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  1. ivanlan9

    [MOC] Medway 1903 - Eva 1:45 Scale

    She's gorgeous! Oh, and the engine ain't bad, either.
  2. ivanlan9

    brick train awards 2022: bergschwebebahn

    Do you know about an article by Willy Ley in the June 1956 Galaxy Science Fiction magazine entitled, "Mutant of the Iron Horse"? It's about the Wupperthal monorail in Elberfeld-Barmen, and also has some information about propeller-driven railcars and monorails. Interesting stuff! (The pictures aren't very good, considering the article and phototechnology are 66 years old.)
  3. I'm in awe. Both at the Soviets* for creating the prototype and at you for finding & choosing it. This promises to be amazing. *Re Soviet, um, "ingenuity." Many decades ago, during one of the 5-year plans when quotas were being handed out to all kinds of concerns, such as factories, farms, department stores, and so on, a certain chandelier factory was given its first quota. The factory happily complied, and churned out the entire years' quota in a matter of weeks (or perhaps days). The fixtures were manufactured in lead, as the quota had been set by weight.
  4. I think I'm one of the people . I have some friends who live in Portland who want to take pictures, but they caught covid and weren't able to carry through yet. They're recovering, however, so I'll bug them again.
  5. ivanlan9

    brick train awards 2022: bergschwebebahn

    Wow! I'd never heard of the prototype. It's amazing! I think your design so far is pretty close; it's an unusual prototype with *extremely* tricky angles. I'm looking forward to seeing how you proceed.
  6. Nice loco. Totally adorable! I watched the video. How come you put an "Adult Content" flag on it? Good thing I had an account!
  7. ivanlan9

    [MOC Trams]

    I was all set to post that I STILL didn't understand how the trucks work. Then I looked at your render one more time, and I finally saw that there are TWO trams side by side, one pushed out ahead of the other, in the side view. Oh, well, duh, that explains the bogie offsets--they're not offset. Argh. I still like the green & yellow one best. They're all nice, though.
  8. ivanlan9

    [MOC Trams]

    I don't understand how the trucks (bogies) work on the first set of trams, the Tatra. It looks like the sides are offset???? Couldn't have axles if that is the case. I looked this up on Wiki, which wasn't any help. Do you have pix of a prototype for these offset sides? My brain hurts.
  9. ivanlan9

    Overreacting? It's _just_ a MOC...

    They might be ignorant of the value of Lego, but lying and framing a little kid? Absolutely no. Fire them. I once had a house-sitter when we went to Brazil for three weeks. He was recommended as the good kid of a good friend's friend. When we got back, a cursory inspection seemed fine, so I paid him & he went off happy. Next day, we discovered that instead of walking the dog, he let her poop all over the entire living room carpet. A few small things were broken. And then when I checked the turntable on the stereo, I found that one of the sound-isolation legs had been replaced with a wooden drawer knob that just happened to be the right height. He'd cleaned up the carpet the night before we came back, but he never did own up to the broken stuff or the drawer knob. I wanted to demand my money back--what I paid him would have just barely covered the cost of the turntable--but my wife said no, it would have caused trouble with the friend. I wouldn't have gotten my money anyway--I'm sure he either drank or smoked it all up immediately. We moved the next year, and I found still more evidence. A little bit of care and a smidgen of honesty would have made all the difference, but he kept his mouth shut, took the money & ran. This is what happened to you, and will happen again if you don't deal with it.
  10. UP 4015 is an SD70M, built in June of 2000. Athearn makes an HO model of this engine; it's kind of important to make sure you're modeling the correct prototype, as the SD70 series is long and varied: the radiator grills at the rear of the loco are diagnostic. The latest is the SD70ACe-T4, which has very wide and flaring radiators, and meets T4 emission standards. The SD70M was built from 1992-2004. I think the number of all SD70 variations is around 5700 and still growing, although sales of new locos have dropped dramatically since around 2015 or so, enough that GM sold off EMD to Caterpillar, and GE sold its loco business to Wabtec. Both make only a few engines a year, and most of those are export. Here in Salt Lake City, I drive by the UP yard and I can see roughly a 2km length of stored SD70s that UP draws upon instead of buying new ones. This is all due to PSR, "Precision Scheduled Railroading," a railroad management system that management loves and railroaders hate. It cuts costs to the bone while hurting people. Be glad it doesn't seem to have reached Europe yet. ...
  11. ivanlan9

    [MOC]Highspeed bullettrain

    Oh, I love the green chopper-nosed one. Marvelous. If it were a City set I'd buy it. As opposed to the official, very boring, City train sets (see? "Trains" is not even a theme now, and hasn't been for a *very* long time). The blue & grey one is very nice too, but would never run on my layout.
  12. ivanlan9

    LEGO Trains 2022

    Standard disclaimer: I'm not a fan of steam. But I still bought & enjoyed Emerald Night, and wish I'd bought three instead of only one. Missed out, regretted it ever since. I was hoping for an upgraded EN, but instead, we get--a big sneer. I will now officially give up hope that TLG will listen to us. They haven't, they don't, and this is TLG saying clearly, "We will NEVER listen to train fans again. There is no profit in it." Buy one? Hell no. Would I take it if someone gave it to me? Yes. Spend my own money on it? Not a cent. Too bad.
  13. ivanlan9

    Help on coaches without Chassis plates

    I hope you show your solution here!
  14. Thorsten's right: that's one insanely gorgeous engine. I'm very jealous!
  15. ivanlan9

    [MOC] Union Pacific Gas Turbine Locomotive

    Amazing! I've gotten to crawl over the one that used to be, and maybe still is, at Ogden Union Station here in Utah. Gotta admire the things, impractical as they were. I agree, bogieman, you're in the major leagues.