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  1. I'm actually surprised they haven't made a archetypical criminal minifig yet. It wouldn't be too hard to make it different from the crooks in City - give him a cloth cap (a piece I'm still waiting for), a domino mask print, and maybe a stethoscope from Friends, like for a safe-cracker. Actually, since we've got the firefighter in this series, I see a criminal as the most obvious missing Lego City archetype, along with a coast guard minifig.
  2. For me, its the usual suspects - FB and YT. But Im actually trying to cut down on both...
  3. Ardelon

    Ideas for CMFs

    Great teaser for building anticipation, but I wonder if the "rabbit-hole girl" isn't too similar to her Disney counterpart, making her more suited for a licensed Disney series.
  4. How about "enchantress"? Is that a positive term? (all this question really needs is a good thesaurus) As for a good female LEGO spellcaster, how about the fairy from series 8? And Im not sure about her characterization, but there was also the ice queen from series 16 - she obviously had some elemental ice magic thing going on. In any case, I would be all for a such a minifig of either alignment.
  5. Ardelon

    Latest news about Lego animal moulds

    Do we know it will be a mold, as opposed to being brick built?
  6. True, there are a lot of great parts, and its good we are at least getting a yellow-skinned series. I guess I should count my blessings.
  7. Sushi chef is the clear winner for me here. He is the only figure I like as a whole, instead of just some parts. I have no clear runner-up. Not a bad series, but not really excited for it - waiting for a regular CMF series, however far off that may be.
  8. Ardelon

    2018 City Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    The thing with a desert subtheme is that the animals should be a threat to the explorers for more conflict, like the big cats and crocodile in the jungle theme or the polar bear in the arctic theme. But dont really know of such a big animal which would warrant new molds for a desert theme. The obvious dangerous desert animals are snakes and scorpions, but we have molds for those. Maybe coyotes or jackals. A safari subtheme would be better in this regard, but it seems to close to this years jungle subtheme, so I would give it a few more years.
  9. Could the "Yellow Brick Road" mention in the London Bus set be a hint towards a Wizard of Oz series (or future set/theme/whatever)? Granted, its a year off, but is that unprecedented? (Factoring in with how long it takes to develop a CMF series)
  10. Ardelon

    Pirates of the Caribbean 5

    I wonder what explanation the sharks will have in-universe. As in, why were the sharks cursed along with the crew? Were they simply in the wrong place at the wrong time?
  11. Is there any info to back up a 2nd series of TLBM?
  12. Bummer, if so. Then my guess would be Disney S2. Another LBM series doesnt make sense to me, one year after the movie. Though it could always be a themed Historical/Castle/Fantasy/Pirate/Western/... series!
  13. Ardelon

    Pirates of the Carribean 5 Sets Discussion

    The top gray blur could be one of the stands, as was mentioned a while back. The bottom blur could be a cresting wave (since both the dark part at the top of the blur and the lighter part at the bottom seem to extend beyond the marked area, and would thus be too long for a shark). Just a hypothesis; personally I hope and expect the shark to be in the set.
  14. Ardelon

    Pirates of the Carribean 5 Sets Discussion

    The ghostly crew are neat, and well-made for army building. Though I was hoping for one of the half-faced crewmembers from the teaser. And I dont really recognize Salazar – I think the Snape/Dastan/Norrington hair would be a better fit than this new mold (I assume its new?). And I would have used black as the base color for his torso. And Henry as a minifig seems much older than IRL.
  15. I feel the same way about fleshie torsos (especially with LotR and PotC). But yeah, that would be a good solution.