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  1. You're trying hard to make parts fit - but if you think about it, none of them really scream "you must have me for your city!" like so many parts from these series usually do. Except for, again, the excellent cheese. I will have to get me some of those.
  2. Thanks for another great CMF review, WhiteFang. Stellar as always. For me personally, this series is the absolute worst they have done so far. Except for the great cheese slopes actually printed as cheese, this series has zero figures or parts of usage to me.
  3. Still nothing for us Europeans...
  4. Hive

    Future Castle Sets?

    I'd expect them to re-use the new Black Falcons for the set - but I would be disappointed if they didn't give us at least one new torso as well, where the Lion Knights or the Forestmen would make the most sense. I'd be happy about either, but hopes for Lion Knights.
  5. Hive

    Organizing pirate minifigs

    I have all my historical (pirates and castle) themed thorsos in a separate bin, but no further organization than that.
  6. Hive

    Medieval street

    I can't really give any praise without it sounding repetitive, but... wow. Truly amazing work. Love it.
  7. Hive

    Pirate sets you would like to see

    I actually think the last pirate line, from 2015, was really solid. A lot of repitition, and it suffered from having just the one wave - but good stuff overall. Certainly a lot better than the last castle theme from 2013.
  8. I was really hoping for the Caribbean Clipper, as I think it's one of the most wonderful Ideas sets ever. Though I didn't believe in it, I expected them to reject it. A huge shame though. It would have been worth buying for the sails alone.
  9. Thanks a bunch for this! I was bummed out about missing out on the Dickens GWP because I really liked this torso, and had tried in vain to look up parts from the set several times. And then it turns out that it was simply "hidden"... well, I ordered one today and I am very pleased.
  10. Hive

    Future Castle Sets?

    Sure, if you go strictly by the age range they put on the box. But are you arguing that you can't see that 2013 was more cartoonish than Kingdoms or Fantasy Castle? The sets themselves also felt more generic and run-of-the-mill compared to some of the pretty innovative and fresh set ideas from the two previous themes - though of course, those did have more more waves and opportunity to develop than 2013. Of course, it's all a matter of preference. And 2013 probably has its fans - though I'm fairly certain most AFOLs prefer Kingdoms or Fantasy Castle.
  11. As much as I love 10193, this set would have had to be "dumbed down" a great deal in detail compared with other Ideas sets to fit with it. To me, I think it's a bonus that the set is build more like a modular than to fit the old hinge style. I'll be trying to rebuild the 10193 buildings to fit with this set when I get it.
  12. Hive

    Pirate sets you would like to see

    Some great ideas listed - like a harbor, merchant ship and a community figure pack. Top of my list would be a ship that dares to do something a bit different than being dominated by red and with white/red striped flags. They gave us different ships in the good old days, they could do so now. I do not care for the armada/islander stuff, though. I prefer something that aims to be from the actual age of piracy.
  13. I'd really prefer something to do with Pirates or Castle, but I'll vote for anything not Bionicle in the next round.
  14. The problem is that themes like Pirates, Castle and Space are split up in many different subthemes - while Bionicle gets to have just the one. It makes for a very biased and skewed voting.