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    history (especially political history), international relations, Star Trek, Tolkien, French/British/Czech comedy, ...

    Castle, Pirates, Western, vintage era (so far Adventurers, PQ and a few CMFs), Town (but not Police, Fire, Rescue or Racing), Space up to Y2K


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  1. Ardelon

    [MOC] Jackal Staff Oasis

    The columns are far and away my favorite part of this build, though the lotus roof is also a stand out. But I also like the palm tree trunks and the pools with the lotus-pads. One drawback is that the roof is rather plain - it would benefit from some tiling, or statues, or crenellations, or vegetation. But anyway, it's a very adventurous-romantic build! Is it part of an ongoing story, or just a quick backstory for the set?
  2. Ardelon

    Ninjago villains and future

    Sea-monster-type or other aquatic villains seem to me to be the largest gap among the potential villains the theme hasn't done yet. This would also give an opportunity to create a wacky hybrid of a diving suit and a ninja costume to stand out among the other costume variants. After that, maybe a space subtheme.
  3. Ardelon

    Pirate sets you would like to see

    A merchant ship is at the top of my wishlist, with plain or neutral sails - if added play value is necessary, it could be under attack from pirates on a boat or a small brick-built ship. Otherwise, something like a small port with tavern (looking forward to the alternate build of the creator ship), or a return of the islander or armada subthemes.
  4. Intimidation! The bone-chilling reputation of Captain Redbeard, psychological warfare and all that. After all, the greatest victory is to attain ones objective without having to fight! Otherwise, a great solution, without having to mod the structure too much - provided the crew remember to approach their prey from the correct side...
  5. The second one; but the shield is regular yellow, which I think is a bit of a mismatch (though not as much as the s15 frightening knight).
  6. Ardelon

    LEGO Store "Build a Minifigure"

    But this time in a new nougat color? Or is just the light?
  7. Ardelon

    Latest news about Lego animal moulds

    Hopefully this newfound enthusiasm for animals will manifest itself in a zoo theme down the road
  8. Maybe we can hope for S22 for September 2021, and the decoupling of the series number and the year?
  9. Maybe just seizing a chance to reuse the overly-specific monkey-king hair+ears mold?
  10. I'm actually surprised they haven't made a archetypical criminal minifig yet. It wouldn't be too hard to make it different from the crooks in City - give him a cloth cap (a piece I'm still waiting for), a domino mask print, and maybe a stethoscope from Friends, like for a safe-cracker. Actually, since we've got the firefighter in this series, I see a criminal as the most obvious missing Lego City archetype, along with a coast guard minifig.
  11. For me, its the usual suspects - FB and YT. But Im actually trying to cut down on both...
  12. Ardelon

    Ideas for CMFs

    Great teaser for building anticipation, but I wonder if the "rabbit-hole girl" isn't too similar to her Disney counterpart, making her more suited for a licensed Disney series.
  13. How about "enchantress"? Is that a positive term? (all this question really needs is a good thesaurus) As for a good female LEGO spellcaster, how about the fairy from series 8? And Im not sure about her characterization, but there was also the ice queen from series 16 - she obviously had some elemental ice magic thing going on. In any case, I would be all for a such a minifig of either alignment.
  14. Ardelon

    Latest news about Lego animal moulds

    Do we know it will be a mold, as opposed to being brick built?
  15. True, there are a lot of great parts, and its good we are at least getting a yellow-skinned series. I guess I should count my blessings.