 and up. And as has been mentioned before, Playmobil has a great Knights line as well: Knights, castles, trolls, dragons... again with all the good stuff. Ages 4 and up. So certainly, children still appear to be craving a "Castle" theme. Plenty of other toy companies does it, with seemingly success. So why not LEGO?
  4. General Pirates of the Caribbean Theme Discussion Thread

    Oh wow, that looks great. Thanks!
  5. General Pirates of the Caribbean Theme Discussion Thread

    Do you have a link for that?
  6. Future Castle Sets?

    I know these are different times compared to when I was a kid myself - but I don't think we should underestimate the imagination of children even in this digital age.
  7. Future Castle Sets?

    I don't quite get the argument that Castle is too generic and needs a specific hook to catch kids of today. Sure, if we look at hits like Ninjago, Chima and Elves that's certainly the case; they get a story, named characters and tv shows... but look at City, then. That's pretty much as generic as they come. If kids can play with generic policemen and robbers - why shouldn't they be able to play with generic knights?
  8. Silent Mary MOC

    I was thinking about doing this myself (though I don't yet own the Silent Mary). I honestly don't like the ghost ship look of the actual set - but recognize the potential for a good looking ship with a better hull, "repairs" and perhaps the sails from the Imperial Flagship.
  9. Lack of original themes

    That is true, if we adhere to the premise (which I myself do) that Pirates and Castle is quite safe - due to them being safe for Playmobil. But if you adhere to the belief (which many claim) that Pirates and Castle are no longer safe for LEGO, theorizing that they're no longer appealing to the demographic, my point stands. And I was aiming at those people with my comment. But I did not make that clear, so I understand your comment.
  10. Lack of original themes

    I just personally don't understand why we only see themes like Castle, Pirates and Space every 7 or so years. As others mention, Playmobil has such lines at all times - targetting the exact same age groups (look them up if you doubt me). And I'm sure they wouldn't do it if the target demographic didn't buy those themes. And the argument I read elsewhere in this thread that Playmobil could better afford to due it because they're a smaller company is completely illogical; smaller companies has less leeway to experiment and has to stick closer to what they deem safe. LEGO, if anything, should be the ones experimenting more. And yes, this is just me being bitter that I'll likely have to way 2 and 4 years respectively for more Castle and Pirates...
  11. [MOC] King Edric's Castle

    Very nice build! I just wish you had used prettier heraldy, but oh well...
  12. Your dream Lego theme

    My dream LEGO theme? I honestly just want Castle or Pirates to return, that'd satisfy me greatly. Thinking just a wee bit outside the box, I wouldn't mind another Monster theme - but with less focus on gimmicky vehicles.
  13. [MOC] Grand Palace Hotel

    I am absolutely blown away. Astonishing work.
  14. Perhaps I didn't phrase myself clearly. What I meant was: I don't quite get why the Monster Fighters theme was perceived to be so terrible. While I didn't like the vehicles (which I never do in those action themes), I did enjoy the overall premise - and the Haunted House is in my top 3 sets that I wish I had gotten before it was discontinued.