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  1. natesroom

    Lego Collection Sorting

    This is a very informative post in fact it continues to be a favorite of mine that I come and read through to make sure I'm doing things as efficiently as most other people are doing.I was wondering if when you're doing your initial pass do you separate out plates individually or do you put all plates regardless of whether they're one two or three wide into one bin and then sort those after. Additionally how do you store the plates that are 4x10 or 6x6 6 by 10 etc I finally take up so much space I'm not sure what to do with them I also don't have hundreds of each more like 7 to 15 of one type
  2. Yeah if I could get something like this for somewhere between 500 and 1500 I think you'd have a cast amount of people interested. I don't have nearly as large a collection as many others but I'm literally looking at 1-2 years of constant sorting in my own time to get my full collection organized... I'd gladly pay somewhere in that range to speed and mindlessly sort with a little oversight
  3. natesroom

    Storage and Sorting LEGO

    same here i just got two of them and am starting to fill them.
  4. natesroom

    Storage and Sorting LEGO

    My biggest issue and i wonder if anyone else has this issue. Legos, Miniatures (with brushes and paints etc) D&D, Board Games and Magic the Gathering Card Collection. Its very difficult to keep all these hobbies sorted and the collections and all the other stuff. Lol Does anyone else have more hobbies like this other then legos?
  5. natesroom

    [MOC] Steam-Pink War Machine

    I like snowsuit cobra commander manning the gun
  6. natesroom


    looks great i would love to see this theme in a larger build!
  7. natesroom

    [MOC] 1:200 Iowa-Class Battleship

    These look Great!! If I was into this genre I'd earmark 8,000 pieces to build this since i have so many grey pieces!
  8. natesroom

    [OL-FB] Large Wooden Fort in Tarlor

    how did you do the angling on the front panels? I cant tell if your using wood 1x4 in between the 1x2 normal and how those connected.
  9. natesroom

    Future Castle Sets?

    what molds are you talking about??
  10. natesroom

    [MOC] Training Grounds

    i dont know how you guys do it, where do the ideas come from and where you start... Excellent Work.
  11. natesroom

    Organizing pirate minifigs

    Here are some photos of my dilemma, and I want to organize them better. Currently I have all my Castle factions bagged together but all my other figs live inside a container of sorts... as there are many new "castle/fantasy/historic/pirate" CMFs they don't belong to a faction and need to live somewhere. All my loose pieces are in a separate container PXL_20210213_192454860 by Natesroom, on Flickr
  12. I don't foresee ever really doing anything with the Ninja figures that I have, I don't even know when I got them specifically they must have come in some larger set collection or something that I could purchased. Would anyone be willing to trade one for one? I have seven or eight of them plus plus flags and accessories etc.
  13. natesroom

    Ninja Minifigures

    Oh my bad I will post it there
  14. natesroom

    Organizing pirate minifigs

    So this was more informative then i thought, So currently i have Pre Assembled Minifigs that i would call officical (came from a set, or parts that made an exact replica of a figure from a set) then i have extras inside plano containers. I will post photos below and discuss/describe my dilemna.
  15. natesroom

    Organizing pirate minifigs

    Awesome,!... Exactly the type of discussion I was looking for lol thanks