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  1. So glad this got bumped! Just seeing your MOC for the first time and it is amazing! I'm also just as amazed seeing how you build in complete modules. I tend to build an entire working chassis first then bolt the bodywork on afterwards... Maybe that's where I'm going wrong
  2. I had a look on bricklink and they don't even have an inventory up for 41347 yet so I used BrickOwl as my source.
  3. Just briefly perused the summer catalogue today and noticed the flex axle 12 is available in dark pink for the first time in 41347 (x4).
  4. To link from the front page methinks.
  5. Smile guys! You're in the elite club of people who get the "first look" at a brand new Lego set ;) (despite the sarcasm, I'm extremely jealous )
  6. As the gears all come in their own unique colour (+1 for colour vomit ) we can just to refer to them that way Grey clutch gear = old 16z Red clutch gear = new 16z Blue clutch gear = 20z bevel White clutch gear = 24z with grey centre
  7. I personally think the image has been intentionally grey-scaled by TLG so as to keep us in suspense for another week.
  8. Can't hide the fact I'm really disappointed. I was/am really hoping for a May 1st unveiling...
  9. Sadly it seems the Bugatti already has unique wheels that probably won't work with any existing suspension elements
  10. Yeah saw this earlier, it's on the Bugatti stand at the Geneva Motor Show. Interesting thing to note: the display says Coming May 2018 ;)
  11. Unfortunately we are the minority - technically minded with high expectations. I'm guessing despite all its flaws, the Porsche was a phenomenal commercial success. There was a huge social media campaign full of people we ourselves wouldn't include as part of the "community" commenting how much they wanted one based just off the promo images/video. I my self know a handful of people who own the Porsche despite not owning a set for 20+ years. That's Lego's target market, and they're the people who have it sitting on display gathering dust. With that in mind, we can see what went right for the Porsche and what we can expect to make a return with the Bugatti: premium packaging, coffee table book, focus on build-ability an aesthetics rather than playability post-construction. My guess is this means a bright colour and many, many panels.
  12. Or both, considering most Veyrons/Chirons are two-tone!
  13. Holy hell it's gorgeous! I especially like the use of panels to style inside the door shuts
  14. I would like to see a contest where a model (vehicle) has to overcome a challenge, such as cross a 1m wide chasm or climb 30cm step.