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    Overwatch Gibraltar

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  1. Four Bricks Tall

    Purist Hipster Barista

    Hair from the Cole Ninjago pod Arms from the Yuppie CMF Head from the baby-wearing dad in the Outdoor Adventures People Pack Torso and legs from a barista
  2. Four Bricks Tall

    Hi I'm Anna

    Thanks @Reaper @deraven @LEGO Train 12 Volts @LM71Blackbird @dr_spock for the warm welcome!
  3. Four Bricks Tall

    PAD printing in lego torsos. Where?

    For high quality UV printing, check out The Minifig Co. I recently bought one of their torsos and heads and was surprised to see the print quality was very nice for UV. They're US based too. Sorry, no info on pricing.
  4. Four Bricks Tall

    Hi I'm Anna

    Hi from Brooklyn, NY! I'm Anna, a LEGO photographer and beginner MOC builder. I've only made one MOC before and it took me a long time but my kid loves it.