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  1. 10249 Winter Toy Shop

    Right you are! Again! So, I'll impose another 90 day suspension (make it longer if you like) on myself since I appear to be your singular problem. Oh, I don't know how life will go on! Life without a toy forum! Logging off! Out!
  2. 10249 Winter Toy Shop

    This is pretty simple. If you like/defend TLGs rerelease of this set, it's justified solely by virtue of the fact that they did it. I can't argue with that. But, gee, I'd love to be held to that standard in my life.
  3. 10249 Winter Toy Shop

    Still, not buying it. And, we don't know why Lego made the decision. On the face of it, it appears to be a bad one. But just as I can't condemn TLG for issuing the set because I don't have the data that was used to make the decision.........those who defend the decision as one that will benefit TLG don't have the date to support that position, either. And, just because TLG makes a decision doesn't mean the decision is justified or good business or profitable or good for the company solely because they made it. Let's go back to a time not too long ago when TLG was about to be acquired/broken up/ sold in pieces and become just another business failure.
  4. 10249 Winter Toy Shop

    They would have known shortly after last years release how demand was trending. So, they'd have almost a year to put together something new. Making a box, an instruction book and using less that 900 existing parts isn't all that complicated. But, I welcome the rerelease even though I have the original. Let's not make manufacturing a set the size of a WV set with existing parts sound like it's all that complex. It ain't. Next Lego apologist, your turn.
  5. 10249 Winter Toy Shop

    I don't buy this idea that it actually, if pressed, takes soooo long to come up with a new toy that's under 1000 pieces. When did this become cold fusion? Or the Manhattan Project? Using pieces already in existence, moving a few production line schedules around. Besides, there have to be some previously unused WV ideas somewhere within the depths of TLG design headquarters. Sorry, but given the size of Lego and the talent that's in house, they could have come up with something on short notice. This isn't saying I'm against the rerelease, just sayin' not having a new one ready for market is a lame excuse.
  6. 10249 Winter Toy Shop

    Lego has scoreboard on all of its critics and competitors. Plus, they probably have analytical tools to determine what is a vocal minority (me also preferring a modular rerelease?) and the silent majority who just buy the product, take it home to the kids and aren't that into it except as seeing Duplo as a way to keep some little brat occupied.
  7. 10249 Winter Toy Shop

    The negative opinions expressed on this forum and elsewhere will easily be dismissed by TLG if 10249 is a sales success (assuming both that they are aware of these comments and that they care about them). Profit trumps opinion, at least in situations like this one.
  8. Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I guess unless we know things like mfg cost, sales numbers, sales rate, profitability, etc. that we'll never know why TLG issues, discontinues or rerelease sets. In other words, we'll probably never have the facts we need to know why TLG acts in a certain way. And, I'm not saying we should have that information. I just saying that without it, I guess one opinion is as good as the next. I would welcome a new modular every two weeks. :-). And, not to forget, sometimes a vocal minority can make it seem like there's more demand than there really is.
  9. 10249 Winter Toy Shop

    I think very few Lego products are targeted to the AFOL market. While some sets may appeal to adults more than others, even the modular target market appears to have expanded so that the 16+ designation on the box is fairly irrelevant.
  10. Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    There's a significant amount of negative comments concerning 10249 and what amounts to the rerelease of the toy shop in the WV theme. So, care to compare and contrast the rerelease of the WV Toy Shop to how a rerelease of a modular building might fare? Sounds like an annoying exam question, eh?
  11. 10249 Winter Toy Shop

    Agreed. Good comment.
  12. Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Probably, but if you just wanted a complete city, there would be an easier, cheaper way to do it. OCD people like me who started collecting late might still want the originals, but a significant portion of the reseller market might go away with a less costly alternative. Btw, I've always wondered why TLG didn't offer a pick a brick option for retired sets. Sure, it might not be practical for all of them, but I can build a pretty decent version of the GG using just PAB parts....provided they have some 1 x 1 windows. They could list all parts and suggest substitutions and you could order them all in one fell swoop. Instructions are available on line and who needs the box, eh? I know there are some glitches in that idea, but, still, maybe????
  13. Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    It would be interesting to see the impact on the resellers. I, for one, would not buy the old, high priced reseller sets if the new one served basically the same function in my modular town plan. A little late for me, though, since I've already bought the first three from resellers.
  14. Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Yep, right you are. That's why I bought an extra Big Bang Theory.
  15. 10249 Winter Toy Shop

    In and of itself, it's a beautiful set. As far as being a rerun, at least it isn't a 'Caddyshack II'.