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  1. natesroom

    MOC: Juggernaut's Rampage

    I don't like the final design, but because it just doesn't evoke the juggernaut to me, However it is a DAMN GREAT build so bar none it is hands down one of the best figure builds I've ever seen.
  2. natesroom

    BAM Exclusive Parts Index

    i hadnt seen that lion shield, but i havent been in a while. I also need to look at that far right mini!
  3. Yeah the two headed beast could be a little bigger so the face was a little more recognizable. Other then that it looks great. What did you use for the bottom of the portcullis? I didn't recognize the part?
  4. natesroom

    [MOC] Rindle Tower

    thanks. I forgot i had this guy. I actually just found it on BL and came back here to say i found it but you already posted it. Thanks!
  5. natesroom

    [LEGO Ideas] Forestmen Outpost

    haha didnt even think about that, I was wanting to reward the guy with my hard earned cash.
  6. natesroom

    [Lego IDEAS] Native American Settlement

    Sorry for calling it... I think it falls perfectly in line with a non controversial set, that random people call controversial over nothing controversial.
  7. natesroom

    [LEGO Ideas] Forestmen Outpost

    ok sounds good!
  8. natesroom

    [Lego IDEAS] Native American Settlement

    Yes you did a good job of Being Informative as opposed to being crass. My hope is that Lego does not create these sets and leave it to individuals to create. There are going to be to many people with objections over unintentional offense and i rather LEGO stay with products that have definitive boundaries. I didnt mean name the set "Generic Native American set" i said if it was named that it would be far less offensive then if they named it Pueblo. If i was naming this set i would name it "Non Historical Amalgam of disparate Native American tribes without preference" that would sell
  9. natesroom

    [MOC] Rindle Tower

    what torso is the yellow archers wearing?
  10. natesroom

    [LEGO Ideas] Forestmen Outpost

    If you had instructions on this i would gladly pay for them on Rebrickable or wherever. I would build this this month.
  11. natesroom

    [Lego IDEAS] Native American Settlement

    I was just going to post something about people picking this set apart and "this quote" was what i was worried about. People tend to take these things to literally today. Which is why this wonderful set will never get made. I am not disparaging the poster. His critiques are informative, however this is not the response you'll get on the social media squads. Generic Native American set, is what i would call this, unless it was named Pueblo Indian Camp then i might probably agree with criticisms. Good work and this is the kind of Niche you can fill with the help of the ever freely imaginative toy produced by a company called Lego. You don't need an official set to portray anything you can build and bring appreciation to whatever you want to build.
  12. natesroom

    Marvel Superheroes 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    is there photos or is this just news? I went back a few pages and the only media i could see was the lego trailer for Shang Chi
  13. natesroom

    [MOC] The treasure..

    Yeah - Thats the only part i noticed, but even with that it's still very very good MOC.
  14. natesroom

    Harry Potter 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    So I'm not sure i understand, is the Anniversary minifig only available now if you preorder or anytime in the future these are sold?