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  1. This would be fun if they could design the foot in such a way that you could have the whole foot planted on the minifigure with just his head poking out but the inside was hollow enough to fit the minifig.
  2. I'm new to studio, but its very easy to use as i use Revit and other 3d programs. I was hoping for a few tips to things that i think should be easy but i cant find. 1) Can you change the colors of a bunch of items you select all at once? so i built a room in white but they need to be DBG - i cant figure out how to change the whole subgroup. I can select all 45 pieces but can't figure out how to change the colors in one click (might not be possible but seems like it should. Never mind... Figured out i just hide everything select the items and click the color - doh can you delete all "empty steps" at once? 2) I cant remember what the second was, lol. Does Studio use the internet? It seems to lock up my stream for a few seconds whenever i jump through steps. How do you move multiple steps at once? Cannot be in step view
  3. i think they are about similar... Games Workshop and FFG alone account for 1 billion (though FFG doesnt break down their product) and we arent even talking about D&D minis. reaper minis, etc. Lego total sales is approx 7 billion, however at least 60% or higher of lego sales wouldn't even be comparable to "army builders" if we are comparing.
  4. I would buy this though if its done well, lol. I think this would or could compete with the Games Workshop license if they were producing battle packs. Its only speculation as to license issues.
  5. natesroom

    [MOC] Everhold Castle

    Did i get this right? I didn't add the extra spacer on the bottom. I was fascinated by the bracket use.
  6. Its not highly guarded anymore now that Christopher Tolkien died. The Tolkien estate and/or Middle Earth enterprises are not concerned with fidelity to JRR work anymore. Christopher did not have much say since 2017 (coincidently when amazon purchased rights) when he resigned from his appointment as director of the Tolkien Estate, and allowed his nephew and his wife to take over. When amazon purchased the rights they had this clause inserted they could create other stories "previously unexplored stories based on J.R.R. Tolkien’s original writings". CT and JRR never would have allowed that. For Lego i dont really care what they make it about, cause toys are toys and castles are castles, lol.
  7. Bag End is dumb... Though i didn't get the one they produced, so I'd buy it anyways, lol.
  8. natesroom

    [MOC] Everhold Castle

    thats phenomenal...did you design all of it before building (and as you remade and added pieces over time) or did you compile the design after building?
  9. Could always do the dreadnaught.... Supposedly the Katana Fleet was 200 dreadnaughts slaved together so they vanished as one group... Hmmmm 200 almost like it was foreshadowed....
  10. i dont link brickheadz and i cant waste my money on that. Maybe i could buy and save them for years but i dont think they will have a very good ROI
  11. natesroom

    [MOC] Everhold Castle

    On the turrets, how do they connect? I'm wondering how those have been constructed i find the concentric rings lager then the panels interesting.
  12. natesroom

    [CATC] Monster Racers

    A continuing theme (3-5 year run) of this would be a phenomenal idea. I'd love to see polybags like this, and additional sets with a much larger fleshed out car. I can see alot of growth and fun with this. I would purchase these.
  13. i wouldnt even mind a re-release of previous sets - i missed a few. A Barad-Dur or a UCS helms deep would be phenomenal, because anyone with a previous helms deep, could probably easily modify it to expand the UCS set. It would be really cool for them to produce an instruction booklet for modifying the OG Helms Deep into expanding their (proposed idea) UCS version.
  14. Yeah but that was a bomb diggity set! 6 minfig a ballista and a wall piece to connect to my helms deep.
  15. natesroom

    LOTR Treebeard, WIP

    That looks awesome! What about this would it stick out to far for the mustache? i do like the second version for the eyes what a bout a white technic pin on the inside? it will give it a highlight and still have the dark inside hole. Or tan or some other off white color.