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  1. Great little review, I think I might need to grab this one :)
  2. This is very cool, something different to what you normally see.
  3. I am looking forward to seeing more details on 42080, it could be a good set if it is done well.
  4. Recently I purchased and built LEGO Technic set 42078 B model (Mack LR garbage truck). After finishing the build I had a couple of ideas for mods to improve it. These are: - Removing the lever on the front forks. I don't think this is really needed. - Adding some extra panels to the bin to make it load and unload easier. - Remove the top LA and other parts used to open and close the rear hatch, this now opens and closes based on the internal compactor. - Add a rear catch to work with the above. - Change the gearing to allow the compactor to work easier. This includes a better leaver to turn it. I also tried making the rear body tip, while I was able to make this work it was not very reliable and would struggle with any load in the rear body so I pulled this up and put it back to standard. Below are some photos and a video of all of these. Video:
  5. Has anybody thought of making the rear body of the B model tipping?
  6. After building the B model of 42078, I would LOVE more rubbish trucks. They have such great features and people can relate to them.
  7. I loved this set when I first got it in 1994? Looks great as a studless model.
  8. That is a very cool little model.
  9. Is this worth getting just as a parts pack?
  10. That is a really nice idea, good work.
  11. How did you come out of your Dark Ages?

    I came out of my third? dark age last week... ;) For almost the past two years I have not owned any LEGO (sold all of mine back then), I had been busy with other hobbies and life in general. I was not feeling great about my other main hobby, my wife showed me a photo of 42078 and this made me check it out online, I saw the B model and knew I had to get it. Sold everything for my other hobby and purchased this set last week, just to build the B model. I am now making some changes to this. I have some more sets on the way, one I am going to build a C model using those parts and the others will be used as parts packs for my next big MOC.
  12. Thanks. I am a bit limited so need to make the best use of what space I do have.
  13. [MOC]4x4 truck

    That looks really neat.