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  1. Viscount_Prime

    [MOC] LMS Class 5 "The Jacobite Steam Train"

    Another excellent train!
  2. Viscount_Prime

    1225 North Pole Railroad

    It's a wonderful model, but I would agree with the others that it seems quite pricey for most people. For me, a set with just the 3rd party elements, stickers and instructions at a reduced price would be much more desireable. Nonetheless, great work!
  3. Viscount_Prime

    [MOC] REAL BRICKS - PRR class E44

    Awesome model! Great to see it in real bricks.
  4. Viscount_Prime

    [MOC] LEGO PRR class E44

    Awesome MOC! Is there a way I could get the file?
  5. Viscount_Prime

    [MOC] Bombardier CP1961 (2020 Version) Diesel

    Awesome train, very realistic!