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  1. QQS

    70787 Toa Tahu - remake

    Thank you for all your opinions and comments you made! Thank you :) To be honest - I had much more work with pictures and collages than with creating this model. It took me around 5 days to process them all. I don't feel Tahu's creating as a work. It was just a pleasure :) It makes me feel 10 years younger or maybe more. I don't know if I will creating other Toas in this way. You see, people usually want to collect all of Bionicle heroes to grow their collection. And that's ok. But I prefer to choose one hero from one nation and improve him as much is possible. Anyway I have new Onua and I recently bought some bionicle parts (another package should come soon) so I think I will consider it ;) There could be problems with instructions in LDD. You see I used many unofficial building techniques which may be hard to explain this way. But I think I should consider making some additional photos to make some patents more clear. But firstly I'd like to make him some improvements - e.g. DraikNova is right about his bottom part. And I consider making a new torso, independently from this included in original 70787. But fire swords are ok to me :) The good news is that if you have an original 70787 you can easily expand it into my - or even better - MOC. If I can give you an advise - start with changing original shoulders and legs. Then make him another feet and hands. You don't need to make everything I made, you can do it in your own way :) Thanks! Thank you :) At first I tried to make a sword using his golden wings but unfortunately final sword was too short so I decided to concentrate on his main swords only. Thanks! For me he's more Nuva than Titan. I've built one model in titan-size but I finally destoyed it: I post it here because I think it could be interesting. Swords look ok to me but I agree with the butt part. I went this way because I wanted to improve his crotch by using skull-spider's legs. The problem was - where should I join them? Thanks! BTW I updated first post with Tahu's Lava-Board:
  2. Hello folks! Many people feel disappointed seeing newest incarnation of ToaTahu. Well, I can agree that some details could be made in better way (like arms) but overall I think he's a good set. Not perfect but good. Anyway I decided to give new Bionicle a chance and I bought Tahu. When I finally built him I felt that something is wrong with design - and I slowly began to improve him. And you know what? I really ejnoy this moment! So, here it is. My newest Tahu remake. Brickshelf (no collages) | DeviantArt| Flickr | Blog Don't worry if you feel that pictures are too small. If you go to my flickr/DA gallery (depending on what's your favourite) you should be able to see larger images. If you don't like collages - don't worry, you can still go to my Brickshelf gallery. I'm going to make a short video-presentation but I don't know when I'll finish it. Some details: As you can see his legs are now armoured not only from front but from behind too. I'm not sure about the side-panels but I'm afraid I don't have enough HF red parts. I decided to change his original hands into something a bit different. I came up with some new patents but finally I decided to use something simillar to MrBoltTron's concept because it looks much better. And yeah, he can hold his swords in hands! Last thing in this photo which I mention is armour which covers his gears. Don't worry, you can still rotate them (and arms) but more armour means reduced mobility. Fortunately on acceptable level :) Tahu can hold his swords on his back. The only disadvatage is that he's leaning little backwards but hey - these swords are little heavy! Anyway, for me it's still ok. Original model has a golden mask which makes Tahu more powerful. I made a collage with it: Still looks ok but I'm not sure if red one is better. You see, this construction has many golden parts (probably too much) and it needs some reds for contrast. And - what do you think about using this golden mask for Jaller remake creation? ;) Some extras: "Meet my new pet": Some of you may be wondering - what's happen to Tahu's surfing board? Well, I had so many pictures to process that I totally forgot about this :/ Anyway I hope you enjoyed my creation. And if you like you can ask me about it - I'll try my best to answer all your questions :) Best regards, ~ QQS EDIT Lava Board update:
  3. QQS

