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  1. Hive

    [MOD] Downtown Seafood Diner

    Thanks for the comments. :)
  2. I never quite liked the style of 10260 Downtown Diner, and didn't feel it fit with the rest of my modulars. I really like the interior details though and wanted to do something with it - so I spliced it with 70422 and some ideas of my own to make it a better fit, while incorporating my favorite Hidden Side detail: the giant shrimp. I still lack a few bricks to finish it off, but I'm pretty happy with the result.
  3. I am pretty bitter that Sweden is allowed to buy from Bricks & Pieces - but Denmark, home of the bricks, from where the actual Bricks & Pieces are shipped out, is not. What gives?
  4. Hive

    LEGO Monkie Kid 2020

    I'm puzzled how LEGO decided to run this theme alongside Ninjago, as the two are nearly identical in style.
  5. Hive

    LEGO Ideas. Caswell Point Turned down.

    It was probably 3 years ago. And granted, it was very similar to the original...
  6. Hive

    LEGO Ideas. Caswell Point Turned down.

    That is weird indeed. I once had a revision of the Imperial Trading Post rejected because it was a remake of an existing set... That's not the point though. The point is that the "we already have one Ideas set with that theme, so we can't have more" reasoning in regards to Pirates is ridiculous - since it's obviously not a problem with other subjects/themes.
  7. It'll be a pass from me, even though that alternative build with the mill looks promising. No cloth sails, a colour-scheme terribly similar to past ships release and no new minifigure prints makes it not worth the money for me. But I guess it's decent for those of you who missed both Pirates 2009 and 2015.
  8. Hive

    LEGO Ideas. Caswell Point Turned down.

    I don't quite understand that reasoning. I mean, we've had several NASA-themed sets released on Ideas so far, with even more having been submitted without issues... Unless, of course, it's simply to cover up an upcoming Pirates theme.
  9. Hive

    New VIP system

    My thoughts exactly. Absurdly disappointing. But they don't seem to care.
  10. Agreed. I voted on it - but not because I want the set as presented in Ideas, but because I see potential for an inhouse LEGO makeover of the set. Like what they did with the excellent Pirates of Barracuda Bay.
  11. That's a huge shame. No matter the quality of the CMF series at hand, I've always enjoyed your reviews of them.
  12. Thank God that you ressurrected a 7-year old topic to tell us all about broken links in it.
  13. Four Swords in is too big, too square and doesn't have nearly enough details. They'd have to change almost everything about it - and since the idea itself isn't particularly unique either, there's not much draw. The windmill has potential though.
  14. Hive


    Is this your first time posting in this subforum?