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  1. [MOC] Grand Palace Hotel

    I am absolutely blown away. Astonishing work.
  2. Perhaps I didn't phrase myself clearly. What I meant was: I don't quite get why the Monster Fighters theme was perceived to be so terrible. While I didn't like the vehicles (which I never do in those action themes), I did enjoy the overall premise - and the Haunted House is in my top 3 sets that I wish I had gotten before it was discontinued.
  3. I don't quite get why the Monster Fighters theme was so terrible.
  4. I would like a big D2C set for Castle (and one for the Space fans as well), given their individual anniversaries. Or a "Legends" line with re-imagined editions of classic sets (not just straight up replicas), with new minifigs, parts and colours.
  5. I agree that baseplates make big and expensive sets look much more impressive. Personally, I'm a sucker for big baseplates (especially raised ones!) and miss them dearly. I also agree that Lagoon Lock Up was a perfect set in its' price range. It had it all! And great minifigs, too! But... in today's prices, that set (which cost $29.99 at the time) would cost $54. The $50-60 price range sets of today (while I don't find them quite as enticing as builds) actually holds at least the same amount of minifigures (often more) and has LOTS more bricks... so the "LEGO was much better value for money back in the 80's and 90's" argument is actually invalid. But yeah, I really wish they hadn't felt forced to introduce those minidolls... but since they have currently 3 lines with them, I suspect they're actually good business.
  6. Yeah I'm super lucky with her. She got drawn in due to my interest in LEGO, getting deeper and deeper in for every day... and now she's even at the point where she just now talked about wanting LEGO for Christmas.
  7. I have honestly never heard anyone having that problem before. It's certainly not an issue for me, and I'm not even sure there's a big difference compared to when I was a kid. Sure, there are more new sets produced today - but back then, sets on the other hand had a much longer shelf life. So variety was always there. I too buy sets that I think can in one way or the other fit into my main interests (Castle and Pirates). However the last few years, there simply hasn't been much of that nature. You mention the Atlantis crown jewel (I kinda regret never getting that one myself, it is indeed good), Prince of Persia (I really wish I got the "castle" there), Indiana Jones as good examples - but they are all looooong gone.
  8. Me and my gf built a ship together nearly 4 years ago, which is still intact. I think that's the record.
  9. Agreed. Then I would happily buy it, even at the steep price point it has.
  10. I never used the word "childish". In fact, I haven't noticed anyone but you do so in this thread. I'm just saying that minidolls and outlandish vehicles doesn't appeal to me. They do to you, and that's fine - I didn't mean to offend you. I will say though, that in general terms, I'm certain that minifigs and structures have an easier appeal to adults than minidolls and vehicles. But of course, that doesn't apply to everyone. Again: tastes differ, and that's great. But back when I started collecting, there was something for pretty much everyone, due to the variety: Castle, Pirates, Space, City, Action, Star Wars, Harry Potter, etc... now, I simply feel there's far less variety. If you don't like action themes, minidolls or Star Wars, there's not much. And I get that the fans of those themes defend LEGO with a passion, because after all, they're getting what they love - but the rest of us aren't. Please, not this again. Noone said that it wasn't; we all realize that LEGO is first and foremost a kids' toy that we're all collecting. Not I, nor anyone else here for that matter, neither demand nor expect LEGO to change their target group from kids to adults. So please don't go there. That's your opinion, and that's fine. But don't spout it out as if it's some universal truth that we just aren't "getting" the way enlightened you are. Tastes differ: and a lot of us dislike both Nexo Knights and Elves. That doesn't make us wrong, it doesn't make us less fans of LEGO than you; it just means that we have different views and expectations towards a Castle theme and what kind of pieces we have use for.
  11. First of all, you can't say AFOLs are "wrong" or "mistaken" to not like these sets. That's simply silly talk. Liking something is subjective, there is no right or wrong. It's all about tastes, which differ. I think it's great that LEGO has a much bigger appeal towards girls these days, but I really wish they hadn't had to go the road of mini-dolls to get there. Because those dolls and cutesey animals (not to mention the absurd use of big slides in every other girl-aimed set, what's up with that anyway??) ruins those sets to me. As an adult collector, I feel LEGO is moving further and further away from producing sets for my tastes (outside of the occational special, exclusive AFOL-oriented set). I know LEGO is a kids' toy and that kids are obviously more important to LEGO, but as an adult collector, I feel that LEGO produces less and less sets that can appeal to both kids and adults alike. I understand that those people who are really into Star Wars or Super Heroes disagree; but try to look at it from the perspective of someone who is *not* into those heavily-featured themes.
  12. I'm not convinced this is true. Look at Playmobil: they still have success with unpersonalized characters and keep being able to sell classic themes long abandoned by LEGO, such as Castle and Pirates. While not as big a company as LEGO, obviously, I'm sure they wouldn't do it if it didn't sell. And their target age groups are the same. Yeah, I miss those great creator sets. But the most recent ones all pretty much look the same and/or are only facades. I like some new molds, figures, colours and ideas for use in my favourite themes (Castle and Pirates) every now and then. While there are occationally some interesting parts in, say, the Elves theme, there's simply waaay too many parts that are outright useless to me - especially the figures (and selling mini-dolls on Bricklink is hard).
  13. Back when I came back from my so called LEGO Dark Ages in around 2009 (and the years that followed), there were sooo many great LEGO themes and sets out there. So many that I couldn't come close to collecting everything I wanted; Fantasy Castle, Kingdoms, Pirates (and some years later another round of Pirates), Pirates of The Carribean, Harry Potter (while not interested in the figures or stories, there were some great versatile builds and parts), Lord of The Rings/The Hobbit, Monster Fighters, Prince of Persia and not to forget some occational great entries in the Creator line. Great LEGO sets everywhere, and so many I regret missing out on - especially these days where there is NOTHING at all that appeals to me (not counting a CMF here and there). Not even Creator has released anything this year that I care for. I bought a couple of Creator sets last year as my only non-CMF purchases, but this year it's been a dry well. And it's certainly not because I don't *want* to buy new LEGO sets, I really do. There's just nothing that appeals to me anymore - it seems like everything is either mini dolls or action/outlandish vehicles heavy. So the question is: is it LEGO going downhill - or is it me? Does anyone else feel the same?
  14. Has anyone seen this series in Denmark? I can't find them anywhere... but loads of S16.