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  1. I would like to see a contest where a model (vehicle) has to overcome a challenge, such as cross a 1m wide chasm or climb 30cm step.
  2. Another great review, is this a set you actually like?! Why this set was not branded as "Extreme Off-Roader 3" I'll never know... Yes the LBG 11L axle is new to 2017, but does not make its first appearance in this set; it's also available in the SW Y-wing and the carousel.
  3. Seeing as my annual Lego budget is already almost completely depleted, I was considering building 42069 from my own collection, substituting dark purple pieces with orange ones. Despite ~13k parts in my collection I still need nearly 200 parts to be able to build it (I swear TLG do this on purpose!). According to bricklink this will cost me £50-60, and almost £10 of that is on 52 of those silly little rubber grips on the treads... does anyone have experience buying from Lego's customer service website? Is it any cheaper? Now a quick question for those that have the set: do the wheel hubs used in the fake suspension (8x silver, 8x black) have a pin hole or an axle hole in the centre?
  4. Seeing as these sets are now on sale I half expected the official instructions to be available on lego.com but that's not the case. Even when you change your location to Russia! It's unlikely that the part will be longer. 4 studs long is 4 studs. Lego are so precise it should be an accepted SI unit my guess is they've modified it to make the area of contact with the perpendicular beams smaller, thus reducing friction and wear.
  5. Oh boy, my favourite bit! A few observations: the half pins with stud are LBG and not blue! With all the red and yellow axles going on in the set this surprised me. Also, there are seventeen white 3L axle joiner with 'groove' for the transmission ring and only a single red grooveless one, which is the opposite way round to the Porsche. I was half expecting LBG grooveless to be the de facto after its inclusion in the new carousel.
  6. Test Poll

    I've just tried to vote again and still get the same issues as everyone else. (psst I actually prefer this theme!)
  7. Very impressed with the build so far. I do love that medium blue colour! I hope you do a breakdown of that front axle so I can steal incorporate some of your ideas ;)
  8. We can dream, Zero
  9. Instructions will be released for a homage to the 8466 using pieces from 42069 and 42070 ;)
  10. I see your point, but the rubberband & hockeyplayer methods only work on lightweight vehicles, not 6 wheel leviathans like 42070
  11. I wondered this too. The only thing I can think of is that the designers have a set budget for each set,with the servo this budget is exceeded but the M is cheap enough to be included.
  12. If there's a bandwagon forming, I think I'm about to jump on it. Here goes! 42070 I was extremely excited about this when I first saw it. It's huge, there's no denying it. And I don't have the CLAAS so there's six of those beautiful tyres. But then you realise there's no servo. And that it's Mediumlightsomethingsomethingdarkside Azure not Medium Blue, so the panels are as good as useless until more sets are released in this colour (and I REALLY need a 3x11 medium blue panel). And that it's incomplete at the back. And that it's insanely priced. 42069 always looked like a good model, reminded me of the 42038 b-model. Ok it's purple. Or perhaps Mediumlightsomethingsomethingdarkside purple IDKR... But then: Ooh is that working suspension? And rubber tread grip thingies? And the Lambo doors are pretty neat. And jesus take the wheel the roof opens too. I'm a lot more excited by it now, Not sure whether it's worth the money yet, I'll wait until I see a parts list. Better still, I might just race everyone to be the first to build an orange/black one from my collection (PS Do technic boxes have parts inventories on the side of the boxes? I can't remember, I'm usually too busy tearing them open... I know Creator sets etc do)
  13. The 8258-B now has a video and a topic! Entry will be submitted in a couple of minutes.
  14. Presenting the 8258-B Crawler, Designed and built as an entry for the 'Crawlify your set' contest [AMS1] I'm a huge fan of b-models in general, but the 8258-B has always been one of my favourites due to great looks and an easy to modify. Or so I thought... In the end, I reckon about 85% of the chassis has been custom built. There are two L motors situated just below the cabin. One powers the front axle, one powers the rear. Both axles have differentials because, being independently powered, loss of traction is a lot less likely and it saves my poor pieces from becoming mangled. Because the 8258-B is rather small (read: narrow) I had a lot of trouble designing a front axle that could house a servo motor without limiting the range of suspension travel. Eventually I gave up and ended up modifying this axle to accommodate a differential (well deserved credit to the amazing @Madoca 1977). However with that said, I have made sure the bodywork stays almost 100% true to the original. The only alteration I had to made was to the rear wheelarches to make room for the balloon tyres: Original wheelarch Modified wheelarch: Also, the front winch kept scraping on obstacles I was trying to climb over so I switched this out for a bullbar, however the two are easily interchangeable. Anyways, here's a video of this thing in action. As always, please let me know what you think. Whether it's praise, criticism or telling me off for building ANOTHER red and black model (I have other colours, I swear!!), I'd love to hear it. More images can be found in this bricksafe folder. Enjoy =)
  15. Regarding size, I have used Sariel's various tools to generate a scale of EXACTLY 1:9 No seriously, precisely 1:9 to the millimetre. Using either of the 81.6ø tyres, the chassis must be 25 studs wide. 25 studs = 200mm Width of a Formula E car = 1800mm 1800mm / 200mm = 9.00 Which is a good job really, because that means where the nose meets the front axle it is only 5 studs wide, I'm not sure I could squeeze a steering rack and PR suspension into less than 5 studs!