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  1. I still have hopes for something big under missing number 42183 :)
  2. Key word is 'used' to do. One competitor company is paying for McLaren license, another is not. Is that a fair competition? I will remark again my point. CADA did great job refreshing their portfolio. All licensed models are amazing. Only thing which I don't understand is inconsistency. If they are investing into the image of the company by hiring all these great MOC'ers and buying licenses, why to add such set to the portfolio. I wouldn't even care to post here a comment if this would be done by Mould King or any other knock-off brand from AliExpress. CADA could do better if they seek to be a main competitor LEGO. Just my five cents.
  3. It is still not licensed. To be honest I don't understand why CADA is releasing such sets (well recognized car design with a random name. McLaren can't sue them, but it is obvious that they will moneterise on behalf o McLaren's intellectual property ) . They are trying to "legalise" themselves and build the name of a brand with licensed models. I see no consistency here.
  4. Some rumours said it will be pneumatic. One pneumatic set every year is nice. I am wondering if 42183 will be a thing or just a blank space...
  5. Same here. This year is disappointing for my taste, most likely no new sets will be purchased (but I am planning to push the trigger for 42042)
  6. Just an idea about upcoming 4x4 vehicle (supposed Defender successor). I hope there's is a chance that it could be 2024 Toyota Land Cruiser. It is newly released with old school based design, it is an iconic vehicle. Plus...it has two design options for front which could be easily implemented with LEGO as a cool feature.
  7. Lamborghini 63 speedboat with two V12 engines
  8. 42183 is still missing so there is a tiny hope left
  9. I think Moon Rover will be Control+ replacement for zetros, and yes 4x4 should be non powered vehicle perhaps with new gearbox parts. Bronco would do the job as successor for Defender. Too bad we won't get flagship Control+ construction vehicle (replacement for CAT D11).
  10. Why it's a problem if a company is changing subthemes rapidly (I am guaranteed there is a direct connection with maximising profits)? They milk the cow dry and dump it. Like any other company. Even some people in this forum were already oversaturated by Monster Jam sets. Not speaking about the kids who get bored quickly.
  11. It does make sense to buy second hand crane for this price.
  12. What about Bugatti Mistral W16. It was recently revealed and it is the first car after Rimac-Bugatti merge.
  13. Four months passed after release of this set. I am surprised that I can't barely see any of cranes in second hand market. Does it mean that sales are low or people tend to keep it despite it's size. I had to buy small table for it.
  14. Yellow supercar would be amazing because all the new yellow panels and parts could be used for yellow heavy duty construction vehicles :D
  15. I am pretty convinced that John Deere is paying for Lego. They can use Lego shelves as an andvertising platform worldwide. Benefit for LEGO: maybe adults tend to buy licensed tractors for kids more/easier than non-licensed ones.