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  1. [MOC] Modular Train station

    Update 17 September 2017 At the start of the month I began building the train station with real bricks. However it was very time consuming to search for the right pieces from the already pre-sorted pieces, because it were over 7000 (!). The result of two days work can be seen here: As you can imagine this really began to become a problem, because I want to finish it before the end of the year. As a result I decided to again pre-sort the bricks, but instead sorting them for the whole thing, I sorted them per sub-section. Whitin a day one of the five main sub-sections has been made:
  2. Building 7777

    Nice! Seeing them build makes me really happy! 7777 was a great source for building back then.
  3. The Glacier Falls Lodge!

    Nice! I really like it! Both the interior and exterior are beautiful.
  4. [ MOC ] The Grand Mall

    Nice! I really like this kind of architecture. I had to look twice before realising it was really brick build ☺
  5. MOC: Crown Castle Adventure Golf

    I love the idea and excecution of it! So many nice details and scenes
  6. [MOC] 'Bricks Cross' - Train Station

    Nice, I really like it. Can't wait to see it together with the other parts
  7. [MOC] Modular Train station

    Another Digital update: Link to bigger picture This time I added some color to the building, because it looked (even in digital form) kinda boring compared to the other modulars. Now I'm going to collect the last bricks to make this building with real Lego bricks
  8. LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    The Heavy scout walker seems like a really interesting design as a Star Wars vehicle. As a Lego set however it seems really lacking, almost like an unfinished set. Even the walking function doesn´t work like it should be and the head is fixed. I get a first order snow speeder set vibe from this, even though the snowspeeder was actually well designed. I really see this set being on sale within a few months, unless the vehicle has a significant role in the movie.
  9. Winter Village Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    It indeed seems kinda small, the interior seems not really special but the crossing and bus seem nice. Not really on my wanted list though.
  10. 2018 City Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Do I spot white train doors with that camper/trailer? I thought we didn't had those in a while, if ever.
  11. Peace & War Square

    Whoa This has to be one of the coolest, most well thought out moc's I've seen for a while. I love the pub, the small details here and there and that arch is awesome too!
  12. Cool looking steam engines! I too like the physical made Mallard better than the digital version
  13. Layout: Train Layout of Patrick

    Nice! I've been following your great layout since I was a child. It always inspired me to make my own. Seeing you redoing the entire thing must be such a good challenge. Keep up the good work
  14. What would you like for the next Castle line?

    I just hope Lego will do a new Castle theme like Kingdoms, with two (or more) human factions with a nice castle. I really like the one from Kingdoms, and the ones after that seem to fall a little behind in terms of design and realism. But everything is better than Nexo Knights