    Bionicle 2015 Project

    Well, I bought new Tahu week ago and I'd like to use some patents from "Bionicle 2015 Project" to make him better. You see, in project I got many bricks but in all they were not very varied - this is why I had to make some simplifications. But now, when the project is finished - I can use some parts from older Bionicle Theme + some LEGO system parts which make additional possibilities. Maybe some of you will be interested in this - at the end of December 2014 LEGO phoned me thanking for my MOCs and kindly asking what Lego's serie I like the most because they would like to send me a gift. - Technic! - I answered - Ok, Technic then. We will send you a gift related to Technic but we won't tell you what it will be - let it be a surprise :) The reason why I chose Technic was I already had some plans with it (and in some way related to action figures ofc.) but I needed some extra parts. It would be nice to get some extra bionicle parts (e.g. for armour) but Lego told me they already had some plans related with those pieces (events etc.). I think that Technic is good serie someway related to original Bionicle theme (remember first line of Toa) which may help me to improve some of my Bionicle MOCs. When January came I got my gift: 42006 Excavator. I like this model a lot (I've already had one Excavator for 2 years so it's my second set) and for me it's very good choice. No, I'm not going to set up a construction company although it's very interesting idea ;) I just wondered if: 2 x 42006 + 1 x 42024 would be enought to make: or something simillar ;) I hope LEGO would make similar project in future.
  4. QQS

    Bionicle 2015 Project

    I'm sorry I'm answering now but I really wanted to make a small video with MOCs. Good new is I've just finished it and you can watch it here if you like: Don't forget to turn on titles! You just may be right. Nonetheless I preffer more yellow than trans-green for Hero of Stone colour scheme. Thanks :) That's true, but the only problem is you need a whole bunch of them! Thanks! ;) Thanks! Yeah, 50 kg of new pieces, directly from LEGO :)
  5. QQS

    Bionicle 2015 Project

    Yes, it was quite a lot of stuff but unfortunately - only Protectors' parts. There weren't any of Toas :< These could be pretty useful for MOCing and inventing new techniques! Thanks! You mean dragon's shield? It's very easy to do. As a matter of fact I tried to build a car with wheels made of this shield but unfortunately Lego didn't give me more time to do it. But this skeleton is already completed! ;) It's dragon's front part (without back legs and tail). And yeah, it was the first construction I made for this kind of project ;) At first I was wondering what could be better - giant dragon or fenix? But after all dragon idea won. It could be the lightning - I took photos during the night. But as you can see I get so many pieces that it's quite possible that some parts were trans-yellow. If I had those pieces I would check it - I regret I didn't think about that before LEGO took all parts :/ BTW If I had more time I could try to make Hero of Stone's weapon truly working! I could be quite easy because of new shooting system: Oh, and I almost forgot! Some people asked me if It would be possible if I make any tutorial of any of my heroes shown here. Well It will be difficult because all parts have already gone back to LEGO, but I have some photos of my WIP Hero of Fire - all heroes have very simillar skeleton and I think it may be useful to post here some extra photos: WIP version had very playfull and well-posed arms but it had many holes. In final version additional armour improve this but arms are no longer well-posing. Have a nice day!
  6. QQS

    Bionicle 2015 Project

    Thanks! :) That's interesting because LEGO told me they want to use those parts to some event for children and that was the reason I had only two weeks for this project. That's all I know. Are they going to do something similar in Europe? Hope so. Unfortunatelly I didn't take any group photo, but I made some records from which I exported some images. Quality is not very high but I think that's better than nothing. Beasts: Heroes: All in 1 place: And some bonus stuff: I already miss them!
  7. QQS

