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  1. Marvelous Bricks

    42172 - McLaren P1

    From this video showcase I noticed that the door mechanism will be spring-loaded
  2. Marvelous Bricks

    42172 - McLaren P1

    The introduction of a larger curved mudguard at the back (1 stud higher) will bring a whole new wave of more polished supercar MOCs in the future without needing to use flex axles or unconventional building techniques to replicate a higher rear end. Excited to see what the MOC community will come up with in the future!
  3. Marvelous Bricks

    42172 - McLaren P1

    I noticed these curved panels sit flush with the shape of the front and rear mudguards. Are these new pieces?
  4. Based on the set photos, I tried to recreate what I believe the mechanism will look like. It allows the door rotate 90° by sweeping outward and upward at the hinge.
  5. Thanks a lot! Appreciate the feedback! It was a big challenge but im very happy with the end result!
  6. Thanks a lot! If you are interested, the instructions are on rebrickable
  7. I present to you my latest project: The Aston Martin Valkyrie 42154 alternate build. A representation of the mindblowingly fast f1-inspired hypercar for the road in lego technic form. The Valkyrie truly represents the pinnacle of automotive engineering and performance! Instructions on rebrickable Features: HOG steering Working steering wheel Gull-wing doors Independent suspension Working V12 engine Opening engine cover (openable with HOG) Detailed interior Differential Windshield wiper Adjustable spoiler This is definitely the most complex MOC I have ever designed, and the overall design process has been quite challenging! It all started with the V12 engine that had to be small enough to fit in the tiny engine space. Just like the Valkyrie engine which was created in collaboration with Cosworth, the engine in this model was built using an engine design created by a very talented MOC designer, SUPER8_LTG. A modified version of his V8 piston engine (6x6x5 studs) was used to create a compact, stable and reliable V12 engine that fits perfectly in the Valkyrie and runs smoothly under high rpms. The next challenge was the recreation of the many intricate body lines and aerodynamic elements that give the car a whopping 2000+ pounds of downforce. Luckily the original set comes with plenty of panel fairings and curved panels that help replicate all the complicated angles of the car. Almost every panel is fixed in place. The implementation of the steering mechanism combined with a low hanging front has also been a big challenge. After many iterations I finally achieved a way to implement a functional steering wheel and HOG steering mechanism that provides the best of both worlds! Given the exceptional nature of this hypercar I wanted to make sure everything works perfectly and that the car is very stable. I've done extensive research on building techniques used in official sets so the available pieces could be used efficiently and the structure of the build could be as stable as an official LEGO set.
  8. I present to you my latest project: the Audi R8 LMS GT3 alternate build of the Ford GT 42154 set . The track version of the popular Audi R8 super car with a tighter race-focused suspension, performance transmission, stripped interior, improved aerodynamics and a huge rear wing that you cant miss! All these upgrades make this car a true powerhouse in the GT3/racing division. This is truly one of my favorite track cars of all time which is why I tried my best to capture all its glory in Technic form. This project is a culmination of 3+ months of trial and error and trying to recreate every detail of the car as accurate as possible (with the limited pieces) and making sure the car is very stable. I had so much fun designing this MOC and learned a lot about the car's design elements! Rebrickable Features: HOG steering Independent suspension Working V10 engine Detailed interior Differential Opening engine compartment Opening door mechanism