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  1. I was thinking along similar lines. What parts seem to be too specific to Vikings for you?
  2. It seems to me that some people are too quick to assume fraud - MyFirstMOC is a Hungarian FOL with a following, so it doesnt seem that far-fetched to assume that on a certain day he let them know this contest was going on, perhaps asked them to support him (or perhaps not), and on that same day several of his compatriots made an account solely to vote for him, without intending to visit the site further - since the rules allowed them to do so. No fraud necessary, simply a negative side effect of influencer culture. Of course, I could be completely wrong, which is where the official staff investigation comes in. I would add my voice to those saying that there should be a rule barring members who joined after the start of a contest from voting. I understand that not having this rule was meant to lower the entry barrier for potential engaged new members who would stick around, but I think the sour taste of situations like this outweighs any such benefit. This approach would have its own problems though. Would new member also be barred from entering the contest? That could be a loss. Could they enter, but not be allowed to vote? That could be a turn-off. Would they be allowed to vote as long as they posted an entry? Someone already mentioned the risk that people might post low-effort entries just to get the right to vote for a particular user. I look forward to the post-contest discussion.
  3. Ardelon

    New Futuron Facebook group

    Thats funny - just yesterday I was going through my old catalogs and I remarked how color-cohesive these three subthemes were. One can see how Futuron was a continuation of that iteration of Classic Space, and then Exploriens seemed like an attempt to once again continue this evolutionary line. I do appreciate how these three subthemes seem a bit more realistic than some others with their zany neon canopies.
  4. Ardelon

    Classic Space Color meanings

    Nope, I was thinking about Brave New World by Aldous Huxley. But your suggestion sounds intriguing, I'll have to check it out... Though I myself share the more optimistic view on Classic Space.
  5. The standard series used to be 16 minifigures, 18 was reserved for certain licenses. I could get behind your proposal, though for be the ideal would be to have all three series as non-licensed, with any licensed series being extra. It might sound ┬┤greedy, but in this case I would be fine with 12 minfigs per series, meaning 36 non-licensed minifigs per year (+ whatever amount the licensed series would have), vs. the 48 that it used to be, so it shouldn't be that much more. Of course, there are other variables, such as production capacity, but that's why i call it my ideal solution, not necessarily optimal.
  6. Ardelon

    Classic Space Color meanings

    Or maybe the specializations are actually castes, with people born into their roles? But really, I would simply think of it a a proud parent giving their child clothes and equipment of the parent's own color scheme.
  7. Ardelon

    Planning Western Town

    A land office would be my first suggestion - gotta make a profit off the land expropriated from the natives. Also the local Indian agent - a place to smooth over problems between the two communities, and to mix sawdust into the flour for the Indians. Depending on how far you want to build beyond the town itself, maybe a ranch, or homesteads for the settlers. And a railway station, with a water tower and perhaps a pen for the cattle brought in by the cowboys, to be shipped east to the slaughterhouses in the big cities. And don't forget the snake oil salesman and his cart.
  8. Ardelon

    Classic Space Color meanings

    I suppose one way to solve the question of whether the pink ones are women or a specialized function is to have the rest of the color divisions be all-male, with the pink ones being the R&R division, i.e. comfort women... Heck, that could be their specialization regardless of sex/gender.
  9. Ardelon

    Lord of the Rings Ongoing Discussion

    A compromise approach could be to use legs, and then a cloth "skirt" piece. Though that might not go well with a cape piece.
  10. The solution would be to buy several, then swap out the heads/torsos/legs between them and your other orc minifigs. Win-win-win for you, TLG and the LEGO Castle cause.
  11. Apparently, the chin strap on the "bullet helm" was prone to breaking similar to the classic space helmet, as referenced by Benny's space helmet design), as I learned in a discussion here about nine years ago:
  12. It actually might not be the falcons at all - notice that the bird is not half black/white. It could be a brand new faction sporting a white eagle (or falcon) on a red filed as their coat of arms. In any case, I suppose that our Polish fellow AFOLs would be particularly pleased with this torso and any follow-up torsos and shields and what not (though the bird is facing the wrong way, and missing a crown).
  13. Ardelon

    Winter Village Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I actually think the Home Alone set could fit nicely in the WV as the house of the local Scrooge who needs to be reformed - or after his reformation, with him hosting a Christmas party in his front garden/courtyard, with a big Christmas tree, ice sculptures, and what not. Its not relevant to my purchases, but I just wanted to add another point of view on the set and its role in the WV.
  14. What immediately occured to me upon hearing "moon warrior" was a collectible minifigure concept by Alexandre Boudon, who as I understand, went on to work for TLG. The figure I am referring to can be seen here - the rightmost figure in the second row from the bottom. Several other of his concepts have popped up in the series in more or less recognizable form over the years, so this is what I'm expecting - with the addition of a shield, apparently. Edit: Looking at that picture again the goblin in the second row from the top has a shield with a crescent moon. Hmmm...