    Bionicle 2015 Project

    Thanks! Well, LEGO asked our LUG (Lugpol) if there is anyone who could make some creations from new Bionicle parts so I decided to try. It was my first time cooperating with LEGO which I shall remember well. Many thanks for 3dom - a person who informerd me about this opportunity and help me with communication. Thanks! Some people who usually don't like Bionicle/HeroFactory say those MOCs look so much good they could exhibit them on the shelf, another say they are ok but need some modification and other say they are boring - well, that's life :) Only thing I can complain is that ... all of those parts came from Protectors sets only! 50 kilos and there weren't parts from any big hero. In most cases those pieces were sufficient. But sometimes not - e.g. there could be more basic connectors. Also few times I needed this bigger skieleton piece. But generally MOCing using new parts was a very good experience for me. I'm afraid I will never have so many pieces I had during this project. I could build almost aything, invent some new building technics ... New pieces are generally awesome! Just look: ... aren't they beautiful? Moreover my sister which isn't interested in Lego at all decided to play with new parts. She liked especially this piece on the first photo ;) Thanks! :) No problem :) Lego already has great designers, but unfortunately final sets are often less complicated than prototypes. E.g. I saw prototype of Atlantis mecha and final set - difference is enormous! I look forward to see your MOCs :) Many thanks for comments!
  8. Hello again! From the beginning of December 2014 LEGO gave me an opportunity to play with new Bionicle 2015 pieces. 50 Kilos. In return I had to build some MOCs and sent them my photos. LEGO gave me 2 weeks of pleasure. After that time I had to sent them back all Bionicle 2015 pieces and all MOCs I created with them. They said they would like to use them for Public Relations purposes. But they also said I can use photos in my gallery/forum etc. If you're interested in more details, you can see my little propaganda video: ... don't forget to turn captions on! Ok, I think I made my point and it is good time to show my MOCs. I decided to post here only some basic pictures and links - that's because I don't want to make topic too huge. More infos about heroes and others in my flickr/DA descriptions: FlickR (all project Bionicle 2015 photos) DeviantArt (all project Bionicle 2015 photos, additional gallery) FlickR (my second account) (photos of 50 kilos, new Bionicle parts etc.) I also give some links related to topic on my blog. I'm sorry I didn't translate it into English but I think it my be more practical to show MOCs' photos in that way. I don't think that the text is interesting - on flickR/DA should be all of my story in English. 1. Dark Lord BRICKSHELF A topic on my blog (some extra photos). The Bush of Power: 2. Hero of Fire BRICKSHELF A topic on my blog (some extra photos). 3. Hero fo Stone BRICKSHELF A topic on my blog (some extra photos). 4. Hero of Water BRICKSHELF A topic on my blog (some extra photos). 5. Hero of Air BRICKSHELF A topic on my blog (some extra photos). 6. Hero of Ice BRICKSHELF A topic on my blog (some extra photos). 7. The Huntress BRICKSHELF A topic on my blog (some extra photos). 8. The Hunting Huntress BRICKSHELF - Rahi Emu BRICKSHELF - plant A topic on my blog (some extra photos). Some additional photos: 9. Beasts BRICKSHELF - Dark Lord's scout BRICKSHELF - Turtle A topic on my blog. 10. Zar’ratux the Dragon BRICKSHELF A topic on my blog (some extra photos). Additional photo: Best regards, ~ QQS
  9. QQS

    Optimus Prime

    Ok, I made some changes in my model. Optimus looks more like G2 Optimus. He received new bigger armlets (part-morfing) and a sword (Star Saber). Optimus Prime v 1.2 Brickshelf DeviantArt FlickR Robot mode: Vehicle: And bonus scene: - Megatron will pay for this!
  10. QQS

    Nautilus Mecha

    Thanks ;) Do you mean this flying wheels? You need just a Technic Axle Pin and connect it into Rhotuka's slot. Thanks ;) This grey fellow is called Arsus VI - you can read about him here: http://www.eurobricks.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=54793&hl=arsus Thanks ;) I try my best to build good mechs.
  11. QQS

    Nautilus Mecha

    I'm glad you like it ;) Here are some bonus: Don't give up and keep trying! I've built many mechas, but usually they don't deserve a publication. And besides, we get some valuable experience by build creations ;)
  12. QQS

    Nautilus Mecha

    Has more than 30 cm (11,8 inches?). My tallest mecha - Pietrov - had about 50 cm: (sorry for quality of picture, but I made it a long time ago) The amphibious shape is dictated to environment, where it works and I'm glad it looks ok. Thanks ;) Some people says it is the most difficult to make good legs for a mech. But here I had a lot of fun of creating them ;) Thanks ;) I had some red technic panels which I wanted to use them in a spaceship, but unfortunately this project died - so I decided to make a mecha.
  13. Fantastic work, I wish I could make something similar one day ^^
  14. QQS

    [MOC] Osiris

    Looks ok for me, but I would give him more blue parts and engines. What about chassis? Folding skis, that would be graeat! I love main shape of the spaceship.
  15. QQS

    Nautilus Mecha

    Hello there! Some people say that before you show your MOC you need to think if it possible to change somethin' in your creation. I've thought for 1.5 year and I've still no idea what could I change in it. That's the main reason why I'd like to show it here. BRICKSHELF DEVIANTART FLICKR About the beginning of my creation you can read here (or watch some pictures, because I don't have much time to translate it into English). Arsus VII is a powerful mecha. It's construction makes him very useful under sea and land. Two big guns can destroy everything. Some more photos: Is this the beginning of transformation? That's all.