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  1. natesroom

    [MOC] "The Lord of the Rings" skylines

    i Would love to see your take on the Battle of Hoth (only) I love the echo station. but the whole battle in micro would be awesome.
  2. natesroom

    Future Castle Sets?

    Do you mean Star Trek Discovery?
  3. I am so upset i didn't even get a notice even though i set up to be notified when it went live.
  4. natesroom

    Future Castle Sets?

    You misunderstand. I say "Going the way of GOT" to mean producing an Nc-17 fantasy show that added multiple sex and sexual scenes many of which were not in the book. JRR Tolkien never had any of that "AT ALL" in any of his books. If they "Go they way" of GOT there will be a backlash revolt of this series. It wont bring Amazon down. In fact it probably won't even affect them that much a company worth over 100 billion - a 200 million investment that doesn't pan out though will get some heads rolling though.
  5. natesroom

    Future Castle Sets?

    I'm not saying you said this - but i am just responding that there will be a HUGE backlash is LOTR goes the way of GOT... Their Investment in the Rights will bury them and all the money outlayed for the project if they devolve the books like that. I don't think they are ready for the rising tidal wave of outrage if they sully the tolkien name like that.
  6. natesroom

    [MOC] Galaxy Explorer SDR-926

    this is stunning if i was lego i would buy this from you and sell it as a relaunch of a classic space theme.
  7. natesroom

    Future Castle Sets?

    I think that this is true because in my experience they surprisingly devalue or cheapen out on the small sets. Examples being 200-230 Piece small sets with 3 figures they are trying to sell for 39.99. When i was buying them i could buy a 6 mini-figure set for 14.99. So why spend 40 bucks for a set when i can just spend 100-150 for a 1400-1800 piece set with 7 or 8 figures of a non themed line.
  8. natesroom

    Witch's Windship remake

    if you felt the impetus to do so posting some instructions on Rebrickable for the dragon i think would be an immediate hit.
  9. natesroom

    [MOC] The Black Serpent

    nice!! looking forward to it
  10. natesroom

    Witch's Windship remake

    i would buy 5 of these right now if Lego was selling these. How many pieces total, and how many for the dragon?
  11. natesroom

    [LEGO Ideas] The Forestmen's Secret Inn

    what are the updates or changes?
  12. yeah if it was in order of preference, yours would be top 4, i didnt even realize the builders name when i organized that.
  13. yeah i just looked it up and i am dying that i didnt know about this.
  14. what is lowenstein?
  15. natesroom

    Future Castle Sets?

    this...looks...awesome!!! Everything is Awesome! I can tell im buying three of these already