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  1. Great work, I am very excited about this set.
  2. Dozer Blade This is my latest attachment in the PTTAS series. This is a dozer blade, used for pushing and moving items and clearing land. The knob on the side is used to raise and lower it.
  3. I am just planning my next build which is a dozer blade, would this normally be as wide as the whole model including the wheels or should it be slightly wider?
  4. Excellent little model and great it now has a building guide :)
  5. This will be a parts pack for me I think.
  6. Yes the cones live in a compartment on the other side of the cabin. I will add them for the photos of my next attachment :)
  7. Lift and Carry Trailer, This is my latest attachment in the PTTAS series. This is a lift and carry trailer. These are used when equipment needs to be left in a location without having to leave the tractor and trailer in that spot or when multiple items needs to be moved. They are also used for rubbish collection, they can be left and collected (full) later and also for fruit and vegetable harvesting. Video -
  8. Thanks for the feedback. I am working on more attachments at the moment. Paul's Technic Tractor Attachment System (PTTAS) - Winch This is my next attachment, a simple winch using my standard front mounting point. The gear on the side is used to control it.
  9. Recently I built a "C Model" using LEGO Technic set 42075, this was a tractor with a grabber claw. I recently started to look at making some different attachments for this. To do this I have changed how this was attached, the front of my multi-function tractor now has the grabber claw as a separate attachment point which allows different attachments to be easily added and removed, using this standard mounting system. I have also made some other changes to the tractor, now it is not a "C Model" I was able to add some extra parts and improve the body work in places. The first attachment is the rework of the grabber claw. This now mounts using the standard mounting point. I have started building some different attachments which I will be sharing as I finish them in this thread.
  10. I have taken a different path with this now. This tractor is now the base for a new series of attachments. I am using my second copy of 42075 to build these for the moment.