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  1. Selander

    7710 with Red and Black motor

    Red base and black motor for me all days of week....
  2. Selander

    Track Detailing - UK Outline

    Nice stuff !
  3. Peewww...that is a fantasticly insane build ๐Ÿ˜ฎ. So much packed together ..๐Ÿ˜ฎ impressive stuff
  4. Selander

    [MOC] The Bank

    Lovely build ๐Ÿ‘ Colours work very well together.
  5. Selander

    [MOC] RC Scania Milka Truck

    Amazing build. So much packed into that space...๐Ÿ˜ฎ
  6. Selander

    MOC: Volvo dump truck

    Volvo dump truck, with tipper bed from set 4434. Rear Wheel mudguards need to be attached to the bed....
  7. Selander

    MOC: Volvo dump truck

    Thanks. It's just thin light Grey stripes, attached in a "Volvo like way". Grill itself consists of tile 1*1 on each side of a grill tile 1*2.
  8. Selander

    MOC: Scania cab and chassis

    Here is a brand new take on a 6wide Scania truck. It's been a number of years since my last Scania and a bunch of new elements has been released since then..... No modified elements, but some black stickers to replicate front mudguards in a Scania-like-way....
  9. have a lot in the pipeline....
  10. Selander

    MOCs: Models of trains running in Hungary

    Looking forward to your next 10 years
  11. Selander

    MOC: Shell tanker

    Long time since......10 years !! Obviously cant remember exactly, but red part should be a snotted 6091 and over it a red tile 1*2. Good luck.....
  12. Selander

    MOC: Shell tanker

    Here is my MOC Shell tanker, 6-wide semi-trailer design. I always liked Shell tankers and stations from the early 70's when I first got into Lego, and when I saw set 1252-1 a few years ago, I thought it was far too small and unrealistic. So I made this..... What do you think ?
  13. Selander

    Do Big Ben wheels need added traction?

    Seems to be 700 x 23c. Check out comments in my Flickr, related to photo DB class V60. Hope it works.... Tubes were added after taking this picture !
  14. Selander

    Do Big Ben wheels need added traction?

    I built a DB shunter with BBB medium wheels a few years ago. It really suffered from bad traction. I got a tip, and successfully added cut slices of ordinary bicycle innertube. Size (diameter) need to be slightly smaller than the wheel diameter, to ensure a tight fit. Traction area is significantly bigger than an o-ring, plus the advantage of no machining of wheels needed.
  15. Selander

    [MOC] DB Class V 36

    Battery will work, I have used PP3 size in the past. If you insist on keeping the 6*16 red train base, I think you have done as good as possible... however my personal opinion is that the loco is too narrow and short. So in order to give the beautiful original loco justice, I'd skip the red train base and stretch all dimensions, allowing your model a better ressemblance to the prototype.
  16. Selander

    GTA Train Show

    That is some great trains and excellent scenary ๐Ÿ‘
  17. Selander

    (MOC)(WIP) New loco from Spark Industries

    Just swapping to L motors will not increase speed, you must change gearing. L motor has more torque than an M motor, so I would use L motors, paired with higher gearing.....
  18. Selander

    (MOC)(WIP) New loco from Spark Industries

    Yes, it looks like a Nohab, MY 1100
  19. Selander

    Switch modification

    You certainly earn your title as Track Modification Expert !
  20. Selander

    (MOC)(WIP) New loco from Spark Industries

    I also think it is a DB BR 103.
  21. I made two concepts for rail yard catenary, using roller coaster rails and window frames. This is the primary structure, some more details may be added, to get a more realistic look..... Please let me have some opinions on concepts so far.
  22. Selander

    MOC, WIP, Catenary for rail yards

    Thanks to comments and proposals. These concept structures are only for a rail yard environment. Along the line it is no doubt catenary like ScotNick proposed are right choice. I do not plan to run any "wire" along the tracks, but I do have plans to add some details to simulate the bars and stuff that hold the wire in position. These details will be attached to the horisontal part of the structure. I add a photo taken 45 deg angled, which gives a better picture of what these concepts look like right now.
  23. Selander

    MOC, WIP, Catenary for rail yards

    I also think the near one is a better design for a couple of reasons. It is easier to change height, simply add or remove window frames. It is easier to hang things in. And the overall proportions are more in balance. Did anyone notice the whole (near version again) structure is built studs facing downwards? Why? Because rails are very slightly "arched" (happy smile) so when I assembled 2-3pcs studs up gravity makes an event bigger "smile". By flipping the structure upside-down, gravity compensates the arch effect, making it look more stable and optically closer to horisontal.
  24. Selander

    Q&A: What is your favorite LEGO Vehicle?

    3177 Simple yet brilliant...