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  1. ivanlan9

    LEGO #21344 - Orient Express

    I'm gonna get two. Won't be able to run the resulting engine on my layout, due to clearance issues (6-wide clearances don't play well with an 8-wide engine), but I have just the right display space for a longer engine and four cars. Plus, I might use a diesel or electric engine instead of the OE teakettle.
  2. ivanlan9


    Nice one! I admit to being a sucker for a nice interlocking tower. Supported.
  3. ivanlan9

    [WIP] Wascosa Shimmns 4-axle tarp wagon

    I'll take what I can get.
  4. ivanlan9

    [WIP] Wascosa Shimmns 4-axle tarp wagon

    Yup, very nice. Are you going to make instructions available? I hope so, I'd buy them immediately. It's a very cool car, and I'm amazed you got the lettering on there. Looks terrific. That said, if you make instructions then I'd build a version without the lettering, leave off the buffers & add some knuckle couplers.
  5. ivanlan9

    MOC: Shell tanker wagon (7813 remake)

    Nice. I have the original kit. This looks like an excellent update, though if it were me I'd use 4-wheel trucks (bogies). ... Regardless, here is the link to rebrickable instructions: https://rebrickable.com/mocs/MOC-163832/Brickvillerv2/shell-tanker-wagon/#details
  6. ivanlan9

    MOCs: Models of trains running in Hungary

    @Ashi Valkoinen Tell your girlfriend that's the best Lego lake I've ever seen.
  7. ivanlan9


    Sweet. Supported.
  8. ivanlan9

    LEGO #21344 - Orient Express

    Yeah, I'll probably get two myself. I can run the Emerald Night on my layout, but a full 8-wide like this will bang into things & make me have to rebuild a few things--irritatedly Plus it'll look funny on the curves--of which I have a lot. But at least it's not 10-wide or a giant 30-wide which would *really* piss me off. But with two, I can have four cars* and one *improved* engine. ----- * I'm planning on having 4 different configurations
  9. Amazing. I bought enough engines and cars when they came out to build two A units and a B, plus all the cars. I probably still have enough left over to build at least one more car. ... If only I'd been smart enough when they came out to buy bunches of the cars & a couple more engines. Sigh. (The locos, A&B, and the five cars, are all prominently displayed.) I did buy James' book, though. Excellent instructions. I built his RS1 & was very impressed. Still have it together, too. This consist is terrific.
  10. ivanlan9

    [MOC] Santa Fe EMD FP45

    Sweet. Are you going to make instructions available?
  11. ivanlan9

    Connecting 12V Motor to 9V RC Motors

    I've run my 9v motors for years using an HO MRC throttle with sound with no harmful side-effects. I will say that I never ever run them at the full 12v, because at that speed it takes only a second or two of high-speed running to derail. Plus it's not at all prototypical--running most HO locos at full throttle results in them flying along at three hundred MPH (480KPH). I'd imagine that if you did the math to figure out Lego scale speed it'd work out roughly similarly.
  12. ivanlan9

    Andrew Barclay Fireless

    Cute as a button!
  13. ivanlan9

    [MOC] Santa Fe EMD FP45

    Nice! It's obvious that you had access to the old Santa Fe F kits--the grey trucks are a giveaway--and this is an excellent representation. I love the nose! That said, I do think it ought to be a little longer, which would allow you to put three fans at the end, over the radiator, and two in the middle. This is a terrific choice for a model, one that hasn't been done in Lego AFAIK.
  14. Your sidekick is adorable. & your models ain't half bad.
  15. ivanlan9

    [MOC] Sorefame 60's/70's passenger coach

    Zounds! As usual, a marvelous interpretation!